Unbalanced Minds.

NOTE: Akuma doesn't show up in this chapter for a reason. I just had to display Hashirama and Madara's relationship before Akuma. Though Akuma becomes more persistent when Madara relies on him. Madara is skeptical so right now Akuma doesn't have the power to come and go as he wishes.

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Madara had woken himself up early despite the protests of his body. The Uchiha leader hadn't had too much time to recover and get enough rest. He was feeling groggy and numb but forced his body to work anyway. He had a clan meeting to attend this morning and he wasn't looking forward to it. This would probably be his last meeting with them before they all turned away from him. He could only hope that one day they would heed his words. He desperately desired so much prosperity for his clan, he wanted the upmost best for his clan. But what could he do if the clan he so wish to protect didn't want to follow him. This would be the deciding point. This meeting would be his last chance. His words would have to reach to someone, at least one person to carry on his ideals to the next generations.

The raven Uchiha pulled his over his turtleneck shirt. He hated the fact that he had to layer up his clothing. He was going to die in this heat but he would never show anyone the marks on his neck. Luckily Madara had been able to preoccupy himself and not to linger on the events that unfolded less than twenty four hours ago. He was also thankful that Akuma, or whatever that thing was wasn't bothering him right now. He was still unsure of what to make about the weird voice that spoke to him but he had no other explanations to go for. Akuma had told him that they are one being, but him being all his hidden emotions. Had his emotions and painful memories created this entity in his head? The Uchiha would have thought hearing voices in your head meant you had gone over the edge of insanity though he would refuse that on his part.

If Akuma is speaking the truth than maybe he was a little crazy. If people found out about Akuma, they would completely disregard him. He would be an outcast and definitely an experimentation project. He would never accept that, he was Madara Uchiha! A powerful shinobi who united the Senju and Uchiha and formed the first hidden village. Madara was an exceptional shinobi and he would not go down in the crazy books of history. He wondered slightly if Akuma had any special agenda or motive, it was too confusing at this point. Notherless Akuma wasn't a problem or too big an eyesore right now, he had other more pressing matters to worry himself on.

Once Madara deemed himself somewhat appropriate he left his house and headed for the meeting. Madara approached a large secluded building. The raven noticed Hikaku standing at the front of the building. There were several tall burial urns around the building with many names of Uchiha's names over it. This building was the burial memorial of all Uchiha who had passed fighting for peace. During the war, countless Uchiha were lost and buried in this very building and the urns around the premises were dedicated to them. Madara's most important person was also buried here - Izuna Uchiha.

Hikaku greeted Madara with a warming smile and Madara returned it. Hikaku would be able to brighten his day up slightly.

"How are you feeling?" Hikaku asked, worry etching over his face. "Would you like me to represent you instead?" Hikaku offered but Madara just shook his head, smiling lightly.

"I'm fine, I need to see them"

With that being said, Madara led the way to his awaiting clan. Uchiha of adults and elderly ages stood just outside the entrance of the building. The clan looked like a creed. Chatter sounded the outdoor air until Madara showed up and took his place in front of the clan. Madara listened as everyone went silent as he arrived. Hikaku stood beside Madara, showing his support for his leader.

The clan's decision had already been finalized between them but Madara was going to preach anyway.

"I don't know how many times I speak my mind, till everyone turns away from me" Madara said slowly. Once Madara had spoken those words, people began to mumble and whispers negative words. Madara had already caught on to their negative attitudes. "I am standing by my ideals"

An uproar in the clan arose and Madara didn't flinch at any of the insults thrown at him. Hikaku did however, he glance at Madara with saddened eyes. He wanted to reach out to his friend and comfort him. Hikaku wanted to touch Madara's pale hand, give him some sort of comfort. He was surprised of how well Madara was composing himself, despite the mental anguish he was obviously going through. Madara was a true leader. He was strong, powerful man.

People shouted obscenities at their leader. They accused him of trying to start war and disrupt the peace because of his own stubbornness. His own personal hate for the Senju because of the death of his brother.

"Madara look inside the burial, look at all the coffins!" came an elderly woman in the clan. "All those wasted lives, and you want to start it again!"

