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Madara's eyes shot open but his sight didn't work. He was in a pit of darkness, one that could match the rotten blackness of the underworld. His body felt freezing, naked and cold. He panicked when his body wouldn't move on his command. He felt as if he was invisibly bound to the earth like a helpless entity. He was trapped unable to move, or see. Had he gone blind again? Suddenly fear of eternal blindness flooded his mind. Madara's breathing hitched as he heard a panting breath just above him. That moment, Madara held his breath and his heart sped up. His beating organ sounded in loud thumps as the sounds increased. Someone was above him. He wished his hearing had been disabled as well, the inability to see things only made it worse.

A ice cold hand made its presence on Madara's chest, feeling for the pumping organ underneath his skin. He had no idea who this person was, or if it was even human. A wet tongue came onto his neck, giving a long lick, making Madara shiver. The fear of being under another thing terrified him beyond realms of comfort. The Uchiha struggled against his restraints helplessly wishing to escape this hell.

He felt his legs being lifted high into the air and spread against his will. NO was Madara only reasonable thought. He had no power to kick the being away from him. Everything around him was freezing, like he was thrown into the artic. He couldn't feel his toes and fingers for they were completely numb. Something hard was pressed against his inner thigh and Madara groaned out knowing what was to come. He had no time to prepare for what was to happen. An insatiable heat filled his body, the heat brought no satisfaction. It was the most horrible feeling he ever experienced. The pain in his backside increased within seconds as the thing above him begun its assault.

Everything turned to a blur of mush, he could only feel the pain. This must be his fate. To live in this hellish realm for the rest of his years. A deep voice began to echo in the room and Madara took some time to recognize the voice. A laugh of insanity grew and the screeching laughter almost made his ears bleed.

Madara gasped, jerking up in panic. The Uchiha jolted, opening his eyes to be met with whiteness. The raven looked at the paper walls, realizing he was in his room. He was sweating and panting from the realistic nightmare. His heart was still erratic, beating in a irregular dance. Madara looked down into his blanket covered lap. The raven calmed down slowly taking in the grateful scene. His fist were clenched tight in his lap, shaking slightly. The same evil laughter slowly flooded his ears and Madara tensed, filled with anger.


Madara's eyes glared at the voice. The sick laughter made him rage and boil inside. Was Akuma mocking him?

"What the fuck are you laughing at?" Madara snapped.

'Did you enjoy that dream?' Akuma asked soon after the laughter stopped. The Uchiha twitched from many emotions, clenching his fists. He hated feeling exposed and vulnerable.

"How do you-?" Madara begun but was interrupted.

'Hehe, I created it for you'

"You what?!"

'Yes, I made you had that dream'

"You did that to me!?" Madara asked, not understanding this at all but his temper getting the best of him.

'It was only a dream Madara...'

The raven found himself almost trembling. He tried to distract himself from the demonic voice. He wasn't in the mood for Akuma, in fact in the mood for anyone's nonsense. The Uchiha despised Akuma right now, the way he acted the day before made things worse. Now the two Senju's were questioning his sanity, he knew it for sure. He was embarrassed, humiliated. Memories once again begun to flood his mind, remembering the disaster that happen only yesterday. He had looked like a fool in front of everyone.

"I only want the best for you, for us" Akuma spoke, sounding sincere. Madara swung his legs of the side of his bed, sighing. He hated to think maybe Akuma was speaking the truth. Hashirama didn't care about him anymore, no one cared for him. His father lost all hope for him. Hikaku might care as he so proclaimed but he was only temporary relief from his struggles. "I'll take your pain away Madara. Stop resisting and give yourself to me"

Madara thought for a moment. No way. No good could come from this despicable being. He stood from his bed and headed to his shower. He needed to clean himself.


"You have to do something!" Tobirama argued. Hashirama stared at his brother with uncertain eyes. His relationship with Madara was smashed right now, a broken bond. He wanted to repair it soon but Tobirama was insisting otherwise. "To have someone like that roaming Konoha freely will lead to punishable circumstances."

