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Chapter 6: 30 Seconds to Meltdown

"W-what?" Misaki gasped out through his tears. He felt a little faint, and his heartbeat was going faster by the second. He must've heard the man wrong. He was vulnerable, and Usagi-sensei was holding him so tightly—his mind was getting carried away, playing tricks on him—

"Misaki, I love you," Usagi-sensei repeated in his deep, sexy voice.

"Ehhh?!" No way. This wasn't real. He just couldn't process it right now. Misaki freaked out and pushed the older man away roughly, but in his struggle to escape, he accidentally fell to the floor.

He was splayed out on his hands and knees, his bare ass completely on display. Usagi began to chuckle in amusement at the sight of it.

"Hey! Stop it, you jerk!" Misaki yelled at him in frustration. It was embarrassing enough that Usagi-sensei had done stuff to him there... S-speaking of which...if he enjoyed the penetration, did that definitely make him gay?

Well, it doesn't make you straight.

"But you're so cute."

Misaki jumped up, pulling his jeans back on even though they were all sticky, just because he didn't want Usagi-sensei staring at him. He waved a finger wildly in the man's face. "Listen here, it's all your fault for making me like this! What right do you have to make embarrassing comments and laugh at me?!"

Usagi tried hard not to smile at such a scolding.

"Now I'm going to clean up before Nii-chan gets back, so try to behave yourself!"

He stormed away and snapped the screen closed as loudly as he could without using too much force. He didn't want to have to explain a broken door to his brother, after all.

Misaki stepped into the shower and turned the water on. He planned on being really fast, but he tried to think of a reason he could give Takahiro just in case his brother showed up sooner than expected.

"Misaki-kun," Usagi's voice filtered in through the door.

Shit, why?! He could just picture the man, ready to pounce on him. He gulped and tried to ignore it. Just focus. He just needed to rinse off, and step out of the shower—

"Takahiro will be a bit longer."

That was it, no explanation. Usagi had probably called up Nii-chan and sent him on a wild goose chase for some kind of snack that didn't exist. Frustrated, Misaki snapped back, "Good! Maybe he won't notice you've been sexually harassing his little brother!"

"I thought I could use this opportunity to help you," Usagi purred.

F-fuck. Now he'd really caused a problem. A couple words in that deep, stupid voice and Misaki's mind was immediately back on what they'd been doing moments before. He began to tremble. "Go away!" he yelled, but even he knew it sounded weak. "W-what part of I need to clean up don't you understand?"

It's okay, he can't come in here, just deal with it and get out of the shower, Misaki ordered himself. He could do this quickly, no need to panic. He set the shower head down without turning the water off, so that the pervert wouldn't know what he was up to, and grabbed himself roughly. A blush rose to his cheeks even though he was alone.

And then the door opened.

Misaki let out a yelp and stumbled backwards, falling painfully on his ass. God, now there would definitely be an ache there tomorrow, and most likely a mark.

Usagi didn't waste any time advancing towards him. "Cute little Misaki," he murmured. "It's like you're trying to seduce me."

"N-no," he gasped. Of course he'd prefer Usagi's touch, but he couldn't take any more of it right now. "Nii-chan is—I just need—f-fast—"

Usagi just smirked back at him. "You're always fast." And as soon as the man knelt down, Misaki's brain went fuck it.

"Hey, Usagi-chan, did Misaki-kun tell you he likes a boy?" Takahiro grinned.

Misaki immediately started choking on the cookie that was in his mouth. "HEY!" he yelled, sputtering crumbs everywhere. "That is not what I said!"

True to his imagination, Usagi had sent his brother on a wild goose chase, and Takahiro had finally returned with a thousand apologies and the usual convenience store haul. Only to assist in Misaki's perpetual torment.

Usagi raised an eyebrow as if he was curious, but Misaki knew he was smirking at him from the inside. "Oh? What did you say then, Misaki?"

The boy's face was flushed. No way he was repeating what he'd confided in Takahiro to the damned rabbit. "I said there's a boy who likes ME," he clarified haughtily.

"I bet you can't wait to go back to school tomorrow," his big brother teased.

Usagi maintained his poker face very well, but Misaki still noticed the way his eyes darkened slightly. "What's at school?"

Takahiro blinked in surprise and then started to laugh, thinking his best friend was playing dumb. "You almost had me there, Usagi-chan! Misaki will be reunited with his soon-to-be boyfriend, of course."

Misaki immediately rose to his feet, pink from head to toe. "I will never have a boyfriend!" he swore in outrage at his brother's comment.

Usagi didn't seem quite as amused anymore, though. His expression remained unreadable, and something about it just gave Misaki a bad feeling. "What's the boy at school like?" he asked smoothly.

Misaki gulped as he stared right at "the boy." Maybe Usagi would catch on if he hinted hard enough, instead of plotting a fictional person's murder. "Well, he's...y-you know, very—se—h—good looking." He cleared his throat, thankful his brother hadn't interrupted. "He's creative, but kind of withdrawn, and he doesn't take no for an answer." Misaki stared pointedly at Usagi, but the man didn't even blink.

Of course, the clues went right over Takahiro's head as well, and he simply responded with an approving, "He sounds very cool. Just like Usagi-san." Then he turned and smiled at the other man. "You know, Misaki-kun thinks the two of us might make a good match, if you would learn how to cook," he teased.

It took everything Misaki had to keep his jaw in place. Was Takahiro flirting? He gulped and tried not to show any signs of distress, but he gazed intently at Usagi-sensei, waiting for his response.

"Sorry, Takahiro, but I've got my heart set on someone else right now," Usagi returned with a good-natured smile. It looked out of place on a man that was usually up to no good. "And you've got Manami," he added gently.

Misaki blinked. Even if it had been a joke, had Usagi honestly just rejected Takahiro?

"Eh? A mystery love?" Takahiro exclaimed, his eyes sparkling. "Wow, Usagi-san, I thought you would never settle down! Who is she?"

She. Sure, it was all fine to joke about being gay on the side, but when it came down to true love, Takahiro automatically placed Usagi-sensei with a woman in his head.

"Nii-chan! Why can't you respect other people's feelings?" Misaki suddenly snapped.

His brother quieted instantly and looked at him in surprise. "Misaki-kun? Did I offend you?"

He shook himself out of it. Damn, he had a crazy temper sometimes. "No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell." He got up quickly. "Excuse me, I think I should go to bed now. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Takahiro murmured, still stunned. He turned to Usagi after Misaki had gone. "What did I do?"

Usagi just shook his head. "He's a good kid, Takahiro. I think he wanted you to stop prying because he thought it might upset me. You should be proud of him, always thinking of other people."

Takahiro nodded. "I am proud. Are...you okay? I wasn't trying to pry."

"I know, don't worry," his friend smiled back. "Although...I would really like to meet this boy Misaki is so infatuated with. He spoke of him with a lot of passion, didn't he?" Usagi frowned.