A/N: This is my first POTO fanfic, and it's about Christine and Erik. So I hope you enjoy it! One-shot. Based on the song 'Haunted' by Taylor Swift (Acoustic Version).



You and I walk a fragile line

I have known it all this time

But I never thought I'd live

To see it break

She watches him in the shadows. Raoul is a few feet behind her, waist deep in the waters of Erik's underground world. She can interpret the slight sounds of the water crashing into his body as if he is saying: "Don't go to him. I'll be okay." Instead, she can only hear his attempts to ease the rope tied around his neck.

Ignoring her feelings of what he could be thinking, she leaves a trail of her white dress and moves towards her angel of music. Placing her hands on his shoulders, running them through his dark hair and finally cupping his cheeks, she presses her lips to his.

She allows herself to momentarily sink into him. His chest presses firmly against her body, but his hands remain at his own sides. He remains unresponsive at her gesture and, only after she has pulled back, does she notice the tears starting to gather at the corner of his eyes.

It's getting dark and it's all too quite

And I can't trust anything now

And it's coming over you

Like it's all a big mistake

He looks up at her – lips still tingling at their sudden touch. The tears now begin to tumble down his eyes violently. She watches him in bewilderment.

His voice screams at the couple, ordering them to leave at once.

But she is unable to move.

Rooted on the spot, she finds herself unable to even look away from the man, now without his mask.

Oh, holding my breath

Won't lose you again

Something's made your eyes go cold

She suddenly feels confusion fill her every pore. Her feelings are tangled knots around her heart – they are all trying to pull her in different directions. Right or wrong. Dark or light. Cold or warm.

Raoul or Eric.

Come on, come on

Don't leave me like this

I thought I had you figured out

Can't breathe whenever you're gone

Can't turn back now

I'm haunted

She remembers him in flashbacks.

It was only a few years ago – when they would sing to each other. Right then, at that very time in the past, he was hers. He was her constant.

She had believed that his unknown figure was quite strange. But she simply decided to ignore the mystery of who her angel was, and so focused on her – their – music instead.

Looking back, she feels a hint of regret at leaving him behind – a tinge of sadness at the fact that they have both supposedly moved on.


Stood there and watched you walk away

From everything we had

But I still mean every word I say

To you

She finds herself playing back the scene in her head – over and over and over.

The way he stumbled up the steps.

The way he held out his hands, ordering the couple to never return.

The way his eyes gleamed with unshed tears at the touch of her lips.

"You are not alone."

And she had meant every word of it - every word.

Christine finds herself fumbling with her fingers in the dark. She glances around her and sighs.

"And I still do."

He will try to take away my pain

And he just might make me smile

But the whole time I'm wishing he was you


Raoul watches her sleep from the side of his bed. He slowly ravels and unravels her curls of hair through his finger, and watches as she stirs around to face him, a small smile spread across her face.

He grins back at her, kisses the top of her head and then makes his way outside of the room.

She sits up, stretches, and can suddenly hear his voice whispering. She can feel him in the room, with her, murmuring peaceful lyrics into her ear. Christine closes her eyes and shakes her head, wanting it all to go away.

But that's the thing with darkness – it is always there, waiting to tempt fate.

And one day, maybe soon, their paths will cross again.

She can feel it.


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