"You brother's life will go to waste because of your selfishness"

"Think of the benefits for our clan"

The shouts were continuous and never ending, Madara had to interrupted before a destined riot started

"You may not see it but in the future you will, and it will be too late to stop it. Senju do not wish equality between the clans and we will lose power. Nothing more than the Senju dogs." Madara explain for the something billionth time. "I do hope one day, my dear clan will heed my warning before it's too late"

Madara ignored the protest and angry shouts of his once faithful clan. He could say it no more. With that being said, Madara turned without another word and left, the only person to follow him was his most loyal friend, Hikaku. Each and every other clan member walked the opposite direction.


Tobirama sat, dipping his brush into the ink. He brought it back down to the dry paper and begun to write. He was writing about Madara, and his conclusions on the man. The white haired man had more research to do on the Uchiha. The outcome of Madara's sanity by the end of the scroll he was writing would determine if the Uchiha are worthy enough the be in the council. Well maybe worthy was not entirely the right word to use, maybe stable. He had a lot more information to gather and review.

Tobirama's thoughts would always stray back to when he had taken Madara. To break and humiliate him was the goal but he discovered something more about the exclusive individual. He wasn't quite sure about what it was, but he was determined to indulge into Madara's mind further.

Before he could finish his biography of the Uchiha leader he heard a noise he in the other room. He then heard Hashirama shuffling around and he quickly rolled up his scroll and tossed it under his table. Luckily for Tobirama Hashirama only just came into his room after he hid the scroll. Hashirama, the peaceful brother, the Uchiha's friend wouldn't allow him to do such research. He wouldn't allow him to pursue the Uchiha and would force him to stop such acts, no matter how good this good benefit the village. Hashirama saw the Uchiha's as equals, which would become his downfall Tobirama concluded.

"I didn't ever expect to see you up so early" came Hashirama's calm, yet playful voice. Tobirama just turned in his chair to face his older brother giving him an annoyed look.

"I always exceed your expectations, Hashirama" Tobirama replied shortly. Hashirama just lifted his hands in defeat smirking. Tobirama eyed him closely before looking at the time. "It's too early to be heading to the office now"

"I know, I need to see someone first" Hashirama said innocently. Instantly Tobirama's eyes narrowed, his unusual dark red eyes glared at him.

"Madara Uchiha" he spat already knowing the answer. It was as if the words were burning his mouth. In return, Hashirama's happy calm face dropped, just a little bit into annoyance.

"Yes, Madara Uchiha" he copied Tobirama's tone. "Besides I haven't seen him for a few days, I want to see how my dear friend is fairing. I hope you haven't been cruel to him"

Tobirama quickly turned back to his desk, ending the conversation before any hidden secrets got out. Hashirama just chuckled and he praised the lords for Hashirama's naivety. He listened to his older sibling say his goodbyes before marching out of the room.

Tobirama wasn't the least bit worried that Madara would inform Hashirama of their previous activities. The Senju had no reason to go and threaten to man to never speak a word of it. He knew Madara held too much pride to ever let out a embarrassing secret. Hell the Uchiha would probably deny it if it ever got out. Besides he had no one close to him that he would relay such a shameful secret to. If Izuna was alive he might have been worried but he already disposed of Izuna, years ago. The Uchiha clan would probably disown him as well at the fact, That their leader was dominated by a Senju, that he was nothing more than the Senju whore.


Madara was a little thankful Hikaku had decided to give him some time to himself. Not that he didn't enjoy the other's presence, he just needed time to himself. He hadn't gone back to his home, deciding to go for a fresh walk. Even though it was early in the morning, a blanket of warmth already begun to cover the earth. Though it was at a bearable temperature and Madara was thankful. The Uchiha made his way out to an unknown destination, though it didn't seem like he was walking aimlessly. After the extremely quick stroll, Madara found himself at a distant river. He had come here sometimes to bathe whenever he wanted privacy since it was outside the village's premises.

Madara tested the water by dripping in his fingers. The cool liquid wasn't freezing like he expected it to be. It was at a cool temperature that border lined relaxation. Something Madara craved for some time now.