Tobirama had spent his entire morning trying to convince him into holding Madara in a facility. He knew it was absurd but he had to address the issue. Hashirama didn't want to be put in this situation and Tobirama recommended that he would deal with him. Madara was mentally unstable and he needed to be taken care of. He had already suggested medicating Madara but Hashirama got offended and he knew Madara would kill him for the idea. The only other reasonable conclusion was to separate him from society so he couldn't do harm to normal people. Then he could be watched and monitored and no doubt something interesting would come out of it. The raven was the head of the Uchiha clan so he could no doubt use Madara as an example for all of the members. He had already made ideas on relocating the Uchiha's together in the back of the village. They would be unable to cause problems for the village if they were kept together on the sidelines. That way if another Uchiha became like Madara they could resolve it quickly.

"I'll keep observations on his progress. Leave things to me, if we truly study Madara, then it could be leads to the Uchiha clan members and the risk of their Kekkei Genkai" the younger Senju explained. "If that idea is too brash we could move all the Uchiha to a secluded place along with Madara-"

"I told you to stop pestering the Uchiha clan. I was just able to earn their trust" Hashirama scolded. "But no, you don't have to do that. I'll talk with Madara and sort things out. You would make things worse"

"All you do is talk Hashirama! Now is the time for action.

"Leave things to me" Hashirama said, slightly annoyed by Tobirama's persistence. He knew by all means Madara shouldn't have attacked him but he was still a citizen of Konoha. Tobirama's disrespect for the Uchiha was obviously going to cause a big problem for them in the future. Madara was a very capable and he was still a person. He was just overly emotional and stubborn. The Uchiha hadn't caused any crimes yet but he was just a difficult person in general. Madara valued pride and hated being seen as weak so it's why he was so hard to control. Madara liked to make his own rules.

Tobirama just glared at his impudent brother. Hashirama was too kind to put people in their place. This once he would listen to Hashirama though. If Hashirama couldn't sort things out, he would have to take things in his own hands. Madara was too dangerous and unpredictable. He needed to be tamed like the animal he was.


Hashirama wasn't entirely surprised as Madara didn't show up to the meeting. All the present clan members were quite relieved and were eager to start the presentation without him. The announcement for the Hokage would take place tomorrow afternoon. There would be a celebration that no doubt everyone in the village would participate in. Despite Hashirama's confidence he found himself frowning, a deep feeling taking over in his gut. He couldn't forget about Madara and if he was okay.

Madara had broken their relationship before it could develop and was the worst timing. They were both in the process of figuring out their emotions yet Madara was just cutting it off. It scared Hashirama and he didn't know what to do. A familiar mention of a name brought him from his train of thoughts.

"I had heard his clan abandoned him" came the leader of the Hyuuga clan.

"The Uchiha's don't even trust him anymore, he has no one" another spoke.

"In which he deserves, he is distrustful and ambitious" spoke Daisuke of the Shimura clan. Hashirama's eyes narrowed as he leaned on his palms, glaring at the mahogany wood. "I have heard word from reliable sources that Madara is losing his sanity" he said, with a chuckle at the end of the sentence.

"From what I discovered he apparently is seeing dead people, like the brother he killed" another accused.

"Are all Uchiha's like that?"

Tobirama who sat next to Hashirama seemed to smirk involuntary and it made Hashirama wonder if he was the root of these rumors. He knew a majority of their bitter words were false.

"So trivial to go on by mere accusations" the leader of the Sarutobi clan murmured disgusted by the childish talk.

"I fear that he will cause a disruption in the village"

"This is not a game of Chinese whispers" Hashirama snapped finally causing all the shinobi to go silent. The brunette's furious tone brought them all to silence and no shinobi could fathom Hashirama's temper, not even his own brother. The Senju had been brought into a horrible mood from this childish gossiping. Most of the elderly men were being biased in their own way. "You people are clan leaders and Konoha's representatives and for you to speak foul of one Konoha citizen is outrageous. Do not forsake yourselves!" Hashirama almost yelled. All eyes were on him in shock and in fact he could see guiltiness.

