Unbalanced Minds

Warning - M rated content

Hollow - Submersed

Madara, you failed!" came a cold hard voice. Madara glared at the scenery in front of him. The training field had survived as much as possible through Madara's wrath and intense training. The raven Uchiha ignored the familiar voice and continued staring forward, panting a little in exhaustion. He paid no attention to the person who entered the field behind him. Madara was about to continue on with his training as if the person approaching him didn't exist but the other's persistence was undeniable. "I am your father, Madara Uchiha and you will listen to me" Tajima scolded in a tone of anger.

Madara's felt the larger hands of his father on his shoulders as he spun him around to face him. The taller and older Uchiha glared down at his son who return the intense eye contact. Red meeting red, Sharingan meeting Sharingan. Tajima's hands tightened around his shoulders causing the Uchiha to shake him off irritably.

"You couldn't do one thing, one thing!" the older man snapped. Madara didn't reply to the tall man but merely stared with uninterested eyes. This seemed to anger his father even more so. "Your brother asked you one thing and you couldn't keep your promise to him!"

Madara immediately tensed at the mention of his younger brother. He clenched his fist at the words he knew was yet to come. Tajima had been like this since Konohagakure had been established, throwing his insecurities in his face. Tajima seemed to almost smirk at the visible pain the name he used against Madara. Though the man didn't stop his rant, nor did he ever. "Izuna's last wish was for you to protect the Uchiha, and look at us now. We are being oppressed by the Senju clan. You are not going to be chosen for Hokage, so how is this protecting us. Your placing us under the Senju, where they control us. You failed at protecting our clan. You're a pathetic excuse for an Uchiha leader and... a pathetic excuse for an older brother"

Tajima's words burned like acid onto his wounds. The cold hard reality of those words had crushed him inside long before Tajima had thrown it into his face. He didn't need his father's explanations for he already knew this. He had failed... What good was he if he couldn't even protect his brother in the first place. Madara knew the last thing he had to do, to make it up to his little brother. To appease his last wish was to protect the clan. The alliance with the Senju clan seemed like a good thing, but the entire clan was blind. Only Madara and Tajima had seen the outcome. The Senju clan would take control of the village and Uchiha would be left with nothing, probably even pushed into a secluded area of the village like unwanted pets.

Madara had tried addressing these issues with his clan but they had shunned him, calling him a selfish brother who enjoyed the flames of war. They were each beginning to turn their backs on him, one by one. The clan so desperately desired peace which they would blindly trust and follow the Senju's orders. There was nothing more he could do for them but warn them of what was to come. One day they will see what he was trying to warn them of but he knew it was going to be too late. He was even trust by the people he wanted to protect.

The Uchiha's father watched his son as the words took their toll on Madara's inner self. He didn't feel guilty for putting his son into such inner turmoil. Madara's shoulders beneath his blue yukata were tensed, almost shaking in emotion. Tajima actually watched in great satisfaction and accomplishment. He knew he was feeding to Madara's hatred for himself and the Senju. The older man was just making him a better shinobi.

"It's a shame I didn't teach you better" Tajima decided to add, finishing off the wound with salt. Madara didn't say anything, he couldn't. Tajima left in victory.

Once Tajima had left the premises, and his chakra signature was gone, Madara's tense shoulders eased just a bit. Maybe it was enough training for today.
The Uchiha leader packed away his kunai and shuriken, giving one last glance at the training ground before leaving to head for the village. The village he helped dream and create. The not-so-long walk through the wooded forests brought him to the gates of Konohagakure. Madara gave it a longing look before walking into his home village and strolled the streets. It was at a peak hour, children were out playing, adults were out flirting, the streets were full of many people that were once before separate. The roadway hadn't been concreted yet so Madara's shoes kicked along the dirt. He watched the particles of the dirt fly a few centimeters before falling back down, to be lifted up again. Konoha was still under great construction and re-planning.