Madara stood up before checking his surroundings. Madara then begun to undress, taking off his hot clothes. Once the Uchiha was fully naked he quickly moved into the water. Instantly the cool clear water surrounded him, and he was finally able to relax and be in peace. Madara sighed loudly, feeling his muscles slowly calm themselves for once in his life time. Madara was always tensed, or busy training. He was able to be at ease, to repose himself. The clear water seemed to cleanse his body of every ill feeling. Madara refused to let his mind down track what had happened with Tobirama. He was determine to leave that memory in the dirt. Luckily he didn't have to try and forget yet he was interrupted.

"Here you are" came a familiar voice. Madara's face snapped to the side to witness his intruder. He knew the speaker of the voice, he would never be able to forget that calm collected tone. The Uchiha's face instantly flushed in embarrassment, clamping his legs shut to hide himself. The only problem with crystal clear water was the ability to see completely through it. Hashirama simply chuckled at his friend. Nontherless the Senju walked to the end of the lake where Madara gave him a slight glare.

"Why were you looking for me?"

Hashirama begun to undress himself to Madara's dismay. He turned his gaze away from the Senju as he answered his question.

"I was going to come here for a bath then to your home but considering your here, I saved a lot time"

"That doesn't answer my question fool!" Madara snapped. Hashirama began pouting.

"Aw, didn't you notice I was gone for a few days? I thought you missed me!" Hashirama blubbered, pretending to get depressed. Madara's face flushed even more in anger and embarrassment.

"I-I... Don't get into your depression again!" Madara yelled, turning away from Hashirama crossing his arms in an angry pout. Hashirama could only laugh loudly before discarding the rest of his clothing and slipping into the water right next to Madara. He turned to look at his beautiful friend and saw he was still throwing a fit. "Where did you even go?" Madara asked, trying to not sound so eager.

"Hence one of the other reason's I came to see you. I met with the fire country and they have given me the date for the election of the Hokage" Hashirama explained. "I thought I'd tell you first since you're in the running to become the Hokage"

Madara's eyes widened slightly, looking at his rival in slight shock. Hashirama just smiled at him warmly before stretching himself out shamelessly. He moved himself mutely closer to the Uchiha making sure to it didn't look like a threat and scare the other off. Madara didn't seem to be bothered and Hashirama found himself mere inches away from the beautiful Uchiha. He desperately felt the need to reach out for the Uchiha but the same fear that was holding both the men back arose. He decided to just sit and enjoy the other's presence.

Hashirama was aware of his own feelings for Madara, and slightly had the feeling Madara held the same for him. He didn't just feel lust for the other, it was much more than that. He knew the Uchiha would be way to stubborn to admit those feelings to him or to himself so he knew he had to make the first move. He didn't bother him any bit, he loved the Uchiha exactly the way he was. Though it wasn't exactly as easy to just admit their feelings for each other, though he wished it was. Hashirama may be naive to the human spirit but he was able to read his friend like an open book. Despite giving people the benefit of the doubt. Madara may seem though and a cold hearted person but on the contrary Madara was indeed very vulnerable. The Uchiha held up impenetrable barriers around himself as a way of protecting himself from hurt. He had noticed this when Izuna died.

Madara was a true man of love and when Izuna died he went through the worst time of his life. Madara was afraid to open up to anyone else and realized at that moment Madara had tried to shut him off as well. He was just afraid of losing someone again. Hashirama was going to be there to break Madara's walls down but it was already an ongoing process. But little did Madara know. Hashirama was just as stubborn as him. When they had met as kids and formed a strong bond, Hashirama promised himself he would save his friend. Even after Madara severed that bond long ago, they were able to rekindle it somewhat and become what they are now. Hashirama was glad, he knew the next step to their relationship would be letting each other into their lives.

"How's the Uchiha clan?" Hashirama asked, not realizing the sensitive topic. Madara instantly tensed up and Hashirama raised his eyebrow.

"I wouldn't know" Madara stated. Madara wished Hashirama would leave it at that but as usual he didn't.

"Why, what happened?" Hashirama asked, becoming louder. Madara sighed, looking away from Hashirama.

