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Chapter 3: Worry

"Hey, Usagi-chan, do you know what this is?"

Takahiro held up his forearm, which Usagi leaned over and grabbed. "Ah, yes. A girl wrote her phone number on your arm last night," he explained.

"Eh, really?" Takahiro gasped in genuine surprise. "Was she cute?"

"Very cute," Usagi agreed. "You should go call her."

Misaki accidentally dropped his chopsticks on the table, startling everyone.

"Misaki-kun, is something wrong?" Takahiro asked worriedly.

The boy shook his head. "N-no, Nii-chan. It's nothing." He picked the utensils back up and pushed his food around his plate.

"Surprised a cute girl gave me her number, hmm?" Takahiro teased him. "Believe it or not, your big brother is still pretty popular with the ladies."

Misaki shot a glance over at Usagi-sensei to see how the pervert was taking this, but his handsome face remained as stoic as ever.

"I think her name was Manami," he even added helpfully.

"Ah, thanks, Usagi-chan! You're the best," Takahiro beamed. "Please excuse me, Misaki-kun. And thank you for the delicious breakfast as always!"

As soon as he had left for his room, Misaki blurted out, "Why did you do that?!"


He fidgeted with his fingers. "You just hooked him up with that girl. When you...you..." He couldn't look into Usagi's eyes.

"Love him," the man finished for him. "That's why he should be happy."

"B-but—he was happy last night!" Misaki blurted out, his face reddening in shock when he realized what he'd said. He clamped a hand over his own mouth.

Usagi smirked in amusement. "Ah, so you admit it. But it's like you said..." His voice grew very serious. "He was drunk. He would never want to sleep with me if he was thinking clearly. What I did last night...was a mistake."

Misaki frowned, the words making little tears in his heart. He couldn't deny any longer that this pervert cared about Nii-chan...


The way that deep voice said his name made Misaki's body shiver.

"W-what do you want, baka?"

"Why didn't you say anything to Takahiro?" he asked in pure wonder. "You had no problem yelling at me for it."

Misaki trembled, and his face turned bright red. He got to his feet and grabbed a few of the emptied plates off the table. "I—I don't know what you're talking about!" he exclaimed evasively, rushing to the kitchen.

"And why didn't you stop me last night," Usagi continued, following after him, "if you were listening to the whole thing?"

Misaki froze in place before he even reached the sink. He kept his eyes on the floor, willing himself not to react as his face turned a deep shade of red.

"Didn't it bother you?" Usagi pressed on. "Listening to me screw your brother?"

"Pervert!" Misaki whipped around, brandishing one of the plates in his hand as if it was a weapon he was about to use against Usagi.

Usagi remained calm and wrapped a big hand around Misaki's smaller one to keep him from doing anything rash. And with just that simple touch, Misaki's legs turned to jelly and he felt as though he might melt to the floor.

"L-let go of me," he demanded weakly, his lower lip trembling. That was really the opposite of what he wanted...Usagi-sensei's hand was surprisingly cold against his skin, but it felt really good. He was even starting to wish that Usagi had grabbed him with both hands instead of just the one.

Would they have cooled down the burning heat in his body last night, as they slid down his...

Misaki flushed and finally began to struggle, but Usagi-sensei was much stronger than him. "I said let go!"

"Are you going to put the plate in the sink?"

"Yes!" Misaki snapped back in embarrassment. As if he'd ever really throw one at somebody. That could be seriously dangerous!

Misaki felt a small twinge of disappointment when Usagi's touch was gone, but he sure as hell didn't show it. He spun back around and did as he said he would, even running the tap to begin washing the dishes.

"So, Misaki...are you all talk?"

"Unh!" He was frozen again, but only for a second this time. "W-what do you mean?" he demanded.

"You yelled at me for being with Takahiro, but you didn't do anything to stop it, and you didn't tell him about it," Usagi pointed out. "And just now, you told me to let go of you, but..." His arms wrapped around Misaki from behind. "You didn't put up much of a fight."

Misaki's entire body trembled underneath him. "P-pervert! What are you doing?!" He struggled wholeheartedly this time. "L-let me go! B-baaka! Hentai!"

"What's wrong?" Usagi smirked. "I haven't done anything to you. Takahiro doesn't mind this...even when he's sober."

His mouth was too close; Misaki could feel the little vibrations of Usagi's voice against his ear, and he shivered against the older man.

"Th-that's because he doesn't know what you are!" Misaki yelled. He couldn't break free, so he tried prying Usagi's arms off—to no avail.

"Is that so?" Usagi whispered. "Or is it because Takahiro feels nothing when I touch him...while you get extremely turned on."

