Prompt: Burn

World: Human

Caroline hissed and dropped the pan back to the stove with a clatter. A second later, Klaus was behind her, grasping her wrist with gentle fingers, examining her for any sign of injury.

"What happened? Are you alright?" Klaus' accented voice was right next to her ear, concern traveling through above all else. He lifted her hand to his eye level, clicking his tongue at the small pink patch of skin on the inside of her thumb.

"Nothing, it's fine," she answered, tugging her hand from his, "I just grabbed the wrong part of the pan. It was hot, I was stupid. No big deal." Caroline lifted her thumb to her mouth and sucked on the singed area, smiling at her husband from around her finger.

"It's always a big deal when you're hurt." He answered, affronted, as he pulled her hand back to him, lowering his lips to the soft skin that was beginning to blister.

"I'm fine." She answered, her eyes going wide and mouth going slack as Klaus' lips lifted from her thumb, to her wrist, the sensitive bend of her elbow, exposed by the simple red peplum dress she wore.

"You will be, love." He answered softly, still moving his lips against the soft pale skin of her forearm. Quicker than she could keep track of, Klaus lifted his mouth to her neck, his hands at her hips, drawing her closer to him.

"Dinner's going to burn," She gasped, putting her hands to his hair and holding tight to his curls.

"Let it." He replied simply, unwilling to stop.

"But I'm hungry," she added a slight tinge of whining to her voice, know that he would let go if he thought she were in discomfort.

"Fine, rescue your precious dinner, sweetheart, but know that the moment you finish eating, I will finish with a different kind of burn." He released her hips and stepped back, reaching around her to grab his glass of water and left the kitchen, Caroline staring after him with irritation on her face.

As if sensing her look, he turned over his shoulder and shot her a burning smirk.

I must admit, the basis for this is completely Orlissa.92's idea. I love her stories and I wanted to do something similar, but with TVD and Klaroline. There may occasionally be other couples in this, but it is and will remain primarily Klaroline.

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