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After a few more days in the hospital, Fushimi is finally allowed to be discharged with the bill covered by Scepter 4. Reisi was glad to hear that all had gone well for his subordinate and the friendship he shares with the former Red Clan's vanguard. The Strains that were responsible for the mending of their broken bond had appeared in front of the Blue King the day before Fushimi is released with a large smile on their faces and the words 'you're welcome' directed at him before they both disappeared.

At first Reisi contemplated whether he should find the girls and send them to the Gold King's institute, but they never create trouble, and their cause is that they only want to help people as best as they could since bonds can never break once they're formed. With a small smile of his own, he lets the girls go and returned to his office.

As for Yata and Fushimi, they're both in the cab and heading towards Fushimi's apartment with the latter resting his head lightly on the skateboarder's shoulder. Yata blushes slightly but he didn't brush the other off, and leans in closer instead earning a contented hum from Fushimi. The driver of the cab couldn't focus on the road since his passengers are being so sweet with each other at the back seats.

"You need a shower once we got home," Yata says as he lightly nudges the other boy's shoulder. Fushimi keeps his eyes close and wraps his arms around Yata's waist, causing the shorter male to tense and squeak slightly.

"I want Misaki to take a shower with me, to keep me up," the blue clansman reply nonchalantly and buries his face on Yata's shoulder, his grip on the other boy's waist tightens when Yata starts to squirm slightly. "Wash my hair for me and dry me when I'm done," he continues with a small smirk, knowing full well that his dearest is blushing like mad.

Yata can only sputter indignantly and pinches Fushimi on his back rather hard, but not hard enough to cause too much pain or break the skin. "Stop saying such ridiculous things, idiot! You have a tub don't you? Use that and dry your own damn self, I'm not going to do everything for you," he answers defiantly and turning his head away from Fushimi.

Knowing that the vanguard is completely flustered and not looking at him, Fushimi lifts his head from the shorter male's shoulder and with a hand, he holds Yata's chin gently to turn his face to look at him, causing ember eyes to meet electric blue. "Then, make me some dinner? You know what I like and what I don't like, and your food is always one of a kind," Fushimi says with a gentle smile causing the vanguard's face to turn redder.

Sputtering slightly again, Yata is at loss for words. On one hand, he wants to make dinner for Fushimi as he had told himself that they should return to being friends like in the old days. But on the other hand, he wants to push Fushimi away for saying such silly things and looking as if he's flirting with him. The clashing thoughts and emotions made him unable to speak which spurs Fushimi all the more.

Now, both hands are on the vanguard's red cheeks and Fushimi stares into those mesmerizing, lively and beautiful ember orbs. "What's the matter, Misaki? Cat got your tongue all of a sudden?" Fushimi asks as he continues to stroke and pat the other's cheeks. "You seem to have lost some weight; you should really watch over yourself more,"

Finally getting his brain to work, Yata tries to push the other boy away. "What are you saying all of a sudden? Did something happen while you were in coma? You don't even sound like you, this is creepy!" he cries out and moving away from Fushimi. However, the blue clansman would have none of that and pulls the other boy in an embrace. Yata is too stunned to do anything and slowly raises his hands to grasp the back of the other's shirt.

"I heard what you told me while I was out. I wanted to tell you off and asked you to shut up, but I can't so I had to listen to your stories. I realized how I've missed listening to you and only you, when it was only us. No Scepter 4, no Homra, no Kings, just us. And then I heard how you sometimes cried and begging me to wake up... Trust me Misaki; I tried to wake up ever since you cried out for me, I tried until I could," Fushimi says with a small smile and slowly rubbing circles on the other's back.

The two stayed like that for a few more short minutes before Yata's mind finally caught up to what he's doing and pushing Fushimi away slightly, blushing from head to toe all the while. The taller of the two simply smiles warmly and wrapping an arm around the shorter boy as the cab continues its way to the blue clansman's apartment.

Once they've arrived, Yata quickly grabs hold of Fushimi so that he'd lean against the vanguard and they slowly make their way to the elevator. There are a few people inside who watches the two curiously, but never really opening their mouths until the boys reach their floor and going out of the cramped space.

"You sure you can bathe properly? You're still weak though," Yata says tentatively as he lays Fushimi on the bed. The taller teen simply clicks his tongue and shoots a look of annoyance to the vanguard who then returns the look twice over. "Don't give me that look, damn monkey! I was just worried about you! Wouldn't want you to die all of a sudden,"

Fushimi raises a brow at the sudden very subtle clipped tone from the vanguard. He realizes that the vanguard practically has no one else to consider as family, and he's the only one who knows him the longest. Smiling somewhat, he pulls Yata's hand and yanks the vanguard on top of him, their faces only inches apart from each other causing Yata to blush profusely. "What the hell do you think you're doing? I'm crushing you!"

A contented hum sounds from Fushimi's lips and he brought the other boy next to him. Yata just lets Fushimi do as he pleases since this is practically the first time he'd seen the other boy so happy after all these years. They stayed like that for a few short moments before the skateboarder pushes himself up to a sitting position and glares at Fushimi.

