First Impression


Some would say that Deidara is out of character here but let's be honest.

Oh, Deidara. You adorable blonde uke, you...

Deidara had just joined the Akatsuki having been recruited by Kisame, Sasori and Itachi from his home in Iwagakure. Trekking across the hardened sandstone leading to his new hideout, the blonde artist kept a steady glare on the back of a particular black-haired man's cloak.

'How did he beat me so easily?!' the artist thought, azure eyes narrowing. 'What did he do with his eyes?!'

Itachi looked over his shoulder towards Deidara, who was walking a couple of meters behind the three established members.

Deidara kept his eyes locked with the red ones that had defeated him earlier, both intrigued and nervous knowing the power they held within the recognisable black swirls. Itachi smirked and returned his gaze to the path in front of him, sensing the recruits annoyance at his nonchalant attitude.

It didn't take long for Deidara to start an argument with his new partner, Sasori. The two had polar opposite beliefs on art, and the dispute had ended up with the master puppeteer leaving the hideout with Kisame on a mission, having requested to take Itachi's place to get away from the spirited blonde.

Deidara sat alone in his new room, his partner gone and the other members not present. The silence irritated him and made him lonely, so Deidara resorted to idling away the time by making countless clay sculptures. Unbeknownst to him, Itachi was close by, waiting for the artist to use up most of his chakra making the pieces. It would be troublesome for Deidara to fight back.

After an hour or so, Deidara felt his chakra running low and decided to take a look around the seemingly large rock hideout. Itachi smirked as he felt the blonde leave his room, edging closer to the door to the Uchiha's space.

Strong, pale arms wrapped around Deidara's feminine waist, holding him against the firm, sculpted chest of the black haired man.

"Wh-what?! What are you doing, yeah?!"

Itachi leaned into the blonde's neck, breathing lightly against the sensitive skin around the back of his ear.

"What do you think?" he purred, smirking as he felt Deidara flinch against the teeth softly sinking into his ear.

Deidara struggled to shake the Uchiha's grasp from him, yet despite the artist's best efforts, the black haired man barely moved. Itachi waited for the blonde to tire himself a little more before continuing. He slid his hands down towards Deidara's semi hardness and began rubbing on either side, purposefully teasing the new requit. The blonde began a plead for the Uchiha to stop, but he was rendered unable to do so by the numbness creeping through his body. Deidara attempted once again to break free, his pride of not succumbing to the man who defeated him still slightly outweighing his lust. Itachi frowned slightly at this and shifted his palms slightly closer to the blonde's ache.

"Get off me, yeah..." Deidara mumbled, holding back a groan as the Uchiha traced a line across the artist's length. The blonde whimpered, his need steadily overpowering his resistance.

"Moan for me, Deidara."

The blonde couldn't help but comply; the low growl of his name being uttered by Itachi causing a shudder of anticipation to flow throughout his body, rendering him unable to do little more than pant in the older boy's arms, accepting every touch, caress and kiss given to him.

Itachi pulled the blonde into his room, placing him on his bed before studying his features.

Deidara's hazed gaze met Itachi's scrupulous one. The artist was very aware that the man's breath didn't seem all too faltered by his own actions, yet the blonde could hear his gasping through the stillness of the air.

This bothered him.

Deidara grabbed the protruding cloak on either side of Itachi's head and pulled the pale face towards his own.

Their lips locked, the blonde hungry for the unknown sound of the older man's pleasure, buckling his hips to meet the ones just barely above his own.

Deidara could feel Itachi's hardness press against his own, driving a shot of adrenaline through the blonde's mind causing him to start a slow, needy grind between the two heated bodies.

Itachi responded with a raspy groan, not expecting the action.

'I wonder how much he knows about my abilities, yeah?' Deidara thought as the tongue from his right palm hovered close to Itachi's neck.

The blonde grinned mischievously in anticipation of the older man's reaction. The slick muscle pressed against the dark haired boy's sensitive skin, nipping and sucking as red eyes shot open in surprise.

"Didn't expect that, did you, yeah?"

Itachi closed his eyes one again and leaned into the gesture, purring huskily as multiple red marks were left on his sensitive, pale skin.

Sitting back on his heels, Itachi pulled off his cloak and threw it to the floor along with his black trousers. Deidara watched as the Uchiha's muscles flexed under his black mesh shirt, which clung tightly to its wearer's defined torso and stomach. Reaching up with his left hand, the blonde encircled one of the nipples protruding through the overlapped, wirey fabric causing Itachi to flinch.

The Uchiha growled, tearing off the artist's clothing along with the rest of what he himself was wearing.

Reaching down, Itachi teased Deidara's hole with a finger until the blonde was reduced to a frenzy, moaning and writhing, frantically pumping his hardened length as he was stretched.

Itachi now had three fingers inside, trying to find the one spot that would drive the blonde insane. Itachi lightly rubbed over a particular spot, smirking as he saw Deidara arch his back and pant in response to the minor touch.

Pulling his fingers out, Itachi readied himself at the prepared entrance, angling himself to ensure he would hit Deidara's sweet spot.

"Scream." Itachi growled, raspy voice giving away just how turned on he was as he rammed his entire length inside the blonde.

Itachi was glad that there was no one else in the hideout, or the entire area for that matter, as he quickly learned that Deidara was quite an animated screamer.

The blonde had his legs wrapped round the Uchiha's back, his own back arched and his hands grasping at black locks of hair, pulling Itachi closer as the dark haired man left hickeys on Deidara's neck and chest.

Itachi could do little more than moan as his sounds were muffled by his biting of the tanned skin beneath him, but Deidara, despite resisting in the beginning, had let himself enjoy the waves of pleasure surfing through him.

"Harder, yeah! Fuck me, fuck me!"

The blonde's blue, hazy eyes were half lidded as his head shot backwards at his moment of release. Itachi kept going, repeatedly hitting Deidara's sweet spot causing the blonde to tighten after each thrust.

Deidara gripped the sheets by his hips, he could barely stay conscious, let alone speak. He whimpered and panted meekly, sweat dripping down his flushed face and past the marks on his throat. Itachi watched the blonde's swollen lips part to draw breath and exhale it just as fast, the way he always made a certain groan when his most sensitive part was hit, how he occasionally opened his azure eyes to lock onto deep black ones, blue misted with satisfaction, black masked by lust.

Itachi slowed his pace so he could lean down to Deidara, kissing him gently. The blonde placed either hand on the Uchiha's neck and returned the previous favor of leaving a few red marks. Itachi rested his head in Deidara's neck as he came inside, the two men locked together as their heated breaths mixed in the air above them.

They laid together, as close as they could get, neither uttering word. Eventually, Itachi pulled out and raised himself up on his elbows. The two stare at each other for a while, wondering what to say.

They decided not to say anything at all.

Rather, both pulled the other towards themselves for a kiss before they would part. Until the next opportunity.

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