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Flash back/recent event


'demon/awakened being/youma thinking'

"demon/awakened being/youma speaking"


Prologue: The Cycle is Broken

'So, it's finally come down to this huh? Somehow I knew this would be the way things were going to turn out.' This was the thought going through the mind of a young long white haired man in his early twenties as he stood at the mouth of cave. A gentle breeze tasseled the two long bangs that framed either side of his whiskered face, as it wound it's way through the maze of white spikes on his head. The young man just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of peace that it brought to him, and for a few moments he felt that he was truly at peace in a perfect world. The faint sound of a distant explosion brought him back to reality… Ok so maybe it didn't but the ever subtle and considerate voice of the young man's ever present companion did so in a peaceful and…"WAKE UP KIT!"….responsible…manner.

The young man opened his eyes revealing a pair of sky blue orb's that radiated slight irritation. "Damn it Kurama! I already understand the situation can you just give me a minute!?"

"You've been standing there for five already kit."

One Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze blinked in confusion; he could have sworn it had only been a few seconds. Naruto scratched the back of his head with a slightly embarrassed expression on his face.

"Sorry Kurama. I just."

"I know your nervous kit but right now we need to focus on the current goal"

Naruto nodded to himself though his tenant knew he had. He understood his friend's concerns, after all the two of them were going after Obito without back up. Everyone else who had accompanied them was currently engaged with the hordes of Zetsu clones and the few rogue or allied enemy shinobi supporting Obito. As Naruto headed into the cave for his confrontation with Obito he thought back on the events which had led to this final conflict.

It had been him, Killer Bee, Kakashi-Sensei, and Bushier Bushy Brows-Sensei both of who were exhausted against Obito and Madarra Uchiha. It wasn't long before the two summoned the Gedo Mazou and merged the collected bijju chakra to form the Jubbi, or at least they attempted to. When the Gedo Mazou had been infused with the collective chakra of the bijju something went wrong. The Gedo Mazou started making the most horrible screams and lashed out at everything nearby. The expressions on both Obito and Madarra's faces clearly stated that this wasn't supposed to be happening. Obito somehow managed to bring the Gedo Mazou back under control but not without suffering a setback. In the chaos the creature had somehow managed to use the collected yoki in its body to destroy Madarra's edo tensei form causing him to return to the grave. With the odds against him Obito had turned tail and run, granting the shinobi alliance victory that day.

Naruto still didn't truly understand what had caused the failure to form the Jubbi. Kurama however, had come up with two plausible theories to explain the event. The first was that it was because there hadn't been enough chakra from him and his brother the hachibi which was possible. The second however he believed was more likely the case that being the jubbi needed the intelligent essence or soul for lack of a better term from each of the nine bijju to be reborn. If that were the case than Obito had already lost since half of Kurama's soul was trapped within the Shinigami.

Unfortunately the alliance later learned of what Orochimaru had done to bring back the previous hokages, before he, Sasuke, and the remaining members of Taki fled to parts unknown. The result had been the unintentional restoration of Kurama's full power which caused more problems than just restoring Obito's hopes to revive the jubbi. The extra chakra Kurama had regained almost killed Naruto when it forced its way into the seal to rejoin its other half. It was only thanks to the efforts of Tsunade and Kurama that the former blonde hadn't died. When Naruto had woken up in the hospital about two weeks later, he discovered a great deal had changed. He'd grown to a height of six feet while his body had become more muscular and toned reminding him a little bit of the physical condition Zabuza had possessed in life. His sense of smell and hearing had also become heightened, though the most noticeable change had been his hair. Not only had it grown out to reach the middle of his back, but it had become a mixture of silver and white depending on the lighting.

