This is a little Alibaba and Morgiana drabble.

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Morgiana had lived her life as a slave, with chains on her feet. The chains constricted her feet every time she moved. It hurt—badly. Not only did they squeeze her ankles, they also prevented her from moving.

Now, Morgiana had the privilege of running around the lush, green fields, un-constricted and unchained. One word described what she felt 'free', and she owed it all to two people, her friend Goltas and Alibaba.

One fateful afternoon, as she was walking at the market with many fruits in hand, a stranger bumped into her—a very cute one at that. With his head of blonde hair, he apologized to her. Another boy came, younger than the first. He looked up and down before noticing the chains on her legs. He smiled and blew a note into a golden flute around his neck. The chain broke instantly. Shock washed over her.

The next time she saw the duo was at the dungeon Amon with Goltas. Aladdin and Alibaba cleared the dungeon with ease. Again, Morgiana was undoubtedly impressed by their skill and bravado. Moments later, they retreated from the dungeon and she learned his name. Alibaba.

She owed it all to two people.

Goltas had broken the chains constricting her body.

Alibaba had broken the chains binding her very essence and more importantly, her heart.

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