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Seven Years Later.

"Lyra hurry up, we're going to be late." Hermione shouted up the stairs before she headed back into the front room.

"Scorp, put your shoes on and put that book away." Hermione told her son as she entered the room.

"Why do I have to go?" The seven year old whined. "I'm not going to Hogwarts."

"No but your sister is and you'll not see her until Christmas." Draco said, entering the room in time to hear his sons protests.

Grumbling about how unfair it was Scorpius put his book down and wandered off to find his shoes. Both Hermione and Draco knew that their son was putting on an act about his sister starting school. Lyra and Scorpius were pretty close and both Hermione and Draco knew that Scorpius was upset at the thought his sister wasn't going to be around as much.

A few seconds after leaving the room Scorpius came back into the room carrying his shoes. As Scorpius put his shoes on Lyra came into the room carrying an empty cat basket.

"Where's Aphrodite?" Hermione asked, wondering why Lyra's white kitten wasn't in the basket.

"She was crying so I opened the door a bit to comfort her and she escaped." Lyra explained. "I can't find her and I can't leave without her."

"We don't have time to look for kittens. We have to get going in a few minutes." Hermione said, annoyed that Lyra had let the kitten escape.

"But mum, I can't go without her." Lyra said, looking close to tears as she thought about leaving the kitten that her father had bought her specially for starting school.

"Give me the basket, I'll find her." Draco said taking pity on his daughter. "You three get going and I'll meet you at the train station."

"Thanks dad." Lyra hugged Draco before handing him the cat basket.

As Draco left in search of the kitten Hermione began organising Lyra and Scorpius. Hermione cast a weightless charm on Lyra's trunk and handed it to her daughter. Satisfied everyone had everything Hermione held onto both children and apparated them to Kings Cross Station.

The moment they arrived Lyra quickly removed her hand from Hermione's while Scorpius clung onto his mother so he wouldn't be lost in the mass of wizards and witches on Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

"Serena." Lyra suddenly shouted spotting her best friend, Serena Zabini.

Hermione also spotted the Zabini family and made her way over to her friends. While Serena and Lyra immediately began talking Hermione said hello to Blaise and a heavily pregnant Pansy.

"Where's Draco?" Pansy asked, realising there was one member of the Malfoy family missing.

"Looking for Aphrodite." Hermione explained about Lyra's kitten and how Draco had stayed to find the pesky animal.

"Typical Draco." Pansy rolled her eyes. She knew her friend would do anything for his daughter and wouldn't have liked seeing her upset about her missing kitten.

While Pansy and Hermione chatted together Blaise helped Lyra and Serena get their trunks onto the train. Serena who had started Hogwarts the previous year was telling Lyra all about Slytherin house, which was where Lyra wanted to be sorted into.

After putting their trunks onto the train Lyra and Serena came back to say goodbye to their families. While Serena was hugging her parents Lyra was quietly saying goodbye to her brother. Hermione watched as Lyra hugged Scorpius tightly and promised to write to him every day.

"Do you think dad will make it?" Lyra asked as she turned to Hermione.

"I'm sure he'll be here shortly." Hermione said, hoping she was right and Draco arrived within the next few minutes.

Just as Hermione finished talking there was a loud pop beside her and Draco suddenly appeared carrying a cat basket.

"There you go, princess. One kitten." Draco said, handing the basket to Lyra. "Don't let her out until you're settled at school though."

"I won't. Thank you, dad." Lyra said, looking at her kitten before hugging Draco.

After hugging her father Lyra gave her mother a hug.

"Don't forget to write and tell us how you're doing." Hermione told her daughter, releasing her from her embrace.

"I will, I'll write all the time." Lyra said. "I'll miss you."

"We'll miss you too, princess." Draco said. "Now go on or you'll miss the train."

Lyra turned to Serena who was waiting for her and together the two girls hopped onto the train. Heading to the compartment they had put their trunks into Lyra and Serena headed straight to the window to wave goodbye to their families.

Draco wrapped his arm around Hermione's waist as they watched Lyra board the Hogwarts Express. Hermione leaned against Draco as she watched her eldest child wave excitedly from the train window. It already felt weird not to have Lyra with her and Hermione was dreading the day when Scorpius would also be leaving for Hogwarts, luckily that was another four years away.

As the train started pulling away Hermione waved to Lyra one final time before her daughter was out of sight. Turning back to where Blaise and Pansy were standing Hermione caught a glimpse of Harry and Ginny in the crowds. Hermione knew The Potters had been seeing off their eldest son James who was also due to start Hogwarts this year. Hermione smiled and waved at Harry and Ginny before she turned back to her husband and the Zabini's who were busy making arrangements to have dinner.

Since the anniversary ball Hermione had seen Harry on a regular basis. While their relationship was nowhere near as close as it once had been Hermione and Harry still managed to have lunch together every few weeks. Hermione and Harry had a solid friendship now but both of them realised that things were never going to be the same and had learnt to accept the new dynamic in their friendship.

Since the ball Hermione had forgiven Ginny and the two women now had a cordial friendship. They never spent any time alone together and the only time they really came into contact was if Harry was present or if Ginny accompanied Angelina and Fleur on their nights out.

