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I sense a smell of retribution in the air
I don't even understand why the fuck you even care

Guns 'n' Roses, "Get in The Ring"

One afternoon Klaus sat in the Mystic Grill watching Caroline intently. He rarely ventured into the local watering hole, but he was bored and felt like seeing what his favourite blonde distraction was up to. It had been a month since their faithful encounter, and since said encounter she had refused to speak to him, and would clam up whenever he was near her, no matter what he did to get her attention. Needless to say, she had buried her head in the sand.

But he was patient. Klaus had after all waited this long for her; he could wait a little longer. Plus, he found her inability to admit to his mere existence very amusing. So he would show up on occasion when she very least expected it to get her all flustered, to see if that time she would make up stories, or even acknowledge him. But with Caroline being, well, Caroline, he knew she would break at some point, and in a spectacular manner.

So there he sat with a glassful of what the people of Mystic Falls deemed to be 'good' scotch, watching Caroline carefully. She sat with Bonnie, the witch's back to him so he had a perfect view of Caroline and she had a perfect view of him. The view of which was currently making her very twitchy.

As Caroline sat at the table, she couldn't help herself from meeting his gaze every now and then, making a very poor attempt at listening to what Bonnie was saying. He looked perfectly smug and content in his staring, running his eyes over her what felt like constantly. She knew he couldn't simply be staring at her, that he must be diverting his gaze to avoid looking like a complete weirdo, but she could feel the heat of his eyes on her what felt like constantly and it made her fidget in her seat.

"Caroline, are you okay?" Bonnie asked noticing her friend wasn't as enthusiastic in her attention as she normally was.

"Yes," No, "Carry on! I'm listening!" She said perkily with a smile, eyes moving to Klaus' as soon as Bonnie started talking again. He was smirking at her now, obviously noting her inattention. That damned smirk made her want to either slap him or fuck him. She hadn't decided which yet. However she did know which she would prefer.

She hadn't talked to him in over a month. Well, she had talked to him, if you could call blurting awkward excuses and bolting talking. The truth of the matter was, that night completely changed her life. Changed the way she thought of him, how she felt almost repulsed at the idea of anyone else touching her other than him. No one would ever be able to match up to Klaus. He had been right about being able to show her things, she just didn't think it would be those kinds of things.

And since that day, she had been craving more. Caroline almost regretted leaving him that day, but felt like she had no choice as the consequences of her actions had crashed down around her. She hadn't even been able to tell anyone to help clear her conscience. Plus everyone else had enough on their plates to deal with without her drama added. Not to mention everyone would go freaking crazy at her for not being able to keep it in her pants. Multiple times. Caroline had slept with the enemy, and not only that, but she wanted more, and didn't believe she would be able to stop herself for much longer.

It felt like every minute of every day she was thinking about him. Memories of their day and night together flashed through her mind every five minutes. She couldn't concentrate for all the mental images of them together, what she wanted to do to him, what she wanted him to do to her once more. She wondered what he was doing, if he was thinking about her, and she dreamt of him every night and it was driving her insane. She was obsessed.

And now, not only was he in reasonably close proximity, but he was looking at her as if he wanted to devour her. The look made her heart flutter and her core clench longingly, making her feel lightheaded, and making it incredibly hard to concentrate.

"Care, are you sure you're okay?" Bonnie asked, jolting Caroline's gaze to her.

"I, uh, I think I'm going to step outside for a bit," The words were out of her mouth before she had even realised what she had said, or who might follow her. Caroline stood abruptly from the table and grabbed her purse, eyes flicking to Klaus' nervously.

"Are you alright?" Bonnie asked urgently, eyes alight with worry,

Caroline attempted to find the first excuse that came to mind, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I uh, I'm just - I'm a little hungry. Don't really wanna snack on any patrons if you catch my drift."

Bonnie's eyes widened in surprise, "Oh, right, yeah, go!" She said, surprised over Caroline's admission. She was the best out of everyone at keeping her bloodlust at bay, so her admission shocked Bonnie slightly.

