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Mistress Slytherin




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Mistress Slytherin

Chapter 4

-Words That Will Not Fade-

Jean stared forward numbly. Draco was curled into his side and Lucius was leaning into him a solid force that was keeping him together. Around them was a crowd that Jean hadn't expected to show. One by one they came out of the wood work dark eyes, clawed hands and expressions of determination. Their screams would not go unheard, never again. Severus Snape's last words had been words that Jean knew would change the world. Their people no matter the race was done hiding away and struggling to protect their families, Severus' last words were a call to arms. Jean would know, the words all of them could be found everywhere you looked. The morning after Severus died there was a great flash of flames in the ministry and right there in the atrium, in Severus' neat script was his accusation. The accusation of a hero they called it. The word monster was written on their doors now. Those who had attacked creatures, those who had played a part with blood stained hands would find the word 'Monster' wherever they would look.

It stirred something in him, in anyone who read them.

The magic of a wyvern.

Those words appeared everywhere, in documents on walls, scorched into streets or painted on the windows of shops. And it wasn't just Severus' magic placing them there either, Jean had once thought himself alone, but he quickly learned that he was not. Everywhere around the world in every land and in every language the words had begun to appear. Jean could hold his head high as he watched Severus' casket lower into the ground.

All around them for miles and miles people were appearing, his people, people of different races that had also suffered, they came forward heads held high wings, claws teeth all showing. The small rustling of feathers or the creak of leather wings could be heard along with the low thrum of mixed magic. The few wizards that had shown Albus Dumbledore in particular could only watch in wonder.

Draco choked as he stepped forward a rose in his hand. Jean wanted nothing more than to embrace his child but something deep inside of him told him not to. Draco, a mere child in the eyes of the world turned to the headmaster, turned to the Minister of Magic and the press and those who claimed to have power and raised his finger accusingly.

"Monster." He said softly the tears blurring his eyes and openly slipping down his cheeks as he made his accusation.

"Monster." Someone else said softly. And then it began one by one the crowd spoke.





Draco let the rose fall into the grave and Jean felt his hands clench. His fingers itched, his teeth ached, but he would not move not without his mate's approval. But then Lucius moved and he watched with awe as the glamours were shed and his wings stretched out as an avenging angel.

"My sister, my cousin and this now my brother." Lucius said firmly as he settled his hands soothingly on Draco's shoulders. Jean felt his own glamours ripple and fall away.

"My father." He said softly as a hundred eyes turned to him. "My mother." He said stepping forward. "I was six when I watched your people murder them." He accused. "And now my guardian again." He said leaning heavily against Lucius.

"My son."

"My daughter."

"My wife."

"My mate."

"Three children."

"My brothers."

"Six people, my kin, my family."

"Nine brothers and sisters, burned for the greater good."

"Two daughters raped and driven mad."

"My son who no longer has a voice to speak."

"My brother."

"My twin."



"My family tortured and killed before my eyes."

"My kin lost, never heard from again."

"My sister, taken to be experimented on, never seen again."


Jean felt tears pour down his cheeks as one by one the people spoke, their sorrow, their grief was powerful, so powerful that it seemed even the magic headed their pain. They were baser creatures, creatures of nature, and the world wept for their fate. Jean knew what he had to do; he looked into his mates eyes and saw pride there. He waited, he let them all have their say, let them say the names of those that had been taken from them, let them whisper the word monster until the very magic in the air was caught up in it. Then he stepped forward and a hush fell. He was nothing, just a Denari, just a submissive, but he would not let those whispers go unanswered, not this time. He reached into the pocket of his robe and pulled out the philosophers stone. The headmaster who had up until now acted as though he had nothing to do with their losses stiffened his eyes widening and his face paling.

"One philosophers' stone costs the lives of twenty Denari and two Dragons." He said loudly and clearly. The crowd behind him hissed at the very sight of the cursed object. "How many of my kind did you murder to be able to create this stone Albus Dumbledore?" He asked softly. No one dared say a word, even the wizards were staring at the headmaster in horror. "How many of my people died in the labs of Switzerland to create this abomination?" He hissed. "And why? I ask you the question that we have asked all these years, the question that we screamed and wept with- why? We have done nothing to deserve this. It is only your greed that makes us suffer." He shook his head slowly. "I will not stand by in silence any longer." He said quietly before slipping the stone back into his pocket and turning to his mate. Grey eyes were burning with desire and pride, it made his breath catch as he stepped willingly into the strong embrace as it was offered. His part was done for now, Lucius would handle the rest.

"Do not expect us to sit idly by any longer." Lucius said softly. "Even if it is only my family though I would welcome any who would join, we will not stand for this any longer consider this your warning. Severus Snape was the only brother I ever knew, I will not let his last plea be silenced." He said before turning with both Jean and Draco ducked safely into his body and apparating.

