Harry Potter was born on July 31st in Godric's Hollow. He had spent the first couple of months of his life with his mother and father before being tragically forced apart by death. On Halloween, just a year and two months from conception, Lord Voldemort entered Godric's Hollow and, in silence, killed both James and Lily Potter. But just as Lord Voldemort was about to finish his work on destroying the last line of offense between him and eternal life, the killing curse he aimed at young Harry rebounded and destroyed what very little remained of him. But the will of any living creature can never be underestimated; for Lord Voldemort refused death in life and he refused death even now in spirit form, and so before Death could take him away, the last conscious part of Lord Voldemort, his most primal and instinctive self, launched from the icy fingers of Death and into the only remaining sentient creature with a magical core strong enough to contain him. Death, furious at Lord Voldemort's escape, placed the mark of lightening on young Harry's brow, the symbol of uncontrolled power in its most primal form, in order to have constant eye on the boy who lived. And with his business done, Death left the boy.

But the boy would not be alone for long, for another soul would come in. A heavily burdened soul, filled with guilt and love, would step into the house and into the room Harry was in. Crying out with grief, the cloaked figure would weakly gather up the dead body of one Lily Potter into their arms and hold her to his heart. Soft whispers of her name would float from his lips and into the air, unheard. Never again would he see the vibrant fire of Lily spark and ignite in her green eyes, never again would he hear her voice be filled with all the emotions she carried in her heart, and never again would he be able to live an existence worth living. Gathering himself from his now eternal grief, the man picked himself up and walked towards the crib. To the man, the boy looked to be as if dead, but he could not be certain. Upon trying to pick the boy up, a spark of raw magic leapt from the boy and attacked the man, burning the skin of the hand reaching out for him. In disbelief, the man vanished.

It would be an hour later before another man would arrive. This man, wild with passion and a lust for life unmatched by any other; would come crumbling down at the site of James Potter. Friend, brother of his heart, family in all but blood, James Potter was all that and more to one Sirius Black and now he was gone. Howling in rage and in all consuming grief, Sirius Black ran from James Potter's body, from Lily's body, and towards Harry. Hoping for some sign that the last piece of James was still in this earth with him, that he was not abandoned by his brother, Sirius peered into the crib and cried out. Harry was bleeding from his scar, and the blood was all over his face and dripping into the boy's mouth. Gently picking the boy up, Sirius cradled the child to his heart and softly wiped the blood clear from his face. Tears rolled down his face in gratefulness. A part of James would always be alive.

Before he could vanish with the child to his home, a loud screeching noise filled Sirius's ears. He looked up at the torn roof, and saw a giant of a man slowly make his way down from the roof and into the second landing of the house where he was. Sirius nodded at the giant.

Hagrid merely looked at the man and tearfully smiled. The giant had an extremely soft heart, and it held a place for the family now lost.

"Dumbledore's orders. He wants to send the child to the only family he has left now."

Sirius nodded, grief consumed him at giving the child up but at least now he could hunt down the rat who had betrayed his friends. A mad look came into his eyes, and because of something in his gut, he passed down his motor bike to the giant. He placed a soft kiss on Harry's scar, left the boy with Hagrid, and vanished.

Hagrid, looking down at the boy in his arms, cried softly and mounted the bike. He did not take off for several minutes; merely he held Harry to his chest and looked at the ruins of the house that had once held the best sort of people he had ever known. With a sigh, and a promise to keep, Hagrid started up the bike and flew into the air. He drove for what felt like hours and landed in front of Number 4, Private Drive.

He had been expected by two figures. One was a man who once looked upon resembled Merlin with his long white beard tied to the grey sash keeping his purple cloak closed. The man was old with age and wisdom, and his sadness was seen in his eyes and heard in his voice. The other was a woman so severe looking, that even her hair did not dare to stick out of place. Her glasses for her fading vision and her olive green robes did not make her look any kinder, a lifetime of grief and pain had marked her.

Dumbledore merely stepped forward and held out his arms. Harry was handed over by Hagrid, and cradled against the man. A sigh left the man once he looked at the mark on the boy's forehead. Nothing he knew would remove the mark, and even if he had known something he wasn't sure if he should remove it. Marks were special, especially those done by magic. Death had touched the child and had let him go. The mark was red now, the redness would fade shortly.

He walked up to the door, left the child with a letter on the door step, and vanished.

The woman shook her head sadly at the boy. Grief making her silent, she merely changed form from a woman to a cat and curled around the boy.

Hagrid vanished as well.

November 1st would bring a sunny day, good weather, and a new beginning for a family who had not wanted anything to do with the unnaturalness Harry Potter would bring them. Scared beyond belief, the family of Number 4, Private Drive would slowly come to realize that some secrets were not meant to be slipped under the rug. But it would be years before they would come to that realization, and until then young Harry Potter would spend eleven years of his life in shadow and in doubt of who he truly was.

But starting on his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter would find out about his true self and secrets from his past, a past kept hidden from the world by both of his parents, and it would all slip out and reform the world around him.