Madara had been a little inattentive and careless by forgetting his surroundings for a quick second. Two young boys burst from around the corner from an alley and the child in lead collided right into Madara. The Uchiha lost balanced slightly, and stumbled back lightly. The young boy wasn't that lucky, and landed on his back in the dirt. The boy's pursuer looked scared as he noticed who he had run into and took off back around the corner. Madara felt annoyance tug at his core but kneeled down to the fallen child.

"Are you fine?" The Uchiha leader asked. The boy jumped to his feet quickly in alarm. Madara caught fear and terror in the boys frightened eyes.

"It's Uchiha Madara" the kid stuttered before immediately scrambling away calling out for his friend who earlier took off. Madara Uchiha watched as the kid ran away from him before frowning. He stood himself up before resuming his walk.


The Hokage's office was already a total mess despite not having a leader yet. Piles of unfiled paperwork scattered all over the table. Tobirama swallowed thinking what it would be like for Hashirama for when he became Hokage. He took the liberty for himself to clean as much s possible since his older brother was out of the village, he deserved a break.
The office's door was suddenly pushed open and he sensed a very familiar sinister chakra. He turned from the desk to face the knowingly Uchiha. The Uchiha seemed to be displeased as well to be met with him. He could see Madara instantly frown upon being met with him. he could almost feel himself smirk in response.

"Madara Uchiha, what business would you ever have here?" he sneered sarcastically. He could sense the Uchiha's foul chakra miles away. The Uchiha's eyes narrowed slightly but he somehow ignored Tobirama's snide remark.

"Where's Hashirama" Madara asked, cutting the younger but taller man off. The white haired male didn't seem to be bothered by Madara's attitude.

"Hmm... Here and there... What's it to you?" Tobirama demanded rather than asked. He knew voices dripping with sarcasm really angered the Uchiha but he could tell the other was trying to keep his cool. Tobirama dared to stare into the pools of red eyes. Those eyes that could send him into a world of red in a instant.

In the few moments he stared at the Uchiha, he took in the other's appearance like he always did. Madara's long, dark, unruly hair was the same as always. It looked so messily perfect and tainted. The Uchiha's pale skin held only perfection and purity. His lips were curled into a slight frown of annoyance. The pink lips seemed so dry, Tobirama himself wanting to fix it. Only the red eyes of the man comprised his innocence. The most deceiving and dangerous feature of this being. Madara was lean and skinny, a bit back on height with the other men his age. The Uchiha had a obvious liking to dark yukata's which he kept slightly open to reveal a bit of his firm chest. His choice in dark clothing matching that of mainly people of the Uchiha. Despite his angelic beauty, there was an unhealthy side of Madara

The white haired had to admit Madara was the most appealing body he had laid eyes on. He wanted to make the pale body flush underneath him, has those pink lips parted in screams and moans. Madara's flaws included his horrid personality, traits and heritage. The man was so dangerously consumed in hatred. From all the Uchiha he had studied and observed Madara had fallen the most and become entrapped in some odd symptoms. This new profound fascination with Madara helped him to discover what the Uchiha really are.

A cursed clan.

Madara had lost the ability to love, so drowned in his despair and anguish after the death of Izuna. It caused a change in his brain which has made him harder to reason with. His external chances was the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The further they fall, the more corrupted and powerful they become. Madara was a shining example of this.
Madara Uchiha was a pure Uchiha. He was so alienated and difficult. Each passing day would prove him harder to control. A way to end this was to put the Uchiha to submission and under the law of Senju. To put a clan into obedience, you must start with its leader.

"I do not need to explain myself to you Senju" Madara retorted, he deactivated his sharingan to symbolize Tobirama was no threat to him. This fueled to Madara's rebellious acts and Tobirama's ideals. Madara and everyone else were unaware of Tobirama's conclusion. Even Hashirama was blind to the curse of the Uchiha clan, despite being close friends with the clan leader.

Madara ended the heated conversation with a quick turn as he headed back for the door. Tobirama was no prodigy expert in agility or speed but he was able to catch the Uchiha off guard. Quickly and stealthy he was able to slam the raven haired into the door, having it shut upon the force. Before Madara had any chances to react he tore the shorter's arms behind his back and held them together with his hand while pressing his body hard into Madara's to keep him trapped between himself and the door.