Initially he'd flipped out after seeing the changes weren't from a genjutsu. After a brief panic attack which was ended violently by Tsunade after the use of the words "old" and "hag" in some context he could no longer remember probably as a result of the beating which then followed it. While Tsunade could provide a logical explanation for most of his changes she could only speculate that Kurama's restored chakra might have caused him to age in certain ways as a result of being within the Shinigami. It was Kurama who explained the real reason for the change in hair color. As it turned out while using or containing yoki in their body made a person more powerful it also caused them to stand out. Over time the body would adapt in order to survive the youki's toxic nature; however the body could only adapt so far. Whenever the one tailed chakra form was used the body went into over drive causing cells to rapidly die and be just as quickly replaced. This most often became visibly noticeable by hair color as they were generally the first cells to go. Before anyone could point out the obvious flaws in that explanation the bijju had been quick to point out that it would take years for the yoki to reach the extent Naruto had, and given the former treatment of jinchurikki it wasn't suprising that such changes weren't noticed.

The reason for this was because of the unexpected restoration of Kurama's lost chakra, which had caused his chakra to react violently sending Naruto's body into a state of cellular over drive. Of greater importance however, was Naruto's once again abysmal chakra control. With this sudden and massive addition to his chakra reserves the former blonde was once again at the same level he been in the academy when it came to control.

Fortunately Obito had gone deep into hiding while he regrouped, and although the alliance searched high and low for him the Uchiha still vanished without a trace. Naruto was given this time of peace to train until he had reached his previous level, though he didn't end just there. With the abundance of teachers available to him the young Uzumaki was able to learn a great deal. The areas that he excelled in above all others however were fuinjutsu and surprisingly enough kenjutsu though it was more by personal choice. Naruto shivered slightly as he remembered the look Mei Terumi had given him after learning about his interest in learning how to use a blade. It was one you would expect to have seen on a predator about to sink its claws or teeth into the latest meal. After that every time they met she became more and more….friendly.

"Kit just admit it already if Tsunade hadn't been there when that lovely vixen offered to 'train' you back at Kiri you'd have really made her a grandma."

"That's not funny Kurama it wasn't my fault I wasn't picking up on her hints. I never had any intentions of doing anything with the woman outside of training."

"After the beating she gave you I'll be amazed if you ever do anything with a woman outside of training."

Naruto shivered once more as he remembered the partial beating his surrogate grandmother had given him after 'kindly' showing the Mizukage out of the Namikaze estate. It had only been a partial beating since he'd honestly admitted nothing had happened and was only looking to train in kenjutsu, and Tsunade hoped it would get through his thick head better than explaining Mei's actual intentions. After his recovery Tsunade had set him up with a proper kenjutsu instructor which quickly became two.

"Honestly those two seem perfect for one another. You humans and your foolish morals."

Naruto's face burst into a giant grin. 'Yeah the two of them seemed to become rather taken with each other didn't they?' It had been Yugao and Mifune who took it upon themselves to teach him swordsmanship. Killer Bee had offered to teach him how to fight with nine swords, however, Naruto learned the hard way rather quickly that he lacked the co-ordination for that. After that disaster with the guidance of Yugao and Mifune, Naruto ended up taking to his lessons in kenjutsu like a fish to water. The only problem that had really occurred with his training had been learning to coat his blade with chakra. It wasn't that he couldn't do it, rather it was more of a case he did it a little too well. Naruto had learned to control his chakra as best he could but he still used too much. As a result coating his blade in chakra ended up breaking the blade instead of giving it a razor edge. It was for that same reason however, that he received one of the most treasured gifts he could have ever asked for. When his kenjutsu training had been deemed complete, Mifune had presented him with one of the finest blades he'd ever seen.

The blade was the same length and width as the one Zabuza had used. Unlike the former swordsmen of the mists weapon however, this one was double edged and ended in a point. Additionally along the side the image of a red nine tailed fox could be seen on the silver colored blade. Its face at the tip open in a defiant roar and body ready to strike. The guard was designed to look like a set of tails coming from the fox as was the handle and pommel. Needless to say Kurama approved saying he wouldn't have his container using any other inferior weapon. Naruto had just laughed telling his teachers they'd stroked the bijju's ego. It was at that point Mifune had told the former blonde that this gift had been made from a very rare metal with some rather unique properties chiefly among them being virtually indestructible once forged. That had been the greatest benefit to his training as most of his regular shinobi equipment couldn't be used with the new jutsu he'd learned without breaking.

