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*Ritsu POV

It was the end of the cycle for the Emerald Team. We had yet again to get everything in at the last minute. We all got into an elevator on their way home. "Good work" Takano said, his voice cracking. We all mutter thank yous and good works back. We are all exhausted and leaning on the sides of the elevator. God I hate mangaka! Why can't they get their work in on time! "See you guys" says Kisa weakly. As they all walk out the elevator, Kisa staggers out first but when he reaches the door he falls. But some dude who looks so shiny it hurts my tired eyes came in and got him from the front of the door and said good night. Hatori said good night and left also, and Mino left even dead tired with this creepy ass smile. It so fucking creepy it gives me chills!

Takano and I trudge towards the subway. Takano and I fall asleep on the subway and almost miss our stop. It takes twice as long as usually to get to the apartment building because were so tired. As we rode in the elevator I almost feel asleep but somehow I managed to stay awake. I dropped my keys and wobbled to pick them up and almost fell but I got in though. I turn to see Takano's door closing. Well thanks about being worried about me bastard. Wait, what?! I feel my cheeks getting heated. Why do I want him to worry?! Wait?! I don't! He's just a baka bastard! Haha! Baka Bastard! Laughing toke the last of my energy as I fall on the floor, I can hear the soothing sound of my heartbeat and my breathing. Badump, huff huff, Badump, huff huff, Badump. I can feel myself drifting off, but No! I must get to my bed! I be damned I don't sleep in my bad after such a hard week! I take my shoes off, throw my jacket somewhere, and start to strip and throw my clothes on the side of my room somewhere. Ahhh, my bed. It's so great to be in my bed after hell week. I go back to listening to my heartbeat and breathing. Badump, huff huff, Badump, huff huff, Badump, huff huff. I slowly slip in into a dreamless unconscious.

I open my eyes to see the sun shining I wake up and look at my clock, its 12:00pm. Good thing it's the weekend or I'd be late. I stretch and look around and see my room is a mess; I really need to clean up. I look at the other side of the room. Just not today. I walk in to the bathroom to go take a shower and brush my teeth. I come in and turn the water on warm and left it to heat up. I go into the sink area where I brush my teeth and wait for the shower to warm up. When I'm done I touch the water to feel it's warm enough and toss my boxers in the dirty clothes basket and get in. I stand right under the spray. I love the way the water makes rivers down my body, it feels like little caresses on my skin. I turn around to let the spray massage my neck and back muscles. Ahh, it feels so good! I take a whiff of my hair to see if I should wash it or not, and it smells like a coffee shop. Washing it. I start to lather it with my favorite cherry blossom shampoo and conditioner. I love how my head feels when I massage the shampoo and conditioner through my hair; and let the spray fall onto my head and massage it and wash it clean. I soap up with my cherry blossom soap. What? I was born when the cherry blossoms bloom and I love their smell. I turn off the water, clean, soap free, and relaxed. I dry off and put on a light blue t-shirt and black shorts coming right above the knees.

I go into the kitchen and make some coffee and an egg sandwich; I put them both on the living room table and survey the room. It needs to be tided a bit. I take all the trash and throw it into the trash bin and put all my dirty clothes in there and put it in a chair on the side. I fix my shoes and hang my bag and coat up. That's as tidy as it gets on relaxation day. I sit down and eat my breakfast and drink my coffee while watching TV. When I'm done I wash the dishes and go back into the living room. I try and think of what to do. Ah ha! I didn't start reading Usami sensei's new book. I go grab it and sit down and read it on the couch. After about being half way done I go to the kitchen to get dinner, just a simple chicken and rice with egg. I come back with my food and some juice and watch TV, after I eat I feel sleepy. I take my clothes off and put them on the edge of the bed. I crawl in and fall asleep. Nothing can beat relaxation day.

I wake up and put back on my clothes from yesterday, after all I didn't get anything on them. I make breakfast and coffee again except today I made a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. I eat and watch TV. Then I go back to finish the novel. After I finished I realized it was dark and it was dinner time. I went to make some stew and ate it while watching a movie. After it ended I was a little tired and went to lie in bed but couldn't sleep, I looked at the time 11:00pm, I just should do some stuff until I fall asleep. I go and straighten up the living room. I wash the dishes and take my dirty clothes from the living room to the dirty clothes hamper. Wow I must really be trying. I go back to lay down but I am still not tired. I am so pissed! Why can't I sleep?! I punch the wall, scream, run into the living room and pound on the couch.