"They left me." he wanted to say betrayed. "No one in the clan holds me with importance anymore" Madara explained shortly.

"That's completely unfair and untrue, you are the most important shinobi in this village" Hashirama spoke, clearly frustrated. Madara's eyes widened and he couldn't stop the redness of his face.

"... Don't be silly" Madara whispered turning his face away from Hashirama to look the other way. He felt a warm hand against his cheek, pulling him back to face the Senju. Madara face came mere inches away from Hashirama's determined face. He felt his heart pick up considerably and Hashirama's warm breath was tickling his face. Their nose were almost touching and Madara's eyes hazily gazed into Hashirama becoming stunned.

"No Madara, I'm serious" Hashirama declared.

Hashirama stared into Madara's beautiful charcoal eyes. He could feel his heart almost beating out of his heart and he swore he could hear Madara's beating just as fast. Hashirama's mind was screaming commands at him to just do it but his fear of rejection and hurting Madara even more froze him. The look in Madara's eyes were so encouraging and yearning, he moved forward ready to show his love. He was mere millimeters from the lips of Madara Uchiha before-

"-Hashirama!" came a loud angry voice. Madara instantly pulled away, moving till they were far apart and he was blushing. The two turned and saw the young angry Senju stomping towards them. Tobirama held a expression of disgust however it was directed to the beautiful Uchiha. He looked furious and somewhat jealous. Hashirama just raised his eye, annoyed at the interruption. Madara glared angrily at Tobirama, remembering his hatred for the Senju though he tore his gaze away to stare into the water in shame. Tobirama smirked at the Uchiha solemnly in victory. Did he needed to remind Madara of his place?

"Yes Tobirama?" Hashirama asked innocently but not bothering to hide his annoyance. It was almost as if the younger Senju had been spying on them and decided he would stop what was obviously going to happen. The white haired man was glaring at the Uchiha beauty, in loathing and disgust. If he knew the two had theses secret feelings for each other, he would have done something sooner.

"I believe you need to get in the Hokage's office now, there are far more important matters to attend to" Tobirama practically ordered standing at the riverbank, glaring at the two in the water. Hashirama just looked away in dismissal.

"I'll arrive there shortly" Hashirama said flatly, not giving his brother the satisfaction he knew he wanted. Tobirama just stared at him in disbelief before stomping off angrily. By the time Tobirama had long since disappeared, Hashirama turned to Madara smirking. The Uchiha didn't look at him, trying to avoid the other.

Hashirama was considering whether he should leave it at that and continue this matter elsewhere another time. Once he saw Madara slightly blushing still he threw away all his worries. Firmly, Hashirama reached out, pulling Madara closer by his shoulders and forcing him to look at him. Before he could change his mind, he pushed his lips against Madara ever so gently. The beautiful raven tensed under his touch but relaxed quickly. The Senju felt Madara's plump lips slightly push back against him, hesitantly returning the kiss. Hashirama decided to leave it at that, knowing if they escalated he wouldn't want to leave the other. Slowly he pulled back from the gentle kiss, caressing Madara's cheek lovingly.

"We will have to continue this another time" Hashirama said, despite all the protest in mind.

"Don't count on it" Madara tried, blushing, trying to defend his pride. Hashirama only laughed lightly and kissed him once more before moving out of the water.


Hashirama didn't enjoy the feeling of leaving Madara at such a time. He wished to spend more moment like this with him but leaving on such a note could end in unknown consequences. Madara could pretend it never happened and they would just go back to normal or Madara could try avoiding him. There were so many possible endings but Hashirama knew his rival better than anyone. He had a gut feeling this would work. Madara was a beautiful strong individual, capable of working out his own emotions and feelings, though he needed a little push. It was impossible for Madara to completely ignore his feelings. This had to work out for them.

Hashirama was aware of his brother's denial of the Uchiha's. Hashirama himself had lectured his brother many times about this matter but Tobirama seemed bent on his own ideals. No doubt Tobirama was solely loyal to protect the village and the Senju clan though he didn't see the Uchiha's as allies or assets but mere a hindrance. It was no secret Madara and Tobirama held a dislike for each other and Hashirama could only wish they would put their differences aside.

