Due to an influential stalker, Kuroko has been trying to get a steady job for more than a year. In an attempt to help, Aida assigns him as the baby sitter of the adopted kids of her boss. Not knowing who the boss was, he took the job. If only he knew what exactly he was getting himself into.

Pairing: Akashi/Kuroko

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the plot of this story

Rating may change in the future

Chapter 1

"Kuroko-sama…." The young man addressed looked up to see a pair of light orange eyes staring intently at him.

"Ah, good afternoon Orenjina-san." The bluenette greeted politely before looking down again to continue his work. "There is no need to address me so highly and formally, you know. You may simply call me Kuroko or even Tetsuya. I'm only here to assist your senseis and to earn experience before I go back to college to continue my studies."

"You're not going to stay here to teach?" Though she was already a senior, Orenjina knew that chances of ever meeting Kuroko again were slim even if she entered the same college as him. She heard that the young man went around Japan very often to gain experience to be a teacher. From public schools to private ones, kindergarten till Senior High School. He never really stayed in one school for too long. None of the teachers in his college complained because they knew he was a responsible and capable person with great potential (even if he had a rather weak presence).

To think that he was only 18 years old…..

"I'm only a college student, Orenjina-san but I'll be here for another week or two before I have to go back." Kuroko said monotonously, grabbing a red ballpen then proceeded to check the sheets of paper on the desk. Orenjina saw that they were history test papers.

The girl bit her lower lip lightly. She didn't know when she had fallen for the stoic history/geography student assistant teacher or what caused her to love him. It must be love at first sight! Orenjina smiled as she thought that.

When the bluenette had walked into her classroom for the first time, no one had noticed. Not even the teacher who was there to introduce him. In the most polite way possible, he spoke up, causing almost everyone in the room to jump up and or scream in surprise.

It was almost everyone because she didn't do either of the two actions her classmates and teacher did. Orenjina had stayed silent and shocked not because of being startled by the bluenette, but because of her awe that developed into an infatuation as time passed by then it became love.

Even though he had a weak presence, Kuroko was the best teacher (she couldn't possibly consider him as an assistant teacher) she had in her whole life as a student. Other students considered him that as well. He was patient, kind and polite. He was firm and gentle at the right times and he understood the students well. (Probably had something to do with only being 18 years old)

Kuroko had this talent to make even the laziest of students pay attention to him and do their homework even if they wouldn't notice him in the first place.

Orenjina's smile brightened and her eyes sparkled. Yes, they were meant to be. She was the most popular student of her school while Kuroko was the one who was hard to notice. Someone that wasn't easily detected. Like a phantom. That made him special.

They contrasted each other and as they say, opposites attract! No one else could be perfect for the ever so kind Kuroko other than her~

Orenjina nodded to herself in resolution and then tapped Kuroko's shoulder. As her orange eyes came in contact with the blank icy blue eyes of Kuroko, she knew that she, Orenjina Natsumi, wouldn't fail. After all, she was the daughter of the owners of influential companies.

'Who could ever say no to someone with beauty and influence?'She questioned mentally to herself before opening her mouth to speak.

"Kuroko-sama, I love you! Will you please go out with me?"

If one were to say that the answer to Orenjina's first question was Kuroko, then for sure, you would know what Kuroko's answer was to Orenjina's second question.

The day after that, Kuroko left the school. But not without receiving overly dramatic goodbyes from the students and complaints of why he was leaving earlier than expected. He accepted some thank you and appreciation gifts that had letters expressing hope for him to come back to teach them or to at least visit.

He thanked every single one of the students, staff and maintenance for welcoming him. The bluenette had even smiled a little causing everyone to be shocked speechless. Their expressions were similar to those he received when he first came to the school.

Kuroko sighed in relief as he got off the subway train. It would only take a good 10 minutes of walking before he would finally reach home. His parents weren't home for the week but at least he would get to have some peace to himself for a little while. A moment of relaxation.

He checked the bags he brought to make sure that he hadn't forgotten anything before he walked out of the station. It was a little late already and it was a weekday so there weren't much people out which was good for Kuroko since chances of accidentally bumping into someone because he or she didn't see him would be low. And the bluenette was exhausted.