"I told you that you needed a shower, and I now don't care if you're too weak to do it for yourself because I'm going to make something for the both of us to eat. If you can cuddle me, then you can shower no problem," he said with a leer and getting off the bed. Fushimi blinks his eyes surprisingly at the shorter boy who now makes his way out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. A smile graces his lips teasingly as he stares at the retreating back.

"So you count that as a cuddle? Funny, because I see it more of a hug," Fushimi replies back in his usual bored monotonous voice, but the smile on his face clearly shows how much fun he's having teasing the other boy.

Yata's ears perk up and quickly become red as Fushimi said that. "Shut up you monkey! There is no way a hug is like that! Whatever, just go clean up and help me in the kitchen later, I want you to eat vegetables for once," the vanguard grumbles out before running out of the room. Fushimi pouts slightly at the thought of having to eat what he loathes most, but seeing how it's Misaki's cooking, he'd give it a shot.

Rolling out of the bed, Fushimi strips down to his birthday suit and steps into the shower case. His thoughts revolve around how his best friend returns to him and living under the same roof as he is. Never before had he thought that this dream might even come true, but now that it did, he's going to make sure that the vanguard doesn't leave his side again.

Meanwhile, Yata is cooking away in the kitchen and thinking about the embrace they had not a few minutes ago. After having to endure weeks of silence and coldness of the apartment, Fushimi finally returns to restore it to its normal, warm atmosphere. The embrace itself spoke of a thousand words and it makes the vanguard feels all cozy on the inside.

What is wrong with me? He thought with a rose-coloured blush on his cheeks, it's a miracle that the food he's cooking isn't burnt with how much he's thinking right now. Shaking his head and ridding the thoughts, he pays his attention back to the fish he's grilling. But the thoughts still linger in his head, and an inappropriate image of him in an apron pops up.

"Saruhiko, I'm going to kill you!" he cries as his face starts to turn a dark red. The blue clansman who heard the cry simply clicks his tongue in annoyance. Either Yata had found something that wasn't supposed to be found, or he thought up of something that just made himself embarrassed. Somehow, Fushimi thought, it's most likely the latter since there's nothing inappropriate is in the apartment.

When he's done showering and wearing only a simple pair of pants and shirt, he quietly make his way to the kitchen where Yata is getting the rice and wraps his arms around the shorter boy's midriff, rubbing his face against the neck at the same time. "Misaki, I'm hungry," he says, though it sounds more like a whine.

Surprised out of his wits, Yata starts to struggle only to have Fushimi wrap his arms tighter and stopping him from going anywhere. "Let go of me, stupid monkey! If you really are that hungry, sit down quietly and let me get your food for you!" the skateboarder shouts vehemently and trying to push Fushimi away with his free hand.

Yata could've sworn he heard the taller boy chuckle and even nipping his neck slightly, causing him to struggle harder and spew every curse word he knows. "But I'm hungry for Misaki, Misaki is all that I ever need and want. The food can wait, let's just enjoy ourselves," Fushimi said darkly, earning an estranged 'meep' from the vanguard.

Huffing indignantly, Yata puts down the rice bowl on the counter and with his other hand, he snakes it to Fushimi's back and pinches the skin there roughly causing Fushimi to let go and jumps back instantly. The boys glower at each other but Fushimi then smiles and start to move at Yata again, albeit more like a prey seeking its predator.

Seeing the look on his friend's face, Yata quickly grabs a frying pan to defend himself. "I swear, if you move one more step, I'm going to bash this frying pan so hard against your face, you'd be eating your own teeth for dinner!" he hisses menacingly. Fushimi pauses mid-step and seems to consider the threat, much to Yata's delight.

"I don't care, it's been a while since Misaki hugged me," he answers back with a nonchalant shrug. Before the skateboarder could do anything else, Fushimi had already pounced him and tackled him to the ground, nuzzling his neck and shoulder blades all the way. Yata could do nothing except shout profanities at the other boy and demanding him to let go so that the food won't get cold.

After struggling to get free and even bashing Fushimi on the arm with the pan, they finally settled down and eat their food quietly. While Yata is eating, he fails to notice that the other boy's attention isn't on his food, but on him instead. The blue eyes continue to watch the skateboarder's every move, scrutinizing everything he does and memorizing it, capturing it to its fullest extent. Yata suddenly has a strange feeling going down his spine, and it irks him.

Glaring at the other boy, he spits out. "Saruhiko, you looking at me like that is giving me one hell of a serious chill going down my spine. If you don't stop, I might not finish my food and let you sleep on the couch tonight for the whole week, and I don't care about your injury,"

Fushimi only clicks his tongue at that and finishes the rest of his dinner quietly, earning a quirked brow from Yata. Once they're done, Yata washes the dishes and Fushimi slowly make his way back to the bedroom, his injury throbbing painfully in his chest. Hobbling and grasping the wall for support and panting slightly, he finally reaches the bedroom and was about to fall to his knees when he felt a pair of small arms supporting him.

