I see I managed to capture your attention to this fiction. Welcome. This is my very first K story, not my first story, so you needn't need to worry about silly mistakes here. I have watched K from beginning to end and I have to say..I love every second of it! Fushimi and Misaki's friendship caught my eyes and after knowing these two will be on friendlier terms in the second season, I just have to write something about it.

Though I'm pretty sure the reason they got friendlier is because of Mikoto's death and lots of comforting instead of this.. *smiles* But I have to work on my imagination somehow, right?

So instead of rambling about here and now, I shall leave you people with the story. Ayame and Yua are my creations along with their abilities and the plot of the story. The rest belongs to GoRa and GoHands.

So..please enjoy the story

The late night breeze wisps past Yata as he idly made his way back to Bar HOMRA using his skateboard. Izumo had asked him to run some errands, Yata wanted to refuse at first but knowing that it's Izumo –that alone speaks for itself- he thought better and went off without any complaints.

But now he regrets not saying anything. His eyes are killing him and his body screams at him to get some sleep, and the breeze isn't helping his tired condition.

Kusanagi-san...I wonder why he didn't send someone else? The boy thought grumpily as he rubs an eye to clear his vision. Turning around a corner, he continues to silently skate back to HOMRA when he notices a silhouette up front.

Probably a drunk, he thought ruefully. He ignores the figure completely when he passes it, going quite fast he couldn't see the face until he's jerked backwards by his right arm. "Bastard! What do you want?" he growls out.

The vanguard then notices the figure as his former friend and Scepter 4's Third-in-Command; Fushimi Saruhiko. The younger of them grins manically when he sees Yata staring up at him in surprise, the grip on his arm tightens until the vanguard winces.

"Misaki..." he drawls out playfully as Yata gets to his feet and tugging his arm away. "What're you doing out here so late at night?" Fushimi asks as he grips on Yata's arm tighter. The vanguard wrenches his arm away with hate flaring behind his eyes.

"None of your business, stupid monkey! I should be asking you that question! Walking around looking like a drunk. I thought you Blues are more sophisticated, heh, guess I was wrong," Yata sneers at the other boy.

Fushimi merely clicks his tongue in annoyance, his eyes wandering from the boy to the surrounding scenery. The street is completely silent, save for the cries of cicadas and occasional owl hoots. He's currently on duty, searching for a pair of Strain miscreants that's been around and messing with people until he bumped into Yata.

Truth be told, he doesn't even want to be outside this late at night, preferably to stay in his apartment and going over the mountains of paperwork the lieutenant had given him. But now, all things come to an interest to him.

"Strains, the captain asked me to search for them; apparently they've been messing with people by sticking them together, literally," Fushimi drawls out in a monotonous voice. "All I want to do is sleep actually, that is, until I see you here..."

The skateboarder twitches slightly when he sees the sadistic grin on his former friend's face. Despite the fact that the Red King died a few weeks ago, doesn't change Fushimi's attitude at all. It seems to Yata that Fushimi's gotten more adamant at harassing him whenever they meet, and it looks like that won't change anytime soon.

"You creep; shouldn't you be doing your work instead?" Yata spats venomously. He's far too tired to even have verbal fight with his rival, let alone a physical one. Instead of riling them both, Yata tries his best to both stay awake and send Fushimi off without so much as a scratch.

The blue clansman clicks his tongue and looks down at his friend. Yata looks a bit off, there are bags under his eyes, his skin's paler, he looks skinnier and his eyes seem to have lost its usual shine. Though he doesn't show it, Fushimi cares a lot about his friend, more than Yata could ever comprehend.

"What do you think this is? Playtime?" Fushimi asks sarcastically as he looks around to make sure the Strains don't try to sneak past them. "In case you haven't noticed, this is work for me. But like you, I'd rather be at home and do paperwork or sleep. I don't get why I have to patrol around in the middle of the night..." he grumbles hotly.

Yata also clicks his tongue in annoyance. His body now sagging and he's trying his very best to stay awake instead of falling asleep on the asphalt. The redhead is about to shout something at his former friend when a movement on his right caught his attention. Fushimi also notices this and turns around behind him.