The tanned Senju didn't realize the trouble that was waiting for him behind these Hokage doors. He pushed the doors open to the office and saw two figures. It was Tobirama and Butsuma Senju. His brother and father. It was rare for Butsuma to come see him of his own accord so Hashirama instantly knew something was up. Tobirama and Butsuma were so alike, so Tobirama must have taken on more of his father's genes than their peaceful mother. The two Senju's held the same stern face and Hashirama put his hands up innocently in the air.

"What did I do?" He asked. Butsuma's eyes narrowed, slowly walking towards his son.

"I shouldn't have to watch you-"

"-Good, so you understand where I'm coming from" Hashirama interrupted. Butsuma visibly twitched from the annoyance of defiance.

"I didn't think my son would travel down this homoerotic path"

Hashirama's eyes widened and he looked at his father angrily. He turned to look at Tobirama he looked at him the same way his father did.


"And with that Uchiha no less." Butsuma spoke. Hashirama was infuriated. For Tobirama to actually run to their father was absolutely childish. Something he always did when they were kids. "I went along with your dream of creating this village for peace but I put aside my hatred for those red eyes to accomplish this."

"Oh please, you had no choice in the matter! I already became the leader of the clan, too many Senju sided with me for you to voice your opinion. Participants on both sides wanted this truce!" Hashirama snapped, feeling betrayed by both his father and brother.

"Which was fine! You need to secure this position as Hokage but I will not allow you to have a sexual relation with that unstable Uchiha."

"Madara is not unstable!" Hashirama fought back. Butsuma seemed to be as angry at him and was trying to hold back from lashing out. The two were almost at the end of their patience. From a young age Hashirama had always disagreed with his father's ways. He had always been there to defy him, never betray but speak his mind. He thought the truce may bring them a little closer and he thought Tajima and Butsuma would be able to stop this senseless bickering. Hashirama was an adult and he decided his own path, not his father, and certainly not his brother.

"I beg to differ" Tobirama interfered. "But that's beside the point. The Hokage will be announced this week and cannot have any screw ups"

Hashirama didn't say anything but stare angrily at that ground. Butsuma just glared at his son warningly. Hashirama by no means was going to stop pursuing his love for Madara, though he did need to be careful of his actions however.

There was a slight knock on the door and all persons in the room turned to the door. The door opened and Toka entered the room.

"Am I interrupting something?" she said, bowing to her leaders. Before Butsuma had the chance to rid of her, Hashirama spoke up.

"No it's fine, they were just leaving" Hashirama said, turning to smile at his companions. Butsuma just glared at his son, in defeat.

"Fine, Hashirama" Butsuma spoke, turning to Tobirama and nudging him to move. The two Senju men left through the door, closing in behind them. Hashirama sighed in relief moving to sit on the chair in front of the desk. He rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming.

"Did you hear any of that?" Hashirama said, peering up at her.

"No" she replied honestly, smiling faithfully at her soon-to-be-Hokage. Hashirama just smiled warmly back at her.


The construction of a school for children was undergoing. Hashirama had been the one to originally plan the idea but he was far too busy to see it through. Many children had been enrolled for the first year of school which was meaning they were accomplishing a lot. Tobirama had been able to take over the construction and lead it. The school would be up and running probably after the Hokage would be chosen which was a good choice. Tobirama had designed the curriculum after consulting with Hashirama. The idea of going through stages of shinobi, stepping stones. The village was growing significantly and many shinobi clans had joined with the village. One of the noticeable clans were the Sarutobi clan. He had already seen a prodigy, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Tobirama had decided on the teams and Hiruzen was one of the children in his.

Tobirama to his dismay found out that he would be teaching an Uchiha child as well. He found out a little about the boy, and he had already awakened his sharingan. The boy's name was Kagami Uchiha. He knew what it meant when a Uchiha had awakened his sharingan. That he was under the threat of the curse of the clan. Tobirama was decided not to think of it now since he would a far too long time before he actually had to teach the kids. They were still too young. It was still in the processing stage.

