Okay, so someone asked me to write this. She told me not to worry naming her, so I'm not sure if she would have a problem if I did, so I'm just going to say that someone gave me the topic. It's a little unconventional in He-Man fanfiction, so I agreed. I figured it had potential and she let me go anywhere I wanted to take it. So…you know who you are, thanks for giving me the topic. I hope you enjoy this story and where I took it. I tried my best.

Warning: If you have a problem reading about women's health issues, then you might want to skip this first chapter, but it's not too bad, I promise! Also, even though this is rated T, any kiddies under 16 probably shouldn't read. This is a romance and it gets slightly graphic despite the topic. You've been warned!

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Teela's Visitor

He-Man stood on the drawbridge of Castle Grayskull and smiled at his companions. Once again, his friends and he had prevented Skeletor from obtaining access to the castle and its secrets. Currently, Man-at-Arms was using a port-a-prison to make sure Clawful and Mer-Man weren't going anywhere. Orko was flying up to the Sorceress who was standing at the castle window. Battlecat was running back from the forest after having chased Beastman away. Only one of his usual companions was missing and he knew Man-at-Arms had probably told her of the attack so he wondered why she wasn't there.

"Duncan, where's Teela?" he asked, as he walked up to the arms specialist, who was currently loading their prisoners into the AttakTrak.

Duncan looked back at him after he had shut the back door and answered, "Teela said she was feeling a little under the weather today, so she stayed behind."

He-Man nodded and didn't say anything. Duncan didn't seem to be nervous, so he didn't want to show any anxiety either, but on the inside, his concern was running rampant. "Teela's never sick," he thought to himself. Since it was the morning hours, he hoped he would see her later in the day and feeling much better.


Prince Adam stood in the courtyard and surveyed the area. It was time for his combat lesson and just like at the battle, Teela was nowhere in sight. He sat down on one of the benches and decided to wait for a little while. He glanced down at his pet and said, "I'm worried, Cringer—it's not like Teela to miss a combat lesson. I wonder…"

Suddenly, he paused. He thought about what day it was and closed his eyes as he berated himself. Of course. It almost had to be that.

Quickly, he stood and said, "I'm going to go see Teela. Cover for me if anyone asks."

When the tiger agreed, he ran inside and headed towards the Royal Wing. Man-at-Arms and Teela had rooms in their section of the palace, because it was good to have additional guards close in case something happened during the night hours.

As he walked through the halls, he cautiously approached Teela's door and looked around slowly to make sure no one was watching. After assuring himself that he was alone, he lifted a hand and knocked on the door softly. He was greeted by silence. At that point, he almost walked away. He figured if she wanted visitors, she would have responded to his knocking, but then pictures of Teela being sick or hurt inside the room bombarded his mind. So many things could prevent her from answering the door, especially if he was wrong about the cause and she really was sick.

Having made his decision, he tried the knob and found the door unlocked. He opened it partially and then looked around again to make sure no one was watching. He knew how this would look if someone saw him enter Teela's room and for that reason, it was forbidden regardless of how innocent his actions might be…but at that particular moment, he didn't care.

Quietly, he slipped into the room. The first place he looked was at her bed, and he almost panicked when he didn't see her, but a moment later he spotted her lying down on the couch. "Teela?" he whispered as he walked across the room towards her. Still, she didn't respond—she was asleep.

Dropping to his knees, Adam sat down and watched the sleeping beauty before him. A smile immediately came to his lips. Teela was beautiful in repose. Well, truthfully, she was beautiful at any time, but he especially liked the moments when he could just stare at her without her knowing. He loved the way her red hair stood out against her creamy skin. He even loved the slope of her neck as much as the length and smoothness of her shapely legs…

Like he always did for the past several years, he sighed as he thought about why he now had to steal glances of her when she wasn't paying attention: their relationship had changed. When they were very young, Teela and he had been playmates. They used to do everything together, and throughout those childhood years, they had built a friendship of mutual trust and respect. When she had caught him staring at her back then, he had easily brushed it off by pretending that he had been teasing her. It was accepted and expected since they were so close at that time, but he couldn't do that anymore. Everything changed once he got the Sword of Power.

