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Takao: 18 years old

Kasamatsu, Moriyama, Imayoshi: 10 years old

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Murasakibara: 8 years old

Midorima: 7 years old

Aomine and Kise: 5 years old

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Chapter 4

"...Why?" Kuroko asked stoically as he pinched the bridge of his nose before looking at the children. They were almost unrecognizable with all that melted cheese, red beans, and other weird substances covered all over them.

"That teddy boy started it." A certain purple haired giant accused while looking at Kiyoshi before licking off the melted chocolate off of his fingers. Midorima, who was just beside him, smacked his marshmallow covered hair with a glare.

"Don't do that!" He yelled childishly with a stomp, causing red bean soup to drip off of his hair. "Don't you remember that we mixed some of these stuff with the other chemicals?"

"You did what?!" The adults in the room echoed in unison. The siblings in all but blood glanced at the green haired boy who flushed in embarrassment for talking too much.

Imayoshi took off his smelly glasses to wipe it with some tissue he got from the teachers. He made a disgusted face as he did so. "Neh, we didn't do anything like that at least."

"No," Kuroko shook his head as he put on some safety gloves and took out a bento from a plastic bag. He opened it slowly to reveal bubbling sausages and growling rice mixed with glowing sauce of some sorts. Imayoshi was pretty sure that the sauce wasn't in that shade of green an hour ago. "But you mixed the food with something that can be considered as dangerous as a chemical." He looked at Kiyoshi as he said this.

"Hai?" The brunette smiled innocently as he tilted his head to the side. "Aunt Riko's food isn't that bad."

Kasamatsu glared at his kouhai in irritation and elbowed his ribs. "'Isn't that bad'?! Are you serious? It melted the metal bars of the school and the fence separating the tennis court and the fields."

"If that's what you've been eating all this time, it's no surprise you're that crack headed!"

"Daikicchi! Help me get the gum out of my hair!" Kise whined as he tried to rip the pink sticky mess away from his hair. Where did his sempai get those gumballs?! The candy store was just too far to get during break time.

"I can't really do that right now." Aomine replied with a grunt as he tried to bite the tape off of his hands. "Fastest way to help you is to shave your head bald."

"NOOOOO!" The blonde shrieked hysterically. Kasamatsu kicked the pitifully crying boy on the head.


"What the heck is up with that fishy smell of my glasses?" Imayoshi wondered out loud as he sniffed his spectacles. "Mackerel? No... it smells like fried fish... Hm, what fish tastes good when fried?"

"Hm, maybe - "

The principal smacked the table with both of his hands as he stood up, "SILENCE!"

The children shut up. In the background, their guardians stiffened a bit. Most of the parents were used to their kids' adventures but this was rather pushing it after all. Kuroko was surprised that Aida wasn't even here yet. Once she sees the text sent by the school she'll be rushing here in no time.

"You four!" The elderly man glanced at the multi-color haired siblings with scrutinizing eyes. "You took highly acidic chemicals from the high school labs and mixed them with the food from the cafeteria then used them to attack other students."

"You three!" Kiyoshi continued to smile as the vein on Kasamatsu's head looked ready to pop while Imayoshi grinned wholeheartedly. "You mixed that...bento lunch with the food in the cafeteria, and went out of school during break to get candy."

"Now your offenses don't actually sound too serious but what really tops it all is what you did with the things you collected and mixed together! The food in the cafeteria exploded once the chemicals mixed with the bento! The whole gym is filled with candy and tofu! Who puts those together?!"

Kiyoshi was about to open his mouth and mention his aunt but Kasamatsu stepped on his foot and Imayoshi covered his mouth.

A few more minutes of ranting and it finally ended with, "ARE YOU TRYING TO DESTROY THE SCHOOL?!"

"Not the school," The kids answered all at once, "Just them!" They pointed at one another.

"...Well, it isn't the first time this happened..." The Vice Principal piped up once the tension went down a bit.

