Title: My outcast

Pairing: Sandor Clegane & Leana Stark (fictional character of my own)

Rating: M


Chapter 1

She was borne out of hatred and love. Her parents loved her but not the village; they hated her with a passion. From the age of nine, she wore a mask - leather with coloured triangle actual glasses sewn to it. It covered her entire face, excepting her hair, eyes and mouth. Until today she didn't know the reason why she had to wear it but, after all, she is both a Stark and a Lannister.

The young Stark had a delightful childhood, living amongst people who adored her. Then, at the age of nine, she was taken away from her sanctuary and thrown into the lions' den. They glare at her like a plague. She is Lady Leana Stark. They called her "Glass Face" to "The Ugly Stark" among many others. For her parents' love are forbidden. Her father was an enemy called is Benjen Stark and her mother is Cyra Lannister, died at childbirth.

Leana studies her reflection at the mirror. She sees a woman with a mask. Raising a finger to touch the cool glass, and she can only glimpse her eyes and lips. She remembered the fateful night.

Young Leana rubbed the sleep from her eyes and jumped down from her tall bed, her cousin Arya slept soundly. She approached the great hall and witnessed the row.

"You cannot do that to her!"

"I have no choice."

"How can you do that to her, Benjen? We love her like our own daughter," Ned was clearly attempting to keep his voice down.

"This is what her mother wanted and is necessary to avoid a war. The Lannisters are..."

"Her mother is dead! This is not what she wanted! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THEY WILL DO TO HER!" Ned lost all semblance of control.

"Please think about it, I am begging you." her aunt Cat was crying.

"You cannot do..."

"Auntie Cat," Leanna called for the woman she considered her mother. Both of the men stopped shouting.

"My dear child, what are you doing out from your bed at the hour of the wolf?" she quickly picked her up.

"I want to practice my bow with Bran."

"Tomorrow child, tomorrow," and Catelyn Stark took her to her bed and cried. She thought her aunt cried because she has done something naughty.

"I'll be good auntie, I promised."

"Leana Stark, you are so special; we love you and you are a good girl. One day you will come home...remember, you are a Stark. Never forget that."

The next morning she didn't get to practise her bow with Brann. At dawn,Benjen roused her. Her Uncle Ned and Aunt Cat was stoodat the door while her father packed few of her belongings.

"Father, where are we going?"

"To see your other family" He stated simply.

At her look of concern, Benjen Stark realised the small child needed some comfort. "You will have White with you," He promised. Leana was still sleepy and she was hugging her dire wolf pup.

"And I want you to wear this mask, alright child?" Her father had tears in his Uncle Ned and Auntie Cat hugged and kissed her before her father took her away from their embrace.

Leana looked at the shiny mask with awe, "Because this will save your life." That was the last she saw of her father and everyone else. All that she knew and loved disappeared that day. For the next ten miserable years she lived with her mother's family, the Lannisters. She was abused. Her cousin Joffrey told her that she that she has to wear the mask because of how ugly she must look. She learned that her father told the Lannisters that she face was scarred from an accident.

The only person who was kind to her was her uncle,Tyrion. He was a funny man and they call him the imp. Only her uncle Tyrion knew about her face, she was too young to understand so long ago. She always took off her mask when she slept. It was too hot at Casterly Rock, unlike Winterfell.

"Leana!" Her uncle called her.

"Uncle Tyrion...I am sorry...I am sorry...I am hungry," She was hungry because she was sent to bed without supper. Her aunt Cercei said she misbehaved. She couldn't sleep, so she slipped into the kitchen to steal some food. Her uncle looked at her for the longest time before he took her back to her chamber.

"Never take the mask off," He urgently whispered.

"But it's so hot..."

"Listen to me Leana - your mask saves you from..." What the hell was he thinking, talking to a 9 year old girl she'd be better off ignorant about?, So instead, he said "Every time you took off your mask...an angel dies."

"Noooooo," Leana replied in fear; she didn't want any angel to die because of her.

"Yes, so promised your Uncle Tyrion never to take off your mask."

"Yes uncle, I promise."

Since then Tyrion acted like a father to her. Everything she is, everything she knows is from the small man. Under Tyrion's care and love, she continued her archery lessons. Her uncle Tyrion said that she is fucking amazing for no one in Casterly Rock could beat her in archery - and yes, she also learned to curse from her uncle. Lady Leana Stark was a slave to the Lannisters, but her uncle and White, her dire wolf made life a little bit easier.

"Heyscarface!" Joffrey called - mocking her while she picked weeds in the garden.

She looked at Joffrey - how she wished she could pummel him to the ground. She ignored him.

"I wonder how ugly you are."

The girl backed away from Joffrey, just like her uncle taught her, "Just walk away Leana, just walk away; the little shit will only be here for a couple of months."

SandorClegane stood a few steps away behind Joffrey. He was a new employee for the theLannisters and Baratheons. Plenty of gold and freedom to kill, but it came at a price, he had to be able to stand little lords like Joffrey.

