For People who don't understand what Akuma is and his role, it was explained in the first chapter. Akuma is a separate entity that lives in Madara's head. It just like that voice in the back of your head but more intense for Akuma is like another being with feelings and a personality. Also Akuma was born from the hatred and lonesome in Madara's self. It was awakened when Tobirama broke Madara's spirit. It could be a symptom of the curse of the Uchiha but you'll find out soon. He will be thoroughly explained soon enough so its fine if you were a little confused.

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Bold is Akuma talking, and only Madara can hear it. It's in Madara's head

'This is Madara talking to Akuma inside his head. Only Akuma can hear'

Hashirama was more than surprised when he felt a painful force pushing him back. He looked down at Madara who had pushed him rather harshly just a few moments ago. The Uchiha held a disgusted dark glare directed right at him.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Madara muttered darkly. Those words brought Hashirama to a standstill. The Senju's eyes soon narrowed in defense trying to hide the hurt he was feeling.

"Madara, you know-!" Hashirama fought back.

"Don't think for a moment you can touch me, Senju"

Hashirama's throat went dry. He was going to lose his temper, what the hell was Madara's problem? He knew Madara loved him as much as he love him, he had no doubt. The only thing was Madara's stubbornness. Surely it wasn't his stubbornness getting in the way otherwise he wouldn't have let him hold him just a few minutes ago. Something had to be wrong though Hashirama couldn't help but to feel his heart being trot on. And by the man who had stolen his heart in the first place. Madara's act of being hard to get was fine but this complete denial was too much.

"I thought we were getting somewhere" Hashirama tried. He had so many things to say- to clarify but he had no way to convert his feelings into words without breaking down.

"It was on the road to nowhere" Madara spat. Those word cut through Hashirama like a polished blade. Madara had to avert his eyes from the hurt expression, he didn't want to feel regret for saying those words. Madara had to finish it, to let Hashirama know he wasn't going to be a play thing for the Senju clan. "You're a fool Hashirama" Madara finished, adding to the wound.

"That's right, don't trust anyone Madara. Only me"

Madara ignored Akuma but luckily he stopped him in time before he made a huge mistake. The Uchiha turned from the Senju in a huff and took a step to leave. Madara gasped as a tight grip on his wrist stopped him. He turned to look at Hashirama who had a angry expression with many mixed emotions. Madara hissed at him trying to break free from the Senju's grasp but it was inevitable. The future Hokage had a bruising vice grip on his wrist and there was no escaping. Madara felt his heart race, threatening to break his calm composure. The look on his face made him feel almost guilty and worried.

"Let go" Madara warned, his voice wavering slightly.

"If that's true..." Hashirama started. Madara eyes widened, trying to break free from Hashirama to avoid what was obviously going to come. He was on a train that just derailed, he wasn't going to give in to a Senju.

"Kill him!" Akuma growled.

"If that's true" Hashirama repeated. "Then why did you let me kiss you in the springs before"

Madara stopped struggling and stared at Hashirama almost with defeated eyes. Hashirama took this sign to his advantage. There was no way Madara could deny that, it was existing proof he felt something for him, even if it wasn't as half as strong as Hashirama's own feelings.

"G-get off!" Madara tried, not trying to break free despite his words.

"Answer me Madara" came Hashirama's deep voice. Madara's eyes dropped to Hashirama's chest, unable to keep the heated gaze anymore. His heart was racing a thousand miles per second. He felt like he was going to suffer a heart attack. Akuma's voice was screaming in the back of his head but he had no will to listen to the angry demon. Hashirama's hand around his wrist felt as if it were going to snap like a twig. "You accuse that there is nothing between us yet you melt as soon as I touch you" Hashirama said, his voice covered in anger.

Madara knew he had to had gone too far to bring this out in the Senju. Those words though made his own eyes flash red. His sharingan glowed brightly in unyielding temper. Hashirama's words hurt as much as he could never comprehend. Memories of Tobirama's hateful glare flashed through his mind, himself under the Senju. He was unable to fight off Tobirama, maybe he was a Senju's whore after all.