Hermione had actually become good friends with Angelina and Fleur and the three women would often have a night out together. They also often had nights out with their husbands and Draco had become quite friendly with George and Bill. Hermione also regularly had coffee with Molly and Arthur, and they had all apologised for never getting in touch with each other. Hermione had admitted that she hadn't been in touch as she was scared The Weasley's would reject her after her falling out with Ron, Ginny and Harry. Arthur and Molly explained that Ron and Ginny had told the Weasley's that Hermione wanted no contact with any of the family so that was why they hadn't tried to contact Hermione as they thought she didn't want to know them anymore.

Hermione's relationship with Ron was non-existent, Hermione had been willing to forgive and forget but obviously Ron had other ideas. After the anniversary ball he had made no move to contact Hermione or to apologise for the past. Harry tried to make excuses for Ron but eventually he admitted what Hermione had always known, that Ron couldn't accept Hermione's choice of husband. Harry had been more upset that Ron and Hermione couldn't fix their friendship than Hermione. Hermione had accepted that Ron didn't want to be friends again and it didn't really bother her in the slightest as she already had friends she could trust and rely on.

As final arrangement were made with the Zabini's and the two families separated Hermione once again caught a glimpse of The Potters before her and Draco apparated home with Scorpius.

Later that night Hermione was lying in bed reading when Draco entered the bedroom.

"Is Scorp alright?" Hermione asked her husband. Since Lyra had left this morning their son had been much quieter than usual.

"Yeah, he's asleep." Draco said. "I thought I could take him to a Quidditch match over the weekend."

"That's a good idea." Hermione smiled. Draco and Scorpius often went to Quidditch matches and Hermione thought it was a good way of cheering their son up.

Draco headed into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later wearing just his pyjama bottoms. Draco climbed into bed with Hermione and looked at his wife. While it looked like she was reading Draco noticed she hadn't turned a page since he entered the bedroom.

"Are you alright?" Draco asked, removing the book from Hermione's hand and placing it on his bedside table.

"Yes. It's just strange without Lyra." Hermione admitted.

"She's only at school, it's not like she's never coming back." Draco said.

"I know, but it'll be so weird without her." Hermione sighed, leaning against Draco. "Although it'll be much worse in four years once Scorp starts school as well."

Draco hugged his wife unsure of how to cheer her up. He knew from speaking with Blaise that Pansy suffered the same thing when Serena started school the previous year. Blaise and Pansy solved the problem by deciding to have another child, which was due in a month and a half. Unfortunately that solution wasn't open to Hermione and Draco.

Four years ago Hermione and Draco were thrilled to discover Hermione was pregnant again. The whole family were looking forward to the newest addition when at five months pregnant Hermione collapsed at work and was rushed to St Mungo's. The healers did everything they could but Hermione lost the baby and had to have surgery to save her own life. When Hermione recovered from her operation the healers explained that the trauma of the miscarriage meant that Hermione couldn't have any more children. While Hermione and Draco were devastated by the news they were also grateful that they already had two amazing children.

An owl tapping on the window distracted Draco from his thoughts. Draco headed for the window and opened it to allow the owl access. Draco smiled as he recognised his daughter's writing on the envelope he was untying from the owl's leg. Draco released the owl back into the night and turned to face Hermione who was watching him from the bed.

"It's from Lyra." Draco told his wife as he opened the letter.

"What does she say?" Hermione asked.

Draco read the letter and handed it over to his wife smirking. Hermione knew Draco's smirk probably meant that Lyra was in Slytherin. Taking the parchment off Draco Hermione read her daughters letter for herself.

Mum and Dad.

Hogwarts is amazing. I've already seen three ghosts and made a few new friends. I'm in Slytherin (obviously) and the dungeons are so cool. It's going to be great sleeping under the Black Lake, even if it is slightly cold. Say hello to Scorp from me and tell him I'll write to him soon. I'll write again at the end of the week after I've had some lessons and I can tell you about all the magic I've learned.

Love you. Lyra. xxx

Hermione finished the letter and looked at Draco who had gotten back into bed. He was still smirking, clearly pleased to have another Slytherin in the family.

"Go on say it, you were right." Hermione sighed.

For the last month Draco had been insisting that Lyra would be sorted into Slytherin. Hermione had argued that she might be in another house but she hadn't really believed it, Lyra was too much like Draco to be in any house other than Slytherin.

"I wasn't going to say anything of the sort." Draco protested.

"Sure." Hermione rolled her eyes, not believing her husband for a minute.

"Okay, maybe I was." Draco admitted. "I bet I can even predict what house Scorp will be in."

"Now?" Hermione asked. "Don't you want to wait until it time for him to start school?"

"No. I've known since she was little that Lyra would be a Slytherin and I've known since he was little that Scorp wouldn't." Draco said.

"So what house will Scorp be in then?" Hermione asked. She was actually hoping that at least one of her children would take after her and be in Gryffindor.

"Ravenclaw." Draco responded confidently.

"I suppose we'll have to wait and see." Hermione said, hoping Draco was wrong.

"I'll be right." Draco said, settling down in bed and pulling Hermione into his arms.

"I'll remind you of this in four years if you're wrong." Hermione sighed, extinguishing the lights and settling in Draco's arms.

"I'm never wrong, Hermione." Draco told his wife as they settled down to sleep.

Sure enough four years later Draco was proved right when they received a letter from Scorpius on the day he started Hogwarts, he had been sorted into Ravenclaw.

The End.