"But that was during a school fair! It's fine to do those kinds of things during a school fair but not now!" The Head of the School placed his palm on his face in an exasperated manner. The parents mumbled amongst themselves. Just how rowdy was Teiko's school fair? "And it seems one of the students who started that little mayhem is right here." The principal stared at Kuroko who looked as emotionless as usual.

The bluenette shrugged. "That was not completely my fault. Aka..." He paused for a little while, remembering that that man's wards were in the room and might get some more ideas to use for wreaking havoc. "President-kun had his hand in it."

"Wait, I remember that!" A bubbly voice squeaked excitedly as the door opened. It revealed a pinkette who was looking as stylish as ever. "I rewired all the lights to all the wrong places and made them explode one by one during the dance performance!"

"AUNT SATSUKI!" The rainbow kids smiled and ran over to the woman to hug her.

"Kids, I don't think you should touch Momoi-san right now." Kuroko said. "You're all covered in... goo."

"Eh?" Momoi jumped in surprise once she heard the familiar voice and stared at the young man she hadn't noticed at the start.

Light blue hair.

Light blue eyes.

An expression blank as a clear sheet of bond paper.

There was only one man like that out there.

"Tetsu-kun?" The hope was oh so loud and clear in her voice.

"...It's nice to see you again, Momoi-san." The man bowed politely in greeting. He took a few steps away to make sure that he was in a safe distance. He didn't want to be caught in her hugs. Not now. He still had to scold the children. He turned towards the principal and the other authoritative figures in the room.

"I apologize in behalf of the children. They will be properly reprimanded," Kuroko glanced at the students with an intimidating gaze before turning back again, "And this incident will not be repeated."

"...I remember hearing that sentence from your mother almost a decade ago," The elderly man muttered to himself. Unfortunately, all the occupants of the room heard it. The rainbow haired children grinned playfully as their babysitter's eyes twitched in mild annoyance.

Whatever the principal said next was unimportant to Momoi because she never stopped looking at the bluenette.

The children parted ways after their unwanted meeting with the Head of the School. The man didn't elaborate too much on what they did and simply summarized it. Kuroko dearly hoped that what had happened wasn't so traumatizing that even the Principal didn't want to speak of it.

The bluenette will have to ask the children themselves.

Which was why their colorful group was now eating in a cafe near the school. There weren't enough chairs so Kiyoshi found himself sitting on Kuroko's lap. The brunette looked awfully pleased with himself, much to other children's ire.

"Don't be so smug, Teppei-kun." Kuroko whispered to the grinning child with a bemused expression. "You're very lucky that your aunt was busy this morning. You'll get an earful later."

The boy paled a little at his former teacher's reminder.

"Nom, nom, nom..." Murasakibara was attacking his food with his fork and quickly shoving it into his mouth. Midorima's eye twitched in annoyance.

"Don't do that!" The emerald eyed child took the food away from his older brother and wiped his mouth with a clean tissue. "If you choke on your food, it will cause trouble for Aunt Satsuki and Tetsuya-nii!"

Kise chirped in teasingly, "Aww... Shintaroucchi is worried! How thoughtful!"

Aomine added, "What a tsundere!"

"I'm not!"

"Hush," Kiyoshi raised his hands in a calming gesture. "Hear their accurate observations about your behavior."

"They're not accurate at all!" Midorima protested. "I'm not a tsundere!"

"...Yes you are." Murasakibara said as took his plate of food back. The four eyes of the family angrily replied at all of them.

Momoi was watching the whole discussion with a soft smile before she turned to look at the man she hadn't seen for years.

"You've changed." She remarked as Kuroko sipped his vanilla milkshake. It was the only reason why they were eating in this cafe instead of Maji Burger which was farther away.

"Naturally," The bluenette replied monotonously.

"So..." The model might as well cut to the chase. "I heard that you have a stalker."

Kuroko nodded, not surprised that his friend knew of his situation. "Your information gathering skills is still as impressive as before."

"Thank you!" The pinkette replied. "But let's get back to our main topic. I'm worried about the fact that you're not doing anything about it!"