Why was everyone insisting there was something wrong with Madara? It made Hashirama truly mad inside. He was his best friend and partial lover he would be the first person to see him slipping off the deep end.

Hashirama took a deep breath trying to regain his composure but it wasn't working. He was fed up with these inhumanely tortures of a human being. It only made him feel much more worse. The way he had treated Madara beforehand, completely disregarding him. When did he forsake himself? Madara had no one and silently Madara relied on him. It had always been that way since they were children. He was meant to save his friend from the pits of darkness but really he had just pushed him in to it. No wonder Madara wasn't accepting him.

Despite the anger boiling inside him towards himself and the so called Konoha council he stood up silently and coldly. He glared at the mahogany table before clenching his fits.

"If you please excuse me..." were his last words for departure and Hashirama left the meeting. Tobirama's concerned eyes followed his brother as he disappeared.


Dark clouds flooded the skies. The village was enveloped in a cool mist of damp air. Something the villagers were grateful for since it would water their crops and plants. Madara only glared at the grey clouds, feet treading along the pavement. He wore a simple white kimono and he knew he would regret his choice of clothing very soon. There was going to be the festival tomorrow for Hashirama. He was going to be announced to the public as the Hokage. The village loved Hashirama, it was the Senju who brought peace to the lands and deserved the lead the village. He was just Madara, the corrupted one. He was the one who burnt down houses in comparison to Hashirama who created houses.

No one in his own clan respected him anymore. They used to but now they just feared him, feared their leader's power. They decided to defect against him as an attempt to silence his voice. The world was moving on without him, he had nothing to lose, nothing to gain. He was in a society that only held condemnation for him. He used to have Hashirama...

Madara stopped in his tracks at the memory. Hashirama did use to care or rather he played it quite well. The brunette had kissed him before so it had to be genuine right?. It didn't make sense why such a man wanted him.

The Uchiha shook his head and continued with his walk. The bottom of his kimono dragged along the concrete and his feet tapped lightly.


"Toka, did you find it?" Hashirama asked, sitting on the chair in his office. Said woman nodded, leaning over the desk to inspect the map. She scanned the countries on the map and pick up the writing brush.

"It was located in these sections" she said circling a few areas on the map. "The villages are on the fire countries borderline. Only one of these villages contain the cave but I couldn't figure out the precise one"

Hashirama moved forward to look at the map, seeing the scribbles on it. He nodded at the Senju female.

"Well done, thanks" The tall female gave him a crooked smirk.

"Hashirama..." she whispered. Hashirama looked up at her worried tone raising an eyebrow. "I hope you're not planning to head out anytime soon"

"I do" he said notherless. She gasped before slamming her hands down on the map.

"No you're not!" she snap. Hashirama jumped a little at the demand. All the women he met were so temperamental. "The festival is tomorrow so your not leaving the village. Everyone is making preparations so it will take time to design a suitable squad to accompany you. The mission can wait till after the festivities"

"I'll go by myself now, organizing a squad will indeed take too long" Hashirama explained. He rolled up the map and stood up from his chair.

"You fool!" Toka yelled. "You are our Hokage and no doubt a target for other countries. If you are heading out to the border of our country, you are a dead man. By all means, send Madara, I'm sure he isn't participating in the celebration." Hashirama stiffened at the mention of sending Madara.

"He is much of a target as I am! I'm not putting him in danger, don't you ever suggest that!" Hashirama snapped. Toka flinched at the Hokage's rough tone. Hashirama felt a little guilty for raising his voice at his long time friend. "Okay?" he then asked with a gentle voice.

"Why is this mission so important? If something ever happened to you Hashirama, I wouldn't be able to handle it" she said with longing.