Adam wasn't sure what initially started the withering of their friendship, but he knew a large reason was He-Man on so many different levels. The first time the hero had shown up, he knew Teela had been in awe of him, and he couldn't blame her. He really did seem to be larger than life to others, and he had wanted it that way. At the time, though, he had hoped the hero worship would fade in a few weeks but it hadn't. For months, Teela talked about He-Man nonstop to him and her father. He supposed it was a little silly considering he was He-Man, but he had been jealous. Why hadn't she ever talked about his true self that way?

Regardless, eventually Teela had calmed down and "He-Man" stopped being a part of her vocabulary every second of the day, but by that time, he had established his characters: He-Man was the ideal hero who could do no wrong and Adam was the sometimes foolish and carefree prince. And, unfortunately for him, the person Adam had become seemed to disgust her. She constantly berated him for being late or sleeping in. Sometimes when she hadn't known he was nearby, he had heard her complaining about him to her father, and sometimes she had even complained to his.

The person that Adam was now didn't stand a chance to be with the Captain of the Guard—he was an embarrassment after all, so all he could do was look at her from afar and daydream…which was really easy to do at this particular moment.

Adam raked his appreciative eyes over Teela's body and noticed that the captain wasn't in her standard guard outfit. Instead, she was in a pink nightgown that went all the way to her feet. Despite it covering her so modestly, he found the garment to be extremely sexy. He wanted to reach out and touch it, especially since it looked like it was made of silk. He lifted his hand to do exactly that when he heard Teela groan and her eyes opened suddenly.

Green eyes met blue, and immediately Teela let out a horrifying scream that rung throughout the room and his ears! Instantly, Adam fell back on his butt and let out a little holler of his own in response. "Teela, it's me!" he then said quickly to calm her.

"Adam!" exclaimed Teela as she sat up, but she couldn't get any farther because she quickly groaned again and hunched over, grabbing her midsection.

"Teela, are you all right?" he asked as he got back on his knees and moved towards her.

Teela merely shook her head—right now she was in too much pain to respond. Adam saw this and decided to take a chance. He immediately got to his feet, bent over, slipped one arm around her back, the other under her knees, and picked her up.

"ADAM!" she screamed again.

The prince widened his eyes at her. "If you keep screaming, Teela, everyone is going to know I'm in here and we'll both be in hot water."

She immediately quieted down and asked more calmly, "What are you doing?"

Adam carried her to the bed and laid her down. "I'm helping you." He crawled into the bed behind her, pulled her back against his chest, and wrapped his right arm around her waist. "It's that time, isn't it?" he asked as he slipped his hand to her lower abdomen right above her nether region and began to massage.

Almost instantly, Teela gasped and closed her eyes. After several minutes of Adam kneading that portion of her body thoroughly, Teela relaxed enough to ask, "How did you know?"

Adam lifted his head from her pillow, placed his head beside hers, and cradled it against her shoulder and neck. "I knew how it used to bother you when we were younger. That's the only time I ever saw you miss any appointments. When it happened today, and I knew it was around this time, I figured it must be particularly painful this month."

Teela glanced at him as best as she could since he was so close and had basically immobilized her with his position. "You know when it's…my time?" she squeaked. She sounded genuinely surprised and a little embarrassed.

"Of course, I do," he whispered. He turned his head slightly and kissed her on the cheek. "You're particularly brutal on those days, so I keep track so I can avoid our combat lessons." He laughed playfully and Teela joined him.

"Oh, Adam, I don't know whether to be furious or relieved right now," she replied, "but I must admit you do have magic fingers, so I'm grateful that you're here."

Adam smiled and kissed her cheek again. "Anytime, Teela," he whispered. Then, after several more minutes of massaging, he asked, "Better?"

"Much," she answered. "Thank you."

At that moment, Adam relaxed his body against hers. Eventually, though, he expanded his touch to her belly, but this time, he didn't massage. Instead, he simply rubbed her in gentle circles absentmindedly.

Teela gasped in pleasure and subconsciously pressed her back tightly against his chest. "Adam," she whispered, "what are you doing?"

The prince jumped a little, but then smiled when he realized what he was doing and that she hadn't pushed him away. He replied, "I'm giving you a rub now." Slowly, Adam made his circles bigger and bigger until finally his thumb and index finger brushed the underside of her breasts every time he traveled up her body. He loved the way the silk brushed against her skin and smoothed under his fingers. It was almost mesmerizing.