Madara had realized the situation, he was literally seething in anger. He tried to tug his arms from the white hair male's grip but only resulted in Tobirama twisting them further. He slightly groaned at the pain, feeling his bones almost close to snapping and his joints almost popping out. The Uchiha clan leader angrily bit his lip feeling the cold wall against his cheek and body.

"Tobirama..." Madara breathed darkly. Tobirama simply ignored him staring down at Madara's exposed neck. He could see only half of Madara's face as it was pressed against the wall. He wanted to glance at the man's expression but he knew of the awaiting sharingan. Madara's sharingan acted almost by itself, whenever someone stepped to close to the Uchiha or looked his way. If he dared looking into the man's eyes now, it would probably be the last thing he saw. "What are you-?!" Madara started but didn't get the chance to finish.

Tobirama had brought his face down to Madara's neck and bit roughly, tearing the delicate skin. Madara's audible gasp sent shivers down his spine, making him bite harder. The Senju took both of Madara's arms into one hand and the other went exploring Madara's body. His hand moved inside Madara's open yukata, feeling his firm chest. He could feel the movements of Madara's breathing chest. He trailed circles around Madara's nipple before pinching it roughly. Madara jerked in his grip from the contact before hissing. The breath of the Uchiha quickened in what Tobirama could not describe. The raven haired bit his lips trying to compose himself and full understand what was actually going on.

"Geh off" Madara warned but not sounding as threatening as he wish. The hand roaming his chest, the lips on his neck and the forceful body against him made him painfully excited. The thought of a Senju actually touching him made him sick to his stomach. How dare the other think he could do as he wished. The absurd thought made him boil in anger. He was not some whore, especially to a Senju

Madara thought's were forced to the back of his mind as Tobirama's intrusive hand travelled lower after his attack on his sore nipples. Both the men let out uncontrolled groans as desire and lust filled their souls. However Madara's was unwanted and Tobirama's was forced. The cold hand moved down his body in what seemed like for hours till Tobirama reached the hem of his pants. In a instant Madara's heart exploded and his eyes snapped open, sharingan glowing in panic. The Uchiha snapped Tobirama his him daze as he begun to struggle and Madara almost got free before he pushed him back into the wall. The Uchiha didn't stop his panicking struggles so Tobirama resorted to smashing the shorter's head into the thick hard wall. Madara's head spun painfully and he lost balance and if it weren't for Tobirama, he'd be on the floor. He could feel the Senju's hot breath on his neck.

Once Madara ceased his struggles, Tobirama resumed, eager to get things moving along quicker. In a moment he slipped his hand into Madara's loose pants. He gripped the other's growing erection, the hardness showing his plan was working. Within moments, Tobirama began to pump the Uchiha's length with vigor. He smirked at the groan Madara released, working harder until the Uchiha was beyond the realms of arousal.
Madara was having the problems channeling his emotions and will to make Tobirama stop. He did not want to be forced into submission by this despicable Senju. He had realized the other's intentions at this point but was almost helpless to stop it.

By the shift in Madara's attitude he had guessed the Uchiha was somewhat aware of what he was hoping to accomplish. He probably was short for time now, so he decided to skip to the point. Quickly, he threw the Uchiha onto the Hokage's floor, Madara's head once hitting the hard surface again. The Uchiha was dazed for a moment allowing Tobirama to quickly climb upon the other and fit himself between Madara's legs. He moved in as far to prevent Madara's from kicking him.

The Senju smashed his own lips to the Uchiha as a quick distractions as he worked on Madara's pants. He yanked them off and tossing them to the side. Madara's yukata had fallen open completely given Tobirama a full sight of the beautiful body. The Uchiha's body had risen in temperature, red flushing over the pale skin. Small beads of sweat had begun to form on the Uchiha, as he was panting. Tobirama's eyes never left the Uchiha's body, partially because he was aware of Madara's active sharingan.