There by a tree, they could easily see a girl who looks about their age with shoulder-length black curls tied in a high ponytail and attire consisting of a white sleeveless shirt with an upturned collar and only reaching under her breasts, leaving her stomach bare. She also wears a denim shorts that reaches until only under her buttocks and knee high black boots. Her eyes are a mesmerizing green that turns yellow as they reach her pupils.

"Oh my..." she smirks out as she languidly walks towards the boys. Fushimi already has his hand on his saber in case she lashes out, knowing full well that she's the Strain he's after. Unfortunately Yata doesn't know that and starts to blush furiously. "A lover's quarrel perhaps?"

The redhead sputters and blushes an even darker red, prompting Fushimi to roll his eyes at him. "What? What gave you that crazy idea?" Yata said hotly as he stutters a little. The girl merely chuckles lightly and fixes her gaze on the boys; her sharp cat-like eyes seem to glow as if she had found something.

"My, my, my. You two have quite a unique bond. Allow me to introduce myself," she said politely causing the boys to look at her in wonder. The girl bows slightly like how a butler would, even putting a hand behind her back. The other, her right hand, extends forward as if wanting to go for a shake.

"My name is Ayame," she smiles coldly at Fushimi who stands rigidly. "The 'seer of bonds'. I overheard your conversation earlier, and yes I admit, I'm the Strain miscreant,"

"I'm well aware of that. Scepter 4 got most of both your details down and I have them right here in my PDA," Fushimi cuts in quickly and pulls out said PDA, revealing Ayame's profile along with her female acquaintance. Ayame's eyes literally glow brightly when he said that and Yata backs away slightly as her expression turns murderous.

But then, she smiles again, albeit more deadly and hiding ill intention. "I praise, Scepter 4 is as skillful as they come. And quite a mastermind too. Makes me wonder what you do in your spare time, along with your newborn King," she says out in a voice filled with a mocking tone. "He's beautiful, I give you that. But to think, he killed the Red King, how malicious,"

"That is to prevent the fall of his Sword of Damocles and the repeat of the Kagutsu incident. What our King does is none of your concern, you and your acquaintance are to come with me into custody so that you'd be taken to the Gold King's institute," Fushimi snaps back harshly knowing that they're going into sensitive topic. He could see Yata visibly shaking at the mention of Suoh Mikoto's death.

The girl however, isn't deterred by his commanding voice. She seems to be enjoying mocking them both knowing she had hit a nerve. "I see... You're a HOMRA member, aren't you?" she said whilst pointing to an enraged Yata. "Must be horrible to see your King gone and died. But your bond isn't with your former King, oh no. It is with him,"

When she points at Fushimi, Yata can only gape like a fish. Even Fushimi seems quite shocked with this. He had known the fact that this Strain is able to 'see' the red strings that binds people together; a bond. Hence why her name is Ayame, which means 'Iris'. But to think that Yata's bond is intertwined with his, that just makes him giddy.

"And we just hate seeing broken bonds, don't we Ayame?" says a new voice behind them. Turning around, they could see another girl looking almost identical as Ayame, only that her hair is straight and reaches down until her waist.

Unlike Ayame who reveals so much skin, this girl is more modest and wears a white baby doll dress with short puffy sleeves and ankle high strap black heels. On the hem of her dress seems to have vine-like decorations in peach colour that makes her look somewhat sweet and gentle. Her eyes are similar to Ayame's, only it's yellow and goes green as they near her pupils.

"My name is Yua. I am the 'manipulator of bonds'. If you're wondering who's been sticking people together, that'd be me," she said rather sweetly, but her smile is nothing of sorts. It held power, secrecy and something neither boys could fathom. She went over beside Ayame who is surprisingly a bit shorter than her even on heeled boots.

"You see, we hate to see bonds crumbling and destroyed in front of our eyes. It hurts just so bad. And from my eyes, the both of you have deep red string connecting to the both of you. But that string is slowly dissipating and breaking, and we wouldn't want that," Ayame says coldly. Her eyes showing that of a predator on the hunt.