"...I do something..."


"Ignore." The woman in front of him placed her palm on her face in exasperation.

"That is not how you get a stalker of your back!" Momoi groaned a bit before relaxing into her cushioned chair. It wouldn't do her any good if she got wrinkles from stressing so much. But this man in front of her was so...

"Did it ever work on Akashi-kun when you were kids?"

"He never stalked me." Kuroko said tonelessly, tapping his fingers on the wooden table. "The one you could consider as my stalker before Orenjina-san is the person I'm talking to right now."

"...Eh...?" It only took a moment for her to process what the male had said. Momoi blushed in embarrassment, remembering some of the things she had done during her years as a student. "I suppose so."

"And maybe President-kun as well..." The bluenette muttered to himself before sipping his drink once again. The pinkette's ears perked up at those last words.

"You do know," The young woman started using hand gestures. "That 'President-kun' and Akashi-kun are just one person."

"I know that now."

"Do you mean now as in this very moment or you realized that recently."

Kuroko shrugged. "The latter."

"I can't believe you!" Momoi laughed at her companion. That was so... like him to do. His reactions to things didn't seem to change from when he was still a student and that blank expression on his face never left his face but she had to admit, he looked more mature and more experienced now.

"Stop laughing at me." The young adult pouted as he poked Momoi's cheek. It didn't stop her from continuing her laughter. "Hey..."

"I can only imagine just how Akashi-kun reacted when he found out that you didn't even know his name for all these years."

"He found it amusing and maybe felt a bit peeved since I did forget him." Kuroko said. He ignored her loud outburst that consisted of "YOU FORGOT HIM?!".

"I was quite disappointed at myself as well. I don't know a lot of people with red hair as bright as his."

"Or maybe you were disappointed at yourself because you completely forgot about your first crush~!" The pinkette smirked victoriously when she saw Kuroko freeze. The young man obviously did not expect to hear such a remark.

"I beg your pardon?" Momoi knew he was feigning ignorance.

"You think I don't know?"

"Don't know what?" There he goes again.

"About your crush." He looked away.

"I have no idea as to what you're talking about." They both knew that he was lying.

"Your crush on 'President-kun'! Don't try to hide it!"

"How can I hide something I don't have?"

"I think Shintarou-kun has infected you with his tsundereness. "

Their banter continued on for hours with the children watching and listening to them as they ate their food.

'Maybe I can use this information to keep Aunt Riko from gutting me tonight...' A certain brunette thought as he leaned on Kuroko's chest.

Akashi's eyes scanned through the files containing all of the pictures he had taken over the past years. He had developed a wanting to record moments in his life which he knew would never be able to relive again. Some photos held happy and joyous memories of when he was still studying. Some reminded him of the few disappointments in life he had committed.

Experiences he learned from but he'd prefer to never repeat them again.

As he scrolled down, the old mouse he was using accidentally slipped a little, causing him to double click a certain picture. A moment later, it loaded and popped up brightly in his gloomily dark room.

There were two people. One purple haired boy who was glaring with great loathing at the red headed adult who was trying to shove a bag filled with candy to the boy.

Akashi smiled a bit and looked at the date of when the photo was taken. 4 years ago...

How terribly nostalgic. The man thought exasperatedly. He had been so horrible with kids.

Well, he still was until now. But not as bad.

Not that he would admit it, mind you.

"I didn't notice that it was so late!" Momoi said in surprise as she checked her watch. "We have to go before Akashi calls the police or arranges a man hunt on the children."

"He'd go that far?" Kuroko asked as the children gathered around the two adults.

"Daddicchi has done that multiple times already." Kise said.

"He's a familiar face in the police station." Aomine added.

'What a protective father.' The bluenette thought as he turned to Kiyoshi. "Do you want to go home now or would you like to have dinner with them?"

"I'll have dinner with the family of colorful misfits!" The brunette answered, ignoring the glares the other kids were sending him.

"You're just trying to avoid Aida-san." Kuroko muttered, knowing full well just how sneaky he could be.

