Chapter 3

John Stewart looked at Javelin 23 and restrained from yelling at Aztek, the Javelin was burn to the ground and they were stuck on this backward planet.

"Can you please tell me how in the hell this happen?" He sounded calm and collected, at least he thought he did "I don't see how you could have shot it, I thought we were aiming at the enemies?"

"I was, but the idiot was in front of the Javelin and moved when I shot him"

"I can't believe we are stuck here" John turned around and saw Vixen stepping out of the trees, she had scratches all over her shoulders and part of her face "Is there any way we can get out of here before nightfall?"

"We sent a message that we needed help before the Javelin exploded, J'onn said that he was going to send someone to help us" He looked up the sky, it was a weird red color and the vegetation wasn't that amazing either "Let's hope that they get here fast"

"How long ago did you guys sent the message?"

"About four hours ago" John smiled at Vixen when she put her arms around his waist "It was about the time you disappeared, they should be here soon, an hour max"

"I don't think it'll take that long" John looked in the direction Aztek was pointed, a Javelin was closing in on them "It looks like we'll be out of here in less than five minutes"

"Well you guys sure know how to party" John stiffened at the voice behind him, and by the way Vixen stiffened he knew she had recognized the voice also "and here I thought you will all be hurt or worst"

"Are you disappointed?" John could hear the sarcasm in Vixen's voice.

"Not really" Shayera walked toward the destroyed Javelin and put her hands on her hips "J'onn is not going to be happy about this. I hope one of you can explain it to him"

She was so beautiful, her hair looked like living fire and her eyes we so green, which was one of the things he loved more about her, she could look at you like you were the most important person on the world.

"What are you doing here?" Vixen was not happy and John could understand why, well kind of "Who sent you?"

"J'onn did, you guys called for help right?" Vixen still looked confused as why she wasn't in the Javelin; Shayera seemed to understand because she explained "When you guys called you didn't say what was wrong, so we thought that you were hurt, we didn't know that it was a mechanical reason. When we got to the planet I let Black Canary on the Javelin while I went out to look for you guys. I told her to fight over the jungle to see if she saw something and I told her that we would meet here, but know that we know you guys are ok, we can go home"

"Well good, John and I have a date tonight and I wouldn't miss it for the world" he saw the smirk on her face "We are going to Paris to have dinner"

"Why to Paris?"

"Hello" Vixen looked at Shayera like she was crazy "Paris has the best restaurants"

"Right. How about we leave them?"

John couldn't help but look at Shayera. She and Vixen were nothing alike; one of the things Vixen loved most about him was the fact that with his ring he could take her anywhere in the world, like when she said she wanted Chinese, she meant literally going to China. He still remembered the week before the invasion when he had asked her to go to Italy.

They were at his apartment, Shayera had about ten movies in front of her, and she had a very pensive look on her face.

"How about we go to Italy?" she looked at him frowning "We could have dinner there"

"Why? I like your apartment. We could get some take out and watch a movie"

She was sitting in the sofa wearing one of his t-shirts. He sat beside her and smiled.

"You are very strange woman"


"Most women would give anything to have dinner in Italy"

"Lucky for you I'm not most women; if you really want to go we can, but I really prefer we stay here" She straddle him and gave him that mischievous smile he loved so much "We are always fighting or with the guys and I like the fact that we are having some time for ourselves" She kissed him and raised the shirt a little bit "I can make it worth your while"

"As soon as we get to the watchtower we can get ready, that way we'll have enough time to do some sightseeing"

John looked at Vixen and sighed. Every day he grew more annoyed with her. He had made a choice and now he had to live with it. He looked at Shayera again, what had he done?