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"One more" I said and the waiter and he looked at me strangely

"Please..." i added and his lips twitched in the smallest of smiles as he left to go bring my drink. I don't blame him that was my fifth drink in a row and i wasn't even tipsy. No wonder he was amazed that a girl can hold this much alcohol. Well my old self would never have but i can cause i am not sure if i am that former self of mine anymore i sure felt different hell even i looked different . No longer i have that bushy mass of moss i called hair but delicate soft and nice curls which are little wavy and are long enough to reach my waist, now the color of red brown. I dress different too, I no longer wear that prude attire i used to wear at school. Instead i wear short, body fitted and lush color formal dresses to work and for evening i tend to wear low cuts and backless dresses plus high heels, as i was wearing now for my date tonight. It was a gray and sliver low cut short dress which reach my knees with matching silver high heels. I wear a lot of make up too. not anything like hookers, no but somewhere between models and politicians if i say so myself. so it was hard to think or even feel like my formal self. The waiter returned with my drink, when i paid him for the last one and the current one but he shook his head and gave the money back for one drink and saying its already been paid for. i asked who bought it and he pointed at someone i couldn't see. but then i saw someone coming towards me. The man had an air of familiarity. And the waiter nodded his head. and i took it that he was the man who bought my drink. The waiter left as he neared me and gestured for me to take my abandoned seat. Taking a seat in front of me himself.

"Thanks for the drink but i'd like to pay for it" i said

"Consider it a gift, and its rude to turn down a gift or to pay for it" said he

Now i recognized him . i cant identify his voice anywhere. this lazy confident and somewhat flirtatious drawl. Of course blonde hair, lanky built and pale complexion and pointed features. If it isn't the infamous Draco Malfoy. oh my GOD he has become more handsome than ever. At this point i hit myself mentally for thinking such a stupid thing. He is a git Hermione remember that. 'Yeah a sexy git for sure ' a voice in my mind said. I told it to bugger off.

"Bad day huh? i saw you had four drinks before that" he said smirking

"Could have stopped there if you hadn't bought my fifth" I said raising my eyebrows slightly.

He chuckled and my heart skipped a beat. the voice was more seducing than mocking. I managed my features immediately.

"Okay i crave your forgiveness ma'am I can take that drink back if you don't want to have it." He said stretching a hand towards my drink, which he bought but i had no intention to give it back so i snatched the glass away from his reach and he laughed out load and for some reason i blushed.

"I don't give gifts back its rude, just as u point out before" i said when his laughter subsided somewhat. He looked at me and placed a hand on table placed his chin on it. From this position he was looking up towards me . he looked like a model from the magazines my mom have. I looked away thinking why he was engaging me in a conversation. buying me a drink and laughing so easily like he don't know who i was. And the realization hit me of course he doesn't know who I am. I looked at him, he was still smirking and watching me closely. Is he making a move on me? I can't help thinking he would be disgusted if he had any idea who i was. I kept sipping my drink, feeling his eyes on me. I looked at my watch and jumped, it was getting quite late.

"Its getting late, i should go now. Thanks for the drinks again." I said smiling nervously.

he stood up too and leaned in to whisper " May i drop you to the nearest apparition points its one round the corner." even though the low note of voice was because of the statute of secrecy it sent shivers down my spine may be i am drunk i took a shaky breath and i concentrated on the surprise i looked at him to sonfirm that if he know i am a witch then he must know me. But is he still talking to me? what's he palying at? he had the decency to look ashamed

"Um... I saw your wand peeking out of your purse" he pursed his lips.

I gasped and looked at my purse, it sure was.

"So.. You are a witch" it wasn't a question so i just nodded. He offered me his hand. yes definitely he is flirting with me. I thought that he clearly had had more alcohol then me and can't hold it so even though he knows its me he's making a move on me and being a gentleman of course driven by the gin. i took his hand and we started towards the door.

"Do you come here often?" he asked

"No, not really. you were right i did had a bad day so it was the only place i could go before i can go home" i sighed

"Why can't you go home" he seemed confused. And i didn't knew how to explain it seemed stupid now.

"Um so my roommate won't kill me" i ryplied

"why would she do that?"

"Well she set me up on a blind date and lets just say it did'nt went well and since it was a little early to return i came here instead. Just so i can lie about it to her" i said meekly

"What if she found out?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

"She wont. She never does." i said looking at the ground.

"Oh so it wasn't the first time tonight " he smirked

"Hey don't judge me , i had my reasons you know" i said raising hand defensively.

"Sure sure" he said in mocking tone.

I huffed. We rounded the corner to apparition point in a small alley. I Stopped on the point an d turned towards him.

"Well thanks for the drink again Mr Malfoy. It was nice meeting you" I knew by then that he doesn't have a clue as to who i am. He looked shocked.

"You know my name?"

"Who doesn't?" i said smirking slightly.

"Okay let me know yours then"

I heard him say as i apparited away.