"Nnnh.. Aah…" Rodimus mewled, arching his back. Drift purred adoringly as he leaned over his lover, gently running his fingertips along his sides and kissing at his proud chest. The former Prime writhed under his touch, frame hot, engine rumbling.

"Yess," He mewled, "Harder," He commanded, arching his back gorgeously as Drift began rocking his hips with more power into him, filling his port luxuriously. The swords mech moaned wantonly, watching his commander with absolute worship in his optics, unable to contain himself as he felt Rodimus near his overload. Watching him reach his peak was all he ever wanted, after all this time he'd finally gotten the mech to berth…

"Rodimus," Drift moaned, his hands resting on the mech's flanks as he rolled a little faster. The commander bucked and writhed, his legs around Drift's waist becoming tighter, his port clenching.

"I—I'm gonna overload," Rodimus gasped, clenching his optics tightly shut. His expression became taunt with pleasure, his frame hot. His engine let out a deep, bellowing rumble as his orgasm started to overtake him. "Ah! Y-Yes! Mmmnhh— oh, f-frag—" He babbled, his form bowing in a stunning arch as overload struck him.

"Til all are one!" He howled, clawing at Drift's frame as he did. He sobbed in pleasure and even repeated the well-worn line several more times before he finally slumped.

Drift was in so much shock he'd forgotten he was about to overload. He sat still, his cord still hilt-deep inside the quivering, stated mech below. "Mnh?" Rodimus took a few minutes to notice Drift, and he tilted his head up to stare at him. "Wh-what is it?"

"Til all are one? Really? Really, Rodimus?"