The white haired Senju's hands ran up and Madara's smooth sides. Madara's lips were next to his ear, his harsh breathing sending Goosebumps over Tobirama's skin. Tobirama moved his hand back to Madara's hardness and begun to stroke him again but with more speed and urgency. His other hand held both the Uchiha's hands above his head, supporting himself as well. Madara's body react instantly as he arched up into the Senju above him, releasing a keening loud moan. Madara at this point had not the experience to reject such unbearable pleasure and could only act to his bodily wishes.

Madara's entire being of mind was shouting helpless commands but his body refused to listen to him. He was so ashamed of himself but he couldn't find the time to act on these feelings.

The Uchiha's lower body rose of the floor, shaking in pleasure as Tobirama brought him to his nearing end. His entire body tensed in spasms as Tobirama's hand quickened around him. He found himself crying out as the sensation filled his being.

"Tobi! Uhh" Madara gasped, his hips lifting even more as he came into Tobirama's hand. The younger man collected as much as the other man's essence with his fingers. Madara had no time to calm down from his high or reprieve as Tobirama wet fingers pushed through his entrance. In response to the rough insertion, Madara's legs instantly clamped around Tobirama, trying to rid of the man in-between his legs. He was in no position to kick Tobirama off having him so pressed in between his parted legs.

A stinging pain as Tobirama's lubricated fingers penetrated him and pushed deep into him. The pain was immense and he found himself shifting against the uncomfortable movements. He hated the feeling of being dominated, and by Tobirama no less. The heavier body kept him glued to the floor, it was like a gravitational force, his whole body feeling the pressure. The entire scene was almost unbearable as the Uchiha feared these vulgar actions. He despised helplessness the most in life and he was thrown right into a pit of helplessness.

'Madara, don't let him touch our body' came a heavy distant voice. The deep tone echoed through Madara's head. The Uchiha's red eyes blinked unsure at the demonic voice. He felt himself tensing not only from Tobirama but the confusion.

"My body?" Madara whispered to the voice. Though he didn't receive a reply. Was he hearing things or had Tobirama said it?

Tobirama's gaze snapped back to Madara's face as he stared at the Uchiha. He looked as if he was in his own world and who the hell did he talk to? This made his captivation with the Uchiha all the more powerful. The white haired male decided to skip right to the act, lifting Madara's legs onto his shoulders and holding the Uchiha's arms down with his.

He waited not a another moment, before impaling the Uchiha forcefully. The sudden firm contact snapped Madara from his strange thoughts as the smaller body fought against him. The Uchiha let a choked out scream as sweat literally dropped from his body. The Senju didn't hesitate and began to thrust into the other without any restraint. He could feel the Uchiha's tightness around him and it was blissful. The warm heat accommodated with the beautiful body writhing underneath him. A layer of sweat covered the body below him and Madara's breathing had picked up considerably. Madara's hair was scattered all over the floor in a messy fuss. A small tear leaked from his left eye and the man bit his lip to try and silence his pain. Tobirama was a little surprised by the Uchiha's initial shock by the pain. Madara seemed so untouchable and unable to feel any pain. He almost expected Madara to lay motionless through the whole thing, but that was not the case.

Madara's could feel himself rip around Tobirama's large member inside him. It made him ache and sting though it only got ten times worse as Tobirama begun his assault. The Senju instantly began to move inside him at a punishingly fast and hard pace. The other almost acted as if he was immune to pain which was a completely incorrect statement.

"Stop, Hah!" Madara was reduced to begging but after being met with the cold ruthless eyes of the Senju, he knew it was inevitable. He only held his breath and wished for the end. It was going to be a little harder than that since the Senju was bent on making him feel. Tobirama's plan to humiliate and break him included the hard firm thrusts into his prostate. Forced pleasure and pain filled his system making him wish for death. His whole body was tender and throbbing from the powerful attacks on his body. His mind, soul and being was stuck between the realms of heaven and hell. The hellish pain of Tobirama's furious thrusts but the heavenly hits to his prostate. He was beginning to lose himself in this horrid existence.

