The Goblin King *********************************

I lay in supposed slumber, thinking of the night as wind whispers of the Dark One whose cruelty sheds moonlight.

I feel my eyes begin to burn. They close of their own free will. My body's limp as a ragdoll, and my heart is still.

The lightning strikes and thunder rolls. Rain dances on the roof. I hear the hooting of the owl. He's come. There's my proof.

He gave my brother back to me, but only on one condition. I am his to do with as he will. I'm now the Daughter of Perdition.

The window creaks, the lock is lifted. It slowly opens, giving way under the pressure of the wind, held by him at bay.

Soft footsteps on the floorboards, I hear as echoes linger. I feel him tracing my jaw and lips with leather-gloved fingers.

Darkness and shadow enclose me. A carress trevels my cheek. I gaze into the horrible dark, now knowing whom I seek.

Do I shriek in the nervous silence? Leap from my bed to safer light? No, I choose the Dark Prince, rule of mystic night.

He whispers a silken promise, softly in my ear. His lips are pressed up to it, so only I can hear.

His ice blue eyes and moon-pale hair, his lips full and pale; what a godly creature he is. His charm works without fail.

His promise lingers with me, like some demonic sign. He lips against my throat whisper, "Dark Ravyn, you are mine."