Naruto had been able to continue training over the course of five long years waiting for the inevitable fighting to begin once more. The shinobi alliance eventually discovered Obito's hideout, but not before the twisted Uchiha had managed to capture Killer Bee. That had been over a week ago and by now the hachibi Jinchurikki was probably beyond any form of rescue. The alliance was now in a rather desparate situation as with an almost limitless supply of chakra at his disposal, Obito had been making Zetsus by the hundreds. While they weren't overly powerful the Zetsus made up for their quality with quantity. And so now here Naruto was to finish the battle he and Obito had started so long ago.

Naruto was pulled from his memories by a glow coming from the tunnel exit. This was it, the final battle which would determine the outcome of the war. Today win or lose, Naruto planned on giving everything he had in this fight to his dying breath, because today this war would end one way or another.

"Kurama, it's time to finally bring about the end to this cycle of hatred."

Naruto may not have been in his mindscape to see it, but he knew the bijju was smiling.

"Let's finally put the sacrifices made by everyone to good use."

The young man smiled a bitter smile as he made his way into the large cavern. The corpse of Killer Bee was leaning against the far wall of the cavern; Naruto however only noted it in passing as he gave all his focus to the only living man in the room. Obito stood in front of the gedo mazou garbed in the same clothes he'd worn during their first battle once more armed with Madarra's war fan.

"It seems you've changed remarkably in the past five years Naruto."

Indeed Naruto had changed over the course of those five years and not just physically. The last jinchurikki was wearing cargo pants with a number of pockets and combat boots. His shirt was a sleevless muscle shirt which he wore a new sage coat over. The sage coat unlike his previous which had been read with white flames was white with orange flames and the Uzumaki clan symbol proudly displayed on the back. What was truly unique about his change of clothing however was that it was all white with the exception of the flames and spiral. Over the years as Naruto had become more skilled in kenjutsu he changed his outfit as a testament to his skill. It also worked as a method of intimidation for his enemies, as he cut them down by the dozens spreading their blood everywhere without a drop touching him.

Naruto fixed Obito with a cold lifeless stare. The nuke-nin felt as though the jinchurikki's eyes were peering into his very soul. For the first time since he had gone rogue Obito felt somewhat nervous though he ignored it. He was prepared for this encounter after all. After what felt like hours but was in reality only seconds the silence that had fallen across the cavern was broken by Naruto.

"And it seems your still the same twisted psychopath from five years ago Obito."

Obito didn't react to the comment as he'd heard it plenty of times before. Sighing Obito glanced at Naruto asking him if he'd just be willing to surrender. Naruto's response was to release his sword from a storage seal on his wrist before getting into a ready stance, causing Obito to narrow his eyes in frustration.

"It would seem then that we have nothing left to discuss. So be it."

And with that the two shinobi launched themselves at one another and one of the greatest clashes of wills began.

A few miles from Naruto

Kakashi was not having a good day. The shinobi alliance had declared an all-out assault on Obito's headquarters the only problem had been the sheer number of them. As a result the alliance had been spread thin trying to confirm Obito's location. This had left them unprepared for the sheer number of Zetsu clones inhabiting each base. He was currently engaged by a pair of Zetsu clones preventing him from going to aid his former sensei's son. Shortly after reaching the location designated to his squad, Naruto and the kyubbi had confirmed Obito was here from the presence of yoki. Which was when the Zetsu tried to swarm them. Naruto had taken the opportunity to race ahead and prevent Obito's escape. Much to the copy-nins horror however, he'd noticed that the Zetsu clones made little effort to chase after the kyubbi jinchurikki which could only mean one thing.