Tobirama's eyes glared down at him with so much loathing and hate making the moment all the more worse. He tried pulling his gaze from Tobirama's angry one but only resulted in a hard slap. The Uchiha's cheek hit the floor from the force, keeping himself absolutely still to avoid any more unbearable abuse. The sweaty man on top of him forced the man to look back at him with a tight grip on his chin. He roughly connected their lips, demanding entrance. He easily entered the Uchiha's wet cavern but Madara's teeth clamped down, only just pulling back in time before Madara could rip of his muscle.

"You're a pitiful human, Madara Uchiha" Tobirama spat into his face, speeding till the point of pounding Madara into the floor ruthlessly. Madara let out gasps and grunts but that was all. "You're nothing but a burden to this village that Hashirama created"

"Shut u-up!" Madara forced back, almost unable to speak as sensations grew more intense. It looked like Tobirama was about to slap him again but he was soon reaching the same point as the Uchiha. "I h-hate you" Madara breathed out

Desperation brought him closer to his approaching orgasm. Tobirama was sure Madara was at the same point as him. He took Madara's leaking erection into his hand and begun to pump him in time with his thrusts. The feeling of Madara tightening around him, drove him harder into Madara's prostate making the other cry out helplessly. Madara's once paralyzed arms reached out and grasped Tobirama's white locks unconsciously. White cum shot from the Uchiha's member once again, covering mostly his own chest and Tobirama's lower stomach. Madara was jerking in his grasp, twitching from the protracted climax, reaching to his crescendo.

Tobirama was reaching the same point, finding his orgasm and shooting it into the warm passage, filling the man with his essence. The Senju collapsed onto Madara, both of the men panting loudly. The Senju shifted his hips, pulling himself from Madara's entrance. Tobirama's weight crushed the man underneath him and waited till he had regained himself before rolling off the Uchiha. Madara's body was too numb and swollen to move, even after the weight on him had disappeared. Madara listened to the sounds of Tobirama cleaning and dressing himself. The leader lay on the floor, openly exposed too tired and exhausted to do anything else. Tobirama gave him once last glance as he walked for the Hokage's door and spat a insult before closing the door and leaving.

The Uchiha lie on the floor unmoving almost devoid of all life besides his constant breathing. A cool feeling on his face near his eyes peaked his attention. He was afraid that it might be blood. Madara moved a hand to his cheek, wiping up the cool liquid noticing it wasn't red. The substance was clear, just the way a tear would look. Madara stared at the tear that had escaped his eye. He hadn't cried in so long...

After Madara had recovered somewhat, he weakly pulled his yukata back over his body feeling extremely dirty and felt the urge to cover himself. The Uchiha limped out of the office door, heading back to the Uchiha compound.

Madara had to stop himself from stumbling through his door. The pain in his backside was so agonizing and each movement tugged on it. He was flooded with so much emotion such as anguish, shamefulness, distraught, resentment and sadness. There was a list of painful emotion and it attacked his poor beating heart all at once. The Uchiha leader closed his front door and immediately heading for the bathroom. He could almost feel Tobirama's hands still on him, his girth inside him, his tongue in his mouth. The Uchiha felt dirty, used, worthless and hated, Tobirama's plan had worked. The raven man had entered his bathroom and turned on the shower. His thoughts began to race once again as he remember the demonic voice that had spoken to him. The running water sounded off the tile walls and the heat fogged the mirrors, clouding them. Mindlessly, the man dropped his soiled yukata to the floor unceremoniously. Who in the world was that?

'I am you.' The same voice from before. Madara stiffened at the resounding voice. He glared at the voice, raising an eyebrow, hating being confused.

"What?" he asked, annoyed at being confused.

