Chapter 1

Michelle POV

Running my finger nail over the wooden photo frame; I stare at the picture of me, my brother and my mum, that was taken two years ago. I live with my brother - Sam Uley - after our mother died from breast cancer a year ago. The house phone blares, taking my attention off the photo.

"Hello?" I answer my voice still heavy with sleep.

"Michelle have you heard?" Kim's voice screeches down the phone, making me pull the phone away from my ear.

"Heard what?" I ask as I put some toast in the toaster.

"The La push high school's been burnt down by some drunken teenagers so tomorrow everyone from that school is coming to Forks!" Kim answers; I can hear a smile on her voice. Bollocks! That means Sam will be at my school now!

"Does that mean I get to meet this guy you been going on about?" I smiles as I spread chocolate spread on my toast.

"Jared doesn't know I like him, Michelle!"

"Oh but you write his surname at the end of your name all over you diary." I smirk as she giggles in return; I can here talking in the background.

"Oh, shit! Mum's home I have to go. See you tomorrow."


Putting the phone back on the phone I finish the toast and place the plate in the sink. Checking the cupboards; I notice they're empty. Running into my small green bedroom, I grab a pair of green shorts, grey baggy t-shirt and my brown ankle boots. Brushing my hair and leaving it messy. I add mascara, a bit of gold eye shadow and concealer and was off towards my Black 2007 Ford F-150 FX4 that Sam got me on my last birthday.

Town was only five minutes away in the car; ten walking but I fancy a lazy day. Driving past La Push High School, it's now nothing but black bricks on the floor. An audience is gathering around, my brother is there with his girlfriend and my good friend - Leah Clearwater.

Sam and Leah wave at me as I drive past but I'm too busy loving the feel of the wind in my hair to care about anything or anyone. Passing Billy Black's house I see his son Jacob Black playing with his friends Embry Call and Quil Ateara. They're throwing round a football, laughing - they look fun to be around.

Parking in the car park outside the supermarket, I lock the door, purse in hand. It's quiet as I walk around picking up and throwing food in. Mike Newton is with his mum as I turn a corner and go down the fruit and vegetable aisle. Grabbing apples and raspberries, I smile at Mrs. Newton and Mike.

"Michelle!" Mike says as I pick up a bag of potatoes, his blonde hair and blue eyes are filled with his normal cheerful look, "Have you seen Bella this weekend? I've been trying to get in contact with her but it's always Charlie that picks up."

"I have no idea, Mike. Sorry. I did try and phone her yesterday but Charlie picked up. If she's not in tomorrow I'll go over to her house with you." I say, placing potatoes into the trolley, "Don't worry, Mike. I bet she's fine."

"Ok!" Mike said as he waves and goes back to his waiting mum. I continue food shopping…


Putting the last of the food away, I walk over to the bookcase; my bare feet echoing around the empty house. Picking up the book I always read 'The Quileute Legends' I flop onto the sofa and open it at the front. I've already read about the first spirit warrior and the third wife.

I've always been a believer of the supernatural. I believe that vampires, werewolves, elves, fairies etc exist but there in hiding. Not yet ready to show themselves to the world or they try and be human. My blood line used to change to wolves, Sam doesn't believe but I do and Vampires as well. I believe vampires go to my school Forks High School. There are seven of them and they're exactly how they describe them in the book - pale, golden eyed, graceful, quick etc.

Sam's motorbike can be heard as I put the book back and turn the oven on. The front door - which is a patio door - opens and closes.

"Hey, Michelle!" Sam say as he placed his motorbike helmet on the table. Taking his jacket off he comes to sit on the kitchen counter.

"Hi, how's Leah?" I ask as I put the jacket potatoes in the oven.

"She's good but nerves about going to Forks." Sam says as I sit on the kitchen counter opposite him, "It's just a shock that someone wants to burn the school down."

"It's not really a shock!" I say my eyebrows knitting together, "If you don't wanna go into school, then burn it down. Simple explanation!" I continue as Sam looks at me as if I was crazy. Right change of subject! I though."What you going to do tonight?"

"Some mates are going to come over." Sam says as he grabs an apple.