Nodding, Caroline jerkily walked to the exit, throwing a look to Klaus over her shoulder. He stood slowly, digging his hand into his pocket he threw a tip down onto the table, grinning to himself as he followed her out of the Grill, and into the nearby alley way.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Caroline said turning to face him,

Klaus stood casually watching her, trying to control his smile, "I have no idea what you mean, love."

"Did you follow me here? Because that's a really dick move." She said almost angrily, trying to ignore her baser urges.

"I would never. I merely came to my local for a drink. Perfectly innocent, I assure you," He lied, trying to pacify her, when in fact he had seen her walking in and felt he had no choice in the matter.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Just like you so happened to be in the grocery store yesterday. And outside the café the day before that. It's considered stalking, you know." She told him with a huff, crossing her arms in an effort to control herself.

"I can't help myself if I'm drawn to you, sweetheart."

She felt her stomach flutter at that, "Well, maybe you should control yourself better." She said simply, avoiding his eyes, telling him something she had been telling herself for the past few weeks.

"Perhaps I don't want to. And I don't think you want me to either." He said lowly, almost eager to see her reaction, gleeful that she hadn't bolted yet.

Her arms dropped to her sides in rage, "You don't know anything about me," She spat, feeling angry over everything he was making her unwillingly feel and how he seemed able to read her so well.

"You look frustrated, Caroline," Klaus said almost jovially, ignoring her comment and taking in her tense posture; clenched fists and fiery glare, "I could help you with that you know," He said lewdly.

She turned her back to him, gritting her teeth and screwing her eyes shut momentarily, thinking how easy it would be to just break and give in. To give in and let him have her, to feel the fire and passion once more.

She could feel him walking up behind her, tensing further as she felt him move close to her, "Come on Caroline," He whispered in her ear, "Don't you remember how good it was? How good we are together? How we couldn't keep our hands off of each other?"

Having him so close to her Caroline felt her brain fog, eyes sliding shut, unsure of what exactly was going on in that moment, reminded of their last time together when he had caught her trying to sneak out.

Trying to sneak out.

At that thought Caroline's eyes snapped open, remembering all of a sudden that she was avoiding him and why. She leapt away from his body as if she had been burnt, whirling to face him, "No! Stop that! I- no!" She spluttered, turning on her heel she ran to her car, leaving a very amused Klaus behind her.

"You know it's going to happen again eventually, love! Why fight it?" He called after her, chuckling to himself and turning to go home, smiling all the way.

He was getting to her.

Caroline had stormed into her empty house, barricading herself in her room, as if it would protect her from her animalistic wants. Her mother was, luckily enough at work, meaning Caroline wouldn't have to put up with her mothers invasive questions inquiring into her strange behaviour lately. That was the trouble with having a cop for a Mom, she always knew when something was wrong, and her detective instinct meant she couldn't drop it.

Caroline paced the floor of her bedroom, running her hands through her hair, feeling as though she had a huge decision to make. The stark silence of the house set her nerves on edge, making the thoughts in her mind even more overpowering and jumbled.

Klaus is the enemy, she reminded herself, your friends hate him, he even tried to kill you a couple of times. You should in no way want him – for anything. He's a monster, complete evil, and amazing in bed, and out; but that's not the point! Caroline sighed, face resting in her hands, mind racing a mile a minute.

Continuing her pacing she continued weighing up the pros and cons of her… interactions with Klaus. On the one hand everybody hates him. On the other, I don't think I do, "Ah shit," She groaned, "I actually like him!" She cried out loud, stopping and sitting on her bed, feeling light headed at the revelation.

So, I may or may not like him. That doesn't mean I have to sleep with him. It might mean that I want to. But I don't have to. I can carry on ignoring him. Because that's going well, She thought sarcastically. She stood, once more wearing down her carpet with her pacing.

Her pacing continued for 20 minutes until she had weighed up so many pros and cons that they equally outweighed each other. That brought her decision to one thing: what do you want?

I want him, Caroline thought simply, no longer feeling distraught over the concept of actually wanting him. And what do you do when you want him? She asked herself, feeling incredibly anxious over having made a decision.

You go to him.

