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Mistress Slytherin

Chapter 1

-Jean Laurent: Draco's First Year-

Jean Laurent panted heavily as the door closed behind him; so many times in his life he'd had no control over what happened, so many times he'd just been thrown here or there on fates whim. Not this time, not ever again! Determined violet eyes turned catlike and his lips pulled back to reveal pointed incisors- not today!

Flashback to January 1981

"It's getting worse darling." His father said as he stepped through the door, ashes had settled on his coat and Jean heard his mother whimper before he was deposited on the floor and she was rushing to him.

"I smell blood." She whispered fearfully. Jean watched his father's blue eyes grow inhuman tightening around the edges.

"It isn't mine love." He said reaching out and settling a hand on the back of her neck calming her easily. A soft sigh escaped her as she pressed into his chest her eyes, violet like Jean's fluttering in response to her mate's mere presence. "The dark lord's men have become violent, and the Ministry isn't any better, we have to leave here darling, it isn't safe any longer." The man said looking at Jean with a grim frown.

"Where will we go?" His mother whispered fearfully. "In France our people were burned, in Germany we were massacred, in Switzerland our kind were experimented on- there is no where to go! We can't keep running for the rest of our lives-!" Jean watched his father's sharp gaze silence her in an instant.

"I will protect you." He said forcefully.


Jean's eyes widened as a bottle crashed through the window and fire spread across the carpet.

"Shit they must have followed me home- Jean hide boy! HIDE!" His father growled. Jean didn't think to argue, after all he was a Dinari submissive, until he found his own mate his father had complete control over the creature inside of him. "Don't make a sound Jean, not one peep! Angelina quickly up stairs, its better if you aren't together- go!"


Jean was summarily pushed into the small hiding place that had once served as a servant's entrance by the sheer force of his father's will. He watched with wide frightened eyes as the wall opposite of him exploded and his father shifted into his true form. Long razor sharp claws were drawn out of his fingers in defense, impressive wings that filled the whole of the room sprung from his back the inky black feathers rustling and shifting with magic. Jean couldn't see from where he was curled up, but he knew his father's teeth had sharpened, he knew that poison was beginning to form in his saliva.

"There he is get him!" A shout rang through the house.

"-a dark creature he'll slaughter your children in their beds men remember that!"

-shouldn't be here Moody the head auror will be furious-!"

"-nough chatting ladies!" Jean peaked through an air vent and watched in horror as the people kept coming, this wasn't just one or two men- this was easily a dozen fully trained men!

"For the greater good!"

"For the light!"

Jean watched his father battle the man, watched a claw reach out and cut across the one man's face robbing him of his eye. The man screamed and retaliated violently. For a short time Jean thought his father had a chance, after all the man was a star dueler, he was the strongest person Jean knew, though in his three year old mind there wasn't very much to compare to. But then, just when he thought his father would win, that they would survive- his mother flew down the stairs. Jean knew the moment he saw the wild look in her eyes that she only wanted to protect her mate, but she'd disobeyed him, her instincts had over ridden her need to obey him, after all if Jean was safe she had no reason not to protect her mate.

Jean's father's eyes met his in that critical moment, pupils dilating.

Be still.

Wait until its safe.

Hide who you are.

Never let them know.

These were the last instructions his father gave before in one instant Jean's family was torn apart. Jean watched with wide terrified eyes as a spell cut across his father as he reached to defend his mate, there was a short terrible ripping sound and a crunch before his body bent in half as it collided with his mother. Her eyes, violet like Jeans widened and twitched as reality came crashing down on her.

"No-" She whispered.

Run! Jean willed his lips stubbornly closed. Run!

But she stayed where she was; she cradled the broken body in her arms as it fell.

"Moody that's enough we got the one we were after-"

"Adavra Kedavra!" One green flash of light, a single spell and Jean watched his mother fall to the ground with blank eyes

"Moody you idiot bastard!"

"You can't believe anything that wears a dress! She was one of them too- look at her eyes!"

"Damn we've got to get out of here the Aurors have been alerted-"

"Clean this mess up!" The man Moody shouted his hand covering the blood stained side of his face where his eye had been cut out. The men cast spells and Jean shivered as fire grew around him. He stumbled to his feet and quickly made his way to the hidden cellar. The air was thick with smoke and tears dripped down his cheeks as he thought of his mother and father laying still and dead in the flames. He coughed and wiped his eyes as he tugged desperately at the iron ring that would open the door to their cellar. He used all of his three year old strength and still it didn't budge. The flames were growing, getting hotter, more brilliant, he was scared, so scared, and there was no one left to protect him, no one left to keep him safe! He squeezed his eyes shut and let out a wail of desperation.

Safe, he needed to be safe!

His father was gone though-

His mate!

