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"Son of a bitch!" Rylie cursed, kicking the dead walker in the side. She turned her attention back to the rabbit that she had caught in a snare that was now spoiled. "So much for dinner," she muttered shaking her head. It had been over a day since she last ate, not like that was unheard of these days. Her stomach growled as if to reminder her it was still there, but she tried to ignore it. Come on girl, either you try to find something else to eat before sunset, or you suck it up and keep walking. Pissed off that yet again her day had been ruined by these ass holes, she turned and yanked her knife out of the walker's head.

Sighing, she made her way back to her small excuse for a camp, keeping an eye out for any movement from any creature – walker, animal, or human. She scoffed at that thought. It had been weeks since she had come across another human, she was starting to think she might be the only one left. Optimism, Ry. You know your dad, he's gotta be alive and kicking still. Ain't no apocalypse gonna kill him. You'll find him… some day. "Keep tellin' yourself that, kid."

She reached her 'camp' and started to pack up. Everything she owned at this point could fit in or on a backpack her father had given her a few years back. She smiled at the thought, strapping her holster to her hip. Her father, apocalypse prepper extraordinaire! Always making sure she could take care of herself, knew how to survive if it ever came down to it.

'I won't always be there to protect you, baby girl. You're going to have to be prepared,' he used to say to her.

She slung the pack over her shoulders and double checked to make sure she had everything. Her Glock 23 was strapped to her hip on the right – with what very little ammo she had left in her pack - and a generous sized machete she had picked off a dead walker on the left side of her hip, the rope she used to secure herself up in trees to sleep when she could was attached to the side of her bag, both of her switchblades in her pack (you can never have too many sharp objects!), along with a few spare changes of clothes, a couple bottles of water, and a small survival kit. Her compact sleeping bag, which she didn't like to use if she didn't have to, was hooked to the top of her pack. It was all actually relatively light; else she wasn't sure she would be able cart it around everywhere. But everything she needed to get by in this world she could rest on her back and still move with ease. Something she was grateful for.

Looking up at the sky, she saw the sun was close to setting through the canopy of trees above her. Adjusting her bag, she began walking, thinking she would need to set up a few snares in a couple of hours if she planned on eating anytime soon.

She walked for what seemed like forever –at least an hour-, quietly humming to herself. Everything was quiet and calm in the woods until suddenly, a scream ripped through the air, making her freeze and look around frantically. She heard another scream, not as loud this time, and sprinted towards the sound, drawing her machete out of its holder. The hell are you doin', Ry? Run away from trouble, not towards it! But she knew if someone was hurt or in trouble, she couldn't just walk away. She had to at least try to help!

As she ran, she heard shouting and could tell now that there were multiple people, not just one like she had initially thought. She saw movement through the trees and as she reached the group, she saw a chick on a horse ride up out of nowhere and smash the walker that had the screaming woman pinned in the head with a bat, knocking it off of her. Stunned at what was happening in front of her, she stared and tried to figure out what was happening.

Look how many of them there are, she thought in awe as the group ran was the woman on the ground, scrambling to get up, two more women looking panicked, an Asian kid with a baseball cap, the girl on the horse, and a gruff looking man with a crossbow, ready to use it if need be. Nice choice, Rylie thought appreciatively.

"Loir?" the girl on the horse asked, looking down at the blonde. "Lori Grimes?"

The skinny brunette of the group stepped forward. "I'm Lori."

The country girl put her bat in a pouch on the side of the horse and looked at Lori desperately. "Rick sent me, you gotta come now."

There are even more of them?! What the heck is going on? Rylie felt like she hadn't been noticed yet and wondered if she should try to slip away. Looking around quickly, she saw that the rough looking guy was staring at her, then looking back at the girl on the horse, confused. Too late.

"What?" Lori asked wide eyed.

"There was an accident. Carl's been shot. He's still alive but you gotta come now!" the girl urged. When no one moved, country girl became more urgent. "Rick needs you! Come on!"

Lori, as if snapped into motion, took her bag off and went to get on the horse.

Redneck didn't like that one bit. "Woah! We don't know this girl! Or that one!" he shouted gesturing at Rylie, who in turn glared at him. "You can't get on that horse!"