"I'm the only one who can understand you Madara" came Akuma's voice. Madara mentally hissed at the voice. Akuma hadn't bothered him for so long so why was he now. Only bad things would come to him because of this nuisance. "Don't think so negative of me"

Hashirama regretted those words right after he said them. He knew he shouldn't have let his temper get the best of him but Madara had pushed him too far. He felt bad referring to the beautiful man as a slut. He didn't expect Madara to be so affected by the accusation as much as he showed. Madara's face visibly twitched and frowned. His expression showed so much pain, as if he opened up an old wound. Right after Madara covered up his weakness by activating his sharingan in defense. Hashirama still held Madara's wrist tight that bruises would be left for sure. He felt a pounding in his chest, feeling guilty for saying what he did.

He was going to give a sincere apology but Madara's eyes seemed more distant then they were a few seconds ago. It looked like he was in his own worlds, not aware of the surroundings buzzing around him. Hashirama rose an eyebrow at the strange and sudden action.

"Madara are you fine?" he asked, concern exceeding his past anger. Madara didn't show any signs of consciousness, it was as if his soul left his body. Before Hashirama could have the chance to panic light came back to Madara's eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that" Madara asked annoyed. His anger seemed to come running back at full force as he ripped his arm from Hashirama's hand. The Senju allowed Madara to pull away, his hand dropping by his side.

"Where were you just now?" Hashirama asked, eyeing Madara carefully. Recognition flashed through his red eyes for a brief second before he could cover it up. Madara gave him a glare before growling at him.

"We are not friends or whatever you were wishing we could be" Madara said. He had to end things now, otherwise it would get too complicated. Hashirama's longing looked vanished abruptly and he knew he was getting that exactly.

"I'm sorry for what I said, it was wrong of me" Hashirama said sounding like a kicked puppy. He had almost broken Hashirama's spirit, his love. Hashirama tried to reach out to him once more, finding it futile when Madara swatted him away.

"Stop bothering me, and leave me alone you fool" Madara finished. Hashirama just stared at him with saddened eyes which Madara would snap out of his illusion.

Madara turned from Hashirama, leaving the taller man by himself. The raven was almost expecting Hashirama to pull one of his usual stubborn traits, embrace him. Anything that would prevent him from leaving though nothing came. Madara's inner self almost wanted Hashirama to stop him but nothing came. This was it, Hashirama had finally let him go.

The raven haired felt as if he just ripped out his own heart yet he was able to say it was for the best. Leaving Hashirama behind was a step to regaining himself.


Madara didn't expect such a scene when he returned home. He really wanted to go to bed and get some much needed sleep. He hoped Hikaku had gone home so he wouldn't have to deal with him, but luck was never in his favor. The former Uchiha clan leader walked into his house to be met with a very worried friend. Hikaku was waiting for his in his living room with a painful expression. His eyes lit up when he entered the room. Madara sighed, not wanting to be harassed at this time of the night.

"Madara, where did you go? I though you left the village for good" Hikaku exasperated. Madara thought for a moment. That doesn't sound like a bad idea.

"I'm an adult, I don't need to notify anyone as to what I am doing" Madara retorted, not caring to hide his annoyance. Hikaku didn't care that Madara was being an inconsiderate prick right now, he was just happy he is home.

"Did you run into Hashirama?" Hikaku asked. Madara gave his friend a warning glare.

"Why would I?" Madara snapped in defense.

"Oh, you should let him know you're back. He was very worried about your absence as was I"

"Ok" was all his reply.

Hikaku knew when Madara want to be by himself and these were one of those times. He wanted to be the one there for Madara but sometimes he couldn't. Most the time Madara didn't let him comfort him, as if he was scare to become close to someone. He realized Madara was afraid to open up, just in case he would lose another person he cared for. Madara couldn't handle emotional pain that well. Hikaku though would never give up, Madara was his friend and he would do anything in the world to make sure he got what he deserved.

"I'm going to sleep now" Madara said, wishing the older Uchiha would leave. Thankfully his friend knew him well, biding short farewells and leaving. Hikaku announced that he made him dinner, it was in the fridge. The younger Uchiha dismissed the meal, not in the mood for food.

Before going to bed, Madara cleaned himself up and tidied his room.

The Uchiha fell onto his bed, crawling under the blankets. Fatigue was overcoming him quickly like a tidal wave. Madara took a deep breath, finally relaxing his muscles into the mattress. His joints ached and groaned from being so tense all the time. The raven felt the same horrible panging in his chest. It was stinging, almost like his heart was on fire. The Uchiha moved his hand to touch his chest under his kimono. His nails racked against the skin, wishing to rid of the feeling. It was becoming unbearable, making his throat clench in pain. It was beginning to get difficult to swallow.