"I need to retrieve that item"

"Hashirama, if you don't reconsider now, I, myself will head to the villages" she warned, on her last attempt.

"Toka... You know that is out of the question" Hashirama said. He tried to walk past her but she just side stepped him. Her determined eyes just glared at him, unreeling. "Come on be reasonable"

"Either I go now, or you can after the festival" Toka said, crossing her arms against her chest. Hashirama stared at her with unsure eyes. "Please" she said once more, more demanding than pleading. The Hokage sighed.


Toka smiled in satisfaction, moving to snatch the scroll away from her friend. She gave him a victorious look before leaving the room. Hashirama sighed before moving to sit back down. His brown eyes drifted to the glass windows. It showed the entire village from the mansion. Hashirama looked to the distance and noticed black clouds flying overhead. Looked like it was going to rain. What a grim day.

"Hashirama..." came a voice at the door. Hashirama looked up in shock to see his younger brother.

"Tobirama?" The albino held a solemn expression.

"This must be your solution to the problem?" he asked. The problem being Madara. He must of been eavesdropping, Hashirama just stared at him, worrisome. He had a knack of always spying on the older Senju, an irritating habit. "Am I right?"

"Yes. If I can bring back a fragment and infuse it with my chakra, it will help him" Hashirama said with longing. Tobirama was silent for a bit.

"And if that doesn't work..." came Tobirama's dreaded words. Hashirama fist clenched.

"Then I will do whatever I can to help him! I don't care what the cost, I will fix things!"

"Trust you to say such things" his younger brother murmured.


A thin mist blanketed the village and a light film of rain fell onto the earth. Madara sat on the muddy grass, dirtying his clothes. He reached out to touch the tombstone, his fingers grazing lightly against the rough material. His white kimono became dense with water and lost his white glow. His body temperature began to decrease along with the degrees of the environment. It was as if Madara was absorbing the negativity around him.

His fingers slid against the letters engraved into the stone. His blood red eyes stared at the name on the tablet. Madara felt his heart tighten and he moved a hand to rub the terrible sensation. His hair dripped of rain water, his raven locks falling into his face. The sun had long left, covered in a jacket of clouds. Only Madara's red eyes shun in the shadows.

"There's nothing left for me here..." Madara spoke to the tablet. His voice was strained and the pain only hit him ten times worse as he stared at the name on the gravestone. "Izuna, I need you-" Madara said, cutting himself off as he choked on his own sorrow. Madara leaned forward so his forehead pressed on the cold stone. He barely felt the tears fall from his eyes, taking a guess that it was just the rain on his face. He sat in silence, nothing but the rain disturbed the scene. He couldn't tell if he was trembling from the rain, or emotion.

"I don't know what to do anymore..." Madara moaned through his breaking voice. He was at the end of his rope, there was nothing left for him. "Maybe I should leave this village?" Madara thought aloud, wishing Izuna could answer him, but the voice never came. Not even Akuma had any words for him. He had never considered leaving the village, despite everyone shunning him. He helped create it, why should he have to leave it, this was meant to be the heaven he dreamed of when he was a child. Maybe there was something, outside these walls, that would bring him some sort of clarity. If he were to leave, he would be sure to visit by Tobirama and give him a parting gift. He was the one who stole his last brother from him, he deserved to be sent to an eternity of darkness. He could even wage war against Konoha, against the civilians for their cruelty towards him. His clan, the dispicable clan leaders and Tobirama. Though waging a war with Konoha meant waging war with Hashirama and he wasn't sure if he wanted that, yet.

Madara thoughts were interrupted by a presence. He could sense a familiar chakra approaching him. Madara stared at the stone before sitting up, composing himself. He only had to wait a few minutes before the intruder discovered him.

"Madara..." Hashirama voice sounded perfectly clear through the rain. Madara didn't turn to face him. "Please, get out of the rain"

"Don't order me around Senju" Madara spat with a cold voice. He stood himself up, turning to face the taller male who was a few feet away from him.