'As I said before, I am you, you are me' the deep voice stated, and Madara could hear the mock in his tone. Madara mentally scoffed at the voice, doubting the words horrendously. He hoped this was some practically joke. He didn't want to think he was losing his mind and going crazy. This voice or person was nothing, just a figment of his imagination, Madara concluded. 'I can hear your thoughts...'
Madara's eye twitched. He didn't respond but merely expected a long explanation. 'I am all of your repressed emotions and hatred. I'm your better half Madara. You can call me whatever you want though'

Madara stared at the wall, unconvinced but having no other option but to accept it. The person in his head obviously could read his thoughts.

'You can call me Akuma' the voice insisted, sounding amused.

"Yeah sure" Madara replied, returning back to his activities. He was just about to discard his last layer of clothing before a knock sounded on his bathroom door. He froze, before taking a towel from the rack and using it to cover his body. Tobirama had left some bite marks on his body which he would die before anyone else saw them. There was a second moment hesitation before the other person opened the door. The Uchiha wanted to activate his sharingan out of instinct but he was still exhausted from... before. Hikaku, one of Madara' s most loyal members of the clan entered.

The older Uchiha, was Hikaku Uchiha. Madara was formally introduced at a young age to Hikaku, and they had a pretty good relationship. The older was always good to him, making sure his leader was fairing ok. Madara noted him as the most loyal member to him. He was the only Uchiha in the clan who hadn't shunned him at some point. He was one of the most powerful shinobi in the clan, also possessing amazing leadership power. Hikaku would always advise him and lead him in the right direction. He knew Hikaku valued their friendship highly but Madara found it difficult to openly accept Hikaku's friendship. After Izuna's death he was unable to accept anyone. The older man had his hair in his usual high ponytail and the same Uchiha clothing style as Madara himself. Hikaku was the usual Uchiha height, a few inches taller than Madara.

Hikaku walked in, and looking around the bathroom with an unmasked expression. Madara's eyes narrowed causing Hikaku to snap his attention to his leader.

"Madara, I heard you talking to someone just a moment ago?" Hikaku asked, genuinely worried for his considered friend. Madara's eyes widened for a split second before he quickly turned to look away.

'Tell him to mind his own business, don't tell him nothing'

"I know what to do" Madara replied angrily to Akuma and instantly realizing his slip up. He could hear the Akuma laughing mockingly at his mistake. Hikaku's eyebrows wavered, as he observed Madara. He had asked him a question and Madara's reply held no relevance as if he was talking to someone else. Madara quickly saw Hikaku's calculating eyes before adding. "Don't become meddlesome" Madara warned, as dark as he could muster. Hikaku caught on and quickly apologized to his leader.

"Forgive me, I was just concerned Madara..." came Hikaku's hurt voice. Madara felt guilty but he ignored it, he pulled the towel tighter around his body.

"Did you want anything else?" Madara asked, lifting his tone a bit lighter and Hikaku gave him a reassuring smile.

"I'll discuss everything concerning the clan after your shower" the other Uchiha offered, smiling before exiting through the door he came through. Madara sighed, dropping the towel and removing his pants. He hopped into the extremely heated shower.

The boiling water always brought Madara calmness and composure. The foul feeling covering his body like a suit seemed to wash away just a little bit. He hated the way Tobirama made him feel. Madara scrubbed his body as much as he could to rid himself of the feeling of violation. He didn't help him feel clean though. He still felt dirty, like a whore. He was more mad at himself than Tobirama. He was so defenseless and wasn't able to tear the other to shreds. The shame of climaxing two times for the Senju destroyed his pride. He wanted to murder himself more than Tobirama did.

The warm water dripped down his body, encasing him with a temporally taintless feeling. He knew as soon as the water stopped the feeling of filthy would strike again. No matter how much he cleaned himself, he would never be able to rid of this foul feeling. Madara listened and heard the Akuma hadn't said anything.

"Don't have anything to say?" Madara whispered to himself, well to Akuma. Madara waited for an answer but none came. Madara laughed to himself weakly, he couldn't tell if it was the water from the tap or he was actually crying.


