Why do you look at me when you hate me,
Why should I look at you when you make me hate you too.

Guns n' Roses, "Get in The Ring"

Klaus paused in the stroke of charcoal across paper as he felt a very distinctive presence enter the room, "I wasn't expecting to see you so soon, Caroline," He said, turning his head to look over his shoulder at her briefly before returning to his sketching, "By all means, come in," He finished sarcastically,

Caroline hovered in the doorway to the lounge for a moment before entering the room uneasily, standing in front of him, "I need your help," She told him, voice shaking slightly from her nerves,

"I should have known. It appears to be the only reason people seek me out nowadays," He drawled, setting down the sketch in front of him, he leant back in his seat to look at her properly, eyes roving up and down her form before looking to her face, finding her gritting her teeth and glaring at him, "Although I suppose I owe you a favour, especially now we're friends," He said almost teasingly,

"This was a bad idea," Caroline grumbled, looking to the floor, considering turning on her heel to leave the room,

"What can I help you with?" He asked, changing the topic of conversation to encourage her,

"I need you to teach me to fight." She said resolutely,

His eyes widened in surprise, "That is the last thing I would have thought you needed from me,"

Caroline shifted on the spot uncomfortably, "Elena almost killed me last week. And with what Silas managed to do to you… If a baby vampire can almost kill me, well…" She said quietly, trailing off and meeting his eyes nervously,

"So you need me to teach you how to fight, to beat your best friend and one of the most powerful beings on the planet?" Klaus drawled skeptically with a raised brow,

"In a nutshell? Yes," She said hesitantly, realizing how silly it all sounded now he was saying it out loud,

"And why come to me?" He asked, trying to see if some kind of secret agenda or distraction was being orchestrated once more,

"You're over a thousand years old, I'm sure you have a few tricks up your sleeves," She grumbled, toeing the floor,

"Oh, yes. I've definitely picked up a few tricks," He said suggestively, watching with delight as her face flushed and her eyes widened,

"Look if you don't want to teach me I can ask Stefan or… someone," Caroline huffed turning to try and escape the room, intending to forget the whole awkward ordeal.

Klaus sped after her, grabbing her arm, "Fine," He said as he span her to face him, her eyes showing distinct surprise, "We start tomorrow."

Three weeks later Klaus and Caroline were having a particularly heated training session. Caroline cried out as her back hit the brick wall of the Mikaelson mansion basement, where he had set up a pseudo training room.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Caroline spat, rotating her shoulder where the force had knocked it slightly out of place; "You've been throwing me around like a rag doll all morning!" She said, stalking around him, preparing herself for his next attack,

"You can fight me off Caroline, you're just not concentrating," He growled. Admittedly he was taking things out on Caroline. Things hadn't been going well with chasing down Silas, and the cure. Not to mention he got all worked up training Caroline, with little relief.

"I am concentrating! I'm sorry I don't have a thousand years of vampiric strength," She growled, shooting her hand out in a right hook to try and catch him out. Klaus ducked just in time, propelling a palm out into her stomach, pushing her backwards once more.

Caroline groaned, "Would you stop doing that!" She shouted angrily, getting more and more riled up by the minute, absent mindedly attempting to keep her eyes off of his bare chest: he always took his shirt off when they sparred, insisting it made things easier for him. He had even encouraged her to take hers off one time when he was feeling especially cheeky.

"It has nothing to do with strength; tactics and opportunity are key. You aren't guarding your torso properly, that's why I've managed to get you so many times today," He said, barely having broken a sweat, blocking another of her jabs and using her distraction to push her backwards once more,

Caroline squawked in frustration, "Stop that!"

"Not until you start guarding your torso properly," He flung back with a smug smile, enjoying himself more than he had in days. Caroline growled, shoving him backwards by his shoulders. Momentarily stunned at her ferocity, he grabbed her arms and pushed her to the side, making her tumble to the floor, "Don't get distracted by your anger. You need to keep a cool head," He said circling her on the floor as she glowered up at him, scrambling back up to face him,

"Then stop taking your anger out on me! You said it yourself I'm perfectly capable of taking you!"

Not allowing his mind to get distracted with childish innuendos, he set his arms out in a surrendering stance, "Then go for it, love. Lets see how far you get." He said, gesturing with his head to the discarded stake lying on the floor.

Caroline eyed the stake wearily, quickly picking it up from the floor, keeping her eyes on him all the while. The only way she could think of attacking him when he was constantly watching her was to play dirty. Caroline fixed her gaze over his shoulder, cocked her head and widened her eyes in a look of shock, mouth falling open to add dramatic effect.

It achieved the desired goal, Klaus span around ready to fight off whatever was lurking behind him, only to grunt in surprise as Caroline attacked him from behind, grabbing him by the throat, stake poised to plunge into his heart from behind, "Gotcha," Caroline giggled in his ear triumphantly, thrilled that she had managed to best him for the first time in days. And the last time she had to use her boobs as a distraction, so it didn't really count.