His magic responded to the plea, reacted to his suffering. With a crack he was apparating across Britain. He stumbled as he landed right next to a bush. Silver gray eyes turned towards him in shock and Jean was terrified to feel a wand pointed at him. But this was his mate- this man who was wearing a silver mask and a black hooded cloak. The man let out a string of curses before scooping him up. Jean felt safe in the strong arms as he was shifted and carried frantically through what felt like a forest. Jean coughed as the smoke lingering in his chest irritated his lungs.

"Be silent!" The man hissed. "Merlin how did a child find himself in this god forsaken place!" The man growled. Jean felt his eyes widen. The man didn't know him? Couldn't tell that he was his mate? But then, he was covered in ashes, he probably smelled like smoke and his eyes were watering so much that they kept tearing up. "Best be glad you apparated boy, had I thought you were a mudblood you'd be dead." The man hissed. Jean wondered what that meant, but he was safe and warm and his mate would certainly take care of him, so as he felt his eyes begin to droop with exhaustion he didn't fight it, he let himself slip away into a dreamless sleep.

#$% #$% #$% #5

Jean pressed his lips into a thin line as he remembered that night. He'd been left by his mate, abandoned in a muggle orphanage. Later he'd learned why- his mate had a family already, a wife and a son, he had an heir, he didn't need the likes of Jean. Jean had grown up in poverty despite his family being truly wealthy. He'd hidden himself just like his father had told him to, he'd bid his time and then his letter to Hogwarts had come. He leaned his head back against the wall as he thought of that day. Bitterness had grown in him, a seed of vengeance that willed him to find and destroy the people that had killed his parents. And then there was a longing, a longing for the mate that he'd met and imprinted on but was left without.

Hogwarts…it seemed at the time like a reprieve from the squalor he was forced to live in, a place of hopes and dreams. But he hadn't met his mate that year; instead he'd learned that his mate was married- that his mate had a child, a family. Jean was not needed, which was why he'd been so callously left on the stoop of the orphanage that night.

Jean had decided at the end of that year that he didn't want to be a Dinari submissive; it meant that his freedom would be taken from him, and for what? A man who didn't need him, who wouldn't care at all for him? Jean had gone directly from Kings Cross station to Knockturne Ally where he bought his bracelets. Bracelets that would hide him from his mate and in his eyes keep him safe from a lifetime of servitude. And so he'd set about starting a new life. He stayed in Knockturne Ally, in a little flat that was hidden amidst the dark turning streets. His father had always said that the best place to hide was in plain sight after all and he'd had his family's fortune since the day he'd returned to the magical world.

For three blissful years he'd been relatively safe from his mate finding him. After all how did you find something that you weren't looking for in the first place? So he'd grown, he'd learned to defend himself, learned to fight and stayed hidden in plain sight. Everyone in Slytherin knew who he was but no one really knew his name, they only knew that he was 'the kid they shouldn't mess with.' He was silent, hid himself in a crowded room and kept the world and its people at arms length. He excelled in his classes but didn't make a nuisance of himself by showing it off. He was the 'quiet kid' or 'the Slytherin boy with dark hair' or any number of titles that failed to actually name him.

But he'd assumed that Draco Malfoy would be going to a different school.

He'd been foolish.

Fourteen year old Jean stared down at the bracelets on his wrists before carefully turning his head and sliding the door open peaking out into the crowd from beyond the safe haven that was the scarlet train. There they were.

The perfect family.

He felt his throat constrict. Lucius Malfoy, his mate…His body reacted strangely and he felt oddly warm. He'd only ever seen photos before, photos of the perfect family, of the mate that didn't need him. This was an entirely different situation.

As he breathed he could smell the hint of cologne drifting in the air. He knew it belonged to Lucius no matter that there was a crowd of people between them, he remembered that scent from the night he'd first met his mate. He felt the pull, the one that demanded that he greet his mate respectfully.

But he couldn't.

He wouldn't.

His father's warning flared in his memory. It was okay if he didn't greet his mate, his father had ordered him to hide himself and there was no other logical reason to greet the man. He felt his stuttering heart slow and the nervous jitter in his blood calm. He could do this; he could turn away and find a compartment. He had to hide didn't he? That's what his father had ordered him to do. Taking a deep breath Jean moved towards the Slytherin compartment.

Still, something told him that it would be a long year.

#$% #$% #$% #$% #$%

Draco Malfoy was sorted into Slytherin which was both a good and a bad thing. It was good because the Denari in Jean wanted to keep an eye on his mate's child; it was bad for the very same reason. He'd never showed an interest in any of the other first years yet he knew the moment he'd glared at his year mate to move so that Draco could sit beside him that this year would be different. The blond first year had gazed at him curiously before a sense of entitlement and snobbish air settled over him. Jean wanted to roll his eyes at the spoilt act. The other Slytherins glanced at each other with narrowed eyes before shrugging, some of the upper years nodded in understanding, after all everyone owed Lucius Malfoy a debt or two. He was the reason many of their parents had escaped a long stay in Azkaban after the first war.