Kiyoshi simply smiled innocently and walked beside his former teacher.

From behind the two, Murasakibara pulled Momoi's sleeve. "Can we get some candy?"

"You've already eaten so many sweets a while ago." The boy had a bottomless pit for a stomach.

"I'm hungry again."

"Oh, fine!" The pinkette sighed. "Akashi-kun really spoiled you."

"That's because he's the big baby of the family." The other children reasoned in unison.

Momoi raised her brow. "Big baby? Why not big boy?"

"Not big boy," The purple haired child said a little darkly. "Never a big boy."

People would sometimes forget or simply never pay any attention to the fact that Murasakibara Atsushi was still a child. He may have been indifferent and apathetic at times but that still didn't keep him from feeling or overreacting.

And crying.

"You're such a tall boy!" His grandmother had commented when she visited his former home, 4 years ago.

"Hum," The purple haired child simply replied as he chewed on his sweet and colorful gummy bears. He was currently sitting on the couch, in front of the TV. His favorite show was on, a cartoon version of a bunch of kids trying to defeat very big people who didn't wear any clothes. It was entertaining (and child friendly compared to the original version).

"What are you watching, Atsushi?" His relative asked softly, sitting beside her only grandson.

"...Titanic attacks..." The boy replied between chews. His eyes were practically glued to the TV so be barely paid any attention to his older relative.

The woman frowned a little. "Don't you think that you're a little too old for these types of shows?"

Murasakibara blinked and turned to his grandmother. "This is what my other classmates watch."

"That's not good." She replied in a tone that Murasakibara didn't like at all. "These are for babies, Atsushi. Are you a baby?"

"..." The boy did not answer and chose to ignore his grandmother to watch TV. Unfortunately, not even the funny noises the made character made when he was mad could distract Murasakibara from his grandmother's scrutinizing gaze.

It was later that night that his grandmother and mother had a talk about him.

"Your 4th birthday is coming soon, Atsushi!" His mother smiled lovingly as she tucked her long purple hair behind her ear. She patted her son fondly. "What would you like mommy to buy?"

Murasakibara grabbed his mother's hand and dragged her to the toy store then pointed at a tender looking teddy bear that was almost his size. He was actually very fond of stuff toys because they were so soft and fun to hug. He also wanted this particular toy because he didn't have many play mates who were his height in primary school.

The teddy looked cute and sweet. Kind of like the sweet of candies and chocolates! The only difference was that they weren't edible or safe to eat (that didn't mean he hadn't tried in the past).

"...Really?" The smile of his mother faded a little. Murasakibara hid his discouragement by lowering his head and making his bangs hide his face. "Isn't it more appropriate if you bought those games your cousins like to play with?"

"...What?" Murasakibara tilted his head in confusion before looking longingly at the stuffed toy.

His mother sighed. "You're too old for these toys. I'd understand if it were an action figure or the like but this teddy bear? You're a big boy now."

"And big boys don't play with toys like that big bear." She lead her son of the store, not noticing the forlorn look of Murasakibara.

"What are you doing, Atsushi?" His mother asked tiredly as she entered her bedroom and saw him getting ready to sleep on the bed.

"I'm going to sleep..." The young child replied drowsily as he fluffed the soft pillows.

The woman shook her head. "You're growing older, Atsushi. You're a big boy and you should learn to sleep in your own room."

He was getting really tired of that big boy comment.

Murasakibara bit his lip and didn't reply as his mother brought him to his room and placed him on the bed. The woman knew that he was afraid of sleeping alone. She knew that.

"I'm sure you've already gotten over that ridiculous fear." His mother said carelessly as she tucked him in and kissed his forehead. "I'll leave the night light on alright? You're a big boy now, you know what to do."

The purple haired child could only stare and pray that his mother didn't leave him in the room he had never slept in. He dearly hoped that she was kidding.

She was his mother after all. Why would she let her own son go through something like this? He had only turned four. Murasakibara knew he wasn't as independent as others but he knew how to stand up for himself when it came to it.