Klaus pursed his lips in a twisted smile, "You aren't playing fair, love." He told her huskily, slightly amused at how creative she had gotten in her attempt to defeat him. Deciding he had had enough of giving her the upper hand, he turned to grab her wrist at his back, wrenching her hand from his throat at the same time, using the momentum to push them to the floor. He took the stake from her grip and pressed the tip firmly against her heart.

"Check mate," He said cockily, internally rejoicing from not only beating her, but also realizing he was laying on top of her, in a very intimate position.

Doing the only thing she could currently think of Caroline trailed her hand down his chest and along his abs, trying to distract him once more. Feeling him falter, she yanked the stake out of his hand and used all her remaining strength to flip them over. Her knees held his arms down, stake pressed against his chest. "Got you, again," She said jubilantly, albeit breathlessly, with a wide grin.

Klaus' eyes narrowed, and whilst he very much so enjoyed the feeling of her on top of him he couldn't let her win. He used her position on his arms to grab her knees, pushing upwards he threw her off of him, making her tumble to the floor. He raced to get up, stalking her once more like prey.

"Was that really necessary?" She groaned, her body feeling the effect of being thrown into the cement floor,

"You shouldn't use that trick on someone older than you, love,"

Getting really frustrated Caroline stood once more, facing him with gritted teeth. Not only was he managing to block or hit her at every turn, but he was enjoying it. She hadn't seen him smile this much since, well, ever.

"It's a surprise you can move that quickly at all, Grandpa," She goaded, watching his stance tense minutely,

In a flash he had slammed her against the wall, winding her as she cried out, his hands holding hers roughly to the brick wall above her head. His face was mere millimeters away from hers, his eyes tense and almost threatening, veins rippling beneath the surface of the stormy orbs. She stared back just as stubbornly, glaring at him as she distractedly felt the hardness of his body pressed up against hers. His eyes dipped to her lips before distractedly meeting her eyes once more, "I would say I'm not bad for my age, love," He said with a sarcastic grin.

"I think I need a little more proof," She told him coyly, staring at him challengingly, daring him to make a move. Klaus moved so quickly that before she knew what was happening he had crushed his lips to hers viciously. Stunned for a second, she froze, unresponsive, before feeling her own frustration rise over the shock; she began to move her lips against his just as fiercely.

Klaus let go of her wrists in favor of crushing her body into his, not quite believing she was kissing him back as his arms moved around her waist. Her hands immediately went to his hair, winding and tugging, making him growl in response. She felt his hands slip underneath her camisole, feeling the bare skin of her back as he dragged his blunt nails up, marking her momentarily and making her arch into him, the feeling of her body against his felt intense, but right. She unwound her hands from his hair as he broke the kiss, trailing his nose down her jaw and neck as he breathed in her sweet scent before roughly nipping her neck, making her gasp.

"Don't tease me, Caroline," Klaus growled, the vibrations of his words against her skin making her shiver, "I'm not sure I can stop,"

She thought his words over briefly, her mind foggy as he nipped and sucked at her neck, the remnants of frustration turning to lust, "Maybe I don't want you to stop," She said breathlessly, surprised in her reply, she felt him freeze and meet her eyes for confirmation. Seeing she was unflinching in her decision his hands slid down from her back, pulling at the hem of her top, yanking it up over her head. Next his hands went to her sports bra, and at Caroline's jolted nod he pulled that off of her too. As soon as the garment was thrown aside, his eyes roved over her body hungrily, disbelieving of his luck.

Caroline pulled him closer to her by her grip on his neck, their lips clashing furiously once more. She moaned as her bare chest met his, his hands tracing slowly up her torso to cup her breasts making her moan once more. Attempting to turn the tables, Caroline moved her hand from his neck; down to trace the hard contours on his chest before her hand met the front of his pants, delightedly rubbing the impressive bulge there, making him groan and making Caroline grin devilishly.

Knowing she was trying to top him he moved his hand from her chest, and slipped it under the waistband of her own pants tracing the line of her panties to gauge her reaction. Her hand stilled, dropping completely as she went stock still. He smirked at her, slipping his hands into her panties her head tilted back, eyes closing as he traced along her slit. He used his free hand to pull one of her legs up around his hips, giving him a better angle.

He watched her reactions with rapt attention, as an artist watches a subject. Feeling her wetness he pushed a single finger inside her, her mouth dropping open slightly in a silent gasp, encouraging him to move the digit inside her, stroking all the right places.

"More," She rasped after a moment, stormy eyes meeting his own, rolling back into her head as he added a second finger, bucking her hips into his hand with each thrust. She raised her head as she placed a hand on his chest, the other on his shoulder to pull him closer, kissing him passionately as she panted into his mouth.

Klaus was moving his fingers at an inhuman pace now, making her cry out as his thumb swept over her clit lightly. Upon breaking the kiss, he ducked his head to trail his lips along her collarbone, nipping along her neck he smiled at her moans, getting louder and louder along with the odd expletive. He could tell she was close and doubled his efforts, moving a hand to cup her breast, pinching the nipple, making her arch against him, the soft skin of her back grazing the rough brick wall behind her.

