Of Ninjas, Dragons and Demons

Author's note:

This is my first fanfic and it is based on Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Fairy tail( Fairy tail's magics, not its character! Maybe some of the Dragon's name. ) Sakura Dragular is my OC. And I made my OC from Sakura Haruno's characteristic and her life, so I though, " WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS CHARACTER!? CAN'T FEMALE BE COOL AND STRONG LIKE NARUTO AND THE OTHERS?! " So I make this OC so that it can be view more like Sakura Haruno and in my liking and please, no flame! I will be adding more than coolness and the feeling of being on the battle lines other than on the sidelines so hope you like the fanfic from the very beginning of Naruto's journey to becoming who he is but Sakura will be the heroine and the main character of the story and I'm talking too much! Start!


Of Ninjas, Dragons and Demons


Sakura Haruno is just a normal girl who's best friend is Naruto and rival is Sasuke and everyone says that she's too weak to become a ninja just like Naruto. But, what if being a Shinobi is in her blood? And she's a very extra-ordinary person than anyone in the world? Oh, did I also mentioned that she's not a human at all? ( Sakura does not have a inner at all but she might have something or someone like Naruto. ) And I don't own Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail. But, I do own my own OC and this is my story after all.

Chapter 1

All right at the beginning.


A very familiar blonde kid sat at his normal sit in his homeroom class, grinning so wide that his cheeks hurts but he ignored it, cause today is a very special day. Instead of his normal green goggles, it's replaced with a special looking forehead protector. His dream to become Hokage is a step closer as he finally became a full pledge Shinobi of his village, Hidden in the Leafs. It might be a crapy name for the village but it's history and records of special Shinobis, not to forget the powerful clans living here, are what makes the village a very special place to be born and live in.

As the blonde boy, Naruto Uzumaki, giggle happily to himself as he waits for the other graduates and his Sensei to come into the homeroom and say the boring good-bye announcement to them, he was also wondering when his favourite and only best friend is going to come here. Suddenly someone sat on his desk and spoke to him, it sounded more like disgust or disbelieve, "Hey Naruto! What are you doing here? Only graduates are suppose to be here!" He look up and he growl in annoyance, they have eyes and yet they can't see what's on his forehead, what's wrong with them? He press his thumb on his forehead protector and said loudly, "Hey! Can't you see the protector?"

The random classmate of his widen his eyes and stuttered, "Y-You pass? I believe that you would fail again."

"Not this time though."

The familiar voice rang across his ears and it brought happiness to his whole being, he peek over the boy's shoulder and yelled, "Sakura-Chan! You're here!" Sakura smiled when she saw spiky blonde hair in view, it always make her happy to see someone who cares for you and also suffered just like you and felt the same pain, they shared the common thing and stick together to change the result from the worst to the better. The village treated Naruto like he's just a dirty pet while they treat Sakura like an outcast, they met when they were running away from some of the villages who are trying to beat them to death. They saved each other and chat about things like what they like and what they don't like, they also chat about why the villagers are treating them badly.

Once the Third Hokage found them dirty and bloody, he demanded them to go to the hospital to get healed while he give some of the villagers some 'important' lecture about treating someone of their 'own' kind like dirt. Sakura knew the real reason why they hated Naruto, she sense the Kyuubi in him but yet, she never distance herself from Naruto. Instead, she get close to Naruto, closer then the Third Hokage or the Ayame and her father at Ichiruki's. She knew that Naruto's going to hate them and let Kyuubi free and she, for once, is scared about what's going to happen to Naruto. Naruto is just like her, all alone... No parents... And no friends at all.

One day, she decided to change it and decided to become Naruto's best friend and his mostly like bodyguard from the bullies at the academy, they aren't scared of Naruto, but they are scared that Sakura would beat the crap out of them. She was the only one who's able to kill a wild bear who happens to get into the academy training field without the Senseis noticing it, while she was trying to kill the bear to protect Naruto, who ran to it recklessly just to defeat it since Sasuke was shivering and couldn't move from his position. Naruto would try and beat Sasuke in at least one thing that he's good at. And just when Naruto managed to get away from the bear's reach, the brown big animal decided to catch his next prey in sight, Sasuke. Ino then was cling to Sasuke for her dear life, since she likes Sasuke a lot and became his No.1 Fan girl, she also became the bear's going-to-be-lunch.

