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"Pan! I can't believe you got suspended from school again! How many times must I tell you not to fight in school?! This is your sixth fight this month! With the same girl! And lets not forget about your 'D' average report card you brought home yesterday!"

"I know, and I'm sorry mom. Please don't take away my t.v, video games, and cell phone."

"I'm taking them away, Pan! Your brain is mush! T.V has a bad influence on you! And you practically live on that cell phone!"

"Mom, please! I'm suppose to go out with Tan-"

"That's another thing! YOU'RE GROUNDED!"

"WHAT! For how long?" whined Pan.

"Until your grades improve, and until I say otherwise!"

"Aww Man!"

"What did you just say to me?!"

"I meant, Yes Ma'am."

"Good, now start cleaning the house!"

"But...nevermind," sighed Pan.

Pan began to walk slowly upstairs, with her head held down, while her mother went into the kitchen to get dinner started. She wanted to gain some points with her mom, so she chose to clean her mom's bathroom first. Pan spent the remaining two and a half hours cleaning the house. Her mother told her to stop cleaning when she saw it was almost time for Gohan to come home.

Gohan came home from work everyday at the same time, and Pan was in her room waiting to hear her dad's knock. Once she heard her dad's knock, Pan ran to open the door for him.

"Daddy! I'm so happy to see you!" Pan said, hugging her father tightly.

"Uh-oh! What did you do this time?" asked Gohan.

"Well," she said, but Gohan stopped her from speaking.

"Where's your mother? I have a surprise for both of you," said Gohan.

"She's in the kitchen. I'll go get her," said Pan, skipping towards the kitchen.

When Pan returned with her mother, they were surprised to see the visitors before them.

"Mom! Chi Chi!" yelled Marron. "Grandma Eighteen! Grandma Chi Chi! I missed you!" said Pan. Marron and Pan ran to give Eighteen and Chi Chi a hug.

"While you four get acquainted, I'll be in my room relaxing," said Gohan.

Before Gohan left, Marron walked over to Gohan and gave him a hug and a kiss.

"So how's my favorite grand-daughter?" asked Eighteen.

"Not too happy," said Pan.

"What's wrong, Pan?" asked Chi Chi.

"Mommy is being mean to me," pouted Pan.

"Marron, how could you be mean to my grand-baby?" asked Eighteen.

"Your grand-baby got suspended from school again!" yelled Marron.

"At least she's not a pushover," said Eighteen.

"Moooom!" whined Marron.

"Pan, getting into fights is so un-lady like. You need to learn self-control," said Chi Chi.

"Thank you Chi Chi!" said Marron. "And she has a 'D' average in school."

"What! Where's my belt?!" yelled Chi Chi. "Getting poor grades is inexcusable Pan!"

"I know, right?!" said Marron.

"Grades do not define who you are as a person," said Eighteen.

"Oh Grandma Eighteen! I'm so happy I'm your only grandchild," said Pan.

"Does Gohan know about this?" asked Chi Chi.

"Not yet, but I will tell him tonight," said Marron.

"Grandma Eighteen, would you like to stay the night?" asked Pan.

"I wish I could! But I think your grandpa Krillen will miss me."

"So why did you get into another fight Pan?" asked Chi Chi.

"Because Skittles was making fun of me again. She said I wasn't a natural blond."

"But you aren't a natural blond!" shouted Marron. "Why did you even dye your hair? I liked your jet black hair."

"I wanted to look pretty like you mom," said Pan.

"You don't expect me to believe that do you," said Marron.

"I was kind of hoping," said Pan.

"What's the real reason Pan?" asked Chi Chi, cracking her knuckles. "And it better be the truth."

"I lost a bet," said Pan.

"I thought I told you to stop betting!" screamed Marron.

"I know, and I'm sorry mom. I just thought you wouldn't find out."

"You know what Pan, if you get into anymore trouble. I'm cutting off your hair," said Marron.

"That's called cruel and unusual punishment! You can't do that!" said Pan.

"Should I get the scissors now?" asked Marron.

"NO!" pouted Pan.

"Go to your room!" said Marron.

"You did right," said Chi Chi, patting Marron on the back.

"Give the girl a break. She's just a spunky fourteen year old," said Eighteen. "Remember, you were fourteen once."

"I know mom," said Marron.

"Well, it was good seeing you Marron, but we have to head home," said Chi Chi.

"Speak for yourself," said Eighteen.

"Moooom!" complained Marron.

"Fine! I'll get going too."

Marron hugged her mother and Chi Chi once more before walking them to the door. After they left she went upstairs to her bedroom to talk to Gohan about their daughter Pan.

The following morning, Marron and Gohan woke up Pan, because they had to attend a school conference concerning Pan's behavior, and grades. They also had to go there to meet with Skittles parents', because they were upset Pan had beat her up for the sixth time this month.


"Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Son, I am Pan's principal, Mr. Greene."

"Good morning Mr. Greene," said Gohan and Marron. "Good Morning, Mr. Greene," said Pan.

"Have a seat,'' said Mr. Greene.

"Thank you," said Marron and Gohan. "Thanks," said Pan.

"Have you talked to your daughter?" asked Mr. Greene.

"Yes," said Gohan and Marron.

"Good, that means I don't have too," said Mr. Greene.

"Knock, knock, Sorry for the interruption Mr. Greene, but Skittles and her mother is here to see you," said the secretary.

"Send them in," said Mr. Greene.

"I finally get to meet the infamous Skittles," thought Marron.

Skittles and her mother entered the room.

"Mr. and Mrs. Son, this is Skittles mother-"

"VIDEL!" exclaimed Marron, as she turned to look at Gohan.

"MARRON!" exclaimed Videl, as she looked over at Gohan.

"You two know each other?" asked Pan, Skittles, and Principal Greene.

"Yes!" said Marron.

"Good," said Mr. Greene. "I'll leave you guys alone to solve your problems."

Mr. Greene left the office.

"Mom, how do you know Skittles mom?" asked Pan.

"She's the reason I learned how to fight," said Marron.

"What does that mean?" asked Pan.

"It means, I learned how to fight so I could kick her-"

"Videl, it's good to see you," said Gohan, interrupting Marron.

"It's good to see you too," said Videl, staring at Gohan.

"GOHAN! PAN! Lets go!" shouted Marron.

"But we're suppose to talk-"

"There's nothing to talk about Gohan! Let's go!" said Marron.

"Bye Videl," said Gohan.

"Bye Gohan," said Videl.

End of Chapter 1

A/C: Yes, Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Marron. Marron is 32 and Gohan is 45. I thought it was an interesting idea. Please continue to read until the end.