#$% #$% #%


The word lingered in the wind, the very magic its self seemed to whisper it and Albus Dumbledore despite himself would admit that that word might be driving him mad. He stared in his office and swayed as he stared at the smoking words engraved upon his desk.


Albus sank to the ground and trembled.


It echoed in his mind and hurt his brain, the word burned. He clutched at the sides of his head and let out a strangled sob.


#$% #%^ #$% #%

Jean sighed as he woke, firm hands slid across his belly, lips teeth and tongue traced dizzying patterns across his chest and down to his navel. He moaned aloud and shivered when a whisper of cool air brushed the sensitive skin. Lucius watched him with lazy satisfaction as he slid up and over him blond hair hanging around him like a curtain as the man smirked down at him simply watching him for a moment. Jean shifted uncomfortably aware of just what that gaze combined with the lingering touches had done to him. Lucius' eyelids drooped and he leaned in kissing him slowly thoroughly their teeth catching and clashing but not painfully so. Jean gave himself to the kiss, sank into the utter bliss that was his mate's adoration for him. It was impossible to believe that at one time he'd thought that this man didn't want him. He groaned loudly when a large hand pushed his thighs aside and brushed his entrance just long enough to stimulate the reaction that would leave him slick and ready. Jean gasped and pleaded incoherently as Lucius' lips traveled down his jaw lingering behind his ear before sharp points of his teeth teased the skin of his neck.

"Please!" Jean begged. He was ready! He wanted his mate!

And then Lucius was there, buried deep inside him in that filling satisfactory way that made him feel utterly complete. Lucius pulled back and Jean clutched at him clinging to the man that owned his heart, body, soul and mind. Lucius let out a low growl and began to slide long and deep into him watching with mercurial eyes as Jean fell apart twisting and pleading with soft mewls and purrs. It was intense, deep, claiming and Jean could only cling to his mate as he was taken higher and higher into bliss. Lucius growled lowly and lifted him from the bed burying deeper still into him and shifting until he was sitting onto his mate's arousal making him freeze his head tilted back in a silent scream.

Lucius watched his mate lose it, Jean was always so beautiful when he came, the lithe supple body arching and twisting and tense, violet eyes slit and wide with absolute bliss, and the way everything about his mate was given, open completely to him for that brief moment. His.

Lucius came.

Jean felt the heat spread through his groin and a shiver slid through him, an aftershock of pleasure he received simply from the feel of being filled with his mate's seed, a sure claim. Lucius cradled him close and laved the mark at his neck nuzzling it gently showing him a side that Jean knew no one else could see. He sighed and nuzzled back weakly his body worn out and relaxed. Lucius kissed him lazily brushing soft intimate sounds across his ears. They were the 'I love you' of their language; sounds that meant so much more than the words could truly produce. It was a promise a promise that Jean would be forever cared for and adored, that Lucius would be there no matter what. And it made Jean's heart ache and swell and throb all at the same time.

"Master!" Lucius snarled at the creature who dared interrupt their most intimate of moments. The elf grabbed at its ears and let out a whimper shrinking into its self. "Leafy is being sorry master but master is telling Leafy to inform master when the dark one arrives! Young master and mister Potter are speakings with him!" The elf babbled. Jean sighed as Lucius let out a curse and slid from the bed.

"Stay in here love I'll take care of this." Lucius said shortly before casting a few spells on himself and dressing himself quickly. Jean bit his bottom lip and watched his mate go sighing in discontentment.

Stupid dark lord.

#$% #$% #$%

Harry stared up at Voldemort with wide green eyes. So much had happened since Hogwarts had been attacked. He supposed it would help if he had been conscious enough to remember any of it but Draco had told him a majority of what had happened even if he was a prat about it at first. Harry had been horrified to wake up in bed with Malfoy of all people but Draco insisted that he do so again later that night and if he refused the blond was liable to charm him asleep or find him and carry him to his bed anyway. It was rather annoying most of the time. He scowled as Draco shifted to stand in front of him protectively. What did he think Harry was defenseless? He'd defeated the dark lord when he was only a year old for Merlin's sake!

"I will not hurt your mate young Malfoy." The dark lord said in amusement. Harry blinked. Mate? "Dumbledore has placed an enchantment on him I only wish to break it." Harry stared at the dark lord in stunned silence. None of this was making any sense! But then Draco nodded and stepped to the side his eyes wary as the dark lord pulled out his wand. Harry flinched when the man made to wave it and Draco let out a low growl causing the dark lord to snort. "You're like a badly trained puppy Draco; I suggest you take lessons from your father on how to growl at me properly." He said before turning his red-eyed gaze back to Harry who was frozen stiff in shock and fear. Harry swallowed as the dark lord began to speak. He couldn't understand a word of it, he didn't know if it was Latin or what, but then a cold feeling like water washing over him started at his head and began to pour down him. Several things happened at once, for one he could smell a garden a great and beautiful garden and then there was a feel of shy awareness, something tugging at him pulling him though he didn't know where until Draco grasped his hand. His teeth ached horribly as he gasped and leaned into Draco and then sure enough wings spread out from his back.