"Your dripping wet, come with me before you get a cold" Hashirama tried. Madara's face was wet and he couldn't tell if he had been crying or it might have been the rain. He felt himself sadden at his friend's appearance. He really wished he had been able to stop Madara from this. He regretted not being able to go on that mission and retrieve the artifact to help his friend.

"What are you doing here?" Madara asked, with a bored voice. Hashirama took a step forward ready to explain himself but Madara's eyes flashed at him warningly. Despite the threat Hashirama moved forward closer to the Uchiha. He always did things without thinking about the consequences.

"I want to talk with you"

"Yes, what do you want to say?" Madara asked quickly. Hashirama tried to not get pushed off by the other's blank attitude.

"I want to say I'm sorry"

"Hmm, ok" Madara said, turning back to his younger brother's grave.

"And I want to make things right between us" Hashirama explained. Madara didn't respond to his last request. The taller man just stepped forward so he was mere inches from touching the Uchiha. He observed the Uchiha, who was shaking just slightly. Madara's white kimono was stained and drenched in water. The clothing stuck to his body, showing his body's curves underneath it. His hair was patted down by the rain, and it seemed even longer now, reaching down to his ass.

"We can't fix this" came Madara's light reply. His voice was soft and a little hurt.

"We can" Hashirama replied with determination. Madara jumped a little at the other's voice. He turned to face Hashirama with wide eyes. His sharingan had been shut off and the Senju had the chance to gaze into the pits of dark gems. Hashirama moved to embrace his friend. pulling him into a hug that held unrestricted emotions. The younger stiffened terribly and he tried to push Hashirama away from him. Hashirama was much bigger and physically stronger. Madara's body was considerably smaller than his, Madara's head having to tilt back to look at his face. His smaller body though somehow held such powerful and sinister chakra, it was unbelievable. He didn't let the Uchiha escape his hold, holding him tightly. "Madara please"

The Uchiha was trembling in his grasp, the wet hair tickling his neck. Hashirama moved a hand to the back of Madara's head, pulling the strands ever so lightly to make the Uchiha look at him. Being this close to the other, he could see the tears on Madara face and that moment, he crashed his own lips to Madara's.

After a minute of hesitation, Madara's lips finally pushed back against his. Hashirama smiled into the kiss, holding Madara tightly. Madara's pulled back slightly to catch his breath and Hashirama dipped his head to kiss Madara's neck. The Uchiha gasped, his hands reaching up to grab Hashirama's shoulder's and tug on the gently. The Senju moved his hands down to Madara's waist pushing them close. Madara tilt his head, allowing the Senju access to his neck. The taller male could hear Madara's breathing pick up.

Hashirama felt Madara pull him to the ground and he decided to take advantage, fitting himself in Madara's legs. The Uchiha's eyes narrowed at the action, trying to kick Hashirama away from the seducing position. Madara's legs were on each side of Hahshirama's hips, his kimono opening at the sides. He felt Hashirama press himself against his bare side. Madara gasped slightly, as the motion caused him indescribable pleasure but he just pulled the Senju's hair back roughly.

"Don't treat me like a woman or I'll kill you" Madara warned.

Hashirama continued to kiss at the Uchiha's neck, knowing there was some partial truth to those words. He was too happy though to oblige to the demand. Madara moaned underneath him.

"Not here..." Madara panted. Hashirama pulled back from the Uchiha's neck questioningly. "Not in front of Izuna"

Hashirama took in Madara's words before lifting Madara off the wet floor. The Uchiha stumbled against his bigger figure and Hashirama wrapped his arms around Madara's hips. He brought his lips down to the Uchiha and invading his mouth quickly. Madara groaned, and pulled away from the wet Senju. The two men stumbled away from the grave and back to the village. A white mist covered the village, hiding the leaders. Both men were drunk with lust and desire. Madara nudged Hashirama towards a rather beautiful house. He had guessed it was the raven's home and the two made it into Madara's bedroom.