He rubbed her clit in circles as his fingers pounded inside of her, rubbing against her g-spot with every thrust. She arched her back once more, body freezing completely as she let out a lone cry, squeezing around his fingers as she came, bucking into his touch as her nails dug into his shoulders. Her leg dropped from around his hips, her knees buckling and his hand flew from her chest to around her waist, holding her up carefully. She dropped her head to his chest, whimpering as he withdrew his fingers from inside her. He smirked, his chin resting on top of her head, as he pondered the slickness coating his fingers. He had not only had the opportunity to make her come, but he had struck Caroline Forbes speechless.

"You can wipe that look off your face," She grumbled, not raising her head from his chest as she regained her balance and consciousness. She felt the laugh rumble in his chest,

"What look?" He asked,

Raising her head she narrowed her eyes at him pointing a finger at his face, "That one. The smug one, like you're pleased with yourself," She said almost accusingly,

"I have no idea what you mean," He said jovially, smiling he nuzzled into her neck, breathing her in he felt thoroughly pleased with himself. Caroline liked the feeling of having him close to her; so she wrapped her arms around his broad, well-muscled shoulders, enjoying the post-orgasmic high. As she pulled him slightly closer to her she felt his hardness against her stomach, and her previously sated arousal reared its head once more.

Winding her fingers into his hair she whispered, "I want you," He stiffened against her at the words, pulling back to look at her properly. Not wanting the opportunity to think over the consequences of her actions Caroline pulled him to her, lips mashing together, her tongue invading his mouth. Klaus returned the favour whole-heartedly. He had a half naked Caroline against him, and he wasn't going to waste the opportunity.

Now that she was more stable on her feet, he moved his hands from her waist to hook his thumbs into her yoga pants and underwear ripping them from her legs. His mouth flew to hers once more, leaning down slightly he yanked her legs from under her, making her hands fly to his shoulders as she wound her legs around his waist, pulling away with a bite to his lower lip. She moved her lips to his ear, "I want you to fuck me," She breathed with a harsh bite to his ear lobe, feeling the growl he made rumble in his chest, the vibrations making its way into hers.

He took one of his hands from her thigh and yanked his own pants down, kicking them off. Caroline groaned as she felt his arousal against her thigh, her back rubbing uncomfortably against the wall, kissing him as she ground her hips down, trying to get as close to him as possible. Noting her urgency Klaus positioned himself at her entrance, holding her against him by her ass, almost crushing her to the wall in his embrace. His hips moved forward, gliding the length of his hardened arousal along her soaked folds. He felt her hips buck into the action, making her whimper. Satisfied that he had teased her enough he entered her with a rough thrust of his hips.

She cried out as he groaned, almost seeing stars at the sensation of being buried deep inside her. He could feel every twitch of her inner walls around his cock. He pulled out slowly, pushing back into her forcefully, allowing her to become use to him. Soon enough her whimpers turned to ardent moans, leading him to set a fierce and reckless pace, making her cry out without constraint. Klaus knew it was going to be quick and dirty, and he knew that just this one taste of her would not be enough. He would take her as many times as he could that day, in every position and way possible. So that when she ran from him, as he was sure she would, she would be ruined for any other man, and would be his alone.

Caroline dug her nails hard into his shoulders, the sensation sending a jolt through his body as he picked up the pace and pounded into her harder, drawing his name from her lips. He brought his hand in between them so that his thumb could find her clit, grinding against it. The action brought a yelp from her lips, turning into a low moan as he continued his ministrations, toppling over the edge into orgasm with a cry. Her walls clamped around him, and he breathed heavily as he tried to distract himself from finding his own release.

He pumped inside of her steadily as she rode out her orgasm, coming down slowly. She leant forward, sliding her lips across his sloppily as her hands slid from his shoulders to his chest. Now only feeling the odd spasm around him, he blindly moved his hand from her sensitive clit to her ass, pulling her against him roughly, and pounding into her once more. She broke the kiss with what sounded like a sob, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as he continued to fuck her.

Klaus moved to her neck, biting and marking her with his human teeth, the sensations making her clamp around him tighter and pull at the sweat-dampened curls at his neck. "Do it," She said, "Bite me." Completely trusting that he would give her his own blood at some point to cure her of the potentially lethal bite, she pushed his head closer encouragingly. Feeling her unwavering decision he allowed his fangs to come forth, pausing a moment before sinking them into her neck.

Her sweet blood filled his mouth, making him moan in pleasure, Caroline bucking against him as he gulped her down euphorically, her hand clenched in his hair still. Retracting his teeth from her he brought one of his hands to his mouth, biting into it and pressing it against her eager mouth, her eyes wide in pleasure as she came once more from the sensation of him inside her and the exquisite taste of his blood in her mouth. Feeling Caroline orgasm again, Klaus ceased his control, spilling into her as she clenched around him rhythmically, the taste of her blood still in his mouth as he moaned her name into her neck.

He slowed his hips to a stop, the pair panting in synchronicity as he held her up against the wall. Once Klaus regained control of himself, he leant to meet her in a languid kiss. "That was amazing," Caroline blurted hazily after she broke the kiss, legs still shaking around his hips.

"Oh, love," He said hoarsely, a devilish glint in his eyes, "I'm not done with you yet."

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