Hikaku thoughts clouded his mind as he finished the final method for the meal he was making. He placed the food he just cooked onto two small serving plates before examining the meal. Inarizushi. He knew it was Madara's favorite food and he loved to cook the fried tofu whenever Madara was going through a rough patch. Three small pouches of fried tofu sat on each plate accompanied by a pair of chopsticks and soy.

Hikaku had come to discuss the topic of the Uchiha clan. The clan was holding a meeting tomorrow at dawn. He had gathered more information and some of the Uchiha were being to rebel against Madara for they didn't see him fit to lead the clan or Konoha. This enraged him, he could only see Madara fit for this leadership role and the clan was going to just throw him out. They didn't understand Madara gave his life protecting this clan, and the promise he made to his dearly departed brother. If Madara didn't have the clan, he wasn't sure where it would leave Madara. Hikaku remembered Izuna's parting words to Madara and how much it affected the older sibling. He knew from the look in Madara's eyes that day, he would solely live to keep his promise to Izuna.

Madara had been aware of his clan's starting to turn their backs on him and he could see the change he was going through. Though despite the meeting they had no longer than 20 minutes ago Madara was not coping. He was overly concerned about the wellbeing of his leader and friend. Seeing Madara so startled and it was like he was in his own world or mind. He had no other way or explanation but it seemed as Madara had been talking to someone. He was going to let it go just for the sake of Madara's dignity but if it got any worse, he would have to address the situation.

The water had been shut off in the bathroom and he knew Madara was due to come out. He lifted both the plates in each hand and walked into the Uchiha's living room and placing it onto the small table in the middle. He sat on the small cushion near beside the table and awaited for his leader. Luckily it wasn't a long wait, Madara came out strolling through his bedroom door, moving through the room to where Hikaku was.

Hikaku noticed Madara's choice in clothing. He wore his usual kimono, plain blue and hung down to the floor. The strange thing was the turtleneck undershirt he wore underneath it. They were in the middle of a summer heatwave with scorching hot nights. There was no way he could sleep in those clothes but he decided to ignore it considering Madara wasn't in a too good mood. He watched lazily as he leader plopped down on the cushion next to him, sighing loudly. Madara noticed the food on the table and slightly his eyes brightened seeing his most favorite food. The younger Uchiha looked at him for some sort of approval, Hikaku just smiling at him in re-assurance. That was all Madara needed before he began to eat up the delicious food. He noticed Madara was a hungrier than usual, as Madara was a calm, slow eater but he was acting as if his food would disappear if he didn't eat it quickly.

Hikaku took this time to observe his most trusted and cared for friend. Madara's long black hair was towel dried so it wasn't as wild as he usual had it. He seemed a little paler today and his prominent bags stood out even more so. He noticed even Madara hadn't been using his sharingan and that was a first for anyone to see. He took note that Madara's obsidian eyes were more beautiful than his blood red eyes. Hikaku was brought to attention when Madara had questioned him as to why his meal was untouched. Hikaku then began to indulge in the food as well. He was a little unsure of how he was going to bring up the conversation to Madara but luckily he didn't have to.

"So what is their decision?" Madara voice sounded lightly. Hikaku's eyes snapped to Madara in shock before pulling away from him sadly.

"The Uchiha are siding with the Senju..." Hikaku informed. "They are accusing you of trying to rekindle the flames of war." Hikaku watched Madara tense lightly at the words but he chuckled lightly.

"I was expecting that..." He said at last.

"Madara, I'm sorry. I've done everything possible to stop this from happening but it was out of my control" Hikaku apologized, sincerely upset for his friend.

Madara just shrugged and casted his eyes downwards. His mind was swarming with negative thoughts. The older Uchiha reached out to place his hand gently on Madara's back to comfort him. Madara reacted by jumping from the contact having Hikaku retreat his arm quickly wondering what he did wrong. The painful feeling of Madara rejecting his feelings hurt him greatly and he just sat there staring at his food. His greatest friend and secret infatuation interest, Madara Uchiha. The man he wanted so much, since the moment Madara's father introduced him to his son. Madara at the time would have been 11 and Hikaku himself at 16. He saw Madara as the perfect match for him and he knew Madara was so scared to create a bond with people since Izuna's death but Hikaku was one of his greatest friends. Though he tries to keep their bond invisible at this point.