The two fell onto the futon and Hashirama climbed on top of Madara. He planted kisses along the Uchiha's neck, his hands moving to Madara's clothing. He untied the sash around his waist, opening his kimono. Hashirama felt lust overpower his senses. How long had he waited for this moment. Within moments he had stripped Madara of his soaked clothing and the Uchiha was exposed to him. Hashirama's hands massaged the skin, giving the Uchiha his own body heat. He slid down the other's body, trailing kisses along his sensitive body.

Madara gasped at the sensation. Hashirama's lips were all over his body, sending warm shivers through him. He allowed himself to become vulnerable to the Senju, dropping his guard for a time being, it only felt right. A hot coil began to grow in his lower stomach, feeling his member harden. He groaned shifting his hips underneath Hashirama and the Senju caught on. The brunette moved a hand to give him a rough massage. Madara's throat dried up, and he swallowed nervously as Hashirama touched him, down there. Though he hid his nervousness

Hashirama rubbed his hand against Madara's member as he grew hard. He chuckled, seeing Madara's body flushed and full of want. Slowly he gripped Madara's erection with a tight fist and begun to pump the Uchiha. Madara's instantly cried out, throwing his head back. He was beginning to lose himself in the pleasure that was building in his gut. A annoying feeling on his inner touch caused him to open his eyes and look down. Hashirama's clothing was rubbing against him causign an annoyance and he realized. Hashirama was still fully clothed. Madara growled, knocking Hashirama's hand off him. What he trying to belittle him and make him the woman. Madara quickly switch their position, pinning Hashirama beneath his own body. Despite Hashirama being significantly larger than his, he pinned his arms down. Madara moved down to roughly kiss Hashirama and invaded his mouth his own hands moving to remove the Senju from his clothes.

Hashirama seemed enjoy the Uchiha's sudden outburst and allowed the other to take control, somewhat. The Senju's hands found themselves on Madara's naked hips and rubbed them erotically. He heard Madara growl but he knew the Uchiha enjoyed the affection since he didn't shove him away. Madara had finally managed to tear away his own dirtied clothes and tossed them away carelessly. The Uchiha moved down to attack his chest with kisses and lusty bites. Hashirama allowed himself to lay underneath the beautiful Uchiha, panting softly. His own harden erection rubbing against Madara's inner thigh. Suddenly Madara took a hold of his member roughly and he held his breath. He was almost afraid Madara was going to tear it off. Fortunately the Uchiha only gave him a few strokes before sliding down the Senju's muscular body.

The tanned male gasped loudly as Madara unexpectedly take him into his mouth. Hashirama bucked up into the raven's mouth, enjoying the feeling of the warm cavern. Hashirama lifted his head to look at the Uchiha. Madara was bobbing his head, taking him a deep as he could. His beautiful long hair covered most of his face and Hashirama could almost come at the sight. The warm heat spread in his body and he decided to take things up a notch. Hopefully Madara was willing to go all the way.

Hashirama nudged Madara getting him to move back up. The Uchiha did and Hashirama pulled him in for a powerful kiss, almost sucking the life out of him. Madara wrapped his hands around his neck, deepening the intoxicating kiss. Hashirama sat himself up and gently pushed Madara into all fours. He quickly took Madara's erection in his hand so that the Uchiha would protest. He sat behind the pale man, one hand around his waist to stroke his member while his other hand spread Madara's legs. once he was sure Madara wouldn't protest he moved close in so the Uchiha's ass was in his face. He could feel the raven trembling from the excitement and Hashirama was at the same peak. Madara grit his teeth feeling Hashirama spreading his legs. His heart began to race filling up with doubts. He masked his unsure emotions so Hashirama wouldn't see him as weak. Madara jumped as Hashirama began to lick at his entrance.

"Hashirama!" Madara moaned, and the Senju just smirked. He lifted Madara's hips higher and pressed his tongue inside that tight hole. He felt his own erection straining as he took the time to lubricate Madara.

