Hey you guys :) I know that I haven't updated this in ages and I apologise. I was a bit stuck on how this was going to go on but now that I have written it all down on a piece of paper, I know what to do now :) So Llana (Mystic) and Loks (Lokithenightfury) let me know if I wrote your character well enough as I feel that you will have different reactions to this :) Cupcakes to all and please enjoy!

"Sweet mother of Thor!" Star shrieked as she almost feel on Loks, who's head nearly fell off.

"Watch it!" Loks said as she gripped her dragon head.

"Oh my God its Pitch!" Llana screamed, dropping her cane and bag and started to jump up and down like a little four year old. Pitch, who was surprised by their reactions, stepped back a little.

"Well, this is unusual. Most people who see me scream in terror" Pitch said, putting his arms behind his back.

"Yeah, well these days, people who see you, usually scream like complete and utter maniacs and beg for your autograph" Star said, as her heart rate slowed down, while Llana's sped up. Meanwhile, she activated the voice voice recorder in her candy bag.

"Oh Pitch, I never thought I'd see you in person! You are so incredibly awesome!" Llana said as she tried to keep her heart from popping out of her chest.

Pitch eyed her warily. "Is she stable?" he asked.

"Yeah, she's fine but whatever you do, don't give her your signature smile" Loks warned as she adjusted her Toothless head.

"Noted" Pitch said with a nod. "So why aren't you trembling at my presence?" he added.

"Well, in a fangirl's case, when they see you…they tend to scream, jump up and down and in extreme cases…drool" Star said as she held a finger up for each reason.

"Really? If so, would she be a fangirl?" Pitch asked, looking at the hyperactive Llana. Loks looked at Star and they rolled their eyes.

"Wow, what gave you that impression?" they asked together sarcastically. Pitch frowned at them both and folded his arms.

"What are you supposed to be anyway? Those costumes don't exactly look horrifying" Pitch said. Star then reached into her pocket and turned on another spare recorder she had and then cleared her throat.

"I am Star and I'm dressed as a deadly assassin" Star said with a curtly nod. She then gestured to Loks who held up her dragon claws.

"I am Loks and I'm dressed a Toothless the Night Fury" she said with an added growl. Loks then turned to Llana, who hadn't calmed down but was now twirling her staff professionally. "Show off…" she muttered.

"I am Lady Luck but you, my dear Pitch Black, can call me Llana" she said with a sly wink.

"Okay…" Pitch said edgily.

"Snap out of it Llana" Loks scolded.

"Get the hose" Star said shaking her head.

"While we're here, may I ask you some questions?" Llana asked the yellow eyed man. He considered this for a moment but then nodded.

"Proceed" he commented and at the same time, Loks and Star face palmed.

"What is it with our favourite people letting Llana ask them questions?" Loks mumbled.

"We need to put a warning sign on her" Star said in agreement.

"Yeah a noisy, red, flashy light" Loks said and Star looked at her questionably.

"A noisy red light?" she asked.

"What? Red means danger and with the flashing light means extremely dangerous" Loks pointed out.

"Well played" Star said, and gave her friend a gobstopper which she took proudly.

Llana stuck her tongue at her friends before turning to Pitch again. "So…where did you get the idea for the name Boogeyman?" she asked.

Pitch thought about that for a moment before answering. "Well, I didn't create the name Boogeyman. When I first began terrifying children, people called me many names, including that one and I liked it. Boogeyman stood out to me…it was much better than El Coco…it sounds like a hot beverage" Pitch said, a bit distastefully at the last part.

"Interesting! Oh! Didn't Oogie Boogie take that name too?" Llana added.

"Oogie Boogie? Bah! That off tune sack of bugs isn't even worthy of the name!" Pitch declared.

"Wow. He sounds like one of those leaders who says that before he kills everyone" Star whispered to Loks, who nodded in agreement.

"Here's another one, why do you keep giving me nightmares about clowns when in all of them I just pull a flame thrower from out of nowhere and torch them?" Llana asked. Even Loks and Star wanted to know the answer to this one.

