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Alternative Epilogue

'I swear you always have the rose flavoured ones, Ib,' Garry teased as Ib selected the pink macaroon with the fluffy white stuffing yet again.

'Well they're my favourite,' Ib replied swiftly, cherishing her macaroon.

'I had gathered that,' Garry said with a laugh and Ib smiled back, 'One cappuccino and one white mocha, please,' he ordered at the till. Ib started to open her mouth to say something but suddenly he added, 'With added caramel for the mocha, please.'

'You remembered this time,' Ib pointed out, smiling widely at him.

'Well it's been two months; I would be rather surprised if I didn't remember!'

'Could be your memory going haywire. They say that happens with age...' Ib suggested with a shrug and a hidden smile.

'My memory is perfectly fine thank you! I'm not that old—' Garry paused for a moment, then exclaimed, 'You know my age is my weakness, Ib!' Problem was, he couldn't say anything negative; not when she was laughing like she was now.

'If I was anybody else you'd still be ranting,' Ib pointed out, raising her eyebrows.

'Ah, but you're not anybody else, Ib,' Garry responded with a sweet smile. The girl blushed slightly, then suddenly became serious, 'How much is the mocha again?' She asked, rummaging in her school bag for her purse.

'No, no, no, no, no, don't you dare, Ib! I'm paying!' He intervened, placing an arm on her hand to stop her and handing the cash before she could do anything. Ib sighed, slightly exasperated.

'You pay every time!' She protested weakly as they walked away to a table with their drinks.

'Well I can't possibly let you pay; I have a salary, you only have your pocket money to rely on,' Garry said calmly.

'But Garry, you work for that! I don't!' Ib countered, a frown on her face, 'You can't pay for me every time, I'll make you broke!'

'Ib, two drinks and macaroons a day will hardly render me broke,' He reminded with a smile, 'And besides you do work for your pocket money; you said you did chores.' It was Ib's turn to laugh.

'Garry,' She started with a smile on her face, 'You have to deal with a jabbering lot of teenagers. I empty the dishwasher; the levels of tolerance required for both have quite a contrast.'

'Just eat your macaroon, Ib,' Garry scowled slightly; why was she so damn intelligent?

'Look Garry, what I'm saying is... you don't have to be such a gentleman! I'm not nine anymore.' She said with complete sincerity, and then added with a smile, 'I'm all grown up.'

'All grown up at thirteen? Hardly,' Garry teased, his scowl dropping.

'Thirteen and eleven months!' Ib reminded, with a playful glare.

'That's still thirteen; you don't get to be all grown up yet,' Garry pointed out, munching on his coconut-flavoured macaroon.

'Fine, you win,' Ib sighed, 'But I'm still paying next time, Garry. Mark my words.'

'Ib,' Garry sighed. 'Just... think of it as my... my job to pay for you,' He shook his head with a light smile, 'I can't believe you're complaining about receiving free food,' He muttered.

'Your job? I thought your job was being an art teacher,' Ib challenged, eyes sparkling. Then, her smile dropped, and she whispered, 'Or at least, for the time being.' The last part reminded them both that Garry's post was only temporary.

'Yes, about that,' Garry stopped slightly. How would she react? Would she be okay with it? Only time would tell, right? He sighed, conflicted as he pushed his chair closer to Ib's. 'Well... the head teacher asked me to go to his office after lunch...' Ib looked at him, slightly puzzled and wondering where this was going. 'He... he told me that Mrs. Clef had finished her maternity leave,' Ib's eyes widened in understanding, 'And wanted her job back.'

'NO!' Ib yelled, making the whole café turn to stare. 'They can't do this to you! They can't, they just can't!'

'No, Ib, you don't—'

'Everybody hates Mrs. Clef!'

'I'm sure not everybody—'

'And everybody loves you!' Ib finished, tears threatening to spill over her ruby eyes. Garry paused.

'They... they really do?' He asked, his voice full of hope. Ib nodded. If they didn't hate him as a teacher maybe that meant...

'W-when do you,' Ib's voice broke slightly, 'Have t-to go?' Garry laughed softly, 'Garry! How can you be laughing?! I don't believe it! We're about to be separated and—'

'IB!' Garry stopped her by putting his hand over her mouth. He heard her protesting, but didn't take his hand off. 'I'm sorry, but this is the only way to do this if you won't let me speak!' Ib nodded slightly, eyes still wide like an owl. 'You really don't understand, Ib! I've got the job! I've got the permanent job, Ib!'

'You what?!' Ib screamed, ripping his hand away.

'I-I-I got a-a p-post, p-p-permanent post,' Garry stuttered at the fierceness in her eyes.

'And you dared to hide this fact away from me?!' Ib's eyes narrowed as she stood up.

'I'm sorry, Ib! I wanted to tell you, I just didn't know how you would react! I thought that maybe you thought I was a bad teacher,' Garry poured his heart out to the girl and the effect was immediate.

'Oh,' She paused, looking down at the floor, 'But what am I waiting for?' She muttered, then yelled as she jumped on Garry with glee, 'It's brilliant news! I'm so happy!' She squealed, hugging Garry with all her heart. 'Don't you ever scare me like that again, Garry!' She scolded, nuzzling into his neck. He sighed with relief and circled his arms around her, holding her.

'Hey, Ib, that was an awful lot of mood swings; it isn't that time of the month, now is it?' Garry teased Ib with a smirk.

'Shut up, Garry,' Ib replied with as wide a grin, wrapping her arms tighter around her beloved surrogate brother.

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