The Uchiha gasped, feeling indisputable pleasure arise within him. Suddenly he felt Hashirama's fingers at his entrance and he moaned, pushing back on the fingers. He felt the fingers slid into him roughly and he bit his lip. He was glad Hashirama couldn't see his face. He felt a few tears leak down his face. The pleasure was so amazing but the sting of penetration brought terrible memories. His own hands tightened around the sheets, a side of him wanting to pull away from the feeling. Hashirama continued to thrust his fingers into his lover, noticing a change in Madara. The Senju moved to place a gently kiss on Madara's shoulder and that sudden motion make the man jump. He felt confused at the other's behavior and pulled his fingers out gently. He flipped Madara over so he could see the other's face. Hashirama's eyes widened at the sight, feeling his heart tighten. Madara's face was flushed and his eyes were red.

"Madara your sharingan..." Hashirama said with a small voice. The raven just looked at him before realizing and deactivating his kekei genkai. He noticed tears at the corner of his eyes. Madara just glared at him, wanting to avoid this extra attention. Madara froze as the Senju pulled him into a tight hug. "Calm down..." he said softly, caressing the Uchiha's back.

Madara's eyes narrowed, pulling the Senju into a kiss, hoping the other would continue. Hashirama kissed him back, moving one of Madara's legs to his shoulder. Hashirama looked down, using his other hand to guide himself into the Uchiha. He placed himself at the entrance before giving Madara a re-assuring kiss. Slowly he moved his hips down, sliding his erection into the well lubricated hole. He groaned at the tight pleasure, and Madara was gasping underneath him. The Uchiha was trying to calm his nerves. It was much better like this, to see the one touching him. Hashirama's soft touching and loving kisses helped to warm his heart. This felt a lot different from his last time with that... dog. Madara glanced up to see Hashirama, who was smiling at him.

"Idiot" Madara snorted, his cheeks reddening. Madara turned his face away with a pout and Hashirama just kissed his cheek.

"You're beautiful" Hashirama whispered.

Madara would have snapped at him, accuse him of calling him a woman but the Senju rolled his hips against Madara causing the Uchiha to moan. Instead, his arms reached up to encircle around Hashirama's neck. Hashirama slowly set a pace, rolling his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of Madara. He let out a small groan, feeling the tight grip on his member. Hashirama kept his eyes on Madara, watching the Uchiha's expressions. He winced when he hit a bad spot, shifting his hips to get accustomed to the feeling of Hashirama inside of him.

Suddenly he sent a hard, firm thrust, directly hitting Madara's prostate, stimulating his nerves. Madara moaned loudly, shifting his hips upwards. Hashirama slowly released his strength, setting a faster pace. Madara's arms tightened around him, causing him to fall forward, his arm shooting out to support himself. Hashirama's hips moved faster against Madara's causing them both pleasure. Madara was moving against him, trying to get more of that astronomical feeling. Hashirama's lips were beside his ear, panting as he moved quickly. The Senju's breath sent excitement through his veins and he really didn't mind being dominated by the Senju.

"Madara!" Hashirama panted, moving harder against the Uchiha. Madara's arms tightened around Hashirama, opening his legs more so Hashirama could get better access.

The pleasure was building inside him, burning his core with desire and happiness. Hashirama really was able to make him feel like this. Having Hashirama with him felt as if he was love, and needed. That his existence brought someone some happiness, even though it was only one person. Hashirama's grip on his leg became tighter as he moved at full force. The Senju was bringing them both to their much wanted climax. Madara felt so full of warmth and vitality. The presence of someone with him, loving him was sending his heart through a spiral.

'Hmm, such a strumpet Madara...'

Madara's heart throbbed at hearing Akuma's voice. He shook his head. Not now, not now he thought frantically.