"Onodera!" Takano yells from the other side of the door. I keep quiet; maybe if I keep quiet he will think it was another neighbor and leave. "Onodera! I know it was you making the noise so open up!" Takano yells while pounding the door. "Alright! I'm coming!" I race so he won't bang the door down. I crack the door open "Yes?" I ask. Why were you making so much goddamn noise?" Takano says. "I wasn't!" I say. "Onodera. I could hear you scream from my bedroom and I was in the living room". I feel my face heating up, was I that loud? "Well everything is okay, so goodbye!" I rushed to close the door but he jams his foot in and barges in. "Takano it's rude to barge into someone's house!" I scream after I close the door and run after him. He walks through the whole house and then looks at me.

"Okay there is nothing wrong with your house except it's a mess and your fine so what's up?" "Nothing, just go" I point to the door. "I won't leave until you tell me" He says. "What?!" "Then spill it" he says. "I couldn't sleep I tried everything and it didn't work." Takano takes a long look at me while holding his chin in his hands, trying to think of a way to solve the problem with me. He gets to my body he takes a long look at my clothes and lifts his eyebrows for a second and goes back to thinking. I look down and remember what I'm wearing as I start to blush. Then Takano ask all of a sudden "When was the last time you jerked off?" "What?!" I scream blushing as red as a tomato. "It's an easy question. When?" "Maybe easy for you to answer but not for me! That's not something you just go and ask!" "It's to help you go to sleep" says Takano. "HOW WOULD THAT HELP ME SLEEP?!" I scream. Takano gives me a long stare then walks over and kisses me.

What?! I try to push him away but I can't, he pins my arms down to the wall. My knees start to get weak and shake. Why can't I fight him?! Eventually I get to weak and start to kiss him back. He licks my lips asking for entrance and I gladly let him in, our tongue's fighting for dominance which he always wins. I moan into the kiss. I start to grab his hair to pull us closer .I know I should fight him but I can't and get lost in the pleasure of kissing Takano. I can feel my shorts getting a little tighter but…When we kiss it's like sparks of magic. Like laying in a meadow or walking through a cherry blossom field or eating your favorite food when you haven't in a long time. He lifts me up and carries me into my room and throws me down and starts to kiss me again. He moves lower and sucks on my neck, leaving a trail of hickeys there. I moan again as he makes the marks and his hands travel down my body.

He sits up to unbutton his shirt and throws it on the floor as he lifts mine up my arms and throws it on the floor too. He moves down to lick and suck my left nipple and uses his hands to play with the other one, I moan in pleasure. He pulls my nipple with his teeth and I feel my member jerk. He switches to lick and suck the right nipple and uses his hand for the already wet nipple. As he pulls the right nipple with his teeth; and moves his hand faster on the other one. I moan even louder, I try to bite my lower lip to keep from moaning but I can't. Takano kisses me again "Don't keep in the voice, let me hear your sweet voice. Ritsu." I shiver at his intense stare and voice as he calls my name. I nod and start to let my moans go as he kissed down my stomach. He starts massaging my member through my shorts as I writhed under him and moaned loudly. As he starts to rock our hips together I can barely stop myself from bucking my hips. He pulls my boxers and short off and starts to pump my hard member. I gasped and moan and writhed under him as he drowned me in blissful kisses. I could feel it building up. "Tak…..Takano…..I'm gon…. gonna" I tried to croak out. "Then come" he whispered in my ear, it was enough to push me over the edge. "Aaahhhh!" I cried out as I hit my orgasm.

I was panting hard with my eyes closed feeling good when Takano said "Turn around, on your hands and knees". In my blissed out state I did as he said. I felt him grab my butt and pull my cheeks apart "Takano what are you, aaahhhhh!" I let out an ear piercing scream as he liked my hole. I writhed and panted as he did it; I screamed louder and moaned more as he stuck his tongue in the hole. I could feel myself quickly coming back to completion again. "Aaahhhhhh!" I screamed as I reached orgasm again. I look back at Takano and saw so much love and lust in his eyes it could kill me. I saw he was rock hard in his jeans and I felt guilty realizing he had made me come two times and him none. I turned around and kissed him, he looked at me surprised but kissed me back. I pushed him down and climbed on top of him and kissed him and licked and kissed along his neck. I heard him pant and moan a little as I kissed his chest and licked his nipples. I kissed down at his stomach and started to unbutton his belt. He looked at me shocked, "You don't have to….." "It's okay I want to do this" I say with a smile.