As he walked home, Kuroko couldn't help but think that he was being followed but he chose to not pay any attention to it because he shrugged it off as paranoia.

What he didn't know was that he would be feeling that paranoia for a long time.

Due to a serious problem, Kuroko moved to the newly built Seirin College to continue his studies. He never joined an extracurricular activity that had something to do with teaching in other schools again.

By the age of 20, he graduated with flying colors and was immediately hired by the school he had studied in from Elementary to High School, Teiko.

By the age of 24, he was well known by the students in Kindergarten and also some students from elementary who had been taught by him. Not to mention the Middle School and High School department as well since he substituted some of the teachers when they were absent.

Before he turned 25 he was fired, much to his and his students' disappointment and great astonishment.

By the age of 25, he had been hired by a total of 24 schools (both private and public), 9 restaurants (Kuroko had become desperate) and 16 tutorial centers but was dismissed by every single one of them in just one year.

And now, at the age of 26, he has found himself jobless for a good 3 months.

And from when he was 20 years old until today, he had received over a thousand written letters, twenty five thousand texts, several boxes of chocolate that he had never eaten or even opened, too much emails to count and maybe a million application forms to teach in Orenjina Academy.

Every single letter and email had the same reply,

"Thank you very much for offering me the opportunity but unfortunately, I will not be accepting the position. I am grateful for the offer but once again, I will not accept it. May you be able to find a worthier person for the position."

Obviously, Orenjina Natsumi did not get the message even after all these years.

Present Time

"Kuroko! Open the door!" Aida yelled loudly as she knocked (banged) the door. "If you don't get your feminine ass here and open the door, I'll kick it open and use it to hit you!"

Immediately, a click was heard, informing the brunette that the door was finally unlocked. Slowly with an annoying creak, the wooden door opened, revealing a familiar bluenette.

She couldn't help but notice that the impassive adult had a slightly stress stricken face, making the worry in her increase even more.

"Good Morning Aida-san. Would you like to - "

Aida didn't wait for the polite man invite her in and went inside herself, dragging the deadpanned bluenette with her after she kicked the door shut. Once they reached the living room, she pushed the light young man onto the sofa and she sat across him, the only thing separating the two was a coffee table with a flower vase on top.

"Start talking, Kuroko. I've been looking for you all over Tokyo for 3 months! Hyuga and I have been worrying about you! We didn't know if you had been kidnapped or if something bad happened to you!" Aida said as she looked seriously at blank icy blue eyes. "The others are worried too! Even little Teppei is wondering where you are!" She took out her iPhone and showed Kuroko a picture of the teary eyed 9 year old who was holding the teddy bear the bluenette had given Teppei on his 5th birthday.

"I couldn't find you until I caught you drinking that damned vanilla milkshake at Maji Burger this morning and that was only by accident! Had I not seen that old man bump into you, I wouldn't have noticed! What on earth were you thinking? What have you been doing these past 3 months?!"

Kuroko stayed silent for a little while, trying to formulate something to say that will satisfy the fuming brunette in front of him.

He closed his eyes and gave out a sigh, might as well go with the truth. Hopefully it won't infuriate Aida even more.

"Orenjina Natsumi. Does that name ring a bell?" Kuroko started. The brunette cocked an eyebrow in response to the seemingly random question but answered anyway.

"That carrot head girl that couldn't shut up about you, I remember." Aida recalled, "She never left you alone during your college life in Seirin especially during practice. We had to use Hyuga in clutch time to scare her away."

"That's the one." Kuroko relaxed a little into the sofa but his face was as blank as a brick wall. He stated bluntly, "Even after all these years, Orenjina-san never stopped."

That made Aida flinch. "…You mean...She never stopped going after you? What, she's a stalker now or something like that?"

"You hit the nail at the head, coach." Kuroko nodded, addressing the brunette as coach like he did during his time at Seirin. "After all these years, she continued. I thought it would fly over since I assumed that it was only a crush that will disappear once she goes to college and grows up into a perfectly mature young woman."

"But...it was a false dream. I was terribly wrong. " Kuroko ended.

"Don't tell me a girl like her was enough to pull your career apart and make you hide like this!"

