I went and finished the Halloween fic I never posted, mostly because I wasn't sure how it would be received. I posted it on tumblr and people seemed to like it, so I'm risking it here. This way, I will feel obligated to finish it. It's kind of a fucked a little orz. Just basically a PWP.

Double D is a vampire and Kevin is a werewolf. Their age is really your choice, but I hadn't given plot much thought, and in my mind they're teenagers or young adults.



Something was moving. A delicate sniff revealed the scent of something… sweet. Someone was in his territory.

Kevin's ears pricked, and a low growl erupted from deep within his chest. Heavy, furred paws scraped at the soft earth, sharp nails digging into the soil's earthen flesh. He lifted his snout and scented again. The cool night air brushed over his fur, bringing with him the smells of the earth, fresh and alive. He spotted movement out of the corner of his eye.


With a howl, the wolf launched into the brush to the left, connecting solidly with something cold and heavy. His nostrils flared, flooding with a particular soft, sweet scent again, and was almost distracted. Once he had taken a good look at the intruder, his throat rolled with thunder.

A vampire. On his territory.

He and the vampire tumbled into the clearing, grunting and snarling. Kevin raked his nails down his front, but didn't manage to break any skin. Piece of woolen fabric followed his paw. The intruder yelped as he was soon quickly overpowered and pinned to the ground with little fight, the werewolf breathing heavily above. He'd always thought vampires were strong, but this one had barely put up a fight.

Furry paws shifted into long, hairy-nailed appendages, and then hands. Kevin's body arched and de-furred, the transformation to his human self soon complete. He was fully nude, but didn't seem perturbed by this; the vampire, however, looked as if he may have a conniption.

Kevin gave him a second whiff, just to be sure this was what he thought.

He promptly snorted. "A vampire, on Halloween? Really, dude, how cliche can you get?" Kevin loomed as the vampire sputtered, golden eyes glowing in the night. The moon was high; Kevin's wolven heritage ache to howl into the starry darkness.

"What are you doing here? On my territory." he added. The urge to rip apart the intruder was one that was particularly strong, but he resisted. This vampire should be grateful.

Said vampire shifted easily under his hands, proving he had at least some strength if he could move under a werewolf's grip.

"Firstly, y-yes I am a vampire," he confirmed, sounding only slightly nervous. "A vampire on ol' Hallow's Eve isn't a far-reaching concept, is it? I was just making my way thro-ough" he squeaked, constricted suddenly by the werewolf's hands over his chest, pushing.

"You're crazy if you think it's okay to invade on a werewolf's territory on Halloween, idiot." Kevin snapped, baring his teeth, continuing to loom menacingly over the frightened vampire.

"P-please! Allow me to explain! Be sensible." The range in pitch the vampire possessed was admirable; Kevin winced, ears sensitive even in this weaker form.

"Fine, but you have five minutes before I beat your dorky little ass."

The vampire swallowed uneasily, one hand gripping his strange hat tightly. "I am—" he grunted under the weight of Kevin's hand "—unfamiliar with the concept of territories, or that this was yours." The vampire breathed then, no doubt scenting the air. The werewolf couldn't hear his heart, which meant he hadn't fed, or whatever the hell they did, in a while. Kevin carefully removed his hands, allowing him some room without getting up.

"Why are you here?" he repeated. The vampire's face flickered with indecision.

"My- my scent," he murmured eventually.

"What about it?" Kevin prompted, in the same way one would speak to a particularly slow child. He thought he saw that feral, hungry look that most vampires carried on night's such as these, filled with the scent of fresh blood, and then it was gone, replaced with nervous anticipation.

"I am able to hide my identity and live virtually scentless during any other time of the year. Today—or tonight—though, humans would flock to my person and although I have never been tempted, eventually one of them would notice. Halloween seems to have a strange affect on our kind." He paused. "Or on myself. It's stronger, so I escape for the night," he explained. "It's a curious development. Possibly a transformation of our gene structure to adapt." That same gap-toothed smile flashed.

Okay, this guy was weird. His hat was virtually an overgrown sock. What the hell.

"Why?" Kevin nearly snapped at him, frustrated. Why was he so weird? And his scent was strong; it made Kevin's body twitch. Irritation bubbled under his skin, making his words more harsh than he intended. "Worried someone might kick your vampire ass?" Kevin's grin was positively animal. The vampire frowned, only fazed in the way he leaned away from his grin with a wary look. He twitched when Kevin made a pseudo-snap for his neck, eliciting a bark of laughter.

"H-hardly," he squeaked. "I simply haven't had the proper sustenance and it makes me weak. I'd rather not have my existence made aware of by those living in our quaint and quiet small town." He crossed his arms defensively, trying to appear unaffected as the werewolf pressed his fingers to his teeth in a mock appropriation of the vampire's sharp fangs. He was such a jerk, despite his handsome and agile nature.

"Oka-aay. What's your name?" Kevin asked curiously, moving back to let the vampire sit up further without getting off of his legs. He was not escaping. Not yet, anyway. He was kind of fun, in a hopelessly useless way.

The vampire blinked in shock. "Eddward," he replied, revealing a coy, tooth-gapped smile. "With two D's."