After several times of this happening, Teela let out a soft moan which he could tell was different from the painful groans he had heard from her earlier. He immediately closed his eyes and mumbled, "Ancients, Teela, I want to touch you so badly."

The captain quickly stiffened in his arms, and Adam realized he had spoken aloud. He pulled away, feeling like a complete fool. "I'm sorry, Teela," he spoke hurriedly; "I didn't mean to say that." He couldn't believe he had said that out loud. "Stupid, stupid," he told himself fiercely.

As he slid across Teela's bed on the other side, prepared to leave, Teela lay on her back and whispered, "I wanted you to touch me, too."

He barely heard the whisper but he did. "You do?" he gasped as he widened his eyes.

Teela bit her bottom lip slightly, nodded, and lowered her eyes from his as her pale skin turned a rosy red.

Adam knew he was at a crossroad—he knew he could play it safe and leave the room, or he could take the opportunity it sounded like she was giving him. Slowly, Adam sat back down on the bed and slid next to her again.

Hesitantly, he reached out a hand and placed it on her belly again. This time instead of circling his hand, he raked it straight up her body until his hand settled between her breasts. Both started breathing heavily at this moment, but neither budged. Then, Adam shot his hand up to her face and pushed lightly on her chin to get her to look at him.

When their eyes met, Adam asked, "Are you sure? I mean, obviously, we can't…do anything, anyway." At Teela's widened eyes, he hurriedly added, "Not that I would try anything else! I just mean…I don't want things to get awkward between us if you really don't want me to…"

Teela immediately brought her hand over his and pushed it down to where she wanted it. After holding him there for several seconds and staring into Adam's eyes lovingly, she dropped her hand from his. "You're just helping me feel better. This area swells, too, when it's…that time," she whispered.

Adam laughed and smiled before he explored her chest thoroughly. Eventually, Adam felt emboldened by her willingness to do this with him and the soft gasps he heard every so often, so he bent his body over hers and kissed her neck tenderly. When he heard Teela moan, he brought his lips around to the center of her throat and followed her neck to her chin. He paused there briefly, waiting to see if there would be any objection. When there wasn't, he continued on his path and placed his lips squarely on hers.

The enthusiasm in which Teela kissed him surprised the prince, but he quickly gave as good as he got. He nipped, licked, and sucked her lips continuously before he finally gave into the need and explored her mouth extensively.

Eventually, though, Adam pulled away and brought his hand back to her lower abdomen. "Everything's okay here, right?" he questioned, massaging her again.

Teela's skin was now flushed from their heated exchange, so Adam couldn't tell if she was blushing, but he had a suspicion that she was. "It's fine," she whispered as she wrapped one hand around his neck to pull him down to her again.

As their lips met once more, Man-at-Arms' voice echoed throughout the room. "Teela, answer if you hear me. I just wanted to check on you, my daughter, and to let you know I'm coming up to bring you something for your pain."

Frantically, Adam tore his lips from hers and they stared at each other wide-eyed. Teela grabbed her comlink from her bedside table and answered, "Yes, Father. Thank you for letting me know. I'll see you soon."

Turning the communicator off, she said, "I'm sorry things had to end this way, but…"

Adam nodded as he jumped off the bed, "I know…I have to go!" He started heading towards the door but abruptly stopped himself. He then quickly ran around the bed to her side, bent over, and kissed her deeply. When he pulled back, he whispered softly, "I've dreamed of moments like this, but I never thought they'd happen."

Before Teela could reply, Adam ran out of the room and shut the door quietly. He was just in time because as soon as he began to walk away, Man-at-Arms slipped around the corner.

"Hi, Duncan," Adam greeted. "Off duty already?"

Man-at-Arms almost seemed to eye him suspiciously but merely replied, "No, I'm bringing Teela some medication. What are you doing here so early in the afternoon?"

Adam simply smiled and replied, "You know me, Man-at-Arms. I'm always lounging around and taking naps."

Quickly, he walked away and headed back outside with a huge grin covering his face.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the story. And, I just wanted to point out that the title worked on two levels. I debated on it for a while, so hopefully, you think it fits as well. Anyway, any feedback on the story will be appreciated. =)