He didn't say a word to Draco Malfoy, he was content to sit beside the boy, to guard him silently and ensure that some of the sweets on his plate became vegetables or fruit instead. The boy had scowled at this but he had a trace of his own creature blood though he didn't understand why a fourth year like Jean would affect him. He simply shrugged his shoulders and continued eating though, the boy was too young to go questioning these things.

Jean wanted to sigh.

His instincts were guiding him like it or not and he knew things would become dangerous if he didn't subdue them some how. He hadn't thought that his paternal side would react to the half Lucius man child his very existence should put Jean off spectacularly; after all he was the reason that Jean's mate had deserted him. As the first years made their way to their dorms Jean resisted the urge to –dear Merlin- tuck Draco into bed and instead turned to the expectant faces surrounding him. He was usually ignored which was what he wished, however he couldn't be ignored, not this time.

"I agreed to look after the child during my remaining years at Hogwarts in order to repay a debt to Lord Malfoy, anyone who tries to hurt him will face me." He said his eyes flashing the slits elongating. He was aware of course that there was a rumor that he wasn't entirely human; after all he'd started the rumor he found that it helped smooth things over with little effort. "Speak to no one of this." He added content to see them collectively take a step back. He couldn't have them all writing home to mummy and daddy, it would bring too much attention to him. "Protect him and you will win my favor." He added. It was unheard of that he would offer such a thing, his favor was hard won, most often the others had to incur debts from him. He could see hope light up in some eyes at the thought of erasing those debts. Even some of the Seventh years owed him. "Good night." He said politely. Draco Malfoy would have the whole of the Slytherin house protecting him, all was well.

#$% #$ #$% #$% #

"Laurent stay behind." Snape drawled as the others packed their things. Jean was unsurprised to note that some students had to look around to see who the professor was talking about. There were certain spells to prevent people from remembering more than he wanted them to about him. Even the professor had been forced to look up his name on the roster. Jean waited until the last person had slipped out of the room before turning to the professor who was gazing at him calmly- too calmly.

"I hear that you have taken Draco Malfoy under your wing." He said silkily. Jean paused and let a frown tilt the corners of his lips. Tread carefully Jean…

"You want to know why?" Jean asked with a nod. The professor narrowed his eyes before nodding.

"He is my godson." Jean couldn't help the slight possessive growl that escaped him at that. He appraised the man silently his eyes shifting.

"Lord Malfoy chose you." He said with a nod. He knew the man was a formidable dueler and that he and Lucius were old friends, however, he was also rumored to be a very frightening man. Yet, if his mate had chosen him…

"Yes." The man said lifting his lip a bit to show him a sharpened incisor. Jean felt himself relax.

"You've hidden your true nature." He said relaxing back his head tilting only slightly as a show that he meant no distrespect. He hated this, hated that he would now be prey to Snape's dominant nature. The man might not be his mate, but he was certainly a dominant creature. Snape's ridged shoulders relaxed slightly.

"So have you I see." He said with a nod. "In fact you've hidden a lot of things haven't you?" He said tilting his head to the side. Jean stiffened. "Living in Knockturne Ally? Where are your kin?" He said frowning slightly.

"You investigated me." Jean said frowning. It was an invasion of privacy but he knew that as a dominant the man had every right to do whatever he wanted.

"I met some interesting characters along the way." Snape said smirking. "You did not answer my question, where are your kin?" He said his tone harder and cooler. Jean winced and ducked his head gritting his teeth.

"Dead." He grit out. "They were murdered by men that called themselves vigilantes of the light during the war. As far as I know the few that survived the raids escaped Britain and hid deeper and further than ever before." He wasn't used to this much attention on him, especially not from a dominant, he tended to avoid their type.

"You are alone." The man said with a frown. Here Jean drew himself up.

"I don't need anyone else." He said firmly. Snape snorted.

"You are a submissive; it's in your very nature to need others." He said quirking an eyebrow. Jean looked away.

"My mate does not want or need me, my family is dead. I feel a certain kinship to your godson, and an urge to protect him, is that so bad? What else is it that you could want from me? You dominants are so fond of taking after all." He said bitterly. Dark eyes narrowed and Jean watched the pupils elongate.

"You've grown up alone; you have no idea what a dominant has to offer his mate. Be silent and accept that as a dominant I will look after you as well, it isn't right for you to be alone, it isn't right for you to have to struggle so hard in this world. You should be taken care of; you should want for nothing and know that someone is there to watch after you."