"It wasn't only her that made my superiors fire me." Kuroko explained as he grabbed his cell phone and looked through all the text messages he had received. "It was the influence of her parents that backed her up. They're quite strong and I'm sure you're aware of that." He gave his cell phone to the brunette. "She's a very persistent and determined girl. That phone is filled with only 1/8 of the text messages she's been sending me since I was 20. I've already changed cell phones 7 times might I add."

As she read them one by one, to say that she was shocked was an understatement. "I…. can't believe she would go that far…" Aida mumbled.

"And you haven't seen the emails and application letters."

"Application letters?"

"The Orenjimas had a school built a few months before I was fired from Teiko and their daughter has been sending me those letters ever since. I declined them every single time. She didn't take it well."

Everything puzzled together for Aida. "No wonder you're always fired from a job at least 3 times a month last year!"

"Don't remind me."

"Why didn't you go to me or the othe – Wait stupid question, don't answer. You never ask for help when you have a problem even if it's as serious as this!" Aida glared hard at the impassive bluenette. "I really can't believe you can stay this calm in a situation like this!"

"My facial expressions makes you think I'm calm but mentally, I've been feeling very distressed for the past 3 months." Kuroko said honestly. "I thought that if I keep myself hidden for a while, maybe Orenjina-san would give up. But that won't work. This is a girl that's been stalking me for 8 years. The only thing that could possibly get her off my track is possibly 8 years of hiding and that's only a speculation."

"Don't even think about it!" Aida growled with a threatening tone.

"I never did coach because I like working with children." The bluenette smiled slightly as he remembered the happy faces the young kindergarteners would make whenever they achieved or learned something new. "I don't think I can stay away for too long. All this time, I've been looking for a job that will enable me to be with children while at the same time, stay away from Orenjina-san."

An idea popped into the brunette's mind. She smiled. "I think I've got a job that has all the things that you want."

"You do?" Kuroko inquired suspiciously.

"Yes!" She replied with a grin but it had a sinister touch to it. "You'll work with children. Four of them but their….energy is equal to one class of hyper students that just ate 3 bowls of sugary treats."

Kuroko didn't care if they were troublesome so he jumped at the opportunity. "Really?"

"I don't know if you can get a permanent spot but tell the kids that you're only temporary. I still have to talk to Hyuga about the back up plans just in case you won't keep the job and your punishment for keeping us in the dark for so long." Kuroko couldn't help but a shiver at the dark aura reeking of those words. "You also have to apologize to Teppei-kun, he's been crying every night, waiting for you to tell him a bed time story."

"You'll be moving in with us too!"

"...But - "

"I don't want to hear any complaints."

The Next Day

"Where is daddicchi?" A 5 year old blonde asked as his eyes started to become watery.

"He'll be back soon Ryouta!" The other 5 year old beside him answered with a smile. "Daddy said he would be late tonight because there's a shooting! And it's only noon! He won't be back until midnight or something."

"Ryouta, you shouldn't be crying. Father wouldn't want that. He'll be sad too." A 7 year old scolded while he wiped the blonde's eyes. When he was done, he gave Ryouta a blue bird stuff toy. "You don't want father to be sad now do you? Here, this is the lucky item for Geminis today. "

"You're right Daikicchi and Shintaroucchi…." Kise sniffed before smiling and coming back to his cheerful self. He always added –cchi to the end of the names of those he loved and respected. And he certainly loved his brothers.

Crunch, crunch. "Do you guys want some cookies? Reo-nee, one of dad's colleagues, brought some here before he and dad left."

"We shouldn't be eating any cookies right now!" Midorima took them from the purple haired 8 year old's hands. "It will spoil our appetites! We have to have lunch first."

Aomine spoke up. "But Aida baa-chan said we couldn't have lunch until the new baby sitter comes with it."

"What time will he or she come?" Kise asked curiously, eyes sparkling.

"Dunno." The dark blue haired child shrugged. "I hope it's soon. I'm hung – "

Ding Dong~

"I'll get it!" Kise chirped excitedly. He was back to being the bubbly and energetic kid he was. "Maybe it's daddicchi or the baby sitter…. Or daddicchi!"

Murasakibara grabbed the energetic kid's shoulder before he could speed off to the door. "No you won't! It should be the eldest that opens the door!"

