I have prevailed. If you try to think about vampires and blood and whether or not they can have sex and all that, it will just make your brain hurt. So just take it.

Murrr I hope you like porn because this is just a giant PWP, like I said. I warned you, I warned you. I tried sayonara everyone au revoir later losers

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The slick substance stained his unusually pale lips a ruby red. Lungful after lungful of the werewolf's blood gushed down his throat, making Edd's head spin with new energy, the pink flush of life spreading throughout his body in waves of heat. He breathed through his nose in short bursts, the sharp scent that could tempt even the most resilient of creatures urging him to drink more.

Kevin was frozen above him, arms stiff and muscles bulging from holding his position; Edd could still feel Kevin's arousal against his hip. He had never tested the quality of his venom with a willing human subject before, but his few compelling conversations with fellow vampires had left no doubt in his mind that he must certainly be feeling pleasure.

He could hear him gasp; ragged, uneven sounds that followed the fluttering of his heart as blood was forcefully taken from his body. It only urged Edd to fully consume the human; an urge that was primal and instinctual. Although it would be deceptively easy to inhale virtually all of Kevin's lifeblood, Edd had some semblance of control and kept a careful ear open for a change in the werewolf's pulse.

"Fuck." Kevin's skin prickled with goosebumps and the cool air around them was a contrast to the heat of his own skin.

Pleasure so all-encompassing gripped him with a strength that made his arms quake with the effort to stay upright. It wasn't as if the vampire would be crushed, but the smaller body clinging to him felt fragile, as if he might break if Kevin so much as moved. His arms and legs shook; it felt like his seams were coming apart, like he was lit on fire. Pleasure Kevin didn't think was possible raced down his spine and he groaned, trembling into an orgasm, spent yet hardly sated. He panted against Edd's neck, trying to ignore loud swallows followed by a breathy groan.

Ignoring the jolt of the werewolf coming, Edd stopped when he felt Kevin's pulse was at a suitable level, his own springing to life with the fresh blood flow to his system. His pale flesh was flushed with life, his cheeks pinking sweetly.

Edd was rather embarrassed to find he had reacted to the process of feeding with equal vigor to the intimate and surreal process. Unfortunately (or fortunately, he had yet to decide), the hardness pressing into him had not subsided, even though Kevin had definitely ejaculated against him. Multiple orgasms had never been discussed, but the venom was particularly potent; a werewolf would hold no exception.

He licked Kevin's wound until it closed, ignoring the shiver that accompanied every swipe of his tongue until all was well. Licked his lips free of the lingering taste attracted Kevin's attention.

"You done?" he rumbled, eyes following the movement of his tongue.

"Finished, Kevin," he corrected. "The exact amount of escapes me, but you should relax yourself after losing any amount. Food and water wouldn't go amiss." Despite how hard he was and how Kevin didn't look like he was interested in food at all, Edd wasn't the type to offer a solution that they both would find satisfying, but ultimately embarrassing.

Luckily, Kevin was quick to act. He kissed Edd again, licking his way into the cool mouth, ignoring the metallic taste on his tongue.

Edd was jolted by the feeling of sharp teeth against his lips, scraping against his skin. It was only after running a hand wildly down the werewolf's chest that he realized he was half-changed, eyed glittering with pieces of gold. Kevin growled, a low sound that made Edd's now-beating heart fling itself against his ribcage like a wild thing. He was aching with the need to come, and a part of him thrilled to find a being with equal strength to himself.

Edd was divested of his pants by the wolf's sharp nails, tatters thrown to the side carelessly, and then he felt Kevin nuzzle the skin under his jaw, working his way down Edd's chest. He kissed and nipping at the skin, pleased to hear Edd's breath stuttered as he ghosted over a nipple, careful only to use his tongue.

Hands buried in Kevin's hair and Edd took deep breathes, willing himself to hang on when he felt that tongue slide across his cock. It elicited a sharp gasp, Edd flushed all down his face and throat, legs jerking forward helplessly as Kevin continued to lick at his cock; soft, wet laps that only served to undo him. Not wishing to hurt Kevin, Edd pressed his hands to the ground, his fingers digging harshly into the soft earth below him as Kevin engulfed the head, his toes curling into the grass. "Oh- please-" But Kevin was pulling back now and lining their cocks together, Lord.

He tried to twist his head to bury his mouth somewhere, maybe in soft grass, but Kevin used his free hand to pull him close and into a messy, glorious kiss. It might have been a bit sharp and one of them was quite possibly bleeding, but then Edd was wrapping his legs around Kevin, stuttering wordless encouragement.

Kevin didn't need to be told twice. He increased his efforts until they were nearly sliding on the grass, covered in sweat (most of it Kevin's). Edd scraped his nails along Kevin's shifting back and buried his face in his throat, trying desperately not to sink his teeth into Kevin's skin as a last ditch effort to quiet himself.

"You're so fucking cute, God." Kevin had no such qualms, and between grunts he bit into the vampire's shoulder, burying sharp teeth into the skin.

"Oh, Kevin, I'm-" Edd mirrored the bite on his own lip, pain and pleasure blurring together as he came between them with a bitten-off shout. Almost immediately after, he grew limp, and Kevin let Edd fall as he thrust into the space between his thighs.

"Fuck. Yes, yeah, like- just like that." The hand that wrapped around him was kind of cold, but it felt good. Heedless mutterings mashed together until he was gasping and rocking the sensations as he came hard, nearly covered with fur and nails buried in the dirt to keep himself under control. He loomed over Edd, racked with contortions until his spine settled and he relaxed, breathing against his partner's chest.

"Is.." Edd swallowed, pausing before he continued. "Is everything well? It appears you are more likely to transform when your emotions are at a high; how fascinating." When he received a bemused look, Edd blushed. "You will have to show me your transformation process at some point," he ventured, smiling coyly.

Kevin leaned back, a little more relaxed, and brushed his foot along Edd's wet thigh. Lying naked together in the grass. Awesome.

"Guess you'll have to come back then and see." He didn't mind the company, not at all. He was probably going to regret having the nerd around, but it was better than half of the losers he knew already. Nazz couldn't leave the water, and he had to leave his territory and travel to the ocean if he wanted to see her. "What kinda vampire are you, anyway? I thought you were s'posed to sparkle and seduce people."

Edd sat up awkwardly, rubbing his hand along his bottom, wondering if it would come off green. "It goes to show you, Kevin, that you can't base these things on assumption. Every vampire has his or her own personality traits, just like humans and other creatures. In the end, we're all alike."

Kevin laughed. "Yeah?" he scooted forward and stole a kiss, nuzzling Edd's warm cheek. "You should come back tomorrow and tell me a little more about your 'personality'."

Edd grinned, baring his fangs.