"I watch after myself." Jean insisted feeling a growing sense of unease in his chest.

"Yes but for how long?" Snape said thin lipped. "Until the ministry finds you and tries to destroy you? Until someone sees you for what you are? It wasn't so very hard for me to figure it out after all, there will be others." The man said calmly, coldly. "Others that will seek to destroy you because you were to bull headed to accept help where it was offered. No, you will accept my offer little one that is not up for debate, I will help you." Jean took a step back repulsed by the sudden feeling of joy that shot through him.

"Yes this is what you dominants do isn't it? You trap us with your will, you pin us down so that we can't reject you-"

"And you love every moment of it." The man said with a small smirk. Jean recoiled as if he'd been struck. He was never this emotional, never this reactive yet just a few words from the man…He grit his teeth and looked away.

"What do you want then?" He said softly.

"That depends on what you need." The man said just as calmly.

"I need this to be a secret." Jean said immediately. "Not even Lord Malfoy can know that I protect his son because of this, my father's last orders were to stay hidden, with no mate and a new war in the future I know I cannot afford even the barest whisper of what I am to spread. The Slytherins already know to a certain degree that I'm not entirely human but they will keep their silence as long is it doesn't benefit them to tell anyone."

"Then we must ensure that it will never benefit them." Snape said with a nod. "It would also benefit you to have other charms to keep you hidden. Those bracelets you wear are a good parlor trick however they were made to hide one mate from the other so that the ministry could capture them. There are better ways of hiding yourself." He said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a slim vial of potion. "This will work as a temporary solution, not even the headmaster will be able to see you however it will wash out of your system in forty-eight hours, it would be beneficial to you to return to me before then. I should have a better solution by then." Jean gazed at the man suspiciously. "You don't trust me." Snape stated with a frown.

"Don't take it personally I don't trust anyone." Jean said softly. Snape's frowned deepened but he nodded.

"Anything else you need?" The man said amused. Jean gazed at him for a long moment.

"Keep Draco safe." He said shortly. Dark eyes darkened further.

"Of course, he is mine too." He said with a lift of his chin. Jean felt the soft growl leave his throat. "Hush now, I'll watch over you too." The man said smirking. Perhaps it was because he knew that Jean was not jealous only possessive, Draco was his, Lucius might trust the man but Jean should have been the closest paternal form. He grit his teeth as he was bombarded by feelings he couldn't put a stop to. "You should stop fighting yourself little one you could be so much happier." Jean looked away.

"Or that much more hurt." He said darkly. "That bliss was robbed from me a long time ago professor." He admitted softly. "I want peace."

"And relying on your dominant mate won't give you that?" Snape said with narrowed eyes.

"My dominant mate wants nothing to do with me." Jean said quietly.

"Accept me; I will take care of you." Snape said firmly. Jean frowned.

"You care because it involves Draco; don't try to make it more than it is." He said softly.

"But it is more than that now." Snape insisted calmly.

"I hope you'll forgive me if I don't quite believe you." Jean said softly.

"It doesn't matter if you don't believe me, not any more, you are one of mine." Snape said flatly. Jean struggled with himself again and the dark eyes softened knowingly. He knew that Jean was soaring happily inside, that he felt safe and secure for the first time since his mate had left him in the orphanage. All those years of staring out the window and waiting for a mate that would never come to him, never wanted him…He swallowed thickly and turned his face away in shame.

"May I leave?" He said softly. Dark eyes surveyed him for a long moment before a long fingered hand lifted and settled on his head rustling his hair. Calmness, security, it washed over him in tempting waves and made his eyes sting and water.

"Who was your mate?" The man said softly. Jean was lost in the dizzying bliss of that hand, the contentment he felt- his mouth opened and he almost, almost said the name, the forbidden name that he only whispered in the darkest of hours a broken plea in the silence of his own mind. Instead a broken sound escaped something that came from the very core of his being. The sound frightened him almost as much as the reality that crashed down around him did, Snape was frozen eyes wide with shock his hand outstretched.

"Please." Jean said softly his body backing away slowly. "Don't do that again." He whispered.

"No wonder you don't trust anyone, your heart has been torn open-"

"Please!" Jean said covering his ears not wanting to hear it, to hear what he already knew about the gaping hole in his heart. He was surprised when arms reached out suddenly and he was pulled to a strong chest. The trembling subsided as a hand settled on the back of his neck, calm, secure it was almost too much, he began to struggle, this was not his mate, his mate didn't want him, no one wanted him, he was alone, always alone, when starving he was alone, when beaten he was alone, the world was a pool of blood that waited to overwhelm him, he was alone, always and he'd accepted that.

"Not any more." The man said softly. "Not any more." He repeated. Jean shivered because somehow he believed it. He stayed there encased in the man's arms for the remainder of his free period and a part of him would long for it nearly every time he saw the man for the next week.