"Yeah Obito's been expecting him." One Zetsu spoke enjoying the horrified expression taking place on Kakashi's face. Unfortunately the lack of focus cost him as Mito Gai came flying out of nowhere snapping Zetsu's neck with a devastating kick. Kakashi used the distraction to take out the second Zetsu with a fire ball before taking off after Naruto. Mito Gai was quick to follow his eternal rival making sure to contact HQ with Obito's location. As the two shinobi raced through the tree tops they could only hope they weren't too late.

Obito's Hideout

Naruto ducked under a strike from the war fan launching a counter thrust towards Obito's mid-section. The Uchiha leaped backward going into a spin with the fan. Obito landed simultaneously completing the one handed seals for his grand fire ball technique. The resulting gust of wind which formed fueled the grand fire ball to massive proportions. Naruto was barely able to save himself by substituting himself with a nearby chair at the last second. The resulting explosion created an effective smokescreen that Naruto quickly rushed to take advantage of. Obito's face took on expression of stunned disbelief when Naruto burst out of the smoke to his left blade ready to strike and to close to dodge. Naruto knew this would be the final blow and that it would hit since Obito had wasted his Kamui three minutes ago and wouldn't be able to use it again for another two. And that was two minutes the Uchiha didn't have or so he thought.

Naruto's momentum suddenly vanished, his body seemingly frozen in place with only an inch separating his blade from Obito's throat. Obito himself was currently grinning like a mad man as he stood there laughing at the kyubbi jinchurikki. Gathering himself for the task at hand the Uchiha walked to the side of his fallen opponent as he began to draw a complex sealing array.

"You're wondering what's going on right now aren't you Naruto?"

The former blonde tried to voice a response but found his paralysis prevented him from speaking as well. By now the smoke had dissipated from the room and it was then that Naruto saw the seal array he'd run into. Obito finished creating his seal array and had begun going through hand signs at a leisurely pace. He was already risking a lot with this extraction technique as while it could be done with just one person doing so took a tremendous amount of effort. Meaning there was no sense in messing it up and having to start it all over. Naruto on the other hand was about to flare Kurama's yoki when a sinister chuckle from Obito stopped him.

"Go ahead and use the kyubbi's chakra so you can end your suffering that much quicker."

Naruto's eyes widened in realization as his predicament had just gone from bad to worse.

"I see you've been studying fuinjutsu since you seem to have figured it out. It's true the seal array you're in cause's paralysis, but as you can see I've modified this one to work off of your chakra. So the harder you resist the stronger that seal becomes." Obito's grin widened as watched Naruto try and fail to briefly cut the flow of chakra through his body.

"I planned for that too as the seal also draws chakra from your body like a leech preventing you from escaping. While that's happening I'll also be pulling the kyubbi's chakra from you while this second seal will capture the kyubbi's chakra from the seal you're stuck in. Just face it you've lost, so just admit defeat and use the kyubbi's chakra."

Mentally the Uchiha was praising himself on his victory. All he needed to do after this was bring Madarra back which was easy enough to do. Absolutely nothing could go wrong now. And that's when all hell broke loose. Obito felt an increase in the jinchurikki's chakra drain which in and of itself was confusing. From the information acquired on the kyubbi jinchurikki's exploits giving up was something he'd never do. Looking up Obito Uchiha saw Naruto was using his chakra in order to…smile? It was then that Obito heard two things which brought his worst fears to reality. The first was a high pitched metallic scraping sound made by a pair of thrown rasenshuriken striking the gedo mazou. While the second consisted of the final words of one Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.


Two miles from Obito's hideout

Kakashi and Gai had quickly been joined by Tsunade and the raikage A with the aid of Mabui's transportation jutsu, as they progressed towards Naruto. By the time they were three miles out their numbers had gone from four to eight and were continuing to grow. Tsunade he to be forcibly held back by the raikage to prevent her from exhausting herself in a desparate rush to aid the young man she cared so much about. The rokudaime hokage was forced to rely on desperate prayers that some deity would keep anything bad from happening to him. The sudden ear shattering explosion which occurred from Naruto's location however, shattered any further belief she held for any deity in addition to any restraint she may have had left if her blurring past the raikage was anything to go by.

