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Rise of the Kitsune Ashikabi

chapter 1: Beginning of a new journey

The day was very quiet, the sun was out and the sky was clear, a light breeze coming from the north the trees all in blossom, that was one of the rare moments in Tokyo that you could actually call peaceful.

Amber eyes looked at the sky while his mind was working overtime too remember what had happened to him. The young man came to a sitting position and looked around not remembering how he came to this park at all, that was until he caught sight of a mop of blonde hair laying a few feet away from him.

He got up on and started walking toward it, when he finally caught sight of the face who owned the blonde spikes, he was also very young maybe the same age as the boy standing over him, sun kissed hair, and whisker like scars on his cheeks,he was wearing a black and orange track suit with a red trench coat with black flames on the bottom, he also had a very goofy grin on his face while he mumbled on his sleep something that sounded like "sakura-chan". The boy standing over him just sighed and gave the blond boy a kick on the ribs waking him up.

Naruto shot open as he was hit by the kick cerulean eyes looking all around while the body twitched making him jump from his previous spot and landing in a crouch position while scanning the area around him for any sign of a treat. His blue eyes then fell on a boy around his age standing there with an amused grin on his face.

Said boy had spiky red hair with some golden locks and a few bangs on his face the stopped just above his Amber eyes that had a feral glint to them, he was wearing a blood red long sleeved shirt with a stylized black trench coat that had bright red flames licking the end of it, he also had black cargo pants and black sandals with fingerless gloves.

"Damn it Arazel you could at had just called me you know?" Naruto said relaxing now that he saw that it was his brother who was standing there. "You don't have to kick me every time you wake up before me" he continued looking a little bit mad for being waked up on such manner.

"Well, I could... but wouldn't be half the fun it was." Arazel told his brother with a smirk before getting a serious expression on his face. "Besides we still need to figure where the hell are we."

Naruto finally looked around and saw the park he was in, the city and the people giving them weird looks like the two of them were crazy. "Wait what happened to the forest, the snakes and the teme?

"I have a theory but you may not like it." Arazel said looking unnerved as he look around. "Remember that we were taking the Hiraishin to a new level? Traveling not just between time and space but also between dimensions to move even faster?" he asked receiving a nod from the blond before his face went to one of curiosity. "You mean that we-" "traveled between dimensions and got stuck on one of them? Yes. And I have no idea of how to go back."

Naruto just looked at him like he grew a second head before sighing and getting up from the spot he has seated. "Well then. Until we find a way back I think we could look for a place to stay?" His brother just nodded and followed him to outside the park.


The first thing they noticed was that everyone there spoke the same language as them, very helpful, the second one was that they looked all over the city and no one would let them stay because they either didn't had a job or because they didn't had anything to their names, not even documents.

At the end of the day they only had the name of the place they were, apparently the name was Shinto Teito or Tokyo, and the second was the direction to some place called Izumo Inn that someone was kind enough to give to them.

So now they were heading North and chatting about what happened to them before they got here. "So you mean that something on OUR seal, must have failed so we end up here? You know that we are level 10 seal masters and our seals aren't supposed to fail right?" Naruto asked to his redheaded companion. "I know but if it was right then we would be still there holding the teme head." Arazel replied in some kind of annoyed tone. "besides we were supposed to to what we did, we just didn't got back." he continued, the blonde sighed it really was starting to annoy him, one moment they are fighting Sasuke who was still alive even after Madara's defeat and the other they are in other dimension? Murphy sure hated their guts a lot.

"Well nothing we can do about it now is there? So lets just go to this Inn and-"

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Naruto only had time to look up before someone landed on him throwing both of them on the ground. He looked up only to see a pair of white panties and a very amused Arazel on the corner of his eyes. He was brought out of his thoughts after the girl on top of him moaned in pain while sitting in front of the blonde, she had a white gi top with a red skirt that stopped on mid tights, Brown combat boots that went to her knees and had short brown hair that was done in a hime style with a few bangs covering her face and one antenna like bang and a pony tail that went to her waist and she also had dark brown eyes, she also had a very mature figure, wide hips curvaceous legs that looked a mile long, and breasts that could compete with Tsunade. All in all "Beautiful..."