Though it was far from complete. Tobirama was going to bring in a lot more establishments for the village. He had already some ideas on how it would work but he hadn't let Hashirama aware of these ideas since they were still under construction.

Tobirama noticed something going on between the Uchiha clan. They seemed to be scattered, walking about with no motive which was different. It seems the Uchiha clan has finally realized Madara's abominable ambitions and intentions.

The Senju looked over the blueprints once more before noticing the workers had stopped building and began to pack away. He was confused for a bit before noticing it was break time, lunch time. Tobirama folded his work prints and threw them into his hip bag. The white haired male dismissed everyone before he went on his own way too. Many restaurants had been built around the village so they were never on shortage for food. He found himself walking to a ramen building, it was an open restaurant where you got to see the chef making the food.

Tobirama had ordered his food and took an empty seat. Ramen always took awhile to make so he would be waiting for a bit which was fine since he wasn't that hungry. The Senju began to think about Konoha's future and the plans he held for them. He was interrupted by the thoughts as a unknown person sat beside him. He turned to look at the newcomer and realizing it was an Uchiha. He could tell and Uchiha not just by their eyes but pale perfect skin tone and raven hair. He noticed the other person to be Hikaku Uchiha. He didn't know much about him but he knew that he often assisted Madara and was one of the strongest Uchiha's. He had heard about Hikaku's loyalty to his clan, and his leader but he never had a conversation with the other male.

"Good evening Tobirama" Hikaku said smiling politely. Tobirama forced a smile at the other.

"To you too Hikaku" he said.

He knew that Hikaku was one of the only Uchiha's who had advance his sharingan and not been affected by the curse as most Uchiha were. He had called it the curse of hatred. Knowing Hikaku was a very skilled shinobi he only did things that benefit his clan and the village. He had already done good things so Tobirama decided to put aside his assumptions.

"I saw you were working on the academy, how was that going?" Hikaku asked.

"Quite alright, though its progressing slowly" Tobirama sighed, propping his elbows on the table and resting his chin on his fist. "It might be awhile before its up and running."

"Oh, that's no good" Hikaku sighed as well. Tobirama turned his attention to the Uchiha.

"What about you, how's the Uchiha clan fairing?" Hikaku just shrugged and Tobirama raised an eyebrow. "Is there a problem?"

"Well not entirely, the clan as moved its sights to the village and Hokage"

"So they have lost sight of Madara" Tobirama said. knowing this would be the outcome. Hikaku didn't say anything but Tobirama could tell in his charcoal eyes that it was the case.

"Anyway..." Hikaku said, wanting to change the topic. Tobirama noticed a strange emotion in the other's eyes.

"You are close to Madara?" he asked. Hikaku just looked at him before giving the signature Uchiha like short lasting smile.


"How is he?" Tobirama asked, sounding concern. Hikaku was slightly confused to why Tobirama wished to know how his leader was fairing.

"He's fine.."

Hikaku ended the conversation there.

The two remained in idle chatter and they got their foods. Hikaku left before Tobirama, bidding him farewells. The Uchiha left the restaurant and little suspicious about Tobirama's motives but he had no reason to pursue them. He was going to visit Madara as it would be getting late soon. He had to make sure Madara was alright before he went back to his own home. The raven walked to Madara's house which was secluded from the rest. That was the way Madara preferred it. The Uchiha's mainly resided in this area, and the choice wasn't really there's.

Hikaku went to the door of his friend's house and knocked at it before entering. He expected to find his friend in the living room or bed room. He wasn't there. He searched the entire house for Madara wanting to know where his friend was. He would have thought Madara would have been back by now. He hadn't seen him since the morning. Hikaku could feel himself panicking slightly as he tried to calm himself but... Madara was gone.

Hikaku knew Madara was an adult but found himself wondering why he wasn't home. He knew Madara well and would pull drastic stuns if things were going bad for him. He had to tell someone, let someone know of Madara's disappearance. Tobirama or Hashirama.


Hikaku pushed through the Hokage doors and saw the future Hokage sitting at his desk, pen in hand. He looked up at the interruption, eyes widened. He saw Hikaku panting and looking extremely worried.

