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A couple things you should know: this takes place before Misaki and Usagi meet in the series (so please excuse Misaki's horrible insults against homosexuals; he has a very rude mouth in this fanfic), and yes, there will be some one-sided Usagi/Takahiro. As in, Usagi is still pining over him and might actually give into his feelings at some point, but nothing will come of it. (Poor Usagi.)

So, um, yes, let me know what you think, please!

Chapter 1: Resistance is Futile


Misaki jerked awake at his brother's yell. Groggily, he rubbed his eyes and sat up on his futon. The clock read midnight.

What the...? Takahiro often worked late since he was supporting the two of them, but not once had he awoken Misaki in the middle of the night to say that he was home...

"Shhh, Takahiro," a deep voice murmured soothingly. "Your baby brother is sleeping."

Eh?! Who was that bastard calling a baby?!

Misaki scowled deeply. From the sounds of it, Nii-chan had brought home his best friend of several years, Usami Akihiko. He was a handsome, smooth-talking, rich and famous author, but Misaki always got strange feelings whenever he was around. He had noticed the way that Usagi-sensei constantly clung to Takahiro, like he was some kind of fag, and it really got under Misaki's skin. He didn't have to be so damn touchy feely all the time. It made Misaki feel violated just looking at the way his big hands caressed Nii-chan.

Baka Nii-chan! Don't let someone like him spend the night!

"Misaki is a beautiful angel when he sleeps!" Takahiro squeed, a little more fangirly than usual.

A deep blush spread across his younger brother's face. What, did Nii-chan usually come kiss him goodnight or something whenever he got home?!

"Takahiro, it's time for bed," Usagi-sensei decided.

Misaki's breath hitched in his throat. Eh?! What was that supposed to mean?! Dirty, perverted homo!

"Usagi-chaaan," Takahiro groaned. "It's lonely in there!"

Misaki's eyes snapped open as something finally clicked in his mind.

No! Shit! Nii-chan sounds drunk!

What should he do? That fag wouldn't really take advantage of Takahiro when he knew that Misaki was in the apartment, would he?!

I mean, I don't know much about sex, but isn't it always pretty loud...?

His cheeks burned at the thought of the two men moaning in pleasure for the rest of the night. No, no, no, this wasn't good!

"After all this time, don't tell me you're asking me to sleep with you now, Takahiro." Usagi's deep, sensual voice had an amused ring to it.

Misaki squirmed uncomfortably. PLEASE, TELL HIM NO, NII-CHAN! his mind screamed.

"Oh! Do you want to spend the night, Usagi-chan?" Takahiro sang happily.

Misaki keeled over and fell off of his futon with a soft thump.

"What was that?" Usagi mumbled.

Takahiro ignored his question. "Usagi-chan?" he prodded, his voice still lilting. "Will you sleep with me?"

Baka Nii-chan! Misaki practically sobbed. At the young age of 17, his life had suddenly come to an abrupt end. Forced to listen to intense fucking between his brother and another man for all hours of the night, Takahashi Misaki died painfully in his room, during the prime of his life, never to be heard from again...

"Takahiro." Usagi's voice was softer now, and it seemed extremely pained. "Please, don't ask me that way."

"Usagi-chan never spends the night!" Takahiro whined back.

"I can sleep under the kotatsu in the living room," he offered.

"Eh? Silly Usagi, you can't sleep on the floor!" Takahiro suddenly burst out laughing like a maniac.

"Time's up."

"Ahaha! Put me down, Usagi-chan!"

That pervert was carrying him to bed?! Seriously?! They weren't a newlywed couple! This was ridiculous! Were all homos over-the-top like that?!

Misaki heard the screen panel to Takahiro's room slide shut.

But unluckily for him, their rooms were adjacent. Which meant...

I can still hear everything...

There was a loud thud, which Misaki took as Takahiro getting thrown onto his futon.

"Usagi-chan, Usagi-chan!" his brother gasped out, sounding absolutely delighted.

Misaki shivered. What was that pervert doing to him?

"Stop, no! N-no more! Ah-ah!"

Yes, please stop... Misaki bit down on his lower lip. What could Usagi possibly be doing that made Takahiro sound that...turned on?

"You need to go to bed now, Takahiro," Usagi insisted. "So I'm going to leave the room, and you'll stay right here..."

"No," Takahiro gasped, "I won't." He let out another laugh, and then shrieked. "No! Stop it!"

"You need to be a good boy," Usagi murmured, "and be quiet now and sleep."

Misaki trembled at the sound of his voice. He was such a pervert. Why did he have to say things like that?

Takahiro continued to gasp and cried out, "N-never! P-please! S-sleep with m-me, Usagi-chan!"

Misaki bit down on his tongue sharply to keep himself from being heard. Just where was Usagi-chan stimulating him?! How could he make Takahiro beg to be fucked by a—a man!

He clutched his pillow tightly, burying his face into it. He couldn't take this. It...it was making him crazy. How much longer could he stand to go through this kind of torture?

But then, as soon as he asked himself that, things were quiet. Weirdly quiet. Neither Nii-chan nor the fag were making any noise at all. What in the...

"I told you," Usagi suddenly murmured again, cutting into Misaki's thoughts. "I needed to go..."

"U-Usagi-chan," Takahiro stuttered, sounding shocked. "Why did you...kiss me?"

What...the hell?

B-baka Nii-chan, he was just playing with your...th-that...why wouldn't he want to get his dirty tongue down your throat!

"I need to go," Usagi repeated firmly.

"Usagi-chan," Takahiro whined. "It feels nice..."

"Takahiro, you're drunk!" Usagi yelled, and then his voice grew soft again. "I don't want to do something else I'll regret..."

Regret? Something else?

The words confused Misaki. The homo sounded heartbroken...over what? Fags didn't care who they took advantage of! Usagi had probably been stalking Takahiro like prey all these years, waiting to eat him up! Well, he should go find some other man! Wouldn't any of them do? Why waste all this time on Nii-chan anyways? It didn't make sense!

Takahiro didn't seem to understand him either. "Usagi-chan?"

"I love you, Takahiro."

The pervert's voice was bittersweet, and for some reason it cut through Misaki like a knife.

"Oh, love you too!" Takahiro replied cheerfully, and Misaki actually wanted to go in there and smack him.

"Takahiro...you can't do this to me...how am I supposed to resist you right now?"