He did not feel relieved or happy. It was almost worse than before. His heart always had a throbbing, yet it was dull, now it was tenfold. He wasn't supposed to feel like this. Getting rid of their friendship before it got too far was the right thing to do. Madara stopped it before their bond became too strong and powerful. To cut ties with someone before you have to deal with the undeniable sadness that was accustomed. When you cared for someone being hurt in the end was bound to its limits. Why was it hurting so much now?

"You're thinking too much into it" Akuma accused. Madara's eyes snapped open, almost screaming in frustration. Madara didn't say anything but glared at the roof. "It's their fault you're feeling like this. That's why you don't trust anyone, don't make bonds"

"When did I ask your opinion?" Madara muttered in annoyance. A question had been buzzing around in his head but he wasn't sure why Akuma wasn't saying anything about it. He could obviously hear his thoughts so maybe he wanted to hear him ask. "How come you came back now? You had been gone for long"

"I wondered when you were going to ask" Akuma laughed. Madara hated that sound. The demonic laugh, it sounded horrible. It gave him shivers. "I'm unable to stay awake because you keep forcing me back. When you start depending on me, then I won't have to sleep"

It was Madara's turn to laugh.

"So I can get rid of you can't I. I just have to will you away"

"...That's all it takes" Akuma replied. His tone indicated he didn't like that at all, he sounded like a vicious dog who been denied his bone. "Though I know you won't be able to do that, you might want to, but you can't" Akuma fought back. Madara's smile dropped a bit. It was then Madara's realized he was talking aloud. If someone was around, it would be as if he was having a conversation with himself. He didn't feel strange about it though. It was as if Akuma was actually right next to him so he didn't feel like he was losing his mind just yet. His mind was still balanced to his standards.

Another memory popped in his head. The election for the Hokage. It was in two days. Madara sighed, another annoying issue that had to be accommodated.

"Too bad Hashirama is getting the title" Akuma interrupted his thoughts again. Wow, he was never going to be at peace.

"Why do you think that?" Madara asked a little curious.

"Because I am you. We're thinking the same thing." Madara rolled over onto his side, glaring angrily. He wasn't liking Akuma right now. The Uchiha glared at the other side of the room. It was all darkness, a small film of moonlight emanating from the crack in his blinds. "Besides, everyone in the village hates you, why would they choose you"

Madara's eyes softened at the harsh words. He was a little stunned to hear him say that but in the back of his mind, he knew it was true. Hence why Akuma was saying it.

"But I don't hate you"

Those sentences rung through Madara's mind until the darkness consumed him. Sleep enveloped him in its cold grasp. Madara had never felt so cold in his life. It was freezing...


Madara wasn't a morning person. This particular morning was even worse for him. It was nothing but a blur, rushing to ready himself. He had to attend a meeting at the Hokage's mansion about the election. Despite everyone knowing he was going to lose, he still had to attend. All the clan leaders were a part of this group called the council. They would hold several meetings to evaluate the village's system and undergo changes that would benefit the village. So his start to the morning was a startling one, full of annoyances. One of the only things that did brighten his morning, only a tad was the horrid bite mark on his neck had disappeared. Also Akuma was bothering him already, he asked him to keep quiet during the meeting.

The village was in the middle of a heat wave so luckily he could dress appropriately. He wore a thin long kimono, stitching that allowed air to pass the threads freely. It was just a plain black, nothing too special. He slipped into his sandals and left his home.

The sun was glaring down at Konoha. The bright rays it displayed was another thing to add to Madara's list of pains. There were a lot of civilians out but Madara paid no heed to them. Everyone had categorized him into the group of dangerous ninja so he stopped trying to please them. Madara always noticed the stares he got from the people of Konoha. Their eyes holding judgment and fear. Though something he never recognized in their eyes was longing. He was oblivious to the lust in many of the eyes that gawked at him. He was unaware of his own beauty that stunned both man and woman. In their eyes he was the beautiful untouchable angel that had fallen to the pits of darkness. He was just about as dead as his younger brother was.

The Uchiha travelled the streets of Konoha and arrived to the huge red mansion. He was probably late but he really didn't care. The raven beauty headed for the Hokage's room which was on the many high floors. He didn't hesitate to intrude on the meetings without knocking as anyone sane would do. All the heads present turned to look at him with angry eyes yet he ignored them all. He strolled in and took his seat at the long table. Hashirama sat at the front of the table. He noticed Hashirama who shook his head at his late absence.