#$% #$% #45

Jean hovered outside the classroom door biting his lip and cursing the blood that ran through his veins which made him come here. It was nearing the middle of the year and so far he'd been able to ignore Snape a majority of the time focusing instead on his studies and Draco's wellbeing. But he couldn't ignore this any longer; there was something off about their defense professor, something that could be very dangerous. His blood was screaming at him to tell Snape and he hated how dependant he had become on the man. He needed those potions every two months to hid who he was and control his more volatile of urges, he needed the talismans the man had given him that hid his pointed teeth when he was angry- there was no getting away from it now, he needed Snape.

"Are you going to hover out there all day?" Snape said calmly through the door. Jean was pushing past the wooden barrier before he could properly think about it. Dark eyes flashed as he strode through the distance between them managing to halt himself just before he could throw himself into the man's undoubtedly comforting arms. He swayed where he stood and his knees gave in before he could control it sending him sprawling to the floor. "How dramatic, you could have just answered to your urges you know, I fail to see how this is any les dignified than simply asking for what you want." And then he was being bodily hoisted up and settled against the man's chest.

"You enjoy my discomfort." He accused even as he nuzzled closer unable to stop himself.

"I would rather you just give in so that I didn't have to worry about you hurting yourself out of sheer stubbornness." The man said his hand warm and calming as it settled at the nape of his neck. "What has you in such a state hmm? I checked on Draco not more than five minutes ago, he's doing well no thanks to all your coddling." He said amused. Jean bit his lip and his grip on the dark thick fabric tightened. Snape smelled like the earth, like smoky wood and herbs mixed with some refined smell, a hint of natural cologne.

"The defense professor, he looked at me today, like he knew what I am. He isn't right, I thought so since the day I walked into his class, there is something off about him, he smells like rot, like death and taint and blood. It makes me ill to be near him." Jean said letting out a shudder. Those watery brown eyes had stared at him today, stared through him in understanding, a sick smile had twisted across the man's lips- it was all Jean could do to stay still and not run. The calming hand slid down his back and his eyes drifted shut in a purr, that area by his wings was especially sensitive.

"He won't hurt you, I'll talk with him." The man said quietly. Jean felt a sigh leave him. It disturbed him just how those words affected him, he knew that now he wouldn't even be able to bring himself to worry, Snape would take care of it. He knew it was his submissive nature, he knew that, but after so long of protecting and defending himself, of being alone and having to rely on only himself…He shivered slightly. These feelings were only a shadow of what it would feel like to be accepted and taken care of by his mate. He suddenly felt the uncontrollable longing grow like a chasm inside him.

And he began to weep.

It was mortifying but his instincts told him that he was safe, that he was allowed to weep and with that logic the tight control he'd always had on the pain and the loneliness, the sheer wretchedness of being rejected by his own mate- it was all loosed.

"Oh child…tell me who it is? Tell me who your mate is I will find them I will talk to them, you are so empty, so sad." He whispered rocking Jean gently.

Jean bit his bottom lip and thought of Draco's smiling face, the boy was happy with his family he couldn't ruin that, even for Snape.

Snape sighed and held him tighter.

#$% #$% #$% #$% #$%

Jean pursed his lips as he saw a familiar crop of messy brown hair and green eyes rushing through the hall, a bad feeling washed over him. It wasn't his business. He should get back to the dorms. He should return to the dorms and return to his studies, he shouldn't get involved.

He managed to make it to the entrance to the Slytherin common room. He breathed deeply and slowly when he saw that Draco wasn't in his usual perch.

"Detention." One of the others said. Jean grit his teeth as the bad feeling grew.

"Let me guess- with Potter?" he said softly. The others glanced up and nodded slowly. It was just detention Draco would be fine…He growled softly and turned on his heel eyes flashing despite the charm around his neck. He stormed towards Snape's room and knocked curtly. The man poked his head out and frowned.

"Yes?" He said his voice edging on concerned.

"Potter and Draco have detention, where are they?" He said softly his voice little more than a purr. Dark eyes flashed.

"Are you making demands of me little one?" The man said softly, dangerously. A whimper left Jean's throat.

"Please! Danger I can feel it." He whispered. His senses were going haywire now and it was all he could do to remain still.

"They went to the forbidden forest with the half giant." Snape said reaching over and sweeping his cloak from a hook. Jean felt the blood rush out of his face.

"Draco." He whispered before turning sharply.

"Let me handle this." Snape said his hand slipping around and grasping him lightly but firmly around the neck.

"Draco!" Jean keened turning to the man with wide inhuman eyes. Draco, his child, Lucius' child!

"Stay." Snape said with narrowed eyes. Jean let out a hiss.