"I wonder if your father and mother are as ugly as you," Joffrey laughed and glanced back for a second, looking at the hound, his new bodyguard.

Swoosh, and a scream from Joffrey. A small arrow graced Joffrey's right cheek. The hound did not see that coming. The girl was good. He saw the girl already started running toward the courtyard.

"Dog! Get her!" Joffrey bellowed. Without hesitation,SandorClegane ran after tiny Lady Stark. He felt sorry for her; having seen how she was treated. The imp was not at Casterly Rock to protect her this time; this is bad.

Leana was already sprinting for her life towards the old stable where White was tied up. She needed to get to the stable, released White and run. She was unsure where she could go but anywhere is better than here. She might hide somewhere until her Uncle Tyrion returns. She ran so fast she can hardly breathe... all of a sudden she felt something grab her neck, and she was suddenly walking on air.

Too late, she was grabbed by Joffrey's bodyguard - the guy with the melted face. She was a skinny lass, 10 years of age. SandorClegane was an impressive man in his 20's. All he had to do is grab her by the collar.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Nowhere... Nowhere," She lied.

"You shouldn't have done that."

"Let me go Sandor!" She kicked and screamed.

"I am sorry Lady Stark, I can't do that."

The Hound swung her to his shoulder and carried the little lady. She was kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs, calling for Tyrion."

"Your uncle is not here, little girl. He can't protect you. But that was a good shot – you might not need protection much longer." The Hound knew what was in store for her. He dropped her unceremoniously in front of the Queen and Joffrey.

That night she was locked in the dungeon where everything was pitch black. She cried her heart out, calling for her father, Uncle Ned, Aunt Cath and her Uncle Tyrion...and no one came to rescue her. Her body was bruised, there were cuts on her hands since the queen ordered the Hound to beat her up.

Not a shimmer of light made its way to the dungeon. She heard rats scuffle around her feet but she was unable to see anything. She heard a loud clang of metal at the door and a burst of light shone in.

"Please ser don't hurt me," She was sure the queen was not done with her and sent someone else to beat her up. She could not see properly; she saw a big shadow and she recognized the voice "Here is water and light...if you are truly scared of the dark, just close your eyes girl," and he left.

Since then Leana feared the dark. Tyrion returned home three days later. Her uncle slapped Joffrey; the Queen screamed at him and there was a fight. But she was shielded from all that, waiting in the dungeon for her uncle to rescue her. That day her uncle brought home a man named Bronn, and they become fast friends.

The following month her aunt Cercei and cousin Joffrey left for the capital. Her nightmares were over...or so she thought. Tyrion asked Bronn to teach her how to wield a sword. She didn't like it because she was bad at it. She wanted to quit learning and just practice her archery, but her uncle was having none of that. He just said because you can't do something well doesn't mean you can quit!

He said he is a dwarf; he didn't like being a dwarf but he couldn't quit being a dwarf. So, she wasn't allowed to quit just because she was no good it at it or because she was lazy. She would look at her feet guiltily every time she was reprimanded by her uncle.

Leana stark grew up to be a street smart woman who was kind hearted and brave. She lived well and for a while she was happy. Her uncle was a wealthy man and she could convince him to get whatever she desired, but all she really wanted was her freedom. Tyrion loved her like she was his own daughter. Sometimes he regretted that she was a little bit wild, but it was his doing. As soon as she came of age, he let her follow him around. He wanted her to learn about the world, books, life and people, not cooped up in her cage. For many years she was bullied by the Lannisters, so she hated bullies. Many times she defended the weak. Many times Bronn had to deal with her fights in the market.

"What is it now?" Tyrion asked Bronn.

"Same thing...as usual. It's Leana," Bronn wiped sweat and blood from his face.

"Is she alright?"

"Of course she is alright! The butcher's boy on the other hand... Well, he has a pretty little hole in his hand now."

Unfortunately Tyrion's favourite activities were drinking and whoring. Leana saw all that and was not bothered at all. Tyrion made sure she is untouched but the girl can swear like a pirate. Under Tyrion's watchful eyes and Bronn's, help Lady Leana Stark grew up...away from Winterfell.

She jested that she was her uncle's bodyguard."You are no bodyguard, you are my beloved niece; beside, you can't wield a sword. Bronn is my bodyguard."

"OI! I thought I was your friend!" the sellsword protested.

"That too!"

It was very common to see the glass faced girl waiting for her uncle and Bronn whoring away through the night. She would roam around the city when she was bored and then waited while reading a book at the whore house.

"Are you guys done?" She rolled her eyes and asked. "Don't be smart, Leana," from her uncle or "don't be a smart arse, glass face," Bronn would retort.

On her 18th name day, Tyrion gifted her a beautiful bow made from Blackwood. It was unbelievably beautiful and handsome. She was so happy she picked up her dwarf uncle and swung him around. Tyrion often said that his niece is the best archer in the whole Westeros, and now she had a bow to match her skill.