"Hikaku? What's wrong" Hashirama asked, standing up. Hikaku was panting a little bit still and he looked like he had been in a fright. Hashirama knew there was something wrong with Madara seeing Hikaku like this.

"Madara's gone!"

Hashirama's eyes narrowed instantly before dropping his pen. He walked for the door quickly.

"I'll find him" Hashirama reassured, determination taking over his soul.

Hashirama bolted from the Hokage's mansion and raced through the streets of Konoha. He feared exactly this, that Madara would hold onto some doubt and run from him. He passed the other villagers with speed, not caring to stop. He apologized to them shortly by that was about it. Luckily he didn't run past Tobirama because the younger man would surely follow him. He had to find Madara with distractions, he had to finish what he started otherwise it would leave them with a broken bond that neither of the wanted to face. Hashirama flinched at the consequences, he wouldn't allow that. He had passed the village gates and headed for the unknown forests. He had absolutely no idea where he was heading but it felt like he was being pulled. He could only hold into fate and wish to be reunited with his most important friend.

The future Hokage had left the boundaries till they were surely far from the village. Hashirama stopped running as he came out into the clearance. He hadn't noticed but the sun was descending down quickly and it left the sky painted orange. The clearing had a large long familiar lake and trees surrounded them. He walked out slowly, looking around taking in his surroundings. It came back flooding his memory bank. This place was the first time he had Madara Uchiha, when they were nothing more than children skipping stones. Hashirama had tried to distance himself from his past thoughts as it wasn't too healthy to be lingering but he was denied that. Hashirama would never be able to forget those precious moments of his life.

Hashirama glanced around and saw the never ending lake. There figure standing near the water. His heart jumped for his chest as he knew it was his raven friend. He saw Madara sitting by the riverbed, staring up into the afternoon sky.


Hikaku had searched the entire Uchiha compound just to be safe. He knew Madara had left village and he could only hope it was for a breath of fresh air. Hikaku knew Madara, starting from a young age and he knew what Madara's intentions were. The Uchiha fell on the cold grass, the sun slowly fading away beneath the horizon. He stared up at the brightly painted sky, enjoy the blanket for warmth the earth was covered in. He then closed his eyes, thinking about his long time friend.

"Hikaku!" came a voice. Said boy's eyes snapped open and quickly propped himself off the grass. The 16 year old boy stood on both feet and saw a familiar looking man approaching him. It was Tajima, their clan leader. Hikaku quickly bowed before his leader stood upon him. He had been acquainted with his leader at a young age as his own parents were good trusted friends. The older Uchiha looked down at him, crossing his arms. "I need you to look after one of my boys"

"Huh" was the intelligent reply. The teen Uchiha's eyes widened. He didn't like the idea of being a child's babysitter.

"His name is Madara, my oldest son"

"Of course" Hikaku said. Tajima nodded and left it at that. The leader left, leaving the younger boy the rest. Hikaku left and headed for the Uchiha's man household. He didn't feel like looking after this 'Madara' kid would be too swell.

Hikaku arrived at the Uchiha's mansion and let himself in to find a completely empty house. All the adults and necessary children had left. He didn't luckily have to search for the Uchiha, finding a small boy sitting on a cushion. He noticed the other had thick spiky raven hair. Hikaku closed the door behind them to let the other boy know of his presence. The boy didn't move at all. He walked towards the boy and took the cushion next to him.

"Hey Madara?" Hikaku said, trying to smile politely at the young boy. The older Uchiha thought Madara was a cute little boy, he seemed shy and timid but that wasn't the case.

"You're Hikaku?" the younger asked. not looking up from his activities. Hikaku raised an eyebrow at the younger boy. He looked to see Madara playing with a shuriken,


Hikaku's impressions of Madara was that he wasn't a timid follower but a self-determined boy who wanted to earn respect.