"Danger, my child-"

"You're child?" Snape said narrowing his eyes. Jean trembled.

"Danger." He repeated begging the man to understand the urgency of the situation. The hand reached up and guided his jaw so that he was forced to look up and meet dark eyes.

"Stay." The man said forcefully. Jean's entire body began to shake.

"If he is hurt I will tear you to shreds" he swore. Snape snorted and pushed him back through the door.

"Stay." He said his eyes calculating. Jean nodded weakly and allowed himself to be pushed into the office the door closing and locking in his face. Jean stood for a long moment his hands twitching restlessly at his side. Snape would take care of it,

Snape…Snape was Draco's chosen godfather…

He began to pace.

Lucius trusted Snape with his son.

He paced some more and looked up at the clock before pacing some more

Snape had taken care of him- surely he would take care of Draco?

But there were creatures out there, the forbidden forest was teeming with them, creatures that would love to sink their claws into young flawless flesh like Draco's.

He let out a frustrated yowl and turned to the door shrieking angrily when it wouldn't open.


He turned back and began pacing.

His back itched.

His fingers stung

His teeth bit into his lip breaking the skin though he hardly noticed.

He looked at the clock.

He kept pacing.

What was the headmaster thinking? Leaving his students in the hands of a half giant who was known to have set his own hut on fire when drunk! What would Lucius do?

The thought of his mate caused him to halt mid-step.

His mate…

Longing filled him, it hurt him physically, he crouched down his arms crossing over his stomach in a protective gesture. His eyes closed as he thought of the man, long silver blond hair- tall, so tall. Lucius Malfoy carried his magic like he carried his cane; naturally, a show of power that no one could miss yet it wasn't as though he was showing it off, it was just there.

A jolt of electricity ran through him and he jumped his eyes wide.


Again he rushed at the door and pulled violently at the handle a strangled sound escaping him.

Snape was coming, he could feel him. He moved away and paced furiously. Snape was close by- that meant Draco would be too right? RIGHT?

The handle turned and Jean's head jerked towards it a sound leaving his throat. The door opened and a blur rushed forward sinking into his arms. Draco's scent filled his nose and a sharp pain ripped through his back before his wings exploded out and surrounded both of them dark feathers drifting down around them. Draco shuddered before relaxing his quick short breathing easing and becoming even.

"Denari." Snape said softly before closing the door behind him. Jean growled lowly as he gave in to the overwhelming instincts. "Your child…and Draco came rushing to you, he didn't want me even though I'm his godfather." He said frowning.

"Please." Jean said softly. "Just leave it. He doesn't want me, isn't that enough?" Jean whispered. "Don't make him angry with me; don't make him hate me too." He whispered holding Draco closer. What had happened to him? Where was his independence? Where was the boy he'd been just at the start of the year? The boy that had accepted that Lucius Malfoy would never be his…what had happened to him?

Draco shifted slightly and Jean nuzzled closer.

Instincts, that what had happened, Draco had awoken his chemistry. He should have hated Draco because Draco wasn't his, but he needed that link to Lucius, Draco's blood, something about him made him more his fathers son than his mother's son. Or…he hardly dared to think it- or…Lucius was considered unattached by his son, his son who would have to have rejected his mother figure...

Draco stiffened slightly and looked up at him with wide eyes.

"Draco how long has your mother been 'visiting relatives' in France?" Snape said leaning against the wall.

"She'll be back soon." Draco said looking away. "She sends me gifts all the time, my robes were made in France, mother says British fashion is behind its time." He said snootily.

"That doesn't answer my question." Snape said calmly.

"She came to see me off to school." Draco said his eyes turning down.

"That still doesn't answer my question." Snape said his lips drawn into a thin line. Jean glared at the man when thin arms tightened their hold around him.

"My birthday." Draco said softly.

"Which one?" Snape said expectantly.

"My sixth." Draco said quietly.

"She returns for social events you mean." Snape said nodding. "She comes when she is expected to be seen with her husband and son." Draco's grip tightened and his face turned into Jean's robes as horror washed over Jean.

"She's been neglecting you?" He whispered. "And…your father? What has he had to say about this?" He dared to ask.

"Father does what he can; they always fight because she doesn't want to come back. Father said that she should be home with me, she said that she didn't marry him to be trapped at home." Draco's tears began to soak through his shirt and Jean felt his wings shift and cover him. "It's okay though, I used to hate it, but I have you now so it's okay." Draco said snuggling against him. Jean lifted his gaze towards Snape and his arms tightened.

"Yes you have me; you will always have me when you need me." He said his heart turned in turmoil. What did that mean? That Lucius was free? His heart simultaneously squeezed and soared at that thought. Or did it mean that Lucius simply didn't want Jean, didn't want his submissive. He shivered at just the thought and held the boy in his arms closer.

