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Chapter 5: Happiness Comes in Small Packagaes

"Nii-chan, how do you feel about gay people?"

"Eh?" Takahiro glanced up in surprise. Misaki had been acting strange since the night before, after he'd come back from his date with Manami. He'd realized it might have been a bad idea to go out two nights in a row. Misaki was probably afraid they would spend less time together now that Takahiro had a girlfriend. So of course, he'd insisted they eat dinner together tonight and just hang out and talk. He wanted to remind Misaki that no matter what happened, he would always be the most important person in Takahiro's life.

He hadn't been prepared for such a random question about homosexuals. "What do you mean, Misaki-kun?"

"I mean..." Misaki hesitated and pushed his food around with his chopsticks, looking troubled. "Do you think it's...wrong? To be gay?"

"Eh?" Takahiro was even more surprised now. "No, of course not! What made you think that?"

"I was just wondering, because...we've never really talked about it before."

Takahiro looked puzzled. "I never thought we had to..."

"Well, some people think it's unnatural!" Misaki accidentally said it a little more harshly than he meant to, and his eyes widened. "Oops. Sorry..."

"I just don't think it's my business to judge who another person's in love with," Takahiro chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. He didn't get why his baby brother was getting so worked up about this topic.

Misaki frowned and took another bite of his food, chewing it slowly as he mulled this over. As his nii-chan watched him quietly, suddenly something clicked in Takahiro's head!

"Ah! Misaki-kun! Did a boy at school confess to you?" he asked excitedly.

Misaki's eyes widened in horror. "N-no!" he protested. "But I th-think a guy was...flirting with me..." That is, if playing with someone's body even counts as flirting...

"Misaki-kun!" Takahiro cried out happily. "You see? Everyone loves you! Girls and boys! Because you're so adorable!"

His little brother frowned at that. Not everyone loved him. Usagi-sensei didn't. So instead of commenting, he changed the topic. "Have you ever been in love with a guy, Nii-chan?"

"Eh?!" Takahiro's eyes widened and he blushed brightly. "Heh, no, I never thought about doing stuff with a man before... I-I mean, no man has ever asked me out..."

"What if Usagi-sensei asked you out?" Misaki questioned bluntly.

"EH?!" Takahiro started to laugh, although he still looked quite embarrassed. "That's silly, Misaki-kun. I don't think Usagi-chan is gay. Have you ever seen how smooth he is with the ladies?" Suddenly Takahiro had a dreamy look on his face, like he was a young girl fantasizing about her idol. "Ah, he's so cool! I wish I could be more like him..."

"I don't know," Misaki grumbled. "I didn't think the boy at school was either, but then he m—" He almost said 'molested me,' but he caught himself in the nick of time. "M-made me blush," he finished. Damn, that was close.

"Ahh, Misaki-kun, you're doing it now!" Takahiro squeed. "It looks like you're the one who needs to confess!"

Misaki's eyes bugged out, but as soon as he recovered, he yelled "Nii-chan!" quite angrily.

Takahiro laughed amiably. "Sorry, Misaki-kun. So, if it doesn't work with Manami, do you think I should ask Usagi-chan on a date?" he teased.

Misaki was fairly positive that his brother was joking, but the comment still stung. If that happened, Usagi-sensei would jump at the chance to be with Takahiro. He wouldn't even give Misaki a second thought. After all, he was just a plaything to Usagi-sensei...th-that was all...it couldn't be anything more than that...

Misaki really wanted to tell Takahiro that he should never, ever do that. But he also knew that was extremely selfish of him. He hated causing people trouble, and he wanted both men to be happy. If that meant they started dating, well...he'd have to get over it. Just, hopefully they wouldn't have sex over here again. He couldn't take that one more time. Just the thought of Usagi-sensei doing it with Takahiro and never touching Misaki again made the boy want to cry.

"Misaki-kun?" his brother asked curiously when he hadn't received a response.

"U-un," Misaki finally piped up. He tried to tease back, so that Takahiro wouldn't suspect anything. "But...one of you should learn how to cook."

It seemed to work. Takahiro burst out laughing at that comment. But before he could form words, there was a knock at the door.

"Sumimasen," Takahiro excused himself.

"Go ahead."

Misaki felt extremely uneasy. Hadn't Takahiro insisted that they eat together tonight? Why would he invite a friend over?

The deep voice he suddenly heard in the hallway sent shivers down his body.

"Sorry to bother you, Takahiro. I just wanted to return this plate of yours."

"Eh? Did you steal it from me?" the man laughed in response.

"No, nothing like that. Your darling brother brought me dinner last night since he made too much for himself."

Darling? Misaki frowned deeply. He wished Usagi-sensei wouldn't say things like that when he was in love with Nii-chan.

"Eh?!" Takahiro exclaimed in surprise. "He's even feeding my best friend now? Wow, isn't Misaki-kun amazing?"

"Yes," Usagi agreed. "May I thank him for his thoughtfulness?"

"Of course! He's right in the—"

Misaki stepped into the hallway before he could finish. He bowed to Usagi-sensei and turned to his brother. "Nii-chan, do you mind cleaning up tonight? I want to continue my homework."

"That's fine—"

"Do you need help?" Usagi interrupted, a little too eagerly. "I'd like to repay you for your delicious food."

Misaki was taken aback by that offer. "N-no, the compliment is payment enough. Thank you." He bowed again, being overly formal so that maybe Usagi-sensei would get the hint.

"Misaki-kun!" Takahiro protested, horrified that his brother would reject such an intelligent tutor when his grades were, well...sub-par. "You could always use some help. Don't worry, it's no bother to Sensei."

