They Finally Get To Have Cereal

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Imaging my surprise when I discovered that all those TV commercials had a section completely dedicated to themselves! Oh, am I going to have so much fun with these.

The Trix Rabbit and Lucky the Lucky Charms leprechaun were in Seaside Hill's Whale Lagoon, watching the killer whales jumping from one pool to the next as the two were eating their own cereals, the sea breeze comforting them.

"Those kids... they don't know when to quit." The Trix Rabbit stated to Lucky as he gobbled on some Trix, letting out a sigh of relief after gulping the cereal down. "After all these years, now I finally can have Raspberry Red, Lemony Yellow, Organey Orange..."

"All right, silly rabbit. We're not in a commercial, you know." Lucky pinpointed after gulping down his own cereal. "But I do agree, these cereals really are good. Especially mine, which has Hearts, stars, and horseshoes. Clovers and blue moons. Pots of gold and rainbows. And me red balloons!"

Awkward silence as the Trix Rabbit and Lucky stared at each other, both of them laughing cheerfully afterwards as they continued munching on their cereals, both being so happy that there were no annoying, pesky kids to ruin their breakfast.