Obito's hideout

The hideout or rather the massive rubble filled crater that was left of it showed no signs of life, aside from the excavation efforts of one Tsunade Senju. That was the sight the growing number of shinobi were greeted with as they arrived at the battleground. A number of the shinobi immediately began to aid with the frenzied efforts of the hokage while Kakashi and Gai had to literally drag Tsunade away so she wouldn't die from chakra exhaustion. Even then the woman still took a stone with her in torn bloody hands. The progress of the excavation was pitiful even with the aid of doton users shifting rubble safely to prevent a collapse on the last jinchurikki. It wasn't until the arrival of the kazekage, Gaara Subaku that things went much quicker. With his sand Gaara was able to safely grind down the rubble without risking the life of his best friend to shifting rubble.

After twenty five minutes hope of finding Naruto alive was quickly disappearing, yet Gaara, Gai, Kakashi, and Tsunade refused to believe the former blonde had moved on. It was then that the rubble began to shift ever so slightly. At first everyone who'd given up on Konoha's most unpredictable shinobi was in disbelief. They'd been excavating the battle ground for twenty five minutes and they knew that no one could have survived the explosion which caused such devestation, jinchurikki or not. It was then that the bijju once imprisoned burst free from the ruins in which they'd once been confined. It was an event which had only occurred twice before now or at least it would have been if it weren't for the fact that only eight were there, something which didn't go unnoticed by one Tsunade Senju.

Most of the shinobi didn't know how to react to the current situation. While it may not have been the jubbi it was still just as bad if not worse. Eight separate creatures to deal with at once, who also happened to be eight of the nine most powerful creatures known in the elemental nations. It also didn't help that most of the shinobi were either exhausted or wounded from previous engagements with the Zetsu hordes. Which is why in the few seconds of silent standoff between bijju and shinobi, the actions of the hokage would set the record for both the bravest act performed by a shinobi in addition to being the craziest.


The bijju were finally free from the confines of that damn gedo mazou. It was good to get back into the real world and stretch out. Of course the majority of them shared the unspoken opinion that it would have been better to not come face to face with the members of the shinobi alliance. They chose not to attack their hated enemy on-sight however, from the subconscious fear of being sealed once more. Gyuki could have laughed at the irony of the situation, though the odds were clearly in their favor. He was brought from his thoughts however by someone shouting his title immediately setting both sides on edge. Looking down he saw the speaker to be none other than Tsunade Senju.


"Geez woman no need to shout. I can hear you just fine."

The reaction from the gathered shinobi force was varied at the reaction of the hachibi. Some sweat dropped, others face faulted, and a few actually fainted from the stress. Much to the amusement of the bijju which was plain to see, at least for Shukaku if his borderline insane laughter was anything to go by.

"And as for your question I don't know. I can't sense his chakra with all these different signatures."

That was all Gaara needed to hear before he continued the search for his friend. Meanwhile the bijju almost as if they were of one mind turned to stare at Shukaku.

"What the hell are you all looking at me for?"

Gyuki just looked at the tanuki like he was an idiot before telling him to help the kazekage as controlling sand was his area of expertise. The tanuki appeared to give the idea some thought before he started to slowly wander off while responding with a simple "Not interested". However, before said tanuki had gone more than five steps, Gyuki offered him a parting word.

"Shukkaku you may be my brother but after everything the boy has done for us, don't think I won't hesitate to kick your miserable ass if you don't get back here."

Shukaku just kept going flipping his brother the bird as he enjoyed the happy thoughts going through his twisted mind. He had nothing to worry about, with his sand body he couldn't truly be beaten by his siblings since he could just acquire more sand. The only methods to actually cause him physical pain were virtually non-existant and none of his siblings possessed the means to use or knew the methods to perform them.