"Well, as I was saying before I was crudely interrupted-" The head of the Shimura clan start.

"You're lucky I even showed up at all" was Madara's lazy reply. The older man looked at him with unfathomable hatred in his eyes. He slammed his fist down on the desk.

"You little son of a-" he yelled.

"Daisuke, stop" came an all too familiar voice. Madara's eyes averted to the speaker. The future Hokage. Daisuke looked at Hashirama as well, before sitting down in defeat mumbling. Hashirama looked at Madara with firm eyes. Madara's eyes widened, seeing the cold look on Hashirama's face. "And Madara, respect the people around you" Hashirama scolded. The tone Hashirama used on him, he had never heard before. Did Hashirama hate him now? There was no smile, or warm loving eyes.

Madara looked at Hashirama before looking away, keeping his mouth shut. The voice of Hashirama put a huge blow to not only his pride but inner emotions he could not describe.

"Now lets' continue the meeting" Hashirama said, not giving Madara another look.

Madara was frustrated. How dare Hashirama disregard him! Though it was bringing back the painful feeling in his heart again. It was awful. Madara closed his eyes for they were burning unbearably. He distanced himself from the chatter around him and focused on curing the pain. His hand reached for his chest again, trying to rid of the sensation. Why did Hashirama make him feel like this.

"All these people at the meeting deserve to die" Akuma snapped. Madara's eyes snapped open, staring into his lap. He knew not to speak aloud, he made that mistake already.

'Why are you bothering me? I said to shut up during this meeting' Madara thought to himself, wondering if he could talk to Akuma like this

"Look at them, they are all judging you" the demon replied. Madara huffed, knowing Akuma didn't have to point that out, but he wasn't going to kill them for that. If he killed everyone who thought badly of him, there would be no one left.

'I'm not going to kill them' Madara thought angrily. Akuma's voice just grew louder.

"Why are you defending them?!" He screeched.

'I'm not defending them!'

"Then kill them!" Akuma yelled. Madara placed his elbow on the table and cradled his head. Akuma yelling was giving him a migraine. The raven was afraid of losing his composure and making a huge slip up in front of these clan leaders. They would no doubt label him as unstable and lock him up. They would love that, probably even Hashirama would. His anger was boiling like a kettle inside of him, steam spilling forth.

"Madara!" Akuma called after not receiving a response. He could almost feel as if Akuma was next to him, angrily breathing against his face. "Listen to me, Madara!" Akuma tried again but Madara just kept glaring forward trying his best to ignore the dangerous voice. "Don't you go by the name of 'Madara' anymore? Would you prefer Senju whore better?"

The Uchiha suddenly felt himself shaking. This was a bad terrible position. He couldn't cause a scene in here, not with Akuma driving him crazy.

Hashirama tried his best to keep interested in the conversation but his attention kept wavering back to Madara. He tried to be firm with Madara, make him feel the way he did. His brown eyes eventually glued back to Madara. He told himself that Madara didn't look beautiful in that black kimono. That his hair wasn't in the perfect mess of spikes. He couldn't help himself Hashirama thought feeling trapped.

His eyebrow wavered when he noticed Madara was shivering. It wasn't cold, it was about 30 degrees in this room. Not shivering... trembling?. Hashirama felt himself become worried and his noticed the same distant look on Madara's face. The one where he zoned out and didn't react. Now Hashirama was worried. It was obvious Madara was dealing with something rather illogical. something so dangerously poisonous. The raven seemed to be in his own dimension. One that was haunting him to the brink of sanity.

Suddenly Madara stood up from his chair. He didn't look at anyone directly as he dismissed himself from the room. He wanted to race after him to make sure he was fine but he refrained from doing so. Madara made it quite clear that he hated him.


Madara stumbled out of the meeting room, a throbbing in his head. He almost lost his balance as he walked through the red hallway. He saw a distant blurry figure approaching him. He knew this was a bad time.

"Well, well Madara Uchiha" a deep voice mocked at him. Madara's eyes widened. No, it can't possibly be him, please. The Uchiha's eyes focused and saw the mess of white hair and a condescending face. Tobirama Senju. "What's a creature like you doing here?" he asked though it was by no means a question. Madara's eye lit up instantly, red flashing angrily.