Sakura sighed as she ran to the frighten duo before the bear, thinking that this is troublesome, she aimed the kunais at the bear's legs. The bear stopped as it yelped in pain, Sakura managed to get in front of the bear with her speed and kicked it in the stomach, send it flying towards the tree with a smash. The Senseis watched everything when they arrived at the rooftops of the academy, they saw Sakura saving Naruto, Sasuke and Ino and they were surprised by her speed that are in the level of a Chunin. Not only that, they were surprised that her powerful kick managed to send the bear flying a few miles away from the rest of the frighten students. They went and asked their students if they're hurt or not, suddenly they heard a crack sound, they turned their attention to the bear and the smashed tree. The tree cracked again and finally fell over while the wild big brown beast fell on it's front.

After a while, they decided to cancel the practical test for today and immediately get their students to safety, Sasuke was growling at Sakura who check on Naruto for injuries, Ino was yet again fuming that the pink haired outcast was getting her crush's attention and tried to yell at her but a familiar roar stopped her in her tracks. Ino and Sasuke turned to the sound and found the bear's paw is getting close to their figure, Iruka, their Sensei, tried to get them but he saw something that made him impressed and amazed.

A familiar pink managed to get onto the bear's back and swing her bloody kunai, the ones that pierced the bear's limbs, before they know it, the bear's paw was in front of them, a few centimetres away from their foot. And something landed a few miles away, they turned to look and saw the bear's head lying there with blood pooled below it. "You're okay?" Sakura's voice got their attention and saw her face with some of the bear's blood on it, she just just got of the bear's back and Naruto came to her and asked her if he could teach her how to do that 'cool' move. Iruka sighed as he finally get all of his students to safety, the Third Hokage was relieved yet surprised that her new favourite child managed to handle a wild bear like it was just a dummy, he laughed and said that she was special, just like Naruto, but in a very different way.

The other students and Senseis of the whole academy saw this and was surprised and amazed by this, they kept praising Iruka for having such a talented and yet a very brave and helpful student in his class, they were either happy or jealous. Iruka answered them that she didn't do anything doing practical but she aced through her paper test, one of the Senseis suggested that maybe someone have been training her secretly, but Iruka just denied, and said that she's far too lazy, more lazy then the Nara heir, to do anything like that. Naruto got close to her and Sakura taught him the basics and the tricks to ace through the paper test but he still failed. Sasuke made her his rival on the very same day that she killed the bear and saved him, he refused to admit that a girl saved him, especially a girl with pink hair, that's the stupidest thing to tell his parents. Ino helped her fend of bullies of Naruto's, she said that that's for saving both her and her raven haired crush that day, but she kept getting closer to the pink haired girl. And let's just say that one day, Ino fully became Sakura's best friend.

Back in the academy, Sakura and Naruto sat beside each other, but something bothered Naruto so much that he kept muttering something under his breath. Sakura, getting worried about this, asked, "Hey Naruto, what's wrong?" He turned to look at the pinkette and grin, a fake one, and replied, "Nothin'... Well, there is something... Teme's beside you and I don't like him that much. Why do you have to sit next to him?"

Sakura sighed and said, "If I don't, you'll end up fighting him and might... kiss him in the face, full on the lip?"

"Sakura-Chan! Why would I do that?"

"I don't know, maybe someone just push you towards him and that starts a 'fan girl and Naruto riot'?"

"Sakura-Chan! That won't happen!"

"Well, for safety reasons... Just for safety reasons..."


"Now, for the teams..."

"This is really boring! I better pr-"

"Naruto! Keep quiet! I wanna know which team I'm in." Sakura harshly whispered to Naruto as she put her hand over his mouth from talking much.

"Well, you'll be in my team of course!"

"Team 7, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha!"

"See! I'm so good at looking at the future!"

"Yup, and you know what's going to happen?"

"Hm... Nope."

"Well, Sasuke is second rookie of this year's class along with me in first place and you're last."


"Let me finish! A master prankster, a talented, prodigy, weird pink haired girl along with a stick-up-his-ass chicken ass- I mean Sasuke, Uchiha prodigy and you get...?"

"... I dunno..."

"A weird, crazy and very powerful and strong Team 7! But, I really don't know who's our Sensei so we really don't know if weird or crazy is going to fit in though."

"We can wonder later! Let's get ramen... After this of course."

"Listen, you are all Genins. You all have completed your academy years here but don't forget that this is not the end of your career. Anyways, be back here after lunch to meet up with your team and your new Jounin Sensei, Okay?"

"Hai Sensei!"

After that being said, the first one to actually get out of class for lunch is not Choji mind you, it's a wild yet hungry Naruto dragging a confused Sakura along the way to Ichiruki's.


I finally rewrote this and now to focus on the other chapters from chapter 2 to chapter 5 or 6. So, it's be confusing for the new readers out there so try and wait, don't scream, don't pull your hair out until it becomes like Sasuke's chicken or duck butt hair style, and please try and enjoy this. PEACE!