"Let's just go there together." Midorima grumbled, pushing his glasses up. Everyone nodded in agreement and went down the stairs. Their home was rather secluded so they usually didn't have any visitors (with the exception of the ones that worked with their father. They visited at least once a week).

Their home was 3 story house. All of them had rooms of their own on the second floor with two extra guest rooms. There was also a library and play room on the second floor. The third floor was simply an attic. And the first floor was where the living room, kitchen, dining room and the entrance to their home and the backyard was.

They didn't have any maids since their father taught them how to clean after themselves. If they planned on playing around or making a mess, they were to strictly do it outside, the play room or in their rooms. Never in the library.

But they always had to have an adult with them so their father would hire someone to supervise them while he was working. They never got someone who would look after them for more than 3 days. The ones their father would hire would always quit after at least a day of taking care of them.

It was their way of saying, I hate you to those baby sitters.

Speaking of which, half an hour ago, Aida baa-chan told them that a temporary baby sitter would come to take care of them.

"All of them are temporary really, they always leave." Midorima pointed out. "The baby sitters we have never stay for too long."

"How do you think we'll get rid of this one? Maybe we should throw a bag of earthworms at this baby sitter!" Aomine cackled as he slid down the railing of the stairs.

"Yes earthworms! They're creepy!" Kise piped up in a scared tone. "He or she will definitely leave in an instant."

"If I don't like that person, I'll crush him/her." Murasakibara promised with resolve.

The four eyed 7 year old sighed. "Whatever it is that we'll do, let's make sure it doesn't cause permanent damage. Father got angry at the paint ball attack we did to the last one."

"Don't forget the time we trapped that old man in a hole in the garden." Aomine recalled.

"Remember when we locked the babysitter in the bathroom with the fake skeleton we found in the library?" Kise giggled.

"Don't forget, we put red paint to the water in the bathtub to add some effects." Murasakibara added.

Midorima couldn't help but add thoughtfully. "I never knew a woman could shriek that high."

The others nodded in agreement. Women were strange.

Ding Dong~

"WE'RE COMING!" Aomine yelled out loud. He jumped off the railing and ran for the door.

"Hey! Wait for us, Daikicchi!" Kise cried out as he speeded up.

Crunch. Murasakibara chewed on the cookies he managed to steal from Midorima as he followed the hyper 5 year olds.

Midorima huffed. "You guys might trip if you run down the stairs!" Even though he had said that, he ran as well. Only to catch up to them of course. It's not like he wanted to make sure he was close enough to catch them if they fell. That would be their fault.

They all reached the entrance at the same time and chose to open the door together.

"I wonder who'll take care of us…."

"Who cares, let's just make sure we'll scare the hell out of her!"

"It might be a he you know."

"Language, Daiki!"

Crunch. Crunch. Goble. Goble.

Once the opened the door, they looked out to see who was going to take care of them but the kids did not see anyone.

"….It's a ghost!" Kise shrieked an unmanly scream, causing the others to flinch at the pitch.

"Don't be such a scaredy cat!" Aomine replied. "It's noon! Ghosts don't come out at noon!"

"The doorbell must be broken." Midorima muttered.

"Whoever said that ghost only came out at night? But anyway, let's go back in." Murasakibara said, slamming the door shut. "I'm hungry, let's make lunch."

Ding Dong~

The door was opened again but no one was outside.


"For Kami-sama's sake, Ryouta!" The green haired child shook his head at the dramatic reaction of his younger brother. "There is no ghost!"

"Close the door! He might come in!" The hysteric blonde banged the door shut, making the others jump at the loudness. "Let's call daddicchi and tell him that there's a ghost who's ringing the doorbell!"

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong

"I'll show you," Midorima opened the door and proceeded to walk outside. "There is no such thing as gho – " Suddenly, the cute little seven year old collided with someone, causing both figures to fall down.

"THE GHOST TOOK SHINTAROUCCHI! THE GHOST TOOK SHINTAROUCCHI! THE GHOST TOOK – " Aomine covered the blonde's mouth to muffle his squeakily loud voice.

"Shut up Ryouta!" As the two 5 year olds struggled against each other, Murasakibara walked out to help Midorima stand up and then ask what he had tripped over. The 7 year old wasn't usually clumsy.