"Fuck off Tobirama" Madara spat. Tobirama refused to listen to the Uchiha, only approaching him.

"Kill this one Madara, now is your chance" roared the demonic voice. Madara almost considered the words, but he held himself back for the sake of his dignity. It would have resulted in terrible consequences.

Tobirama stopped till he was standing in front of the raven beauty. He noticed Madara was extremely distracted which peaked his curiosity. He wanted to know what was going through that corrupted mind.

Madara realized Tobirama was mere feet away from him and his hand instantly reached for a kunai. But he didn't have the kunai holder strapped to him of course. No weapons were to be brought into the building. Madara growled.

"How you feeling?" Tobirama asked, seriously interested of the functions of this man. He still had to complete the scroll about Madara's sanity.

Tobirama's stupid question enraged him even more. He couldn't hold himself back as he leapt forward. The white haired Senju expected the movement and moved to dodge the deadly attack. The younger Senju pushed Madara into the wall and moved to keep him against it.

Madara's eyes flashed, the position all too painfully familiar. He was too distracted by Akuma to properly fight the Senju off him. Tobirama held him to the wall, glaring into his own red eyes.

"Get him off"

'Stop talking' Madara thought angrily. He pushed against the bigger body but failed to succeed.

"Stop letting people near you"

'Go away'

"Kill him!"

"SHUT UP" Madara screamed.

Tobirama rose an eyebrow at Madara's command. He hadn't said anything. He smirked knowing he caught Madara red handed. Madara's eye widened realizing he yelled that out in reality. Tobirama held him harder against the wall, making Madara gasp who was panting, out of breath.

"Who has to shut up Madara?" Tobirama asked, studying Madara. The raven pushed against him, wishing to be anywhere but here. "Who were you talking to" he asked again when Madara didn't say anything.

"You" he snapped, the first logical reason in his head.

"I didn't say anything. Are you hearing voices Madara?" he patronized.


"SHUT UP" Madara yelled. The Uchiha's hands shot up and found their positions around his neck. Tobirama panicked and found himself being pushed against the opposite wall of the hallway. His own hands reached to grab Madara's wrist to pry him off but the raven was stubborn. He felt the hands around his neck tighten quickly, and he found himself losing oxygen instantly. Tobirama choked, and Madara just squeezed tighter. He felt himself losing consciousness. Madara's fierce angry eyes glared into his the entire time.

"Madara, get off him!" Hashirama's voice screamed out. Madara flinched, pulling back and stepping away from Tobirama automatically. The young Senju dropped to the floor, gasping for air. Madara turned to look at Hashirama and all the clan members from the meeting who heard the ruckus.

Hashirama stared at Madara in shock who was panting, his red eyes looking at everyone in panic. He felt pity for Madara who was going through something clinical right now though there was no reason to attack Tobirama.

"Everyone, the meeting is adjourned, go home" Hashirama ordered. The shinobi obeyed their future Hokage, leaving the building. Hashirama walked to Tobirama who was regaining himself. He reached out and grabbed Tobirama's hand, lifting him to his feet.

"Hashirama, he is crazy! He tried to kill me!" Tobirama yelled angrily.

"Go home, I'll deal with him"

Tobirama was about to retort but noticed Hashirama stern gaze. He gave Madara a look before spitting on the floor. Tobirama turned and left the scene throwing a fit. Hashirama watched his younger brother leave before turning to look at Madara who had calmed himself.

"How dare you attack my brother" Hashirama snapped, not bothering to hide his anger. Madara flinched at Hashirama's angry voice. The Senju's anger was not something to toy with and even made Madara hold his tongue.


"-There is no excuse Madara!" Hashirama warned. "I'm not going to let you run amuck because of my feelings for you I can assure you that"

Madara's heart lit up at the mention that Hashirama still felt something for him. Though the entire scene hit him as hard as it ever could. Everything was falling apart, the dull feeling in his chest was gnawing away at his being. Madara's fist clenched tightly.

"You don't understand anything. Hashirama!" Madara cried. Hashirama took a step towards him.

"Well then make me understand Madara! Tell me what's wrong"

Madara mouth opened but no words came out. He shook his head repeatedly. Hashirama felt his compassion for his rival coming back.

"Please Madara, I want to help you"

"No one can help me" Madara said that. He had no reaction time as Madara disappeared, leaving him worried and concerned. They needed to fix things, everything was a mess.

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