"I have work tonight. I won't finish till around midnight so I'll be out of your way." I answer, grabbing my HTC Butterfly to see that I have a text from Kim, Angela and Eric.

"Why does she make you work so late?" Sam asks as he throws the apple into the bin.

"Because I'm her favourite waitress." I say as I jump down from the counter, "You can finish tea, Sam."

"Lazy Bitch!" I hear him mutter.

Throwing a cushion at him, he moves out the way before it hits him in the face. Smiling, I stick my tongue out at him as he gives me the finger. So immature… I thought as I go outside to sit on the patio.

I'm not working tonight: Got a day off. Meet you in the Car Park at school tomorrow.

Luv Kim xx

I'm working tonight! I reply as I hear Sam start to plate everything up in the kitchen. Cya tomorrow. Love M xx

The next text was from Angela:-

Hi! Have you heard from Bella? I haven't! I'll meet you in art tomorrow. A

Hiya! Mike asked me the same question but I haven't. I told him if she's not in tomorrow then we'll go over. M

The last was Eric:-

I have to go to New York to visit family next week so I won't be in.

Have a good time. M

"Get your arse in here and eat, El!" Sam shouts using my nickname.


Sitting down at the table, the patio door is open letting cool air fill the stuffy hot room. The October sky is darkening over the line of trees. My stomach growls with hunger as I stuff my face with the food. Looking up, I notice my brothers tanned face and light brown eyes continuing to look at me as if I'm crazy.

Raising my eyes he just raises his back and continues eating. For once in my life I finish before Sam as I dump my plate in the sink and head into my room to get ready for work. My work outfit is a black pencil skirt that goes just past my knees, black six-inch heels and a short sleeved white shirt. Brushing my brown hair in to a sleek ponytail, I put my fringe as a quiff.

Grabbing my fake leather jacket I put it on, putting my phone, money and keys in the pocket as well. Walking out I hear my brother's PS3 on and unfamiliar voices. My heels are loud on the wooden floor as I walk to the front door.

"Bye, Sam!" I shout as I pass them. There is Sam and two others none of them look up as I pass but as I leave towards the car I feel a pair of eyes on my arse, "Prick!" I whisper as I start the car.

The place I work in is called Revelation. It's owned by Mrs. Banner who's married to my biology teacher, Mr. Banner. She's a nice lady but the restaurant is in between Forks and La Push. It's only really a restaurant at night time and a café in the daytime.

Me, Kim and Angela work for her when we don't have school but it's only really busy at night time. We wear the same uniform and wear our hair the same way but the other waitresses wear their hair differently. Parking in the staff car park I see the front car park is packed. Putting my bag in Mrs. Banner's office. I nod to Rosy who's working now so can take over her tables. Getting my tray, I turn to Rosy.

"Oh My God, Michelle. There are two really fit guys on table 12." Rosy say as I smile at her, she's a nice girl but she is always after something with a dick. Hugging me softly she's gone then as I go to check if my tables need anything…


Rosy was right the guys are fit. They seem to have something about them that scream badass and rich. All the girls and women are staring at them but the guys don't seem to notice or mind.

"Have you decided what you would like yet, lads?" I ask as I smiled at them; the notepad and pen in my hand, "Or would you like some more time?"

"We've decided thank you." The one with the darkest hair says. His features are smooth and I couldn't help but stare at his clear skin, "I'll have the Bourbon Chicken, please."

"That's fine, sir" I say. God… Those eyes are dark and mysteries, "What about you?" I ask the other one that didn't seem to be that mysterious but his features are sharp and athletic.

"I'll have the fish and chips, thank you." He says, his dark green eyes on me. They're as green as grass but as watery as the sea.

"Is that all I can do for you, lads?" I ask.

"My name is Adam." The mysterious one says, "And this is my friend Declan."

"Nice to meet both. My name is Michelle Uley. Your meals will be around shortly." I reply as Adam gives a crooked smirk that makes me blush against my russet skin.

Walking away I feel their eyes on me as I gave the order to Rowan the cook. Rowan's 23 with smooth clear skin and muscular arms but he still has a slight baby face. Mrs. Banner is at the bar and Niamh Hall is the other waitress working.