"Not to mention Kyubbi's gotten his other half back from the Shinigami. I wonder how pissed he would be if he somehow found out you left him and the boy to die."

At this Shukaku stopped and Gyuki knew he had him hook, line, and sinker. Kurama was one of the few who did know how to really hurt him. And he could hurt him real bad.

"Gyuki, you're an asshole"

"Love you too Shukaku"

Uzugakure no Saito two weeks later

It was a sunny day in the remains of Uzu, but it wasn't a happy one. It was a day of mourning, to remember those who had fallen in battle, for those who had sacrificed their own lives for the greater good. More importantly however, it was the funeral of one Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. It had been decided that it would only be fitting to bury the last Uzumaki in his clan's ancestral homeland where it would be incredibly difficult to defile his grave. Everyone was in attendance outside of those too wounded to travel. Even the nibai, yonbi, and hachibi of the bijju had shown up for the ceremony as Tsunade gave a speech.

"We are gathered here today to remember the acts of courage, and selflessness of the many who gave their lives to prevent a darkness from spreading across the world. And while there is no such thing as a sacrifice too small to be beneath notice, there is one individual who sacrificed more than anyone here could hope to during their entire lifetime. His name was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of the yellow flash, yondaime hokage Minato Namikaze, and the red death, Kushina Uzumaki. He was the student of the toad sage Jiraya, and the third and final jinchurikki of the kyubbi no yoko. Like most jinchurikki he was hated for something he had no choice in and yet he didn't let that stop him."

Tsunade paused to collect herself while she held back her barely contained tears. Their efforts in the excavation had only turned up a single body belonging to Killer Bee. Aside from that only two other things had been found, the remains of the gedo mazou, and a single scratched out forehead protector once belonging to Sasuke. Naruto never took it off his person, keeping it as a reminder that he would bring Sasuke back home no matter what. And now he was gone, never to accomplish his dream of becoming hokage, something that she brought to the attention of the mourners.

"No, Naruto may not have been able to achieve the title of kage in life, but in death he will have the satisfaction of being one. From this day forth the bijju recognize Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze as the first bijjukage."

The statement made by none other than the hachibi had caught many of the guests off guard. To those small few counted among Naruto's closest friends however, it was a statement which brought a measure of closure to them. They could live knowing Naruto's ultimate dream had been accomplished. As the funeral ended and the participants left at the days end, Naruto's closest friends took the time to have one last moment with the shinobi who had influenced their lives so much. As they walked away into the sunset Tsunade Senju stopped to have one last look at Naruto's tombstone. A statue of a smiling sword wielding youth atop a proud looking nine tailed fox, and Tsunade couldn't help but smile as a tear ran down her face. And as she turned to walk away back home there was only one thought going through her mind. 'I hope your happy Naruto. Where ever you are.'

Unknown wasteland

A stranger walked across the hot sand under the blazing sun. Generally travelling in a wasteland in the mid-day heat would be suicide for anyone, and certain death for someone on their own. This stranger however, appeared to be fine if not a little over heated. The individual carried a sheathed blade on their back with only the handle sticking out from beneath the large brown cloak the person wore, the hood hiding their features completely. The stranger had been here for a while lost, almost completely alone with no idea of how to get home. Right now the individual was travelling in search of some form of civilization where they might learn the way home. A sudden strong gust of wind pulled the hood from the figures head, revealing a young man with blue eyes. His white hair consisted of wild untamed spikes with a long braid in the back while his face looked it had whiskers.

As Naruto pulled the hood back up to escape the deadly heat, he caught a glimpse of smoke in the distance. Smoke meant there was fire, and in a wasteland like this fire could only mean that there were people nearby. From the look of it, if he didn't stop to wait for nightfall he could get there by evening, but Naruto didn't have much choice as his water wouldn't last till nightfall. And so Naruto strengthened his resolve as he took off towards potential civilization with chakra enhanced speed. He would find out where he was and he would get home no matter what.