"It's not your fault" Madara whispered so soft Hikaku almost missed it but he couldn't have been happier to hear them words.

Sure, Madara was heartless and cold at times, but he was originally a kind, protective, temperamental person. Despite having his angry outburst, Madara would always apologize in a way. Madara cared about everyone in the clan but he was too stubborn to form a bond with anyone because of his fear. Hikaku had observed Madara and realized why it was so hard for Madara to open up. He was afraid of letting someone in then losing them, like in Izuna's case. He had lost someone so precious to him and the pain and loneliness you go through when you lose someone is unbearable. Madara didn't want to lose anyone close to him, so he closed them off. The Uchiha is very vulnerable but covers it up with barriers, this is his way of coping with the hurt in his life. Or maybe he was in the process of finding a way to cope.

Hikaku wanted to be the one to release Madara from his pain and darkness, be the one to heal him. He wanted to show Madara the joy of friendship and love. It was the most he could do as Madara's friend. He was determined to save his friend and potential lover. He wanted to say those three words to Madara but he didn't want to cause the Uchiha any more pain so he would have to wait until the time is right.


Hashirama pushed through the door of the Hokage's office and held it open for his guest. Toka, and himself had just returned from a meeting with the fire country. Toka laughed quietly, enjoying the presence of her clan leader. The two Senju's looked up and saw Tobirama in the office waiting for them. Hashirama smiled instantly to greet his brother and Tobirama waved him dismissively. He gestured Toka to leave and she did as she was told, leaving the two Senju's brother's to themselves.

Hashirama was himself was quite tall and muscled despite his young age. Tobirama's height competed with him but Hashirama further surpassed him strength and body build though Tobirama was not slender. Hashirama's tanned skin, complete opposite of Tobirama's naturally white skin. The white haired Senju suggested for the older to cut his hair but Hashirama insisted on keeping his long brown hair, no matter how many split ends he got.
Toka, was one of their most valued member of the Senju clan. Despite her being a skilled shinobi, she was there as a good friend for the both of them. Her hair was always pulled neatly into a high bun and wore bright red lipstick all the time. She was also tall despite being a woman. Toka reminded Tobirama of Hashirama in a way, so childish and naive. She seemed to have adopted Hashirama's way of thinking towards the Uchiha's as she had befriended quite a lot of allies in the Uchiha. He also noticed she had a great deal of respect for Madara Uchiha and she was constantly trying to get on his good side. Almost a mirror image of Hashirama Tobirama thought casually.

"It's good to see you too Tobirama after 3 days" Hashirama laughed half heartedly. Tobirama just crossed his arms in annoyance, he never was in the mood for Hashirama's childish attitude.

"Seeing as you returned so suddenly, I see you have received the date of which the Hokage will be announced." Tobirama insisted, ignoring Hashirama's previous words. Hashirama's smile dropped slightly before nodding solemnly. Tobirama nodded in approval, everything was progressing smoothly.

Hashirama closed the door behind him, and walking past his younger brother. He walked to the windows just behind the Hokage's desk that had just been recently placed. The windows showed the entire village. Konoha was still undergoing construction but it was growing at a rapid speed. Hashirama enjoyed every moment as he glanced outside at the village he and Madara created. It filled him with the upmost joy and happiness that their dreams were finally being brought to reality. The tanned male turned to face his brother, smiling brightly.

"This place has turned out so nicely, I like it a lot." Hashirama explained. He walked around the small office. "This place, will hold so much memories, this room will be a step for the future" Hashirama stated. He turned to give his brother his signature smile and saw Tobirama was smirking ever so lightly.

"Indeed it already is..."

This fiction will end in a tragedy of some sort. If sad stories upsets you, i wouldn't consider reading but if its your cup of tea, be my guest :)