"My lord-" Harry shivered, he felt…father? Yes that was the word, he'd never felt something so nice and secure before. The knowledge that both he and his mate-



-were safe. His eyes snapped open and he mewled as they almost immediately crossed. His head jerked back and his glasses tumbled away leaving him blinking with wide eyes at Draco's face. He could see…he could see. Draco let out a small calming sound and wound his arms around him comforting him in his sudden clarity and confusion.

"The boy has a piece of me inside him." The dark lord said after a long moment. Draco growled lowly. "It was never my intention to place that piece of myself into him, if anything you can blame the headmaster he wanted to use an ancient ritual to exercise me, he didn't think that Potter could possibly be Dinari, however he is Denari and he was forced into maturation when the ritual began. Dinari are healers, they aren't meant to destroy, it is my guess that this was what caused the split rather than the destruction. A shard of my soul now resides in this young man." He said thoughtfully. "He will be kept safe in your hands though won't he Lucius?" The dark lord said coming to some sort of conclusion. "I've entrusted my precious items into your hands before and you've done well, keep him safe Lucius even if it costs you your life, you as well Draco." He said with a nod. Draco growled softly and tugged Harry closer.

"If course my Lord he is kin now." Lucius said with a nod. The dark lord nodded slowly his gaze again thoughtful.

"I have a proposal for you Lucius." He said lifting his gaze dismissively from Harry and Draco. Lucius frowned and nodded slowly.

"Draco, take your mate to your room and explain everything he needs to know to him." Lucius said without moving his gaze. Draco prodded Harry and quickly the two made their way from the room. "My mate said that you might come to find me soon." Lucius said holding out an arm. "To my study I should think." He said inclining his head briefly.

#$% #$% #$% #%

Jean stared at the blue orb hovering over him in awe. He was lying just where Lucius had left him an arm crooked behind his head. He'd had a feeling, for a few days now he'd had this feeling but he hadn't had the courage to cast the spell. His curiosity had gotten the best of him though, normally he would get up and turn to his studies but with the dark lord in the manor he knew he wouldn't be able to focus. He knew Lucius would take care of them, his mate was everything to him now and even more so as he stared up at the orb with misty eyes. He flicked his wand again and the orb faded before slowly he stood and made his way to the bathroom a secret smile on his lips. He couldn't help the feeling of joy nor could he stop the few giggles that escaped him as he took care in bathing himself and then in dressing. Lucius would be so proud so happy. Jean reached for the bottle on his dresser and his hand stilled, Snape had brewed cologne that would mask his scent, it didn't work when he was in heat but it kept him from being scented out the rest of the time. He had grown used to wearing it on a daily basis, it was habit now, but…he smiled and his hand fell away.

"Master Laurent! Master is calling for you! He is saying bring the stone!" Jean nearly jumped when the elf arrived and all thoughts of cologne or blue glowing lights left his mind. The stone? He took a deep breath and stood moving to the small music box that he'd created to house the stone. He opened the box and pulled the stone out gazing at it in wonder for a long moment before dropping it into his pocket. Whatever Lucius decided to do with it Jean would be glad to see the thing gone. He strode briskly down the halls struggling to calm his nerves. He was about to meet the dark lord- the last time he remembered seeing the man was when he'd been little more than a parasite clinging to one of the professors. He shivered slightly in remembrance of the screaming hissing thing that flew at Harry. He bit his lip and forced his emotions to calm as he halted before the study doors before carefully pushing them open. The dark lord was sitting across from Lucius an enormous desk separating them which was stacked high with parchment. Jean stared at the pile in wonder; it had only been three hours or so since Lucius had left him- or had Lucius already known what he was going to demand? He stepped into the room fully and immediately made his way to Lucius. As he grew closer Lucius stiffened and his eyes shifted a low growl leaving him and his nostrils flaring. Jean blushed as his wrist was snatched and he was dragged forward cradled to Lucius' chest as his mate inhaled deeply a look of disbelief and joy.

"Lucius?" The dark lord said softly. Lucius growled and pulled Jean even closer his wings spreading out with a rip of fabric encasing his mate at his side.