"Thanks to Ayame's eyes," Yua continues, her hand extended forward and bathing in a gentle white light that slowly turns red. "I, who manipulate bonds, can mend that red string of yours,"

Before either boy could comprehend, the red glow on her hand flashes so brightly to the point where they have to cover their eyes. They could hear the girls laughing and when they sense that the flash is gone, they could see both Strains looking down at them from atop their perch on a tree.

"You take care of that boy nicely, Yatagarasu-kun," Ayame taunts with a laugh. "That goes the same to you, Scepter 4 agent!" she spits out venomously before disappearing along with her friend by jumping from one tree's branch to another tree with the flexibility of a cat.

Fushimi clicks his tongue annoyingly before rubbing his eyes when he notices something strange on his left wrist. It looks like a handcuff, but it feels somewhat more rough and jagged, and it's glowing red too. There looks as if a string connecting it to...

Upon closer inspection, Fushimi notices that it's connected to Yata's right wrist. The smaller boy is rubbing his eyes in an attempt to reduce the flashes behind his eyes, clearly oblivious to what's on his wrist or what just happened. The younger of them clicks his tongue to hide his giddiness as he watches where the girls had disappeared.

"They disappeared. I'll have to contact headquarters about this as it seems they've caught us in their game," Fushimi said while tugging on his left wrist purposely, causing Yata to yelp and look down in surprise. At first the vanguard couldn't tell what it was, and when he realizes, he thrashes around causing Fushimi's glasses to be knocked askew.

"Stupid monkey! What did you do?" In his half-asleep, half-awake state, Yata couldn't fathom what Fushimi had just said and only registered his annoyed expression. The younger of the two stays quiet as his ex-friend rambles about incoherently and fixes his glasses.

Fushimi checks over the red cuffs and string. He tries to break the cuffs with his knives powered with his red aura, and even used his saber shrouded in blue aura but neither works. And to add fat to the fire, the string connected them both seems to have shrunken. What was once almost 10 centimeters long is now only two.

"I told you," the blue clansman sighs tiredly. "I didn't do anything, it's those Strains. They both can play with people's bonds and make them stick together or even make them fight until a relationship is broken," Fushimi explains in a bored tone. Deep inside, he felt a small pang when hearing his own words, but looking at the red cuffs again made him feel elevated once more.

Yata slowly starts to comprehend what was being told. "So, those girls did this to us? And how exactly are we going to break this, huh? I'm not going to get stuck to you for the rest of my life, stupid monkey!"

Those words, those hurtful words. The younger of the two could feel the sword in his heart going deeper causing such painful feelings.

"Ayame, the 'seer of bonds' can see a bond tying people together, that's why her name is Ayame which means 'Iris'. Yua, the 'manipulator of bonds' can play with those red strings according to her will. Her name meaning 'Binding affection'. Once those two caught sight of people they thought needed some push in their relationship, they can either stick those people together, like us," he points to the red cuffs. "Or break them apart by dissipating their red string,"

Yata took a few moments to understand this. He knows about the red string of bonds, but never in his life would he believe it to be real, until now!

"So...those two got us and we're stuck?" he asks slowly, sweat already forming on his face due to nervousness. At first Fushimi seems to enjoy seeing his once friend looking so nervous knowing that two girls are playing with him, but then he thought of his own condition.

With a nod, he stares back at the shorter male. "In short, yeah, they got us and we're stuck,"

Fushimi had never heard Yata let loose a string of curses like that before.

*sighs* I really want to do an m-preg story with these two but unfortunately someone had the same idea as me..so I couldn't go forth with it. I was already halfway at typing the story when I saw it up in someone else's account..I was saddened. But I was also happy that it was the person who wrote it, I could never make it that angsty. *laughs* And it's highly entertaining too! It's called Until We Bleed by PointsofAuthority34.

Oh yes, regarding the Gold King's institute, that one is official. I saw it in the K Side: Red a kind soul helped translated. The SaruMi in there just makes me feel so..fluffy..

I'm sorry if the story isn't up to your expectation or if I repeat myself way too much, but I've poured almost all my soul in a previous Ouran High story that I'm still gathering the pieces. I've write plenty of stories over the course of four years and I poured everything I have into them. Either in essays, exams, on paper or even in fanfiction, I always gave my all, that's why now I feel my life has been sucked out.

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