Hello there (: Remember me? Yeah, didn't think so. In light of chapter 627 I've decided to start a drabble series of fifty prompts. Can take place during any place/universe/time/etc! I will be accepting prompts for drabbles on my tumblr (url: vampiretteknight . tumblr ask / ) so feel free to send me a suggestion! You may see your prompt published here! Prompts will also be published on my blog. Standard disclaimer applies.

fifty fifty

one: beach blues

prompt: Team 7 is on the beach, and Sasuke sees Sakura in a bikini. He gets embarrassed, and she end up hugging him, making him even more uncomfortable.

universe: genin

It was supposed to be a relaxing day.

Team Seven had the day off from missions and training, and had therefore decided to go to the beach. To any normal person, this may sound exciting. Fun, even. But for Sasuke Uchiha, this meant Hell.

First off, the dobe kept challenging him to a game of "Splash" with was as simple as it sounded. Secondly, all Kakashi-sensei was doing was reading his pervy sex book. And thirdly, Sakura wasn't even trying to hide the voyeuristic glances she shot his way about every five seconds.

She had placed her towel to the left of his, and Naruto followed suit next to Sakura's. So predictable, Sasuke mused, resting his arms against his knees. From the corner of his eye, he could see Sakura taking off her cover up. From the corner of his eye…he suddenly saw a lot of skin. He angled his face more towards her to confirm that she was wearing a bikini. But not just any bikini. A skimpy bikini. It barely covered anything. Not that she had all that much to show but you could definitely see the outline of some curves through that getup. Sasuke whipped his head towards the ocean. What was he even thinking? This was Sakura he was thinking about! Sasuke kept a firm gaze on the ocean for a few minutes before he suddenly felt a shadow looming over him and blocking the sun.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun, would you like to go swim with me?" Sakura asked meekly, arms clasped behind her back. Sasuke refused to meet her gaze as he replied.

"No thanks."

He felt more than saw the frown that marked her face after that.

"Hey Sakura-chan, I'll swim with you!" Naruto bursted, taking Sakura's hand and effectively dragging her away from Sasuke.

The raven-haired Uchiha watched as Naruto dragged Sakura into the ocean, picking her up and throwing her once they were deep enough. She let out an unattractive squeal before she was submerged underwater. Sasuke couldn't help the smirk that adorned his face.

"You should go have fun Sasuke." Kakashi advised, not looking up from his book.

"Tch, that's not fun."

Kakashi merely let out a soft chuckle.

After a few minutes of aggravation, Sasuke kicked himself over to the ocean, wading in quickly. Once there, Naruto grinned. "Finally, you stubborn bastard."

At that, Sakura turned around. She smiled from ear to ear once she saw Sasuke in the water with them. He merely glared in return, but that didn't stop her from launching herself in his direction, arms wide. Sasuke stumbled a second before he caught her. He could feel the tips of his ears turning red as he felt Sakura's very wet and very exposed body pressing against his.

"I'm glad you decided to come in," Sakura whispered, pulling away and giving him a cheeky smile. Upon noticing his red face, she added,

"Hey Sasuke-kun, did you forget your sunblock? It looks like you're burning up?"