Kevin gave him one good look and then burst into laughter. "You are such a dweeb."

Eddward looked like he wanted to flush, indignant. "It's only proper to give one's name when asked. What's yours, then, if you don't mind me asking?"

Kevin couldn't remember the last time he had met a human so amusing. In correlation with his canine nature, he gave the vampire a playful shove so that he fell onto his back again. "Name's Kevin. So, 'double d' dork, Eddward, why don't you want humans kind to know about you? It's more fun when they're afraid."

The vampire sighed, most likely an unconscious action from his human life—whenever he was turned. He certainly didn't seem like a born vampire. Could vampires be born? Kevin was curious about that as well.

"My life is made much easier when it is private; the more people who know what I am, the greater burden and responsibility. It's so simple being human. I tend to go unavoided this way, without humans fearing me, and besides; why would I want to be alone?" The werewolf supposed that made sense. Someone as weak as Edd here would get killed off pretty easily—and people weren't so bad.

Kevin turned his head and caught a whiff of his scent again; strong and sweet. Probably a vampire thing. He dipped his head and allowed some of his fur to rise from under his skin, halving the transformation to sharpen his senses, trying to locate if there was a particular source or if the vampire naturally smelled sweet.

"D'you wear perfume?" he asked, earning a terrified little gasp as he pressed his nose against the vampire's jaw.

"N..no," he heard him swallow, shaking slightly in his grasp. "It is my natural scent. Our kind are equipped with the tools to fool or enchant victims to fall into our grasp. I could explain the fascinating details if you would please remove yourself." He tried to pry Kevin off tentatively, pushing harder when it was obvious he wasn't going to move. Edd grunted and gave a mighty push, but only succeeded in causing the wolf to press closer, muscles bulging against the pressure Edd exerted.

"You are solidly built," Edd complained, lying back down. The werewolf pressed his nose into the the juncture of Edd's neck, breathing in the pleasant smell. It made his head spin, which was kind of nice. He didn't mind it, actually.

"Kevin, what are you doing?" In lieu an answer, he felt him breath deeply, his chest expanding against Edd's.

"Y'smell good," he slurred, nuzzling the freezing skin. Edd shivered, realizing what was happening only too late.

"Oh, dear. What have I gotten myself into? Kevin." He pushed, but Kevin was as solid as rock. "It would be a good idea to cease this behavior." He heard a growl and felt something wet. "D-don't lick me, it will only make it worse! Listen to me; your mind is reacting to the secretions of my body, made for the purpose of seducing an unknowing victim. I don't want to drink your blood."

That was a lie. He wanted to, very much so, but his conscious would never allow such an endeavor. He whimpered when he felt sharp nails rake across his shirt, ripping his favorite sweater into its final pieces. "Kevin!" he shrieked, horribly aware of the other's nudity.

"You know what?" Kevin finally raised his head, eyes clouded with apparent arousal. He ignored Edd's protests completely. "You were right before. It does get a little lonely around here sometimes." With a rather wolfish grin, he leaned in and sucked on the skin of Edd's neck, eliciting a ragged gasp. If the vampire could blush, his cheeks would have been inflamed.

Upon inspection, Kevin, as if in a trance, was unable to tear his eyes from the fangs that seemed to glitter in the moonlight. Something was urging him forward, urging him to claim the strange vampire as his own. As soon as he thought that, he quickly perished that train from his mind, but was unable to keep himself from considering the vampire's fangs.

"You're hungry, yeah?" his voice sounded odd to his own ears. Husky and low, it made Edd's eyes widen and he swallowed again. His own venom was slick going down his throat. He could feel the other's pulse beating.

Thumpthump. Thumpthump.

"No, please," he denied. Kevin leaned closer and the roaring static in his head grew louder, urging him to take the bite. It wasn't as if Kevin was completely averse, by the way he was looking at Edd. But still, he shook his head, trying to lean away as far as possible. Kevin traced his jaw with one finger, pausing at his lips.

Edd swallowed again. He weakened. "It's possible that it may hurt. My victims have never been human. A-and I wouldn't want to risk infection—how do I know where this body has been?" He tried to chuckle, but it was weak. The red-headed male grinned and bared his neck like a long-forgotten treat.

"No— I…I couldn't." The vampire licked his lips, eyes flitting left and right. "My scent may last longer if I f-feed." He definitely would have been flushing had he the ability. But Kevin leaned close enough to taste, humming like he wanted nothing more. And perhaps the possible hallucinogenic, mind-numbing quality of Edd's scent was making the prospect seem great fun.

Kevin captured Edd in a kiss, his unnatural warmth a sharp contrast to the vampire's icicle lips.

Edd reigned in a gasp, trying not to swallow any more of his tempting scent, even though by this point it was virtually impossible. He was so close. So very close. Edd should resist; he shouldn't take this. What if he couldn't control himself?

Kevin's tongue brushed his teeth.

With a soft sound of agony, like it hurt just to force his lips from Kevin's, Edd wrapped his arms around Kevin's shoulders, pulled away, and turned, raking his fangs against the soft skin. "I apologize," he breathed. Then he bit deeply into the warm skin of Kevin's neck.