"I apologize for bumping into you." A monotonous voice whispered suddenly beside the purple haired eight year old. "I'll help you stand up."

"Ah..." Midorima stared in surprise at the bluenette who just appeared out of thin air.

"I am very sorry for causing you to fall." The stranger said sincerely as he helped the four eyed child up. "And for scaring your younger sibling. I was just rather startled myself when the door was shut so abruptly and collided with my nose." The children only noticed the slightly swollen nose of the stranger then.

"We are sorry as well!"

"No we're not!" Aomine huffed, causing Midorima to glance at him. "He deserved that for surprising us! He was pranking us by ringing the doorbell many times and then hiding in the bushes so that we would think that there was a ghost."

"Actually, I've been standing here ever since." The stranger said. "Ah, where are my manners? My names is Kuroko Tetsuya. I will take care of you all for the day."

"Eh?" Kise seemed to have calmed down. "You're our baby sitter?"

"Yes." Kuroko nodded before he opened his bag and gave each of the kids a colored bento. "I'm sure you're all hungry. I'm sorry for being late. I had to take care of my godson this morning." The bluenette rushed them all to go inside. "It's too hot to play outside now. You may play later."

"You can't boss me around!" Aomine grouched rebelliously. To his surprise, the adult did not get angry at him for his rudeness.

"No I cannot, I'm not your parent after all." Kuroko reasoned, nodding to himself. "But you all have to eat first. Unless you are not hungry of course."

Murasakibara poked the adult. "I'm hungry."

"Me too." Kise said as he put his hands on his grumbling tummy.

"I am as well." Midorima looked at Aomine with an expression that said, 'Say you're hungry or I'll eat you instead nanodayo.'

"Mmmm..." Aomine's stomach suddenly released a loud growl causing his brothers to chuckle. He looked at the bluenette to see if he was laughing or maybe looking at him mockingly but was surprised to only see a blank expression on the man's face.

Kuroko simply tilted his head. "Well then, let's have lunch. Where do you all usually eat?"

"We're done!" the four children said in chorus as they looked at the bluenette.

'That was quick.' Kuroko thought as he collected the empty bentos from the young kids. "Did you enjoy your meal?"

"I'm still hungry." Murasakibara commented before he paused for a while. "But... the food was delicious."

"It was yum!" Kise chirped bubbly before he ran straight for the backyard. "But now, let's plaa~aay!"

The bluenette did not miss the knowing look the four kids shared with one another.

"Not yet," Kuroko gripped the blonde's shirt softly. "You four haven't introduced yourselves to me yet."

Midorima perked up. "That's the game we're going to play. You have to guess what our full names are (it was supposed to be our first names only but you probably overheard us calling each other by our first names a while ago) by using all the clues and hints we left around the backyard."

"We have different surnames also so don't think this will be easy!" Aomine added.

Kuroko did not question them as to why the four did not share the same surname.

'I wonder why Aida didn't tell me their father's name.' The bluenette pondered to himself before looking at the kids.

"I'll play with you." He agreed. Aomine's and Kise's eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Alright then! We'll explain our game!" Kise smiled. "Like what nii-san said earlier, we left clues around for you to find. If you're not careful, you'll fall into the traps we've set around."

"What will I get if I find out your names correctly?" Kuroko asked.

"Then we'll do whatever you want!" The four answered.

"And if I don't succeed?"

"You do what we want." Was the automatic reply.

The bluenette nodded. "Fair enough. Alright then, I'll play with you."

Their backyard was big and it was filled with many plants of different kinds. There were trees, flowers, bushes and many more interesting things around. There were multiple places where the kids could've hidden the clues. To most people, this would've seemed irritating and a waste of time but to Kuroko, he knew that if he succeeded in their little game, he would earn their respect.

And today he learned that the children were very, very creative.

One of the clues was a green Easter egg with a picture of a couple and a child together in front. The mother in the picture was encircled with a red marker. In the back of the picture, a message said, "Speak in English!". There was also a note, "If you find out my surname, I'll give you a piece of paper that has my first name."

It was a bit tricky at the start but he finally got it. Midori was the color of the egg and the woman encircled was the mother. In English countries, mothers were referred to as, mom, mama, ma, etc.

