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Starskulls- Star

Lokithenightfury- Loks

Mystichawk- Llana

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In the Pole, Jack Frost was sitting in North's office, looking at the new laptop he had been given last Christmas. It had been a gift from his other fellow guardians and reason for this was that in the summer when Jack couldn't do much, they had given him this apple laptop. It was really cool although Bunny didn't seem to find it very interesting.

It was nearly the end of winter so Jack had to let all of his precious snow melt so all the kids could go back to school. As much as the kids had hated this, education was unfortunately important in mortal's cases. Thankfully Jack didn't have to go to school and for this he was glad. He couldn't be stuck inside a murky old classroom for six hours.

Yawning, Jack opened his laptop and logged in so he was looking at his snow covered background. What could he go on? He had heard Jamie talking about something called Google and that you could search anything on it but what could he search? His mind then slipped to outside North's window, where the stars where starting to appear. Jack's electric blue eyes watched them in fascination as they twinkled like diamonds and then a thought came to him.

"Stars are strange. I haven't looked at them like this" Jack said softly. His mother had always told him that when family members passed on, they would turn into stars and they would watch over their remaining family members. He felt like a professor now but that wasn't Jack Frost's style but it would be interesting to find out about stars.

Going onto Google, he quickly typed in information about stars and his eyes were wide with awe as he clicked enter and scrolled down the page at the beautiful pictures. He never knew what they looked like up close. They were something. But then his eyes caught something else.

He then saw something that had star in the name but it wasn't actually a star. It was a username for someone who was an author on a website called 'Fanfiction'. Jack hadn't heard of this before but he knew that 'Fiction' was something that people made up themselves like a story or something like that. Curiosity got the better of him as he scrolled down and clicked on the name.

He came onto the author's profile to find out that the author was a female and she went by many names. She was known as 'The Master of Cliff hangers' and 'The Guardian of Cupcakes. Jack scoffed at these names. Whoever heard of a cupcake guardian? There wasn't even a day, month or season for it! As for cliff hangers, whatever they were, what kind of person would call themselves that? his answer was discovered as he saw that the profile said she was fourteen and crazy.

"What a weirdo! Let's see what she writes about then" Jack said looking closely at the profile and the next thing he read caught him by surprise. It turns out she was obsessed with the film 'Rise of the Guardians' and she was writing loads of stories for it! When he searched the film up, he saw that it was actually featured about them! He would look at that film later but for now, he wanted to see more of this Starskulls which was the author's full name.

He scrolled to the bottom of the page to find all of her stories which were mostly about them. They were actually mainly about him which made him grin. He randomly clicked on the one that was named 'Tortured' and he read it with his eyes capturing every word. But they then went wide with horror as he read more.

North, Bunny, Tooth and Sandy who were sitting by the globe having a nice chat were suddenly startled when they heard their youngest guardian let out a piercing scream that sent them running to the office like rockets.

His scream echoed all the way through the Pole and far across the lands. It echoed to a home much further away from the Pole into a house where a girl was sitting at her desk where her laptop was placed. She was working on her newest story when she heard a faint scream ripple through her ears. She stopped typing and looked out the window, a sly smile coming to her lips. She knew that scream anywhere as she believed in the screamer with all her heart.

She picked up her phone from her desk and dialled a number. She held the phone to her ear, the grin never leaving her face. "Hey Llana? Star here. Are you free right now? Good, call for Loks on the way over. We have a little plan to do" Star said with an evil tone to her voice and the voice on the other end of the phone was smiling too as she knew exactly what Star was on about.

This was gonna be fun.

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