Klaus was reclined back in bed, reading a book before he had to go and find some 'dinner' when he heard someone slipping in through the front door. Klaus was immediately on high alert. He was not expecting any guests or any of his siblings, only leaving trouble, possibly in the form of the Salvatore brothers. He listened closely to the light, dainty, footsteps ascending the staircase, recognising the footing immediately, It can't be, he thought. Setting the book on the bedside table he moved to stand silently, hearing the dull thudding of a vampiric heartbeat as it came closer. Just as they began to walk down the hallway towards his room, he could smell her, Caroline.

His heart leapt into his throat, feeling excitement flood his veins like it hadn't in a thousand years. He could hear her; she was stood right outside of his door, hand most likely resting on the handle, Come on, love, he thought, just give it a push, I can do the rest, you have to take the step. With baited breath he waited impatiently for her to push the door open, hands clenched at his sides.

The door swung open.

There stood a breathless, nervous looking Caroline, looking to him anxiously, eyes trying to convey why she was there. Klaus understood immediately, striding over to her he took her into his arms and kissed her. The pressure of his lips against hers was gentle at first, coaxing her to him. It took almost no time at all before Caroline was responding passionately, tongue flicking over the seam of his lips and she was pushing him backwards into his room with one hand on his chest, another hand on his jaw, keeping his mouth to hers.

Caroline slipped her shoes off, sinking a few inches as the heels were removed, hands busying themselves with the hem of his shirt, fingers brushing taut, hard flesh. She pulled the shirt up, breaking the contact of their lips to pull the offending garment over his head. Eyes roving over his torso Caroline hungrily went to kiss him once more, whimpering when his hands on her arms were keeping her from doing so.

"Why are you here, Caroline?" He asked, eyes darkened in hunger for her,

She faltered, a frown marring her features, "Isn't that obvious?" She asked breathlessly,

"I know you're here to fuck," He muttered, releasing her hands and yanking her dress off, making her gasp, "But I want to have an idea of how long I have you before you run again," He said distractedly, running his thumbs along the underside of her bra, fanning the touch to her waist and down to her hips, before meeting her gaze once more.

"I'm not running," She murmured, eyes fluttering slightly as he ran a hand along her collarbone,

"Now, I don't believe that, love." He hummed, running one hand through her fine hair, the other spreading along the soft skin of her lower back, looking directly into her eyes noting her hitched breathing and the flush in her cheeks.

Caroline shook her head determinedly, "No, no more running, I'm serious." She told him, sadly noticing how shocked he looked. Caroline leant to kiss him once more, pressing her lips to his firmly, attempting to show her determination. Breaking the kiss she peppered kisses along his jaw, biting and sucking here and there, before moving down to his neck, biting him gently with her blunt teeth, smiling as she felt both of his arms come around her, squeezing her tightly, "I'm not running," She repeated, kissing below his jaw affectionately.

Suddenly Klaus was pulling them backwards, turning and depositing her on the bed. Caroline scooted up the bed a little, feeling completely confident in her underwear as she admired him in his jeans, awaiting his next move.

Soon enough he was pushing her down to the bed, lips fused to hers as he braced his weight on his elbows either side of her. It's when he settles between her spread thighs that Caroline has never hated clothes more, desperate to feel him. Their lips never leave each other's; the kiss only growing more heated by the second as her hands fumble with the button on his jeans, pulling it open impatiently pushing both jeans and boxers down partly with her hands, partly with her feet leaving him to kick them off.

When he settles back down against her Caroline groans into his mouth, revelling in the feeling of his hard arousal resting where she wants him most, hips bucking, seeking friction. He can feel her wetness soaking through her panties, making him growl and move to undo her bra, throwing it aside he broke the kiss to feast his eyes on her.

He brought a hand up to caress her breast, cupping gently, making her arch up into his hand as he ran a careful thumb across the peaked nipple, making her buck into him, "Klaus, I need you," She groaned clinging to him, bucking her hips to get him where she really needed him.

At her words he shuffled back, slipping his fingers into the waistband of her panties he tugged, flinging them aside. Keeping her legs spread, he ran his hands up her smooth thighs as he admired her. Caroline felt no shame as he did so, letting him devour her with his eyes momentarily before slipping her ankles around his hips and tugging him closer to her. The movement seemed to startle him somewhat, but he was on top of her within a second, seeking out her mouth with his own. He held no finesse at this point, their kiss was a mesh of tongue and teeth, sucking and biting, proving how much they wanted one another.