"Rick said you had others? Stuck on the highway in that traffic snarl?" The Asian nodded at country girl, looking as confused as everyone else, as well as maybe a little wonderstruck. "Backtrack to Fairbourne Road. Two miles down is our farm, you'll see the mailbox. Name's Greene." And with that, Lori and country girl took off into the woods.

Rylie and everyone else stared after them for a moment, not really sure what to make of what just happened. Suddenly, the walker that had the blonde woman pinned, moaned and sat up, snapping everyone out of it. Redneck, seeming to take charge, glared at the walker. "Shut up," he said before shooting it in the head.

He then turned his attention to Rylie. Storming over to her, he aimed his bow at her and saw anger flash across her face. "An' who the hell are you?" he spat, not taking her out of his sights.

She held her hands up in a surrendering gesture, the machete still in her grasp, but continued to glare at the rough man in front of her. The quite attractive rough man, she couldn't help but notice.

"You mind pointing that thing somewhere else, boy-o?" she asked, purposefully ignoring his question.

"Daryl," the blonde said, putting a hand on his shoulder to relax him.

He sized this new girl up, trying to figure out how much of an immediate threat she might pose. He noticed her gun and the weapon she still had in her hand. She had some blood on her tight tank top and on her hands, but it looked old. She was lean and skinny, but he could tell she had some muscle underneath it all. She continued to glare at him, her grey eyes fierce as she sized him up as well. He wasn't fool enough to not notice that she was attractive, but besides that, he knew he could take her down if need be.

He lowered his crossbow and watched as her face relaxed some and she sheathed the blade at her side.

"Who are you? What are you doin' out here?" he growled at her.

She appreciated their caution and could see on all of their faces that they were wary of her. Not that she blamed them, she was a bit fidgety herself. They had her outnumbered, for God's sake, what did they think she was going to do? She didn't look that threatening, did she?

"Name's Rylie," she said, looking at them all. "I've been out here for weeks, trekking through these woods."

"Why?" the Asian boy asked her.

She looked at him quizzically. "Why are you all out here? I imagine for the same reason, right? Looking for help, for any sign of humanity or civilization, any kind of hope I could find. Didn't think sticking to the roads was a good idea, so I've been trying to stay hidden out here." It wasn't the full truth, but she hardly knew these people, she wasn't going to just spill her life story to them.

They all exchanged glances, except for Redneck, who was still staring at her. She couldn't read the harsh look on his face, but it was annoying her. "There ain't no hope, girl. Just survival now," he said to her.

Her gaze locked with his, her spirits dropping slightly. "Excuse me?"

The Asian boy stepped forward and spared a glance at Redneck. "Look, we should get back to the RV. It's gonna be dark soon. And we need to figure out what to do about this farm." He looked at her and smiled awkwardly, the first sign of friendliness she received. "We can talk it all there. I'm Glenn."

She smiled back at him, and shook his hand.

"We can't just take this girl back with us! We don't know nothin' 'bout her!" Daryl yelled, clearly.

The blonde looked at her. "Are you alone?"

I chuckled. "You bunch are the first people I've seen in weeks. To be honest, I was starting to think I was the only one left," she said sheepishly.

She seemed to think about it. "Daryl, let's just take her back with us. We'll figure out what to do from there. Glenn's right, we're running out of daylight and it's been a rough day. Let's see what Dale and T think."

"Whatever," he muttered still not thinking it was a good idea, and turned to walk away.

Rylie stared after him, confused at his hostility towards her. What's up his ass?

"Hey, I'm Andrea," the blonde introduced with a smile. "Hey," Ry said. She turned her attention to the other woman, who hadn't said a word and smiled at her, holding her hand out.

"Carol," the woman said, a small smile cracking her sad face and shaking Rylie's hand.

"Come on, better catch up to Daryl before he leaves us behind," Glenn suggested.

They all turned to follow, a comfortable silence falling on them as they trudged through the woods. Well, this is gonna be interesting. What have you gotten yourself into, Ry? Guess you're gonna have to wait and see. Maybe this could work out for the best, who knows?

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