Midorimom? That didn't sound right. Midorimama? Nope.

Kuroko's eyes widened. This had to be the correct one.

"Your surname is Midorima." A few meters away, the bushes were rustling and Kuroko could hear some complaints.

"Darn! If he got that wrong, I would've been able to use my water gun at him!" Aomine grumbled.

"Don't worry, you still have more chances to do that." Kise patted the disappointed 5 year old's shoulder

The green haired boy walked out of the bushes and gave him a piece of folded paper.

"Thank you Midorima-kun." Kuroko said with a slight smile as he accepted the small object. Had he looked up, he would've noticed the blush on the child's face.

As the game continued he realized that not everything was going to be easy.

Some of the clues just didn't make sense.

In front of Kuroko was currently an eggplant that was wearing a black and white jail suit and the vegetable was inside a cage.

The bluenette simply assumed that he had to use a color again so he used Murasaki, the color of the eggplant. He was able to understand that but everything else was confusing.

There was an eggplant in a cage. What wasn't confusing?

Murasaki-in-jail? That sounded ridiculous. What else was he missing? Kuroko started to think about it in a young 10 year old's point of view. It was obviously hinting that the eggplant was in jail (He didn't mind how ridiculous it sounded) so what other terms were there to describe someone who was arrested in jail?

Prison? Murasaki-prison? Nada.

Under bars? Bars... Kuroko's eyes glinted thoughtfully.


"Murasakibara?" He added the letter a to the end because it just didn't sound right.

A piece of candy fell on Kuroko's head. The bluenette caught if before it could fall into the ground and noticed there was a note stuck to the candy.


"Oi! He just found out Ryouta's name too!" Aomine announced.

"You mean he managed to understand Ryouta's writing?" Midorima asked.

"Hey! It isn't that bad." Kise pouted.

Munch. "It is." Munch. "It looks like chicken scratch."

Aomine stared at the retreating back of their baby sitter. "How did he manage to escape the holes I dug up and covered with leaves? Were they too obvious?"

"I'm surprised that when he stepped on the rope, he managed to miss that bucket of roaches." Murasakibara said after finishing his cookies. "I'm hungry."

"We still have one more trap ready remember?" Kise said, pointing at the muddy area in front of them. "He'll have to pass here to reach the clue of Aominecchi!"

"I've got the water hose ready." The green haired seven year old gave a thumbs up.

The blue haired four year old added, "I'll move to the other side with Atsushi so that we can catch him if he somehow escapes!"

"Alright!" Suddenly they heard foot steps coming.

"I suppose the last clue will be found here." Kuroko said thoughtfully as he looked around the area. "Probably at the end of this muddy place."

'Come on... keep walking!' The four kids thought as the watched the bluenette make his way to through the mud.

"Ready..." Aomine whispered.

"Set..." Kise continued from the other side.

"FIRE!" All of them yelled as Midorima aimed the water hose at Kuroko and water started gushing out with force.

Right at that moment, Kuroko tripped over something on the ground and fell into the mud, causing the gushing water to miss him and hit Aomine who had just left the hiding place.

"Whoops~" Kise sweatdropped as he watched his brother fall into the mud.

"I've never missed hitting something in my entire life..." Midorima looked ready to panic. "My aim wasn't off so how did I miss? That never happened before! Where did I go wrong?"

Aomine stood up immediately, the front part of his body dripping wet while the back part was covered in mud. "I'll show you where you got wrong!" The fuming 5 year old grabbed a handful of mud and threw at the direction of Midorima but missed and it hit Kise instead.

"HEEY!" To get his revenge, Kise threw mud around as well.

Murasakibara was innocently taking the muddy wrapper off of his lollipop. He was hungry and the sweet treat was safe from harm until the mud Kise threw collided with the delicious candy. The eldest twitched and glared at the blonde with a scary expression.

"I will crush you!" He joined the fun and gathered a large amount of mud before throwing it.

Midorima aimed the water hose at Murasakibara, "You're not getting anywhere near me!"

"WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!" Aomine yelled as he tackled his emerald eyed brother into the mud.

"Ah..." While four were throwing mud at one another, Kuroko had gotten up from his spot with his whole figure covered in mud. "They seem to be enjoying themselves."