That was the first awkward confrontation with the Uchiha boy but he had somewhat connected with Madara. Hikaku had offered looking after Madara for when Tajima wanted to keep him safe at home. Madara was a little cold when it came to first impressions but he had been able to see through Madara's pride and respect the younger. That had brought them into a considerable bond. It didn't take Hikaku long to care for Madara and wanted to protect him at any cost. At that time, he felt as Madara was his younger brother and he was Madara's older brother. He could never take that spot though since Madara had four brothers, and three of them were his older brothers. They were deceased by now. He wouldn't ever act like he was taking their spot, for it would have ruined their bond.

Hikaku and Madara begun to see each other, not as baby and babysitter but as rivals and friends. He had taken Madara to the training fields and the two fought on equal par. Hikaku wasn't thoroughly shocked that Madara was a prodigy and he found Madara succeeding him. Madara was his inspiration. He wanted to become better than his younger rival so he would be the one to protect him. Hikaku was going to be the one to save Madara, he was the only one who was capable.

Hikaku breathed out slowly trying to regain his breath, sweat dripping from his forehead. Madara was at the same point of exhaustion and the two knew always when to end their training. Hikaku smiled, waving at Madara. The young Uchiha raced up to him and Hikaku held his hand out.

"Promise me something, Madara" Hikaku said smiling at his younger friend. Madara was still panting, raising a curious eyebrow.

"Promise what" Madara asked, Hikaku took Madara's small pale hand into his own, squeezing tightly. He pushed his forehead again Madara, staring into his curious big eyes.

"You'll remember how important you are to me" Hikaku started. "Promise me you will never forget"

Madara was a little too young to know what Hikaku was hinting too but he couldn't care less. Once Madara had said those words, he knew he would never be able to live without the other.

"I promise"


"Madara!" he yelled. The Uchiha turned to look at him, internally surprised at seeing the other man here. Hashirama could feel his heart beating, not only from the persistent running he had been doing.

"What are you doing here" Madara snapped. Hashirama walked up to his long time rival, still panting quietly. Hashirama was trying to hide his anger and upset that the Uchiha had tried avoiding the people who wanted to help him.

"You were gone" Hashirama explained. "I was worried"

Madara snorted, turning away from Hashirama. The Senju's wishful thinking brought him here. He wasn't entirely sure if Madara would even be here but the reason Madara came here was because of the significance of this place. Hashirama could only smile, remembering when they were much younger, fooling around.

"Do you remember when we came here as kids" Hashirama spoke lost in the memory. He hoped he wasn't the only one who constantly thought of their old friendship. Madara's old self was so pure and taintless, probably the reason he took a liking to the Uchiha so quickly. He was much like himself, their ideals and dreams. Madara looked at Hashirama slightly before smiling somwhat.


"Haha, yes I remembered you, always trying to beat me at everything!"

"Psh, I never tried! I always won unless you cheated!" Madara fought back.

Hashirama smiled at him brightly before turning to look ahead of them. The lake was moving slowly, he remembered when they were kids, when they would part they would head separate way on each side of the lake. Now they were on the same side of the lake, He looked at Madara who seemed to be lost in thought.

"Why did you run?" he confronted.

"I didn't run" Madara retorted.

Hashirama put his hands on Madara's shoulders pulling him into his body. Madara gasped as he was pulled into a forceful hug. Hashirama's arms were tight around his body he the Senju's chin was resting on his head. Madara's face was in the crook of Hashirama's neck. He was frozen and couldn't bring himself to relax. All his repressed emotions were flooding and he felt his eyes burning. Madara closed his eyes tightly, feeling his heart tighten considerably.

Hashirama felt Madara shaking in his grasp but he said nothing. He just held the man tighter hoping that he would let out those emotions he held in for years. He could almost feel Madara leaning against him, finally accepting him. There two stood there for minutes but it felt like an eternity. Slowly Hashirama pulled back slightly not letting ago of his Uchiha, almost to afraid he'll lose the other man. He tilted the man up by his chin and there once gazing into the other's eyes. Charcoal onyx eyes met with warm passionate brown. Hashirama was glad, no one was here to stop them, no more inference. Hashirama lent down ready to connect their lips, to seal their love. Madara didn't back away but closed his eyes.

"Madara, don't you dare!" came the hoarse voice of Akuma.

Madara froze.

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