"I'm afraid my lord that I will not be able to help you this afternoon after all." Lucius said tightly his voice more of a growl than its usual silky drawl though his eyes were on Jean wide and stunned. A slow smile, a real smile spread across Lucius' lips. "My mate…" He rasped. Jean sighed as his body reacted to his mate's joy making him drowsy as magic poured into him. "My mate is pregnant." Lucius breathed in awe. Jean let out a small noise of contentment as he was nuzzled and coddled small noises coming from Lucius that meant more to Jean than anything. The dark lord chuckled.

"Wonderful, congratulations old friend." He said a satisfied smile on his lips. Jean peeked out at the dark lord curiously. This man wasn't at all the way he'd thought the dark lord would be, this man was at peace with himself.

"The stone my love." Lucius whispered gruffly. Jean reached into his pocket and handed it into his mate's larger stronger hand giggling slightly when the man pressed a kiss to his forehead. "With this the deal is cast." Lucius said carelessly tossing the stone towards the dark lord who caught it deftly. The dark lord inclined his head and stood.

"I will see you soon then Lucius." He said turning his gaze to the stone. "Soon." He repeated before turning and striding out of the room. Lucius was no longer listening to him though he was fully focused on Jean his eyes softer and prouder than Jean had ever seen before. It was the most satisfying feeling in the world.

"My mate, my child…" He whispered cradling Jean closer still and leaning them until Jean was lying on his back Lucius hovering over him surrounding him with safety and warmth. Jean let out a small satisfied sound and Lucius smiled before leaning down and pressing a kiss to his still flat belly. "The dark lord just signed a treatise, in exchange for the philosopher's stone our people will be protected, I've been made ambassador to delegate between our kind and the wizards. We are safe if he wins this war." He said nuzzling Jean's belly and letting out a low contented purr. "Your children will grow up without fear, they will be protected and comforted surrounded by their kin as they should be." He swore. Jean felt tears come to his eyes before he could stop them, everything he'd ever wanted, the peace the security, he was full to the brim with true joy.

"Safe?" He whispered. Lucius' breath caught in his throat and he reached up brushing away the tears.

"Yes my love. You are and always will be safe." He swore sliding up and kissing him slowly, gently.


Jean sighed into the kiss.

Everything he'd ever wanted.

In the end:

On March 25 in the year 1996 the dark lord Voldemort officially took his place as King of the wizarding world reinstating the monarchy. The following years would be known as a time of peace and prosperity for the wizarding world. Despite the fears the tyrant known as Albus Dumbledore warned them of the dark lord was a good king. Whatever madness had possessed him in his later years was not present in the young beautiful man that came to power. Gradually as his rein progressed the wizarding world in Britain would become a safe haven for creatures all around the world. Within his first fifty years of his reign The Great King Voldemort and his second in command Lucius Malfoy would work with other nations to cease experimentation and destruction of magical species. Those who continued to torment magical creatures would find themselves with a curse known throughout the world, magic its self rebelled and the torment of the Denari left a mark.


Anyone found surrounded by the mark would be captured and imprisoned, most went mad from the words of the legendary Severus Snape which would whisper in the wind drawn by the power that no one but the Wyvern could explain.

Lucius Malfoy, known to the world as a man of honor and valor would stand beside his lord until his dream of a peaceful world in which his children and grandchildren and great grandchildren could live in peace, unharmed and respected by all. Lucius Malfoy lived to be two hundred and eighty years old; he and his mate Jean Laurent who would later take on the Malfoy name had a total of fifteen children between them. Jean would grow up to be one of the most brilliant men of his era. Throughout all fifteen pregnancies he would work along side Ministry officials and King Voldemort to rebuild the corrupt ministry into an organized system that under the watchful eye of the King would flourish. Jean Malfoy would in his lifetime write a total of sixty four books which would change the way the world viewed magic, his last and final book, found after his death was an autobiography. His accomplishments were great and many however in the last and final page of his book, his last words to be said were as follows:

"The greatest lesson I have learned, the most awe inspiring and complex theory, and my greatest accomplishment in life is this; I Jean Malfoy have learned to love and to be loved in return. I am at peace."

These words would be found by one Draco Malfoy who had worked beside his father and his 'papa' until the very end. Beside him Harry Potter would rise to power changed form the boy with messy hair and too large glasses. Together they would work with the dark lord to ensure that magic, be it dark, light, or gray would be legal to practice and study. A no tolerance for no tolerance policy was passed and magic was once again used freely and without restriction. Due to this change advancements were made that would save hundreds of thousands of lives.

The Malfoy family would grow and flourish for the next two thousand years. Through wars and natural disasters the King Voldemort would lead his people to survival until through no design of his own, natural selection; survival of the fittest would wipe out muggle race. The day the dark lord was told this fact by one Artemisia Malfoy he was said to have smiled a slow and triumphant smile. That very same night the Dark King Voldemort would slip into the shadows and never return marking the end of an era and causing him to be known forever as the Conqueror of Death.