Prompt: Movie

World: Vampire

Ask anyone; Caroline is the worst person to watch a movie with. Elena and Bonnie said that she gets too invested in the romantic part, getting sappy and weepy when the boy and girl finally kiss. Stefan said that she quotes every single word. Matt and Tyler were always fans of action movies, and while she tolerated them, she made sure to point out every little error and mistake. And Damon, well, Damon always had something to say.

But Klaus, he enjoyed it. In the past, he had never watched movies. He neither had the time nor cared enough to invest two hours in front of the television, junk food spread out, sweats and a hoodie, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket.

When Caroline found out that he had not seen many of the classics and none of her favorites, she immediately set about remedying that. She bullied him, hemmed and hawed, but finally, he consented. (In truth, he had been more than willing. If it meant spending more time with her, he was all in.)

Klaus was enraptured with her. They had started Friday morning with classics from the 1950's; it was now Sunday evening, and they were wrapping up with Caroline's all-time favorite movie – The Princess Bride. She quoted every word, teared up, laughed and clasped her hands over her heart when Westley and Buttercup were reunited with one another before the Fire Swamp.

Klaus did not see much of the movie, but he certainly enjoyed watching her. He pulled Caroline into his lap and tucked her head under his chin, stroking her back as she sighed happily, entirely invested in the movie. When Klaus tried to kiss her, she swatted him away, irritated.

"You should be focusing!" She said, pausing the movie when he attached his lips to her neck. "You said you want to know everything about me, and knowing my favorite movie backwards and forwards is a good way to do that." She remarked snippily, slightly put out that he wasn't focusing. Klaus pulled back, opening his mouth with a smile, then closed it and nodded as though he were placating a child when he saw the stern look on her face. He was suddenly the appeasing boyfriend simply going along with whatever his girlfriend wanted.

He pulled Caroling back against his chest, rubbing her arm as she resumed the movie… and her incessant quoting.