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"This is not a good dream." Shepard groaned as she opened her eyes. She looked around what looked suspiciously like Huerta Memorial. "Goddamn hospitals, goddamn doctors..."

"I've got good news and bad news." Hackett stepped into the room and interrupted her next expletive. He sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

"Is ryncol involved?" Shepard reached a hand up to the bandage wrapped around her head. "If there's no ryncol, I'm not interested."


"Fine, what's the good news?" She sighed.

"You're not dying."

"What?" She dropped her hand to stare at him in shock. "What. The. Fucking. Fuck?"

"The doctors made a mistake. The shock-wave from the Crucible appears to have fried your implants and knocked your biotics out of commission. The readings that they got at the time from your brain...caused confusion and concern," Hackett explained.

"Can I shoot them? The doctors, I mean, because I really feel the need to cause them permanent death." Shepard was not feeling all that grateful for the good news. "They couldn't have figured this shit out eleven months ago and saved months of enforced celibacy? I don't do celibacy well."

"Doctor Chakwas wanted me to remind you that she told you at the time that additional testing was needed before they were certain." Hackett raised an eyebrow at her.

"So…that's a no, I can't shoot them." Shepard glared up at him. "Are you sure?"

"They are a hundred percent sure that you aren't in danger of dying…at least from the Crucible." Hackett seemed greatly relieved.

"No, not about that, I mean about shooting the fucking doctors." Shepard laughed then immediately regretted it since her head still throbbed a little.

Hackett shook his head with an amused grin. "Careful or they won't let me take you home."


"Well, a temporary one for the moment, I've got this great vacation rental on the coast. It's on a secure Alliance base, so no crowds, no people wanting your attention or mine." Hackett took her hand in his.

"What will we do to kill time?" Shepard found herself feeling much better all of a sudden.

"A year is a long damn time not to touch you, Shepard." Hackett brushed her cheek with his knuckles. "I'm confident that I can find a way to keep you busy."

"Wait a minute; you said bad news and good news. What's the bad news?" Shepard suddenly remembered his earlier statement.

"Ahh, yes, it seems that your biotics are still not working. They replaced your implant with a new one. But…they have no idea if they'll work again. You'll have to try them out when you're feeling better." Hackett's attention was pulled away by a doctor stepping into the room.

"Admiral?" Doctor Michel stood just inside the door. "A moment, please?"

Shepard watched him started to leave. She needed to say something, and she wasn't sure. She glanced down at her hands, what the hell, might as well give it a try. The doctors were clearly idiots. Shepard raised a hand up and froze Hackett mid-step in a biotic stasis. She grinned at the doc.

"He'll join you in a second, Doc." Shepard waved the woman out of the room, and then released Hackett.

"Well, I guess it was good news and better news." Hackett turned back towards her.

"Hackett?" She reached out to take his hand when he moved within reach.


Shepard stared down at their joined hands for a moment before finally looking up into his eyes. "I'm sorry that I didn't…you know."

"Talk to me before you disappeared?" He suggested helpfully.

She huffed at him in annoyance. "I'm trying to…I love you, jackass."

Hackett chuckled for a moment then leaned down to gently kiss her. "I love you too, Shepard."