Pitch smirked at that one. "Well, I have to test my nightmares on someone before sending them out into the world" he replied.

Llana's eyes were so wide, they looked like they were going to pop out of here head. "Oh great Odin, I am a test subject for the Boogeyman!" she squealed excitedly.

"Great, now she's going to be awake all night waiting for him" Loks said with a small smile.

"This is so amazing!" Llana said excitedly. Star then finally got her to stop squealing when she shoved a Galaxy bar inside her mouth and Loks pulled her away.

"Yeah, enough with the wackado questions already! What do you think of dating Tooth?" she asked which caused Pitch to splutter.

"What?! You dare to ask me such a ridiculous, stupid and idiotic question?! You're just as insolent as the rabbit!" Pitch shouted.

"Speaking of which, what do you think of Aster and Jack, while we're at it?" Star asked, who had a huge grin on her face by now. The other girls could also see where she was going with this.

"Please, that rabbit can go and suck on his eggs. Without those, he's nothing except a quivering little bunny with ears too big for his little head. It also explains why his brain is so small when it comes to thinking of idea" Pitch said firmly. Loks had to bite back a laugh at that one as Bunny would not be happy to hear that.

"As for the Frost child, he's nothing but an immature little brat, who is so desperate for believers, he'd freeze New York if he had to. Why he carries that ridiculous stick around is beyond me. It just makes him look more like an old man, along with that stupid white hair of his" Pitch finished.

"Wow, that is…very descriptive" Star said, grinding her teeth and was very tempted to pull out her sword and to slice his head off as she listened to him insult her favourite winter spirit. "Here's my email. If you ever want someone to insult or test nightmares on besides Llana…email me" Star said, handing him a piece of paper.

Pitch took it and surprised the girls when he handed Star a charred piece of paper, which Star saw that it had his email on it.

"On that lovely note, I must depart. It's Halloween and there are many people who are terrified tonight. I must thank you for that Star, those insults seemed to lift a weight off my shoulders" Pitch said, with a small smile.

"There's the smile!" Llana shrieked and Star looked at her and laughed. Loks did the same but when they all turned to look back at Pitch, he had disappeared into the shadows.

"We should put a bell on him" Star commented as she turned off her recorder.

"I'll say. So what now?" Loks asked.

"Well, I'd say that wraps up Halloween and that we're ready for Phase Two of our plan!" Star said with a huge smile.

"There was a Phase One?" Llana asked, confusedly.

"Halloween's over?" Loks said unhappily.

Star rubbed the side of her face in exasperation. "Do you guys not read my blog?" she asked. Loks and Llana looked at each other in surprise and then turned back to Star.

"You have a blog?" they asked together.

Star just laughed at her friends. "Anyway! Now that we have all the voice recordings, we can start the real fun! Now we just head back and get some rest before we begin Phase Two!" Star said, as the pair started to trudge back towards Star's home.

"This is gonna be awesome! I wonder if they'll make a movie about the three of us!" Llana said as she pictured a movie poster in her mind.

"Maybe four of us instead" Star said smiling.

"Four? Who else?" Loks asked in surprise.

"Yeah who? No one will steal my cherry soda!" Llana said warning as she rested a hand on her knife on her belt.

"No one will steal your soda Llana, I promise" Star said as she pulled her phone out and dialled a number and held it to her ear.

"So you say" Llana said mysteriously.

Star rolled her eyes again as the person she was calling answered the call. "Star? What's the big idea? I'm in the middle of a How to rain Your Dragon marathon!" the voice yelled.

Star had to hold the phone away from her ear and even Loks and Llana could hear her. "Yeah, yeah, I know you love your marathons but how would you feel about messing with the spirits and maybe causing an immortal war" Star said casually.

There was a pause. "Are you kidding me? Count me in!" the voice yelled in excitement.

So who is the fourth person? Well, it's another awesome friend of mine, by the name of Xion5 and she was more than happy to come into the story :) Hey, the more the merrier I say :) Well, we have all the recordings we need now! What will we do next? Twelve reviews to find out in the next chapter and more cupcakes await! Bye for now!