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Narrator's P.O.V

They were the queens of their school. The four most popular and dominate girls to ever walk through this school's very hallways. They were divas that could make any high school boy drool for them. Well... Not any high school boy... But now we're getting ahead of the story. Allow me to introduce you to these divas.

Well first of course. There's Blossom who is the oldest of her diva group. She's a junior and excited about her new classes and of course her new status. She's at the very normal height for a lady her age of 5'7. She enjoys being that tall because it made her tall then most girls at the school but also kept her shorter than most of the guys.

Blossom only dates guys who are taller than her. No exceptions and being taller than her by a mere one or two inches is unacceptable. She's also is attracted to smart guys. She loves make almost every boy at school fall over just by looking at them but if you hope she'll actually talk to you or even kiss you. You better start studying hard.

Blossom most of the time just teases the guys she dates. The only thing that makes them different from the other boys she teases everyday. Is that the boyfriend actually gets to touch her and call himself her boyfriend but other than that. He's just like any other poor boy she teases senseless at her school.

Blossom is beautiful. She was orange-red hair that flows all the way down to her ass. She has an amazing smile that makes every boy within a 20 mile radius fall over on their faces. She has nice C 34 breasts that are round and perky and bounce with nearly every move she makes.

Her figure is a perfect hourglass that makes most boys have nosebleeds. She has slightly above average hips and a nice size ass along with incredibly long creamy and soft looking legs that seem to go on forever with nice plump thighs right above them. Not to mention her adorable yet mature round and beautiful face.

Finally her eyes. Her beautiful, unique, never before seen pink eyes. That drive almost every guy who looks into them crazy within seconds. Yep Blossom is the oldest as well as the smartest diva. That's why so many guys want her. That and her body especially her eyes though of course and man does Blossom work it. One look and every guy in the room is dead.

Now lets move on to the next diva. Buttercup the second oldest diva of the group. She's also a junior and more excited about her new status than she is about her new classes. Who am I kidding? She doesn't give a crap about her new class. She just likes being able to call herself a junior and watching all the 10th and 9th graders gasp at how high up she is in the high school food chain.

Buttercup loves sport. She's on almost every team there is at her school. The girls flag football team, the girls soccer team, the girls basketball team, and the girls softball team are by far the ones she loves the most though. Buttercup is at a very unique height for a girl her age of 5'9.

Buttercup being this tall towered over most of the girls on her teams. So she was very easy to spot and make out. Sadly just like Blossom. She didn't like guys that are shorter than her. Only she's more harsh and blunt about it. She doesn't even tease boys unless their at least four to five inches taller than her.

Buttercup has short black pixie like hair that forms very choppy yet cutely around her face. She was a grin as well as a smirk that makes nearly every guy in the around her freeze to take in her beauty for a moment. No one has ever seen her smile, like smile showing off her bright white teeth.

So every guy tries his hardest to make her smile. She has the most beautiful that you only get to hear rare. A firm but soft voice that drives most guys crazy. She also has beautiful emerald green eyes that sparkle like fresh dew drops on a green leaf. Buttercup has really nice D 36 breasts that annoy the crap out of her and bounce and jiggle with every move she makes.

Despite how many guys she makes have nosebleeds just shaking them or squeezing them. They would start to hurt if she run or jogged or excised for too long. This would annoy her because they always seemed to start aching at the most awkward and horrible times possible.

Buttercup's body just like her older sister's was a perfect hour glasses. Her waist was very small making her side look incredible curvy and making her hips look a bit wider than they actually were. Her thighs were plump but firm right above her never ending legs and firm calves. Yes her body showed how much she loved sports and was in top shape.

Not to mention to die for. No wonder so many guys want her especially the jocks. What is there not to want? I mean we are talking about one of the four divas! The strongest and second oldest of the four divas to be specific. She was fierce, strong, and extremely sexy. Everything most of the boys at her school wanted in a girl after all.

Now lets talk about the third diva. Bubbles second youngest diva in the group. She's a cheerleader. She was the sweet diva. Her approach for teasing boys was often innocent. Acting like she didn't know what she was really doing to them. Smiling shyly at them bending down to pick up her pencil giving them a perfect view of her cleavage.

Then innocent asking them what they were looking at while tilting her head cutely. It drove all the boys crazy. The innocent yet sexy angel Bubbles. So pure yet so naughty at the same time. Bubbles has short blonde hair that she keeps held up in two cute pigtails on her head. Sky blue innocent looking eyes with long sexy eyelashes.

Once again just like every other diva her body is a perfect hourglass but she happens to have the biggest breasts of all the divas. Bubbles proudly and innocently shows off her E 38 breasts anytime she gets the chance with low cut shirts or dresses. Her large breasts are a perfect for teasing boys innocently in her opinion so she loves them.

The only thing she finds upsetting is not having a big ass like her younger sister Star. Star's the shy diva. She plays the shy game on the guys to tease them. It's almost like Bubbles innocence only she's noticeable naughty about, she just acts shy when talking about it like blushing and looking away making her bangs hide her eyes and face.

Star's body is of course a perfect hourglass but she happens to have the smallest breasts of all the diva with B 34 breasts. Of course their still big enough to get their own attention but they would never be big enough to draw attention from her incredibly large bottom.

She's been asked plenty of times by jealous girls if she got some kind of butt shots or something but Star's all natural. It only seems to make the girls who wishes their asses were as big as hers hate her more. The same with Bubbles only you know about her breasts.

A way that Star loves to tease is by asking boys if her jeans or shorts look good on her and then slowly walking away from them while swaying her hips and looking over her shoulder. Giving the boy a great view of her large bottom swaying back and forth in tight jeans.

Most boys don't even get to answer because they fall over from nosebleeds. That Star acts shocked to see. Anyway, that's all of our divas. They can make any boy fall on his face and lose all of the blood in his body through his nose in a matter of seconds. Any boy except four. Those four boys will be introduced next time.

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