Sins of the Sires
by Michael Con

Buffy's second death called Dana. During early S7/S4, Buffy and a newly souled Spike go to L.A. to find her after she has escaped the hospital. Angel, just released from the steel coffin in the ocean, does everything he can to help, while also dealing with Connor. (Planning it to mostly be a rewrite of Angel S4.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this story, the First is not trying to open the Hellmouth and Jasmine does not exist. As a consequence, Cordelia did not disappear at the end of season 3. Like Fred and Gunn, she has been looking for Angel, not knowing Connor sank him in the ocean. Also, Spike won't be as crazy in the beginning because the First is not haunting him. That would be fun, but too tedious for my purposes.

In the city of angels, a girl in white dreams the deaths of the dead. Every night she takes their place, dying for those who've already died. Useless martyrdom by monsters. One day she wakes up and wears the masks of the dead so that the monsters can't touch her. Then she kills them.

[Scene begins after "Beneath You"]

Late afternoon, the phone rings in the Summer's house.

While tying a trash bag, Buffy yells, "Can anyone get that? Anybody?" With summer over and Dawn in school, she is not used to being in the house alone. She rushes towards the phone and picks it up.


"Buffy? It's Giles."

"Giles! I haven't heard from you guys in a month. How are you?"

"I'm fine." His voice sounds unsettled.

"How's Willow. Is she ready to come back yet?"

"No, unfortunately. She's suffered what might be called a relapse, for lack of a better word."

"What? What happen."

"It's nothing to worry about, Buffy. These things happen. Willow is in good hands, and the people here have seen worse."

"Worse? Any of them try to end the world?"

"Well, there is a man named Jerry who almost made London a crater. He doesn't talk much anymore. Willow just isn't ready to come home, especially considering it's over a hellmouth."

"Oh, right. It would be like a junky in a stash house."

Giles pauses over the metaphor then replies, "Uh, yes. Um, Buffy, I'm sorry to say Willow is not the reason, the only reason I called."

She's leans her hip on the counter top, visible with slight disappointment. "Of course. I should have guessed that? Well, what terrible evil is slouching towards Sunnydale?"

"Not Sunnydale, Los Angeles."

She pauses a moment, immediately wishing she could hide that gap of silence. "Is Angel ok?"

"As far as I know, yes. It's not him, it's another Slayer."

"Another slayer." The idea causes connotations of Faith, then Kendra, then Faith. "Has something happened to Faith?"

"No Faith is alive." Buffy feels relief she doesn't understand. "After... you jumped another slayer was called."

"Oh." The idea that her death, her release, had drastically affected another person whom she had never met, quickly troubles her, but she didn't give it enough time to sink. She then asks, "So, she's in L.A.?"

"Yes, it's very rare for two slayers of the same generation to be born in the same city. Her name is Dana . The problem is that Dana is mentally unstable. Psychotic, to put it bluntly."

"Great, like I don't have enough crazies around here already."


Not wanting to explain Spike she answers, "Nothing, just an exaggeration. What happened to her?"

"I don't know all the details. Her parents were murdered when she was ten, and she was found months later in a catatonic state. She's been at [_] Psychiatric Hospital for the last fourteen years." The name startles Buffy. It is the same place her parents placed her in eight years ago. She let's it goes uncommented. Giles goes on, "Well, until recently. She escaped two nights ago. Murdered two guards in the process."

She remembers the disaster with Faith four years ago, and fears the possibility of repeating it. "Jesus! Well, ok, so what do I do about it? Isn't this the Council's job?"

"The Council doesn't know that she has been called, at least that's what my source tells me. Being twenty-four, they thought Dana was past the age for being called. And they didn't think it was possible for you to activate another potential. There are not many precedents of a Slayer being resurrected twice. "

"Then why haven't you told them."

"I wouldn't trust them with this girl."

Buffy pauses for a moment. "Do you think they'd kill her just to activate a more manageable slayer?"

"Honestly, since it has been four years since they have had control of a slayer, I'm not sure what they would do."

"What am I suppose to do if I find her? Tell her to lie on a couch and talk about her problems? Plus, you said she murdered two guards. Aren't the police be after her?"

"Most likely. All the more reason for you to find her first. The police will not be able to handle her without killing her. Not to mention the casualties in the process."

"Great. And things were relatively light on my side of California."

"Buffy, I wouldn't ask you to do this if I didn't think you were capable. I'd do it myself, but by the time I got there it would be too late." Giles takes a moment and goes on, "This girl may have killed two men, but she doesn't deserve what's happening to her. She probably still has the mind of a child."

"You're right. Besides, Willow needs you there. I'll start packing and let everyone know where I'm going."

"Good. Also, and you know I don't want to say this, but you could ask Angel's for help. Perhaps he has connections that might be of assistance."

"I was worrying you'd said that."

"I knew you'd be too stubborn to admit it."

She gives the slightest chuckles, only audible from a breath. "Tell Willow I love her, everyone here loves her, and that we can't wait to have her back."

"I will."

"Bye, Giles."

"Buffy, there's one more thing you should know. It's not essential, but I think you ought to."


"Few years ago I learned that the reason your first watcher was so late in finding you was because the Council was unsure if you were to be the next slayer, or another girl they thought was more probable. Dana was that other girl."

She thinks of the difference that lost time could have made on her life, for better or worse. "So, in a way, it was my calling that kept her from this life, and my death that finally brought her in."

"In some sense, yes."

Obscure feelings haunt the periphery of her mind, but stay at a distance.

"Bye, Giles. I'll call you when something's up."

"Good bye, Buffy. Be careful."

She hangs up and walks up the stairs. The syllables of 'Death is your gift' sound in her mind at every step.