"You've always have a weak side, even in the past, didn't I tell you that? Stop trying to act so tough all the time especially after being shot near the heart and falling into coma for two weeks. You're not fooling anybody," the skateboarder said gently, but his eyes shine sternly as he admonishes the blue clansman. He circles his arms around Fushimi's shoulder and chest and helps him to the bed before lowering him gently.

Once his body touches the mattress, Fushimi relaxes himself and eyes Yata as he changes to his nightwear. "I heard that Cancers are more caring than usual, but I didn't think you'd have that instinct too. Well, that saved me a lot of trouble," Fushimi says in his usual bored manner, but Yata managed to pick up the slight teasing tone in them causing him to blush somewhat.

"I just don't want to find a corpse in the house, that's all!" he shouts back vehemently, but with the blush dusting his cheeks, it's rather hard for Fushimi to take him seriously so he simply smirks at the boy slyly. It's fun seeing the vanguard so flustered around him, makes him wonder what he's been thinking the past couple of weeks while he was out cold.

As Yata climbs into bed, Fushimi seizes this chance and pulls the other boy close to him in an embrace. With the cuffs gone, they won't have any problems getting tangled together, though Fushimi would actually prefer that. Yata tries to struggle free but seeing that contented look on Fushimi's face again, he gave in and relaxes himself. If Fushimi is happy, then so will he. After all, it's been a while since they've done this.

The vanguard actually wanted to call Izumo and tells him that Fushimi is fine and that they've been rid of the spell the girls cast on them, but that would also mean that they can now no longer live together, since neither have any obligations to each other. But their friendship has become stronger, and they both somehow felt happier with each other and Yata actually doesn't want to leave Fushimi's side. Ever since his King's death and Homra disbanded, the only one he has left is Fushimi.

"You know," Yata starts slowly, not wanting to scare Fushimi off. "The cuffs are no longer tying us, so we don't actually have to stay together anymore,"

He could feel Fushimi tensing and is surprised to hear a soft growl coming from the other boy. "But I want Misaki to stay here, Homra doesn't exist anymore and you can hardly pay your rent. Why waste your money? Just stay and don't leave," he could hear the possessiveness in that voice, but then again that's how Fushimi really is.

They fell in silence; with Yata not even sure on what to say and only letting Fushimi hold him tight before they both fall asleep.

The next day, Fushimi is relaxing on the couch and watching TV while Yata is preparing some toast. The blue clansman believes that it's best if Yata simply stayed with him, that would cause less trouble and the money that the crow make won't have to be spent on some measly rent payment, Fushimi could take care of all. Yata however, believes that it's not right for him to just freeload off of Fushimi and not having to do anything.

It's fine, because all I need is Misaki, and you can cook and clean while I'm off at work. We'd be a happy, married couple, Fushimi had said, earning himself some light but still painful punches to the arm and a stuttering, blushing Yata. The skateboarder personally thought that it was a somewhat good idea, until the idiot had to bring up the 'married couple' comment.

The crow had called Izumo and told, or stutter his wish to actually stay with Fushimi and keep him in place. The bartender was more than happy when he got the news, even supporting Yata and told him that 'someone would at least keep him out of trouble'. Truthfully, Izumo hoped that the two would remain together as they were the only ones who can handle each other's personality.

"Oi, monkey, your toast is ready," Yata calls out from the kitchen. Fushimi only grunts in response and doesn't even look away from whatever show he's watching prompting Yata to bring the toast to him instead. The quiet and serene atmosphere is somewhat odd to them, Yata's normally associated with the loudness of the bar and Fushimi's always by himself and doesn't talk to the other agents.

They ate their breads in silence, with the noise only being from the show they're watching. Not wanting to waste his time, Fushimi quickly finishes his food and pins a surprised Yata on the couch. The vanguard nearly choked on his food but manages to swallow it safely and pushing the blue clansman's face away from his.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, jumping on me like that? Do you want me to punch you or something?" the skateboarder shouts vehemently as he continues to push Fushimi's face away from his, but Fushimi doesn't seem to budge and his eyes clearly shows he wanted to say something.

"Misaki..." Fushimi calls out softly. Yata stops struggling and turns to look at Fushimi with a bewildered expression. That's the same voice Fushimi had called him when they did that stupid interview, only that it's gentler and more...loving to Yata's ears, and he could slowly feel his cheeks burning up because of that alone.

"Misaki, don't go anywhere, just stay with me and don't look at anyone else besides me," Fushimi says as he embraces the shorter male. Now that I got your attention, I don't want you to look anywhere else. Just me, only me, he thought fiercely and slowly releasing the vanguard into a loose hug. Yata can only blink in confusion at the sudden exclamation, but he nods his head nevertheless.

Smiling and finally happy that the only person who owns his attention now belong to him, kisses the crow lovingly on his cheek causing said crow to sputter in embarrassment. Yata knows that Fushimi only has eyes for him, hence why he didn't regret getting that kiss. And from that moment on, their bond that was strengthened by a pair of Strain girls grew stronger with the presence of love in their lives.

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