That night as he slipped into bed his child was right beside him unabashedly pressed into his side and he knew that whatever chance he might have had to step away from this was gone. Soon Lucius would recognize that Draco was no longer without a mother figure, soon he would come to find him.

#$% #$% #$% #$

It was nearing the end of the year; Draco heading his mother-figure's plea had not mentioned anything in his letters home. Severus knew better though, with Jean in his life Draco's instincts had lead him to shun the mother that had so shunned him. Her weekly gifts lay unopened and ignored as did her gushing letters, Lucius would come to think either one of two things, his son had given up on his mother, or that his son had come to see Severus as a mother figure. Unfortunately the one was just as preposterous as the next, Severus didn't do 'mother figure' he was a pater, a dominant in his race and had no ability to be maternal.

It came as no surprise to Severus when Lucius' letters became more pointed and frequent. It was understandable really, he would have heard about the scare in the forbidden forest, and after so long of being the only one to look after Draco his instincts would be going haywire from such a long separation. Severus half expected Lucius to show up one day just to see what the hell was going on.

And then there was Jean.

The young man was convinced that his mate had rejected him, a notion that Severus found ridiculous. Lucius had been waiting all his life for his mate, if Narcissa hadn't been as greedy and clever as she was he would have never married her in the first place. But the story didn't fit. Jean had told him about the day he'd been delivered to the orphanage, Lucius' instincts would have told him immediately who the child was that had suddenly appeared before him. It only made sense that Jean would have managed to apparate himself to where his mate was; it was amazing of course that the child hadn't spilched himself though he supposed it would have had something to do with natural survival instincts.

But it was the one thing that made no sense to him, why wouldn't Lucius accept that Jean was his mate?

He knew Lucius very well; he knew that the man had suffered severely in his marriage to Narcissa. Like Jean, he seemed to believe that his mate didn't want him or rather couldn't want him, after all in his own twisted mind he'd betrayed his mate by marrying Narcissa and having a child by her.

Severus sighed heavily and rubbed his forehead.

The summer holidays were going to be murder, Draco and Jean would need to be near to each other. On one hand this made his life a bit easier, after all he would be the pit stop between the two and could keep an eye on the both of them. Jean had somehow managed to open the floo to his apartments though one could only get in through Severus' home, the boy's level of paranoia was about as astounding as his own at times.

But none of that was difficult.

What would be difficult was keeping Lucius out of the loop; Draco's cover story would be that he would be taking extra tutoring through Severus. Jean the clever boy had managed to rope Severus into not only becoming the base between them but had also roped him into becoming their tutor. If Jean and Lucius ever accepted each other he had no doubt that Lucius would find that he'd met his match, together the two would be unstoppable which worried him slightly. Power and cleverness like the two of them would wield could not be ignored.








Severus growled at the pounding on his door and stood in annoyance. What the devil? It was nearly one in the morning for heavens sake! He glowered as he opened the door and his heart sank as he was met with two sets of accusing eyes and one thin lipped Minerva.

"I told you he wasn't after the stone." Minerva said lifting her chin. Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger both began to speak at once but Severus was already pulling on his cloak.

He had a Potter to find.

#$% #$% #$% #$% #$%

Jean hated his senses at the moment. He'd felt Potter pass him by, felt the danger and then felt an echo of anxiety as he remembered the last time he'd seen Potter and ignored him. Don't get involved- but Draco could be involved… Uneasily he made his way to the Slytherin common room his eyes anxiously seeking out Draco.

"He snuck out earlier." One of the others said rolling his eyes. Jean felt his stomach sink.

Best go find Potter.

#$% #$% #

Harry watched with wide eyes as Quirrel hissed and crackled a horrible smell filling the air. There was a horrible scream and Harry felt himself sway and fall.

#$% #$% #

There was no Draco. Jean had realized this half way through the mess of trials, but he heard shouting and he'd sunk into the shadows just as the two first years rushed by panicked looks on their faces. Jean almost went back, but then he heard the familiar voice.


And Potter must still be in there. He was moving forward before he could help himself. He had no ties to Potter, but he wasn't about to leave the boy unattended if there was any chance that someone could figure out that he'd been down here. Making his decision he moved through the door. It took him several moments to figure out the riddle, Snape was clever like that and in true Snape form he'd made Jean feel ridiculous by how simple the answer really was. He smiled faintly at the thought of the man before turning and slipping through the flames unhurt.