This was not one of those times.

Time seemed to slow down as he watched the woman walk away. He gripped his soft blanket tightly until his mother reached the end of the room, switched off the lights and closed the door.

Murasakibara had cried himself to sleep in the deafening silence. There was no warm figure to hug or grab onto. Just a cold, lifeless hot dog shaped pillow to substitute his mother's warmth.

Why did he have to act like a child.

As time passed by, his interactions with his family constantly surrounded those two insufferable words. They (particularly his mother and grandmother) would always comment about him being a big boy and the like. It was getting very bothersome but for their sake, he pretended to not want to play with toys or watch cute and funny cartoons. He feigned interest in the 'maturer' stuff his mother wanted him to do. Like watching those weird reality shows that he could not understand.

There was problem with that plan because Murasakibara couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want to be a big boy if that meant that he couldn't relish in his mother's company at night or enjoy the simple pleasure of holding and playing with a toy. He had complained to his mother about it but she told him that he was being selfish.

The purple haired boy did not like the word at all.

She said that he was being a spoiled brat. He already had his sweets so what more could he ask for? The candies were actually the only thing that kept him from breaking down in the darkness of his room since his mother took away the night light after a few days of sleeping alone.

He was scared. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't become the big boy his mother wanted him to be.

But it all stopped. The expectations and the hurtful words disappeared because one day, his mother brought him to a restaurant to meet one of her colleagues. A strange man with red eyes that were so sharp that Murasakibara wondered just how his mother had been able to converse with the intimidating man.

"Good afternoon, Atsushi." The man had greeted politely with a small upturn of lips. The child looked up a bit warily at the taller male. "I'm Seijuro Akashi. I work with your mother."

"Hello," He greeted quickly before turning to his mother to give his usual remark. "I'm hungry."

It was best to finish the whole meeting as quickly as possible.

"Here!" The woman immediately handed to him the menu and let him pick his meal while she conversed with Akashi. It only took a few minutes before he finally chose the dish he wanted. Murasakibara pulled his mother's sleeve a little and pointed at the kiddie meal that came with a free toy.

The purple haired four year old had thought that since there was someone else with them then maybe she would give in to his simple pleasure. The meal wasn't really expensive if you compared it to the other choices which was a plus.

Unfortunately, things did not go as he had wished for.

His mother did not frown at him. She stopped using that expression a few weeks ago. Now, it was a very irritated scowl that came with a sermon.

The boy simply held an apathetic expression as his mother talked and talked. As seconds passed, her voiced increased in volume and intensity. She took the menu from him and told him that she would be the one picking his meal. Murasakibara had been so focused in his mother's angry words that he did not notice the observant gaze of their other companion who looked to be rather unhappy with the situation.

"It's just a toy," Akashi cut in with his ever so charming voice. The child found himself relaxing, even with the tense atmosphere. "Let Atsushi have it. He's just a child after all and like most children out there, he likes toys."

"He's a big boy already! He has no need for such useless things."

The red head shook his head. "It's true that he's tall for a four year old but that doesn't change the fact that he's still a child."

It was then that his mother snapped at the man about something that went along the words 'don't tell me how to raise my own child!' before she grabbed his arm and marched out of the restaurant to walk home and prepare a simple lunch meal instead because she couldn't stand the man's rudeness. She couldn't stop talking and complaining about Akashi.

Since it was Japanese Lunch Rush Hour there were a lot of people outside so his mother had opted to take another route. The alleys.

It was quicker, she had said.

But not safer.

He woke up in a hospital and was told by a woman in white clothes that his mother would be sleeping forever.

Murasakibara didn't cry because he was a big boy already. He never made his mother proud because of his childishness and he wondered if this was karma. No one would be taking him in since his grandmother had passed away. His mother had told him that it was because of his selfishness and childishness. It had stressed the woman too much and it lead to her death.

He spent his days of healing physically in silence but on the 4th day of staying in the hospital, the man who his mother had last talked to visited him.