Hoping to accelerate things further Caroline continued to kiss him fiercely, keeping him distracted as her hands slipped between them to grasp him in her hand, stroking him firmly, blushing as she felt her own arousal on him. The stimulation made him groan and pull away from her mouth, hand going to still hers, making her pout, "I want you inside me," She whispered, nipping along his shoulder, moving up his neck, hearing the growl in his throat.

Klaus took a hold of both her hands, pushing her back down to the bed none too gently, attacking her mouth in an instant, dominating her tongue with his own. He broke away with a dark expression on his face, still holding her wrists tightly, "No running?" He asked sceptically, eyes boring into hers.

Surprised that Klaus still didn't believe her Caroline nodded, "I promise," She told him truthfully, rubbing her foot along his calf. These seemed to be the words he needed to hear, letting go of her wrist he leant back on his haunches, smoothing his hands from her hips up her thighs to push her legs further a part.

He began to run his fingers along her inner thighs, the digits retreating just as they reached the coating of wetness along her thighs before repeating the torturous movement. Caroline's hips jerked impatiently as she glared at him, wordlessly telling him what she wanted. This made him smile, finally moving to run his fingers up and down her slit, ever so lightly circling her clit making her moan, eyes slipping shut. He continued the soft caresses, pushing a single digit into her, making her moan once more, back bowing as she clenched around him, flooding with even more arousal.

But Klaus' finger didn't move, he merely continued the soft brushes along her lips and clit in barely there touches. His movements didn't increase in pace or force, making Caroline moan and push her hips impatiently into him, sliding his finger that little bit further. She knew he was doing it on purpose, that he loved to torture her. Apparently he was keeping her waiting for keeping him waiting for the past month, "Stop teasing me! I want you inside me!" Caroline cried out demandingly,

He smiled once more; stopping himself from telling her he was, technically, inside her. He flicked her clit before withdrawing his hand altogether. He took his cock in his hand as if he were about to enter her, but instead ran the head of him up and down her slit, gathering her wetness. Caroline groaned, hips wriggling into him. He pushed into her a little, her eyes sliding shut as she finally felt like things would get going, only to withdraw, running his length upwards to rub against her clit.

He was definitely punishing her.

Klaus continued his torment until Caroline was writhing under him, begging him to take her. When her begging didn't work she pulled his hips towards her to try and get him inside of her, whimpering, "Fuck me, please!" Seeing that she had perhaps suffered enough, he slid inside her, his fingers digging into her thighs, temporarily bruising her skin. Caroline cried out in relief at the feeling of him filling and stretching her as he pushed in to the hilt.

Her hands went to Klaus' shoulders, pulling him down on top of her, winding her legs around his waist, pulling him more deeply inside of her, making her moan. She could feel the white hot pleasure burning inside her, feel the release clawing at her, "Please," She whimpered, grinding her hips into his. He withdrew from her once, pushing back in forcibly, sending her eyes rolling back into her head as he slowly fucked her.

Caroline could already feel her orgasm approaching, tingling through her muscles with each grind of his hips, making her feel as though it were all too much. "Please, please, I'm close," She pleaded meeting his thrusts, nails digging into his shoulders. At her words Klaus shifted his hips slightly, moving at a different angle that had her screaming his name as she was hit by a toe-curling, back-bending orgasm, clenching around him like a vice.

Klaus slowed his thrusts lulling her through her orgasm before seeking her second as well as to attain his own by pounding into her. His change in pace had Caroline crying out on the tail of her orgasm, hands and legs still shaking she wrapped her legs more tightly around his hips, bucking into him as her hands clawed into his hair looking for purchase.

He slammed into her with such force and talent that Caroline could feel herself nearing the edge once more, the grinding of him against her clit and his delicious thrusts set her blood on fire, pounding between her thighs. "Bite me," She moaned, baring her neck to Klaus, knowing it would be his undoing as well as hers, "Please," She whispered hoarsely, feeling him run his nose along her neck in the delectable way that she loved.

