Chapter 33

Epilogue: 6 years later

She woke up to find John kissing her neck, she smiled to herself he always waked her up with kisses. His mouth moved to her shoulder and one of his hands pulled the sheet down until it was around her waist, she looked at the door to make sure it was locked, she didn't want her kids coming into the room to find daddy and mommy naked.

"Good morning" She could feel Johns' smiled against her skin "How do you feel?"

"I'm fine" she giggled when he bit her shoulder in reprimand "I's wonderful"

"That's better" she turned until she was on her back and kissed him full in the mouth, he moved until he was between her legs "So now I want my reward"

"A reward?" she laughed, she knew what he was talking about, but she enjoyed messing with him "For what?"

"Well last night you let Kaya sleep with us because she was scared" he bit her ear lobe and she moaned "So now is time for my reward, you promised"

"I did, didn't I?" she laughed when he growled "I love you"

"I love you too"

She love her life, waking up beside John every day, her children, everything was perfect. An hour later Shayera walked into the kitchen in her bathrobe, she frowned when she saw one of the cabinet doors open. She walked around the kitchen island, she almost stepped over one of the jars, and it was broken in tiny little pieces.

John had rebuilt the house, but this one was even bigger, he had added more rooms and a bigger living room so they could have their friends over. There was a big pool in the backyard and they had built a playground for the kids. She looked at the counter and her eyes narrowed.

"Rex Stewart, get down from there right now" the four year old jumped and almost fell, he closed the cabinet door and looked guiltily at her "What do you think you are doing?"

"Hi mommy" he could get away with murder, he was still dressed in his pajamas and his face was covered with chocolate "I thought you were asleep"

"I can see that" she picked him up so he wouldn't cut himself with the glass pieces on the floor "How many times have I told you not to eat the cookies unless me or your dad give them to you?"

"I'm sorry mommy" he smiled at her and she felt her heart melt "but you wasn't here and I was hungry"

"I'll let it pass this once" she set him on one of the stools and kissed him on the top of his head "WE have to get you dress before I wake up your sisters"

"Do I have to go to school?"

"Yes, you do"

"But I don't like it" he pouted and she had the urge to laugh "The teacher don't give me any cookies"

"Rex we talked about this" more than a hundred times if she counted right "You have to go to school so daddy and I can go to work"

At that moment Kaya came through the door and stopped dead when she saw Shayera, the little girl looked guiltily at her mom and smiled.

"Morning mommy"

"Morning baby" she knew what the little girl wanted, did they all had the same idea? "Do you need something?"

"No mommy" she smiled innocently and Shayera raised an eyebrow, her daughter was too much like her it was scary sometimes "Is daddy awake?"

"Yes he is getting dressed"

Kaya ran out of the room before she could finish talking, Shayera took Rex to his room so she could get him dressed. Half an hour later they were all having breakfast on the kitchen island, she had picked up the broken jar before anyone got hurt. John was leaning against the counter, Aliyah was eating her eggs like a little lady while Kaya and Rex were stuffing them in their mouths like it was a competition who finish first, she loved mornings, it gave her a sense of peace to see her family together.

"Daddy?" John smiled at Aliyah, so the little girl asked "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure baby" John took a sip of his coffee.

"Where do babies come from?"

Coffee landed everywhere and Shayera resisted the urge to laugh, all eyes were on John, the kids were very interested in John answered.

"Umm..well" he didn't know what to say and she just couldn't help it, a laugh escaped her "Maybe you should ask your mom"

"Oh no, she asked daddy" she kissed Aliyah's head and walked toward the door "Don't worry kids, daddy knows a lot about where babies come from"

"Shayera come back here"

She just kept walking laughing all the way, yeah her life was perfect, she had everything she wished for.