'This is the same predicament as where we met'

'S-shut up'

The sensation was growing more intense and he could feel him about to come. Hashirama was saying something to him but he couldn't hear over Akuma's mocking. He had really wanted to hear what he was saying. Hashirama looked down at his love, seeing the pained expression. He had seen this face before and suddenly he felt worry. Whatever that was haunting Madara, wasn't going to ruin this moment. Hashirama kissed Madara roughly, catching his attention and drawing it away from the issue. Madara's beautiful eyes stared at him, with longing.

"I love you!" Hashirama said quickly. Madara's eyes didn't change, as if he couldn't hear what he was saying. Hashirama felt a stab to his heart. He wanted to let his lover know. On the verge, Hashirama sped up and Madara begun to lose it. Quickly, he palmed Madara's erection stroking it with urgency. Madara gasped, jerking in his hold. He moved closer to his lover, pressing his lips to Madara's ear. "I Love you!" Hashirama said once again, more clearly this time. The Uchiha's eyes widened and Hashirama just kissed him.

"Hashirama!" Madara moaned. Hearing those words, washed his negativity away. Akuma's voice slowly faded away, he was screaming and Hashirama's words seemed to silence the demon. Madara was grateful and he began to reach his heaven.

Madara thought no more of Akuma, and the cursed clan. His thoughts only strayed towards Hashirama.

Hashirama was thrusting into him hard and fast and Madara felt himself burst. He scratched at Hashirama's back, clinging onto the man on top of him. A powerful sensation washed through him, making him twitch and tense. His orgasm shook him to his core, making him cry out. His juices squirted out on his chest and face, some even covering his Senju. The Senju only sped up to give Madara as much as he could. The feeling of Madara around him was euphoric and he felt the scene bring him to his own orgasm. Hashirama felt himself release into the beautiful man, burying himself into Madara's wonderful warmth. He shot his fluids into Madara willing body, filling up the raven.

The taller man collapsed onto Madara, squishing the younger male. Madara shifted uncomfortably as his leg was pushed back, still trapped on Hashirama's shoulder. The Senju's member was still inside him, throbbing lightly from his powerful release. Despite the awkward position, he smiled lightly, his hand reaching up to stroke Hashirama's hair. The older man smiled, giving him tired eyes, moving to kiss his lips lightly. Hashirama pulled out of him gently, shifting his weight off his lover and laying beside him.

Hashirama pulled the sheets over them and Madara allowed himself to snuggle close to the Senju. Hashirama just wrapped his arm around Madara, holding him tight as they both were enveloped in a peaceful sleep. Hashirama almost missed the words Madara whispered as he fell asleep.

"...I love you too"


Madara had left for the entire day, obviously missing out on the meeting that was held in the morning. The sad fact though it wasn't a priority that he attend since the Uchiha disowned him. Hikaku opened the door to Madara's house, knowing knocking would be useless. Madara never answer to his guest and rarely got visitors anyway. He want to make sure Madara was alright and safe at home. He wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing he was unsafe. Hikaku strolled into the house quietly, not wanting to wake the Uchiha if he was asleep. He strolled past the kitchen and froze in place. He could hear muffled sounds coming from Madara's room. He felt his heart quicken but was able to remain calm considering the individual he was. Carefully but quickly he walked off in the direction of Madara's bed room. The sounds grew loud and more clear.

Hikaku stared with wide eyes inches away from Madara's room. The door was left open and the sounds flood from the room. He told himself at that point to run off but he stood in place. The sound of panting and moaning sounded through his ears, the sound of the futon squeaking loudly. The Uchiha was able to determine what was happening... but with who. He couldn't pull himself to run away, instead he took a few steps forward. His eyes widened at the sight, his heart breaking into a million pieces.

The man he yearned for, for many many years was with someone else. Hashirama Senju, a Senju. The Uchiha's dark eyes watched as Hashirama fornicated Madara rather violently back and forth on the bed. He should of been able to guess it would be this man to steal him. Hashirama was also so persistent and yet he never knew it was to this extent. Hikaku was able to pry himself away from the scene, leaving Madara, in the arms of another person.

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