I don't own any JL characters, but I just hated the way thing ended, mostly because nothing was defined at the end. John and Shayera were the best characters ever and I loved their story. So just for fun I decided to make a story and give it the end I wanted. This is the first story I have ever written, so hope you guys like it. I am trying to make it a series, this is the first chapter.

Dreaming of You

Chapter 1

This was her worst idea yet, and counting the last five years that was saying a lot. Shayera looked around her and shook her head; Wally was still sitting in front of the monitor eating a sandwich that was almost as big as him.

"Wally, can you please tell me what am I doing here?" when he had called her and told her that he wanted her to come and spend some time with him she had agreed mostly out of boredom and depression. She hated to feel sorry for herself "I can't believe you are still eating; what do you want me to do?"

"I just wanted to talk to you" Shayera sat beside him and sighed; she really didn't feel like talking and she knew where this conversation was heading "Can you tell why you are ignoring John?"

"As much as I love you Wally, that is not of your business?" after John had told her about their son and that he chose Mary she had finally saw what had been in front of her the entire time. He still didn't trust he; she was tired of waiting and begging for something that he didn't want to give her in the first place "I just decided that it was time for me to stop living in the past. I'm tired of waiting so I just gave up on John"

"Damn" he looked a little sad for a moment and then gave her a sad smile "Shay, you know that you can count on me right?"

"Yes Wally I know" she gave him a real smile and took his hand in hers "You're one of the few people I can count on"

She was a Thanagarian warrior and she didn't be for anything, specially a man that couldn't see what was right in front of him.

"I was looking for you"

Shayera looked behind her and groaned, this just kept getting better and better.

"Mari I'm not in the mood" the woman didn't get the word no, sometimes she thought that Mari just liked aggravating her "Just tell me what you want and then please leave so I can finish what I'm doing"

"Someone is testy this morning; what? Didn't get your beauty sleep?"

"No, I was with Wally while he was on monitor duty" she turned around, giving Mari her back and kept typing away "Are you going to tell me what you want?"

"I want to talk to you about John"