Caroline clenched her fingers more tightly in his hair, tugging him to where she knew he liked to bite, "Please, I'm yours, take me," She whimpered, feeling the distinctive nick of his fangs against her at those particular words, tearing through the skin of her neck and drinking deeply. Caroline cried out as the searing pleasure burned through her, spiralling into her second release. She held onto Klaus tightly as her only support from the dizzying pleasure spreading through her body from where they were joined.

She distantly felt him groan into her neck, rhythm becoming irregular as he became lost in his own orgasm, holding her tightly and withdrawing his fangs so as not to hurt her further. Caroline came down from her orgasm slowly feeling him still on top of her, peppering kisses down her neck.

"You need to let me go, sweetheart," Klaus said teasingly, lapping at the small trails of blood around the fully healed wound he had made.

"Hmm?" She mumbled through the pleasure-induced haze, "Oh!" She said as she realised she had him clamped in her grip so tightly, that there was no way he was going anywhere without her. At this realisation Caroline forced her limbs to relax, releasing him of her hold. He placed a final kiss to her neck, sliding to lie down next to her, Caroline immediately snuggled into him, much to his surprise.

Still, he settled into the affection, moving an arm around her to stroke through her hair, "Still not running," She mumbled around a yawn and Klaus smiled almost hopefully as her hand traced patterns on his chest.

"We have at least six more rounds to go before that happens," Klaus said, not letting himself get his hopes up. No one ever stayed of course. Everyone left him at some point.

Caroline let out an indignant noise, "You'll see." She told him, fully intending to show him the extent of her stubbornness once she made a decision.

The next morning Klaus awoke blearily, sunlight streaming through his window. Must not have closed the curtains last night, he thought dismissively. Then he noticed the warm pressure at his side, and the softness resting below his chin. Klaus looked down immediately, finding a soundly sleeping Caroline curled into his side, her head resting just below his chin. She stayed, he thought disbelievingly.

"Stop staring, it's rude," Came a husky voice, Caroline stretching out before sinking back into him, letting out a contented sigh.

"It's not a sight I typically see everyday, love," He said with a smile,

"It is when you stalk it," Caroline said nonchalantly,

"I did not stalk you!" He said with a laugh, knowing in the back of his mind he just might have,

"Did," She said childishly,

"Didn't," He returned, digging his fingers into her side to tickle her, drawing out peals of delightful laughter from her. The elation he felt just by hearing her laughter and knowing he was the cause of it set joy alight in his heart, fizzing through his blood stream, setting him on a high.

"Stop!" She said breathlessly, squirming beneath his hands until he ceased his attack, warily going back to her previous position,

"Come away with me," Klaus blurted, stunned by his own words, seeming to come out of nowhere. Caroline stiffened against him, leaning up on an elbow to look at him quizzically,

"What?" She asked,

"Come away with me. You're free for the summer now that school and the latest Mystic Falls shit is over with. Let me show you the world, Caroline." He said, stroking along her back, the words tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them, the closest he had ever come to baring his heart to someone.

Caroline studied his face intently, surprisingly tempted by the offer. She had decided not to run any more. Worst comes to the worst she could always come home, "No catch?" She asked suspiciously,

"Only one; you have to put up with me the entire time we're away. You can leave whenever you want." He told her, appeasing her initial fears,

"That does sound like an arduous task," She sighed teasingly, thinking of nothing better that she would rather do,

Klaus laughed in response, "Been brushing up on your vocabulary there, love?"

Caroline nodded with a smile, "'Word of the day' calendar,"

"I'll give you something arduous," He told her, rolling to hover over her, making Caroline giggle, arms coming up to wrap loosely around his waist, "So you'll come?"

"Here's to hoping," She said cheekily, waggling her eyebrows suggestively,

Klaus rolled his eyes, chuckling, "Seriously, will you come away with me?" He asked, attempting to mask the hope in his voice.

She had no idea what this meant for them, but she knew it was right, "I can think of nothing I'd like to do more," She told him truthfully with a smile, leaning up to kiss him.

She stayed.


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