After a moment of thinking to himself, he gathered a handful of mud and threw it at Aomine.


It hit the target. The three other kids stared at the muddy adult with a shocked expression, only to be hit by mud on the face themselves.

"Don't let your guard down." Kuroko stated in a playful manner. He ducked when a large amount of mud was thrown at him. "Missed again~" The bluenette smiled slightly before sticking his tongue at them in a childish manner.

And that started the Mud War.

"That was soooo fun!" Kise cheered as he splashed water around.

"I know right?" Aomine grinned. "I couldn't believe that Tetsu-nii would use his disappearing act against us!"

After their little Mud War, the kids started talking with Kuroko more openly.

Kuroko grabbed a dipper filled with water and poured it over Murasakibara's muddy hair. "Are you sure none of you got hurt?"

"Nope!" Everyone chorused.

"I hope father doesn't see the mess we made while going up the stairs." Midorima mubled as wiped his eyes. "We left a very muddy trail. Father will get very angry."

"We can clean that up after we finish taking a bath." Aomine grabbed the blue soap and he rubbed it against his arms. "By the time he'll get home, he won't notice a single thing out of place!"

The bluenette started to put shampoo over the purple haired 8 year old. "You don't need to worry about that anymore. I cleaned it all up while you all went to the bathroom."

"Eh?" Everyone looked at Kuroko in surprise. "How did you do that so quickly?"

"I used to be a Kindergarten teacher." Kuroko explained as he lathered Murasakibara's hair. "I'm used to cleaning up messes quickly. I have to make sure that nothing will hurt the children I take care off so I make sure to keep everything in order."

"When did you find the time to bathe, Tetsucchi?" Kise asked.

"I didn't." The four kids perked up at hearing this. "I used the water hose to wash the mud off. I still have to make sure you're all sparkly clean before I wash myself." Kuroko reached for the dipper and washed the soap off Murasakibara. "There's no more mud or dirt in your hair Murasakibara-kun."

"Thank you Tetsu-chin." The 8 year old smiled. "Now it's your turn."

"...Eh?" Water was suddenly splashed onto him from different directions.

"I'll wash his hair!" Kise chirped as he grabbed the bottle of Shampoo.

"I'll be the one to spray the water!" Aomine declared as he grabbed the dipper and sprayer.

"I've got the soap." Midorima announced. "Atsushi! Hold him and keep him still."

"Wait... Don't... Midorima-kun, where are you touching?"

It became a very eventful bath.

"Are you ready to go to sleep now?" Kuroko asked as he buttoned up Kise's doggy pajamas.

Aomine shook his head. "No! I want to play with Tetsu-nii some more!"

"Let's go to the play room and..." Midorima wasn't able to finish his sentence because he suddenly yawned.

"I'm still hungry..." Murasakibara mumbled tiredly.

Kuroko shook his head. "You shouldn't eat anything anymore for the night, Murasakibara-kun. You already finished brushing your teeth." When he finished fixing them all up, he was about to bring them to their bedrooms until Kise took his hand.

"We'll sleep with our...daddicchi tonight." Kise said sleepily. "His bedroom is at the end of the floor."

The bluenette nodded. "Alright then."

While they walked to their father's bedroom, Kuroko carried Aomine and Kise on his back since they were too tired to go on while Murasakibara and Midorima leaned on him for support.

"This...the...one." Midorima said. Kuroko opened the door and was surprised at the size of the bedroom. It was slightly bigger than half a basketball court. There was a big bed in the middle of the room. It was big enough to accommodate more than 5 people.

"I don't wan't to sleep...yet..." Kise said as the bluenette placed him on the bed gently beside Aomine.

Murasakibara and Midorima looked like the were about to fall asleep any minute from now.

"It's 10:30 pm already, Kise-kun." Kuroko told the stubborn blonde.

"But we haven't told you what we wanted you to do." Aomine said, getting up. "You never completed the game so that means we win!"

Kuroko smiled. "You're right, Aomine-kun." Sometime after the bath, the blue haired five year old had told Kuroko his name.

"Can't we just tell him tomorrow?" Murasakibara mumbled as he rubbed his eyes drowsily.