Misaki's heart sped up, and as Usagi-sensei's hands crept lower down his torso, his breathing did too.

"Usagi-chan! Misaki-kun!" a happy Takahiro exclaimed from behind them. "Guess what! I got a date with Manami-san! She said she was really happy that I called!"

Usagi turned around slowly, still holding onto the bright red, quivering mess that was Misaki. He hadn't had time to recover yet!

"Oh? What have you two been doing?" Takahiro asked curiously, although he didn't seem the slightest bit suspicious.

"I was showing Misaki how to properly wash dishes, and now he's embarrassed," Usagi lied through his teeth.

"Eh?!" Takahiro laughed. "You mean you actually know how to wash dishes, Usagi-chan?" His eyes twinkled behind his glasses. "I find that hard to believe."

Usagi finally let go of Misaki, who breathed a huge sigh of relief, in favor of ruffling Takahiro's hair playfully. "Come on, I can take care of myself, can't I?"

"I don't know; that seems dangerous!"

Misaki watched uncomfortably as they teased each other. He couldn't help but notice how carefree Usagi seemed when he was around Nii-chan. And yet...

"So then, the phone call went well?" Usagi inquired.

How could he put on such a supportive front? He said he wanted Nii-chan to be happy, but what was stopping them from being happy together? If he was Nii-chan's best friend, then he should know better than anyone else how oblivious he was. He would never know Usagi loved him unless the man spoke up!

Misaki turned back around to finish the dishes, but he still caught most of their conversation.

"Eh, the date's tonight? She must really want to see you again..."

"I'm so nervous, Usagi-chan! Did I do anything embarrassing last night that could ruin my chances?"

"If you had, then why would she want to go out with you, Takahiro?"

Misaki finished hastily. He couldn't listen to this painful conversation anymore.

"Excuse me," he said quietly as he slipped past them. "I need to start on my homework."

Misaki stood in front of the door to Usagi's big studio apartment, wishing he hadn't already rung the doorbell. Now he couldn't change his mind. What's done was done...

He didn't know what had possessed him to visit Usagi's home this evening. But...after Nii-chan had left for his date...all Misaki could think about was how Usagi-sensei was handling this. He could be crying all alone in the dark, or drinking himself into a stupor, or smoking himself to death in an attempt to deal with it. So, after all of these fears had tormented him for awhile, Misaki decided to find out Usagi's current state of being for himself. He had even prepared dinner for the guy right before he left, in hopes of cheering him up.

But this was all really stupid, right? He didn't belong here. Usagi would probably just make fun of him as soon as he answered the door.

Misaki glanced at his watch. About five seconds had passed.

Oh, well. Guess he's not home, he thought happily, getting ready to leave.

That's when the door swung open.

"...Misaki?" Usagi looked down at him in surprise.

Misaki blinked rapidly. Shit!

"Oh, uhhh...excuse me, I must have the wrong door," he laughed nervously. "I'll be going n—ahh!"

Before he knew what was going on, Usagi had picked him up and carried him inside.

"Watch it!" Misaki yelled. "I have a plate of food in my hands, baka!"

Usagi smiled and set him down carefully. "Well, I couldn't let you leave," he explained.

Misaki just scowled and pushed the plate into Usagi's hands. Blushing, he looked around the place in awe. It was so big and modern in comparison to the humble Japanese home he shared with Nii-chan.

Usagi set the gift down on the table. "Did you come here just to bring me food?"

Misaki continued to scowl and refused to look at him. "Yes. All you have to do is heat it up a little," he instructed. "And ah, with that being said, well, I guess I'm off—"

He tried to slip away, but Usagi grabbed him by his shirt and yanked him back. "Misaki." His voice was deep and commanding.

Misaki's face heated up and his entire body was now on edge. "L-let me go...," he murmured.

"Why are you here?"

He laughed nervously. "I already told you, didn't I? I—"

"Then, why did you bring me food?" Usagi amended, cutting him off.

Misaki was blushing brightly at this point, and his eyes were drawn down to the floor. "I...I was worried how you were doing, knowing Nii-chan's on that date..." He shifted his feet uncomfortably, and started to ramble. "He's kind of oblivious, you know, but he means well. He isn't trying to...to hurt you... But...I thought maybe...he still had...by accident, so I...I thought I should check up on you..."

Usagi was stunned for a moment. Sure, he'd been teasing the kid, but he honestly hadn't expected that kind of an answer. Even after he'd probably inadvertently embarrassed him to death last night, Misaki was worried about his feelings...

"U-Usagi-chan?" Misaki asked nervously.

He just couldn't help himself anymore. He pulled the boy roughly into his arms and kissed him.