Only to realize that this wasn't simply a creep teacher after his student, this was something far worse. He watched Potter lunge at the man laying his hands on the twisted face. A yell filled the air and Jean felt ill his body freezing up as the smell of fire filled the air. Fire and ashes and burning flesh, his home burning to the ground his family torn away from him-

A scream filled the air and Jean's flashback was cut off as something slipped free of Quirrel's body and became a mist in the air. There was a scream, an inhuman broken scream before suddenly that mist moved as though it had a personality screaming as it rushed at Potter and then flew away leaving the boy to topple to the ground in a crumpled heap. Jean stood still for a moment before breaking past the shock and rushing forward. The boy was small and while he was the antithesis to Draco, Jean knew that Draco was secretly taken with the boy; he would be crushed if Potter died. He collapsed on his knees next to the boy and held out his hands allowing power to reach through him.

Draco would be upset if this boy died.

He sighed as his magic slipped through his fingertips a slow gentle wave of heat healing the worst of the damage. That was what he was, what his people were, his race- Denari were healers, they were peaceful yet they were drawn into war and conflict again and again. Was it their appearance? He had read once that they looked like angels; their wings were natures way of giving them a faster way to transport the injured, he could carry up to three people without beginning to feel weighted down. Their claws doubled as surgical tools as well as protection, their poison worked as an anesthetic and was easily nullified. They were doctors, doctors of the earth and all of its inhabitants. Yet they were hated, beaten and destroyed, hunted down- it was sick.

The pupils in his eyes elongated and dilated as he scanned the body for further injury. He frowned as his eyes caught sight of the bulge of compressed magical energy in the pocket of the boy's trousers. He reached down and pulled the stone free his eyes widening when his instincts recognized it.

The philosophers' stone.

He let out a low growl at just the thought of what this stone would have cost. Centuries ago a magician wanted to utilize the power of the Denari, their ability to work control the elements and heal. Alchemists hunted down his kind, slaughtered them and experimented on them in order to create this- the philosopher's stone. He knew the legend; it was one that was never forgotten. One philosophers' stone cost the lives of twenty Denari and two Dragons. There were other creatures that were sacrificed for its creation but none paid as much as the Denari.

If the secret of its creation got out their race would be destroyed.

Long ago when it had first been created their race had killed for the first time, it was a battle that their kind remembered in shame for having had to kill instead of heal. They destroyed the alchemists, destroyed their work, an entire city was lost to the fear and wrath of the Denari. Perhaps, Jean thought grimly as he slipped the stone into his pocket and began to make his way out of the room leaving Potter to be found by the professors that would undoubtedly seek him out. Perhaps, this stone was the reason that they had been hunted down all those years, hatred must have lingered through the generations, a hatred towards the race that had been forced to act in order to preserve their existence.

It was something to consider.

Jean clutched the stone in his pocket and slipped through the wreckage jerking behind a statue just as the group of frantic looking professors began down the hall. He tugged at the pendant around his neck glad that Snape hadn't sensed him. He hated that he had to hide who he was, a part of him wanted to seek Snape out for comfort. He breathed past it and slipped down the hall taking shortcuts to the Slytherin common room. Gray eyes sought him out as he stepped through the door and he offered Draco a small half smile glad to see the boy safe. He retrieved his books and found the spot beside Draco sliding his fingers across the back of the boy's neck in greeting before settling in to study.

#$% #$^ %$^#$% #

The year came to a close with Gryffindor winning the house cup. Jean thought it was bullocks, it was blatant favoritism and the sight of Draco's face going from joy to devastation left his fingers and teeth aching to be released. Seeing the mirrored look of outrage on Snape's face made a seed of bitterness bleed within him, seething and burning until his magic began to lash out around him. That night as he stepped into the common room his eyes were burning. The Seventh years traded dark looks and nods, the sixth years glanced at eachother warily, Jean Laurent was not to be trifled with.

That last night after Draco was safely tucked into bed, Jean and the others by unspoken agreement gathered in the common room and drafted a complaint.

Why was it that students who had been caught breaking at least a dozen school rules between them had been awarded points?

They stated their case, compiled the information necessary spending the entire night rushing around the school silently. The thing about Snakes was that they didn't back down, and they didn't get caught. They pulled favors, they used their influence, they broke rules, they stabbed people in the back, and most importantly they come out victorious.

Jean despite his anxiety drafted a letter and signed his own name as did the others knowing that one of the people who would receive this letter was Lucius Malfoy himself. Hopefully the letter would be ignored considering that there were easily twenty similar ones- no that wasn't right, his heart shivered. More of him than he would like to admit wanted Lucius Malfoy to single his letter out.

As the sun crept into the sky Jean and the others gave each other weary looks before nodding slowly in understanding. They were in this together now, their names were signed and their point made clearly and concisely. Together they walked in the early morning light to the owelry and sent their letters off watching as the sky was filled with owls heading in different directions.

A year of school was over; it was time for new beginnings.

As Jean stood in the archway and looked out at the horizon he knew his time hiding was over.

It was time to let the world know who Jean Laurent was.