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He had one job.

"Quote, I need you to go into Type-A and rescue the mystery man. He communicated with me and told me of this situation." Ness said to Quote.

Among the midst of battle, he was trying his best to fight off the opposing side and find Type-A. He fired his spur at full charge. He didn't have a whole lot of time to stick around. He quickly began to dash around using his booster v2.0. After boosting upwards, he saw Type-A in the distance. Falling down to let his booster recharge, he started to move towards Type-A. Slashing his blade as he passed enemies, he ran towards Type-A. The robot saw this coming though, and prepared to capture him.

"Perfect!" Quote jumped as high as he could and let the mechanical beast swallow him.

Once inside, what he saw horrified him. green ghosts invading the others, creatures trying desperately to find a way out. They were trapped in a large dome. Empty, but with pipes leading to and from places.

His entry into Type-A left him very little time to dodge a green ghost charging at him. He quickly boosted out of the way and sliced with his blade. The green ghost yelled silently as the blade severed the ghost. Unknowingly, Quote had taken the Beast Fang and attached it to the tip of the blade. The Beast Fang is known to destroy curses, so with it, he had some immunity to the green ghost's overpowering attacks. (*) Quickly searching around, he saw a tunnel that lead to the command room. He crept slowly, making sure no other ghost saw him. Once inside, he saw Mr. L in front of a pedestal with two young boys on it. He silently charged up the spur and walked closely to him. When he got closer, he saw that the 2 boys were beaten heavily. He turned the corner and let loose his Spur. He heard a yell and a *Thump*. He quickly ran towards the two boys; grabbing one of them with an open arm and tying another to his back with the Tow Rope. As he was leaving, the alarm inside Type-A went off and heard screaming.

"Get them! Ghosts, come here now!" Mr. L commanded. Knowing he didn't have much time now, he quickly switched to his Super Missiles and let all of them loose. All 162* Super Missiles hit Type-A in a concentrated spot and left a hole big enough to get out. He quickly boosted through there, keeping the blade handy in case any ghosts tried anything funny. He started to fall out of the sky, where Type-A was situated on. As he fell, he saw something coming from the distance. Squinting, he saw it was Balrog with Curly on his back. Curly waved to him as Balrog maneuvered over to catch them.

"Thank goodness you're all right." Curly started. "What's with those two boys?" She asked, seeing that Quote had both of them secured. Having very little speech systems, He briefly explained the situation to them. As they nodded, they started to fly back to the Falcon Flyer. As they were flying though, something had fired a magic shot and had hit Balrog in the wings. Balrog winced in pain and started to descend before their destination. They crash landed on a cliff, near the ocean. As they quickly recuperated, they saw their pursuer slowly approach them. It was Ghirahim, with blade of dark magic in his hand approaching. Quote quickly told curly to get away with the two and get to the Falcon Flyer. She nodded and picked the two boys up and started to run towards the others. Ghirahim, seeing this started to follow her, but Quote blocked him off.

"Not on my watch, pal." Quote threatened, brandishing his Blade with his Spur by his side.

Samus and Captain Falcon, minutes before this happened, quickly contacted Lucas.

"Lucas, how's everything going? Is Operation Party Members going well?"

"The Chimera inside him is lashing out. He's trapped inside those cybernetic pieces, and I... I'm scared. The helmet's also pretty sweaty. Quote's rescuing us, there's a blonde girl and a soap box thing helping them. They're flying away and this strange-looking pale man is flying towards them, with a bunch of Boos following right behind him. The villain is- is-is- AAAAAHHHH!"

"LUCAS! Answer me! Who's the villain controlling Luigi? Where's Mario and Yoshi? Did they leave the docking port of Type A? What's a Tetronimoe Bomb? Can someone connect me to Solid Snake?" Samus slammed her fist onto the keyboard. On the screen popped up a video camera of some green ghosts and a possessed Guru-Guru guarding a door and the walkway above it. She could hear the faint noise of rustling and saw a corner of a cardboard box slide into view. She smiled and pressed a button as the box spit out a beeping device that released a red cloud. When the fog cleared, three ghosts were trapped in glass capsules and Guru-Guru was knocked out.

"Everything's going according to plan! C'mon, Undertaker! Show me ya moves!" Falcon cheered on as he watched a screen on the console.

"Douglas! Are you watching WWE again?"

"Nope, I'm giving commands!" He smiled as Undertaker and Randy Savage jumped off the patrolling Halberd and started body-slamming into Type A. Samus watched as a rectangular figure with 4 characters on his back were spiraling towards the ocean, with green figures zooming after them. Moments later, a brawl was about to begin.

Quote and Ghirahim charged. They tried to slash each other, but they ended clashing their swords. They both backed up and Quote started to charge his Spur. Ghirahim took the opportunity to teleport behind him and slash him. Luckily, Quote was able to dodge the majority of the slice, but was still struck by the blade. Quote flinched in pain, and quickly charged. Ghirahim took the opportunity to teleport behind him again, but Quote was ready. He let loose his Spur behind him where Ghirahim unfortunately teleported. Ghirahim was launched backwards from the blast, and was knocked off his feet. Sliding back, he quickly got back up and charged his blade. Quote did the same, and they charged once again. Quote swung his blade, and out came a blast of energy. Following this, he spun around and swung hard. Ghirahim had dissipated the blast of energy, but for some reason, the energy stayed. King, whose soul was bound in the Blade stopped Ghirahim's attack. Unable to block Quote's swing, he took the blade's full strike.

Before Ghirahim was able to get up, Quote quickly jabbed the Beast Fang into his chest, hoping that it would get rid of the Green Ghost that resided inside of him. It seemed to work, and Ghirahim's body returned to normal. Quote, satisfied with his job, started to walk away slowly, back to headquarters. About thirty minutes later though, Another Green Ghost found its way to Ghirahim and merged with his body again.

Rubyyoshi's Note: I'm curious to know how many people knew about the Beast Fang. Also, if you know where I got the idea that the Beast Fang destroys curses, you are awesome.

Yes they are, Ruby. Yes they are. Anyway, will Ghirahim take revenge on Quote? What are wrestling stars doing in the world of Smash? What is Lucas' Operation Party Members? Tune in next time to find out! This is APC99 and Rubyyoshi, wishing that you play Cave Story and know which ending this Quote came from!