Akashi did not offer any condolence whatsoever. He was different from the brunette who had visited yesterday and said that she was the manager of his mother. Aida was the name if he remembered correctly.

But he didn't really care about the adults who visited him. That is until the red head in front of him placed the toy he had wanted to get from the restaurant in his hands.

Blank purple eyes suddenly regained their fire and looked up at the seemingly uptight man he had met days ago while clutching the toy. The man's orbs looked softer for some reason.

"I have a proposition for you..." Akashi started as he sat down on one of the chairs beside his bed.

Murasakibara assumed that the man was going to treat him like a big boy again.

He assumed wrongly.


A rolled up newspaper made contact with Akashi's head with a sickening smack. The man immediately looked up and gave the pinkette his deadliest glare.

"Was that really necessary?" He muttered angrily as he combed his red hair backwards with his fingers.

"Yep!" She chirped. "Your kids are home and Atsushi's hungry!" She lifted her arm a bit to reveal the eight year old boy. As if on cue, the child's stomach growled loudly.

With a chuckle, Akashi stood up and picked the boy up. Murasakibara relaxed in the man's arms and allowed himself to be carried away to the kitchen.

"I suppose you've already had your reunion with Tetsuya, Satsuki." The man said as he walked down the stairs.

The young woman nodded happily with hearts flying around her. She gave a dreamy sigh. "Yep! I was filled with so much joy when I saw him again. It's been far too long since I've last seen him. We did some catching up at one of the nearby cafes. We let the children eat their snacks too which is why we were a little late."

"Late?" Akashi raised his brow. "What time is it?"

"7:47 pm." Momoi answered. "You must have been sleeping for a long time. You look well rested."

The red head mindlessly nodded before turning his head towards Murasakibara. The boy had grown so much but was still rather light so it wasn't much of a problem for him to carry his eldest child. "What did you do today, Atsushi?"

"Tetsu-chin will tell you..." The boy replied.

Akashi looked at Momoi, silently asking if something bad had happened. The woman simply smiled mischievously as she skipped her way into the kitchen.

"Tetsu-kun will tell you but heed this warning, the children inherited their father's playfulness and creativity." The pinkette's giggles softened as she walked further away from Akashi and Murasakibara.

The two appreciated the silence and enjoyed each other's company.

"...Can I have ice cream after dinner, daddy-chin?" The purple haired asked.

"It depends," Akashi brought the boy down and pinched his cheek playfully. "On how grave your adventure in school today was. And I have a feeling that it will be a long story."

Murasakibara pouted a little and unconsciously held his father's hand. "...I'll be sleeping in my room tonight."



"... Well," The red head said. "You know that my door is always open if you need some company."

"No need..." The child muttered in light embarrassment. "I'm a big boy now."

Akashi hid his fond smile from his child. "I thought you were my big baby."

"I'll be a big boy for tonight..."

"Akashi-kun, Murasakibara-kun!" A monotonous voice called out from the kitchen. "If you don't hurry, your food will get cold!"

The red head smiled in amusement as he watched his eldest child rush to the kitchen.

End of Chapter 4


4 years ago, Murasakibara wouldn't have willingly lived with Akashi.

It never even crossed his young mind.

"Do you like candies?" Akashi had asked him once he was discharged from the hospital.

"..." He didn't answer and just continued to stare mindlessly while relishing in the fact that he was free from the constraints of the hospital.

A small blue sack of candies smacked him on top of the head brought him out of his trance.

"Well?" The red head asked tauntingly, making his shorter companion glare at him.

"I don't want candies from you!" He replied immaturely. His mother would have gotten angry at him if she had heard his words.

"But you like them right?" The man pushed on with a teasing smile.

The boy turned his head away from the peculiar man. Akashi whistled. "If you don't want any of these sweets then I'll just have them for myself."

Murasakibara suddenly jumped up, took the bag of candies and ran for his damn life.

People didn't know what to think as they watched a famous actor run after a child whose mouth was filled with many sweets.

The woes of being an unwilling single father.

Curse you, Riko.

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