"I won't be here tomorrow." The bluenette said.

"Huh?" Big not sleepy eyes were suddenly staring hard at him. "What do you mean you won't be here tomorrow?"

"Well, I'm only your temporary baby sitter remember." The four kids' eyes widened in remembrance. "But I enjoyed taking care of you four very much."

"Temporary...?" Kise trailed off.

"Can't you stay?" Murasakibara tugged Kuroko's sleeve.

"No I can't." The bluenette shook his head. "Your permanent baby sitter will be coming to take care of you tomorrow. Be nice alright?"

"But..." Midorima was about to speak up but was interrupted by a light pat on his head.

"It's getting really late you know." Kuroko reminded. "Go to sleep now. You can ask Aida-san to tell me what you want tomorrow. I'll make sure to bring it to you." The bluenette kissed the foreheads of the sleepy children. "Remember to be nice to your next baby sitter, alright?"

Honk Honk!

"My ride is here..." Kuroko stood up but before he could even move, he was hugged by the 4 children.

"We'll miss you..." The bluenette smiled.

"I'll miss you all too."

Akashi sighed as he opened the locked doors of his home. Today had been a very busy day of work but fortunately for him, he was given the week off for his hard work.

'I'll have more time to spend with the children.'He thought fondly.

As he walked up the stairs, he noticed that the light in his bedroom was open.

He opened the door and noticed that his kids were there, laid on the bed but their eyes were open.

"Isn't your bedtime at 9 o'clock?" Akashi asked as he closed the door.

"Daddicchi..." Kise smiled tiredly, spreading his arms, waiting to be hugged by his father. "You're home."

"I am." He hugged the four drowsy kids tightly. "Now, why are you all still awake?"

Aomine yawned. "Baby sitter..."

"Did you not like the baby sitter you had today?" Again.

"Don't want another..." Midorima said, before yawning again.

"We've talked about this already, Shintarou. You need someone to supervise you while I'm gone."

Murasakibara shook his head. "We don't want a new baby sitter... we like Tetsu-chin."

Akashi raised a brow. "Tetsu-chin?"

"His name... Kuroko Tetsuya..." Midorima recalled. "We like him..."

"He's nice..." Kise added. "And very fun..."

"Want him to be our baby sitter..." Aomine continued, drowsily. "But Aida baa-chan said... he's temporary."

Kise sleepily kept talking. "Played a fun game... he...lost and he was going to do whatever we wanted... We want him as our permanent baby sitter...but he...only... temporary..."

To say the red head was surprised was an understatement. His kids had despised every baby sitter that came to their home but now... this Kuroko Tetsuya...

"I'll see what I can do." 'That name...it sounds very familiar.'

Aida Riko was having a wonderful sleep. She no longer had to worry about her missing friend Kuroko (he was currently sleeping in the other room with Teppei). Things were slowly getting back to normal.


She woke up abruptly at the sound of her phone ringing and ungracefully fell down the bed, her face colliding into the floor.

"...Damn phone..." She glared hatefully at the electronic contraption before snapping it open and answering with a snappy tone, "What?"

That's no way to talk to your boss Riko.

The brunette twitched. "Akashi-san! Why're you calling this late?" She turned to look at the clock and saw that it was 1 am. "My mistake, this early."

I want that baby sitter, Kuroko Tetsuya, to come to my home again tomorrow.

"Hah? Why do you need to talk to Kuroko?"

I have a proposal for him. Aida's eyes widened in surprise. Could it be that Kuroko had somehow gained the respect of the 4 monsters from hell? I want him here by 10 o'clock sharp. And do avoid referring to my children as monsters.

How did he know that she was thinking that...

I just do. Now, good night. The line was dead.

End of Chapter.


Teppei Kiyoshi walked to his room while he carried 5 thick hardbound books with him.

Kuroko looked up in surprise. "What's with all those books Teppei-kun?"

"Tetsu-nii promised to read me a bed time story every night." Kiyoshi smiled as he put the books down. "But you were gone for 3 months and you missed at least 90 days meaning you have to tell me at least 90 stories and you'll repay your debt starting now so pick a book and tell me a story!"

Kiyoshi sat down looking at him expectantly while continuing to smile.

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