Going to my next table it's Billy Black and his son Jacob.

"Hello, my names Michelle Uley. I'm your waitress this evening. What can I get you both to drink?" I ask as Jacob eyes me up and down and Billy smiles warmly at me.

"I'd like a foster's beer, Michelle, please." Billy says as he looks back down at the menu.

"What about you, sir?" I ask, turning to Jacob who blushes when I look at him.

"A coke, please." He replies, his husky voice shaking.

Going to the bar I tell Mrs. Banner the drinks then went to clear table six. My side is quiet but Niamh's is busy as I give Billy and Jake their drinks, "Do you know what you want yet?" I ask.

"Two fish and chips." Billy answers as I nod and turned to let but got by Billy, "Oh, Michelle, how is your Brother? Is he well?"

"Sam's fine, Billy." I say, my eyes drawn together in confusion, "He's well and happy with Leah Clearwater."

"Good, I'm glad to hear!"

Turning back the bell rang for me. Picking it up I went to table 12 with the meals. Placing them in front of them, I see Adam look at me careful as if looking to see if I'm ill.

"Thank you." They both say.

"Anything else I could get you?" I say, my eyes skimming over Adam's lean body and Declan's athletic one.

"A refill of lemonade, Michelle?" Declan asks as Adam shakes his head.

"Right away!" Taking his empty glass, I wait for Mrs. Banner to do a refill as I give it back to him. I go to table 10 that's now with the Clearwater family, "Hello, My name is Michelle Uley. I'll be your waitress this evening. What would you like to drink?"

Harry smiles brightly at me as he answers, "A foster's beer, please. Leah?"

"An appletiser, Michelle." Leah says, not taking her eyes off the menu.

"An orange juice." Seth says as he grins at me - I grin back.

"Wow you've grown up!" Sue comments, "And you look so much like your mum. How's your art going at school, dear?"

"My art's going great, Sue. Thank you." I reply.

"I'm glad. I'd like a small glass of red wine please." Sue winks.

Going to get there drinks. I got waved down by Table one who wanted more tomato sauce before I can give the Clearwater's their drinks.

"Here are your drinks." I say as I got a thank you in return, "What would you like to eat?"

"Can I have the Bang Bang Shrimp, dear?" Sue says as she put the menu down.

"Sure. Seth?"

"Pizza, El." Seth answers using my nickname which makes me smirk.

"And two Spaghetti's." Harry says.

"That's fine. If you need anything then just give me a shout!" I smile as I wink at Seth before I leave, "Rowan, we have one Bang Bang Shrimp, one pizza and two spaghetti's!"

"Sure, Sweetie!" He calls back from round the back of the kitchen, "Order for table six is ready!"

Going to Billy's table, I see the clock strike 7:00 which means it's near busy hour. Refilling Jacob's drink and giving it to him, Billy stops me.

"There's a bonfire this Friday coming. Can you and Sam come?" Billy asks as he gives me what looks like puppy eyes… Seriously!

"I'm off that weekend and I'll ask Sam. Can I invite my friends?" I ask as Jacob seems to have great interest in my breasts.

"Go head. I'll see you Friday then" Nodding I headed to table 12.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" I ask as I stack the plates up.

"No thank you, Michelle." Adam says, "Only the bill."

"Sure." I reply as I take the plates to the kitchen and grab their bill from Mrs. Banner, "Here you go, lads."

Giving the Clearwater's their food Adam and Declan have already left when I go to clear the glasses. They've left a huge tip which I place in my pocket and the night continues like that for five hours…


Grabbing by bag from the office, my feet ache from the heels as I enter my car. Driving fast back home I find I'm too tired to shower as I strip to my underwear. Lying on my back facing the ceiling I let my thoughts flow through me…

The reason I don't go to La Push High School is because Forks has a better art class…It's going to be hell tomorrow with Sam breathing down my neck all day. And then you have Lauren and Jessica who seem to be picking on me lately which is…

I don't finish before I drift asleep. Dreaming of a white wolf…

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