"ugh I knew it was a bad idea jumping from high places..." she moaned before she noticed the blond staring a her with a confused look on his eyes. "Hey mister, you were the one who catch me right?" She quickly got up and helped him while he nodded dumbly still trying to figure how she jumped from a place that high or how she got there in the first place.

"Thank you so much! Musubi wouldn't know what to do with you hadn't catch her!" The now identified Musubi thanked him in a way too cheerful way before something seemed to click on her head and just as Naruto would ask her what was wrong she jumped on him taking him away from a lightning strike that hit the place they were in not a moment ago.

Arazel got in a fighting stance as he looked up to see what or who threw that, no one around this place felt like they had chackra at all, well now that he stopped to think about it Musubi had some low jounin reserves, but that was for another time.

Looking up he saw to woman obliviously twins, they were wearing leather B&S suits and looked exactly the same, long black hair tied in two pony tails that went to mid back, somewhat of yellow eyes and feral grins, the differences were that one of them was wearing a blue leather suit and the other had the same outfit only that it was dark purple, the only other difference was that the one in blue had way larger breasts then the one in purple, but it stopped right there.

Both of them still had their arms extended from the attack with lightning sparks dancing around their fingers. "Hey! Stop running and fight us already!" the one in blue yelled at Musubi, wich made Arazel turn to her. "Uh do you know this girls?" he asked and received a nod. "they were running after me for the hole day trying to fight me." she answered him, her eyes never leaving the girls on the roofs.

"So stop running and fight us already! Come on Hibiki we need to get her!" The one in blue said as she jumped after the Musubi with her sister Hibiki just after her. "you know Hikari some times you just don't have any patience at all do you?" She said jumping after Hikari and landing in front of Musubi and shot a lighting bolt at the girl who jumped to side and tackled Naruto before getting up again. "But I can't fight yet! I haven't found my Ashikabi!" She yelled at the B&S twins who simply got feral grins. "That's exactly why we are fighting you now stand still so we can zap you!" she said Throwing more lightning at Musubi who took Naruto's hand and begun to run away at top speed leaving a cloud of dust behind her with a dumbstruck Arazel standing on the sideways and a slightly mad Hikari too. "Come on sis we are leaving, we can find the girl later, or maybe not the blond kid probably will wing her."

"Wait what do you mean wing? Who the hell are you girls?" Arazel asked them, Hikari and Hibiki simply looked at him and their cheeks flushed red for a bit and their body temperature raised a lot and how could Arazel tell something like that? He was simply that good. "Sorry but couldn't tell you handsome, maybe some other day?" Hikari answered him before jumping on a building followed by Hibiki.

The red head just sighed shoved his hands on his pockets and started to walk on the direction Musubi ran off to humming to himself.

With Naruto and Musubi

After running for almost half an hour Musubi finally stopped at the side of the river, looking back she noticed that she was still holding Naruto's hand. "Oh I'm so sorry I didn't noticed that I was still holding your hand! Musibi is so sorry!" she exclaimed with watery puppy eyes who would made almost anyone scream KAWAII! but Well Naruto was better than that way better.

"Hehe don't worry I was actually thinking how did you run so fast back there?" he asked her making her go back to normal. " Oh, that's why Musubi is a Sekirei!" she replied cheerfully throwing her fist in the air.

"And what are Sekirei?" he asked her hoping he could get some information on what was going on around there, until now he was just dumbstruck and acting with the flow, not a smart decision but he didn't had any information so he didn't had a choice.

"We are... hum I forgot..." she said to him making him sweat drop and then got up. "Well then we might as well then find Arazel and then head to that Izumo Inn I've heard about and see if you can remember anything alright?" He asked her making her smile widen a little. "Of course! But Musubi don't know your na-" before she finished the sentence she fainted on his arms.


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