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"Its always been you Granger" He said quietly. And I nearly died in euphoria and disbelief.

I was numb and the tears flooded my eyes on their own accord. I couldn't believed his words. I was the girl who he said was his first love and now I just happened to be his second one too. And here I thought he hated me. I was the girl he was talking about.

His first love.

I was feeling jealous of that lost love of his. And it's me. Of course I did got together with Ron on the day of final battle up until two years ago. He must have felt that he have the chance when he received his invitation for Ron and Pansy's wedding. What he said to Tulip wasn't a taunt it was just to rile her up to know my current relationship status I guess. I felt good that he was in love with me not the stranger he met a few days ago but me Hermione Granger who I really am.

I was still dazed in my thoughts when he sat beside me.

"You didn't regret the time you spent with me in anonymity then?" I asked.

" How could I? He said smiling.

" What you said when my me came up. Did you mean it?"

" What? About you being a bushy haired nerd you mean?" He smirked I just glared at him mockingly.

"Of course I did. You are a bushy haired know it all and a big savior of house elves. Aren't you?" He said snickering.

I smacked his shoulder. And he mocked looking hurt. I smiled through my tears. It was them he noticed them again.

"Don't. Please" His soft whisper touched my heart and fresh tears rolled down my cheeks. He scooted closer to wipe my cheeks and I couldn't look him in the eyes.

True his confession took most of my fears but not all of them."Don't Granger please. Are you still not convinced?" He sighed.

"Look it was never normal with you. From the very start you contradicted my every belief and went out if you way to prove me wrong about blood status and ancestry. I wad not used to the girls like that. I was fed from a very young age that women no matter pure blood half blood muggle borns all are inferior.

But there you were.

With your chin high in air, your steps bold and confident. Your witty remarks. Never back down attitude and above all your hatred for me did it." He was looking at me with pride in his eyes I couldn't help but smile. He smiled back.

"I was never attracted to you. I never even liked you. My hatred just suddenly turned into love. I realized it in fourth year when I saw you on the yule ball. You were the same as always but more elegant more lady like more beautiful. I realized that I love you just because of who you are. Your appearance never mattered to me but in yule ball you told everyone that you could, look beautiful if you want." He sighed and hung his head glaring at the footpath floor.

"After ministry fiasco I dropped even the idea of any chance with you I knew what my fate will behold for future and it wasn't very bright. I had to keep myself away from every aspect that could bring light in my dull and dark life because of my fool of a father. I knew there was no way you would even look at me after what I did in sixth year. And then the final battle. There you were in all your glory fighting and here I was desperate and cowardly."

He chuckled darkly. But the looking up he smiled genuinely. " But then a stranger came across me and who was it? None other than the girl I was so desperate to get. But she had other plans. Not only was she changed beyond recognition she was not willing to let me know her name. And before I knew it I was falling again." He took my face in his hands.

"You Hermione Granger you made me fall in love with you twice and I am certainly not complaining because there is no other way I would have wanted it. These past days with you I couldn't even come close to forgetting it let alone regretting it. Every second my whole existence every second spend with you was always the time well spent."

He was smiling and his eyes held love that I was so eager for. I was crying again but this time he didn't stop me because we both knew these were the tears of joy of contentment. I was content.

I beamed through tears and pulled him by his tie to initiate the kiss I was now having daydreams for since the last time. The kiss was soft at first, promising, loving, caressing. Then it turned hard, passionate, spirited and full of desire. I felt my heart beating like drums in my chest loud and fast. He had his hands in my hair and so did I. We were as close as was humanly possible. I was devouring the feeling of his body against mine and it feels like he was doing the same.

"I love you Hermione" He breathed against my lips in between the kiss.

"I love you Draco" I said smiling.

He chuckled and apparated us with a smirk that promised to give me the time of my life...!