He looks at me surprised again but lies back down. I pull his boxers and pants off and hold his member and start to pump him. He eyes open wide and wider as I lean down and start to kiss him. I just don't fell like myself right now. I feel completely focused on Takano; and let myself and desire run rampant. I pump him faster and fell him moaning into the kiss as he puts his hand on top of mine and makes it move faster. So I feel his member jerk and hear him groan into the kiss as he orgasmed. I then kissed down his stomach again and went in between his legs. I rubbed some of his come around the tip as he moaned. Then I licked the tip and finally took the whole head into my mouth now. I sucked the top and sometimes pressed my tongue on the slit depending on his face and reactions. Then I pulled some skin and licked a vein as I heard his deep groan. I felt him get harder as he thrusted his hips into my mouth and then orgasmed. I swallowed it all down and then smiled at him "Now were even". I saw his eyes widen and fill with more lust as he lifted me and put me back on the bed "Not for long" he said. He thrusted a finger into me and I moaned as he did, when he added the second and third finger it was uncomfortable at first but then got pleasurable. "Aahhh!" I moaned. "I hit your prostate" he said.

He then took lube out of his jean pocket and put it around and in my hole and on his member. Did he know this was gonna….? Forget it. He pushed in slowly and then all the way as we both gasped. He looks at me for a sign to continue and I nodded my head. He thrusted slowly first and then faster. "Harder! Faster!" I said. He thrusted wildly harder and faster until he hit my prostate. We both moaned and panted. "Can you come again?" he asked in between pants, I nodded. He soon started stroking my member in time with his thrust. I felt it, I was almost there. "Ritsu, together now" He said. "Takano! Ritsu! Aaahhhhh!" we both climaxed hard together as we feel onto the bed exhausted, riding out our orgasms. Takano got a rag from the bathroom and wiped us up before putting us under the covers. I yawned "You sleepy now, huh?" Takano asked. "Yup" I said. He smirked and then laughed and said "I love you Ritsu". I pretended to be asleep but I whispered "Baka" as I felt myself blush.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm which I don't remember setting; with a note by my side saying: "Went back to my apartment to get dressed. I set your alarm to wake you up. Will be back soon so we can leave together. Love, Takano." I blushed recalling last night, I'm so ashamed! I fell into temptation! Curse him! I got up and immediately fell back down on the floor from back pain "Oowww!" I limped to the bathroom and put on the shower to warm while I brushed my teeth. After I was done brushing my teeth I went into the shower, bending down so the water could massage my sore hips and legs. Damn that man! I washed my hair and my body with my cherry blossom kit and got out and dried off. I put on black jeans with a light blue, short sleeve button up shirt; and a dark blue, and elbow length cardigan with grey converse. I fried some egg and drunk some coffee before I had to leave. No protein jelly for a while sounds nice. I got my bag and coat and walked out the door. The same time he came out (sigh).

I walk away and he follows "Are you gonna ignore me?" Takano asked. "Yes" I respond. "But last night…." "Look it had been a long time and I was pent up! Let's leave it at that and never speak about again!" I say. "Okay" he said, I was surprised he said okay so quickly. "But I will think about it all the time. And mention it when where alone." "That's not part of the deal!" I yell. "You made a deal about people, not us" he looks back and smirks. I stand seething. "If you don't hurry will miss the train!" He yells. I stop seething and start running. 'Why didn't you say anything sooner?!" "Because you were seething" he says. I start to seethe again. "And now you're seething again." We catch the train before it leaves and hop in.

When we get to work everyone is there, "Good morning" we both say. "Good morning" everyone says cheerfully back. It's cherry blossom season so the windows are open for the breeze, sight of the trees, and lighting. We are all working good when a Sapphire girl walked into the department. "Ritsu" she asks. "Yeah?" I say. "There is someone looking for you. A girl named An Kohinata." I freeze. "What?" I say. "Girlfriend?" Kisa teases "No. Friend" I say. I feel a dark aura, I turn to see Takano starring daggers at the girl and me "She was coming in and secretary-chan was on the when she came in asking where you were I told her the floor and that you were in the Emerald department and she took off. When secretary-chan was done with her call and came back out I ran here." "Where is she then?" I said "She took off a few minutes ago and should be here about now" she said.

"Ricchan!" An suddenly slides in front of the department door. "An! What are you doing here?" "She's back!" Time fells like it stopped. "She came back from England and she's here" she says. I knew it, time stopped. This is a dream right? She can't possibly be back! But An-chan said she came back. SHE. CAME. BACK. "And she's right outside the building. We came here together." A strong breeze comes in blowing in cherry blossoms around be and lifting my clothes and hair lightly. All I can do is stand in shock "Hah."

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