God damn it. But this meant they'd be alone together! Although...would Usagi-sensei really try something with Takahiro around?

"...okay," Misaki gave in, feeling a little reassured at that thought. "Thank you, Usagi-sensei. My room is in here." Misaki turned toward his door.

"Oh! You two study bugs need snacks!" Takahiro exclaimed. "I'll run to the convenience store."

"No!" Misaki burst out fearfully. "I-I mean, I'm fine. We just ate."

"But this is brain food!" Takahiro pointed out, hoping that sweets would keep his brother motivated. "And it's no bother, Misaki-kun."

"I'm pretty hungry," Usagi chimed in with his opinion. Of course he would say that.

Then again, knowing Usagi-sensei's lack of cooking skills, he could literally be starving to death right under their noses...

"Then I'll be right back!" Takahiro announced happily.

And as soon as he was out the door, Usagi pounced.

"N-no! Usagi-sensei!" Misaki gasped as the man became a blur of lips and hands, touching, kissing, biting.

He pushed Misaki into his room and slid the screen shut (just in case) before yanking up his shirt. "I can't stop thinking about you," he purred as he tweaked a nipple.

"Stop it." Misaki was already panting. "He'll only be f-f-five minutes."

"That's all I need. You come fast."

Misaki's cheeks turned a bright shade of red. "J-jerk!" he yelled.

"As you wish," Usagi smirked, grabbing the front of Misaki's pants roughly.

"Nnn!" Misaki instantly felt himself swell against his jeans, making them tight and painful against his excitement. "Please," he accidentally gasped out.

He was shoved down onto his mat in the next second and his jeans were yanked down his hips. Cold hands grasped his hot flesh firmly, and he bucked a little bit as Usagi's tongue flicked against the tip. He wanted the man's entire mouth on him, but Usagi-sensei seemed content to tease him.

"M-more," Misaki pleaded, too far gone to watch his words.

Instead of getting what he expected, he suddenly felt one of Usagi's fingers slip inside him.

Misaki cried out in a mingle of outrage and pleasure at the intrusion. He thrust against it, pushing it in deeper, as Usagi simultaneously enveloped him with his mouth and sucked him off.

Misaki came in the next couple seconds, screaming out as he did so, and Usagi made a show of licking his fingers clean after the boy climaxed.

Misaki's body trembled as he tried to cool down and recover from the intensity of the experience. Usagi was killing him! How would he be able to give him up if he was becoming addicted to his touch? It was already better the second time around, even if it went by too fast. Misaki turned his face away from the man as a couple of tears rolled down his cheeks.

Concern showed on Usagi's face. "Misaki-kun, did I hurt you?" he asked worriedly.

Misaki's breathing was shaky as he answered quietly, "No..." Not physically, anyways.

Usagi was about to ask what was wrong then, when the boy choked out, "Why don't you confess already?!"

Usagi was stunned silent. "Misaki-kun..."

"I talked to my brother about it! He doesn't care who's gay, he wouldn't care if you're gay!" Suddenly his chest hurt, and it was really difficult to breathe. "H-he'll even try it with you...if it doesn't work with his girlfriend. So isn't that enough? You don't need a substitute anymore..." His thoughts hurt a whole lot worse when he voiced then out loud.

"Misaki-kun..." Usagi repeated. His eyes were soft. "Takahiro is happy with Manami. I can't take that away from him."

"He'd be happy with you!" Misaki-kun snapped. "Besides me, you're most important to him! It wouldn't be hard to love you!"

Usagi shook his head. "You're wrong, Misaki. If I confess, it's true he wouldn't reject me. He'd give it a shot out of pity and he might even mistake my feelings for his own. But then one day he'd realize that this isn't what he wants. Takahiro belongs in a family, with a cute wife to take care of him and lots of cute children. I don't fit into that picture."

Misaki started to choke up. "But you made that picture, not him! Stop trying to decide what's best for him!"

"I do know what's best for him. And I'll be happy if, in a year or two from now, he and Manami end up married. That's what he deserves." Usagi's firm voice wavered slightly. "Not someone who takes advantage of him when he gets drunk..."


"I don't want to be in a dishonest relationship..."

Was that why...Usagi-sensei wouldn't confess?

"And if Takahiro ever finds out what I've done..."

He felt...guilty?

"I'm sure he would hate me..."

Knowing this, hearing the pain in Usagi-sensei's voice, Misaki felt all of his own emotions swell up in his heart and bubble over. His tears spilled out down his face, and his shoulders began to shake a little bit.

Usagi's sad eyes widened a little in surprise. "Misaki-kun?" he asked softly. "Why are you crying?"

"B-because I want...Usagi-sensei...to be happy...," the boy sobbed.

It took a second for those words to sink in, but as soon as they did, Usagi felt a tug at his own heart. Never in his life had another person cried over his own sadness. But here was this kid, Takahiro's baby brother, who had seen him at his worst and been a victim of his sexual harassment and was still getting so worked up over an unrequited love that really had nothing to do with the boy at all...

Usagi grabbed Misaki-kun and wrapped him up tightly in his arms, placing one hand gently on the boy's head.

"Misaki-kun, it's okay," he murmured as Misaki continued to cry into his dress shirt.

And for once in Usami Akihiko's life, it really was okay. Because in that moment, he had realized what he truly wanted. And he had been freed from the crushing weight of loving someone who would never, ever love him back like he so desperately needed to be loved.

Because in that moment, Usami Akihiko had realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his days with someone who would cry over him, take care of him, and above all else, make him happy in a way that only Takahashi Misaki could.

"Misaki...I love you."